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All praises are for God the Lord of humankind, and the giver of all good things.

O' My Lord, we pray that You destroy the dividing wall of enmity and grant peace to those who seek Your mercy. We appeal to You to awaken the longing for a peaceful and just life in all those who's hearts are filled with hatred for others, especially those at war and those who are preparing for war. Grant peace to Your servants. Implant in them the fear of You and confirm in them love for one another. Overshadow every dispute and injustice with your mercy. For You are our peace and to You is all glory.

O' God, for all those who are suffering from wars of ethnic and national interest and gain, we pray that You will bring peace to their lives. We pray, our God, for all those who suffer from acts of war, especially for the victims, that You ease their difficulties. We pray for Your peace and Your mercy in the midst of the great suffering that people are now facing. We plead to you God to accept our prayers, so that by your goodness peace may return to all people. Our Lord, hear the supplications of all who call to You in oppression, sorrow and affliction.

O' God our sustainer, make your presence known to those who have turned away from You and do not seek Your guidance. Help us be Your instruments to establish peace and justice for all. Hear us Allah and have mercy on us.

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.. In God do we put out trust. Our Lord! make us not a trial for those who practice oppression; And deliver us by Thy Mercy from those who deny (Thee). Quran 10:85-86

.. O God, Lord of all dominion! - You give power to anyone You wish - and take away power from anyone You wish. - You exalt anyone You wish - and humble anyone You wish. - Good lies within Your hand; - You are Capable of everything! Quran 3:26

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  1. Mallika from Australia

    Peace,health,eman and happiness to my Family and my parents' familt

  2. murad farishta from india

    ya allah

    please grant me the peace of mind and assure me that my faith in you is not shaken,even after going through helln in this life. protect me from evil.

    allah au akbar

  3. Abdurrahman from srilanka

    Allahumma anthas Salaam waminkas Salaam.

    Oh Allah you are The Peace and the peace is from You.

  4. Stewart from Australia

    As a Chrisitan I pray that God will help and have mercy on those that have loved ones that have died in wars and conflicts and other disasters.

    I also pray that there will be peace on Earth soon.

  5. Stewart from Australia

    As a Christain I pray that there will be peace on Earth soon. I also pray those that have lost loved ones in wars and natural disasters or other conflicts, that God will give them the strengh to rebuild their lives and have mercy on them.

    I also pray that God will help me and my family through the uncertan journey in life facing us.

  6. maaha from usa

    I call on you Oh ALLAH by your beautiful names and exalted virtues.

    Ya Qadir, The able, nothing is impossible for you and I beg of you.

    Ya Dhul Jalal wal Ikram, The Sovereign Lord of Majesty and Generosity, bless us with your every good.

    Ya Mujid, The Restorer, bring back those times of the Messenger SAWS, when there was no sunni, no shia or any other divider. Today we are what we are born into or brought into. And we blind ourselves to be that way.

    Ya Bari, The Maker of Perfect Harmony, let divisions in the Ummah fall so we can stand against our enemies.

    Ya Wadud, The Loving, unify us in the love of Islam.

    Ya Hadi, The Guide, guide us aright and make us the best of believers, who can face their challenges today.

    Ya Wali, The Governor, protect us from our enemies wherever they may be.

    Ya Qahhar, The Subduer, subdue our enemies and our persecutors.

    Ya Malik al Mulk, The Sovereign Lord, bring the whole of humanity to Islam and let Islam rule the world.

    Ya Mumin, The Giver of Faith, give us faith and strength.

    Ya Khabir, The Aware, you know of things that we don't. grant us ease in Islam.

    Ya Afu, The Pardoner, forgive our sins and save all muslims from torment, anguish and helplessness in Iraq and elsewhere.

    Ya Mujib, The Acceptor of Prayers, accept our dua's however full of flaws they may be. Help us to ask right and grant us our prayers.

  7. lorena from colombia


    Allah our creator have mercy upon our hearts, fill them with your huge bounties, forgive us all damage that we cause to our our brothers. Oh Allah the most merciful, dont leaave our hearts go astray, and encourage us to go ahead in teh path that you in our mercy has shown us. in that way we may join all brothers and sister each other by prayers. Please our lord keep us in your way, take the whispers of the shytan far from us, we don{t want to listen to him. so Allah the most merciful, close our ears to him, but open our eyes to your way....we don{t want our eyes look another way but you way. Is a way that just if you touch our harte we can see, so Allah have mercy upon us. islam become some times a a big mountain in teh middle of the dessert, and despite of have this mountain the promise of at the top could see a paradise, despite of being climbing the mountain, we havent get the top we need you!!!..........our lord dont aloow our faith go down, please make easier for us to know more about be able to behave up to up to us. oh! allah! give peace to the souls who clame it from you!!!!

    thanks Allah for your endless mercy upon us.

    give us your bleesing....our lord!!!! forgive us!!if we do mistakes aginst our islam..........we really do want to be submited to you !!!!

    be a really musleams!!!

    thanks Allah!!!you do hear our prayers!!!

  8. Fatmiah from New York

    As Salam Alikum

    May peace and blessing be upon every one, Allah will bring peace on earth.

  9. Dionis cacis from greece

    Allah May the blood of the children of Iraq not dry untill we take revenge in Your Name.

    Cover our shame whith Your Glory and make us Victorious.Ameen

  10. abdelkader abdoudou from algeria

    O god almighty

    please end the sufering of all our brothers and sisters in iraq and in all places .

  11. Hamad Ashraf from USA

    Oh Allah please help the mujahids with victory in Palistine, Kashmier, Bosnia, Chacneya, and in Iraq. Please accecpt the martyers,

  12. femina muslima from mauritius

    Ya Arhamarrahimeen, Farrij ranil muslimeen!! ameen

  13. Owen Jubandang from USA

    O Allah! We Muslims have failed you and the noble Prophet. We stood nonchalant as we watched Your honor and the honor of the Prophet being trampled upon by the others. We did not care that your messanger was being rediculed with filthy names.

    We stood by as we watched little children of Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Gujrat, Bosnia, Chechan being massarcred by the crusaders. We did nothing to feed the orphans

    We stood uncaring as our leaders assisted the crusaders in their purpose.

    We stood by as our leaders hoarded our own wealth and resources and sold them to the very forces bent on annihilating us. We stood by as our own leaders sold our oil at a price cheaper than water to the tanks and machines that are about to destroy us.

    Our population of over a billion refused to assist our Palestenian brothers and sisters who were being oppressed by only a handful of people. We assisted them not, not because we are poor and unresourceful but only because we are lazy , indolent and ufaithful..

    We just complian and rant when non-muslims come to massacre us but we cheer each other on when Muslims inflict damage on each other. We even assist each other in this mutual destruction.

    O Allah! We muslims are not worthy of your protection. We claim ot be Muslims but we are hypocrites. And our leaders are the biggest hypocrites whom we refuse to remove from power. And in Your holy book, You have stated that the hypocrites are worse than the disbelievers.

    Allah !YOu have destoryed the army of Abraha with an army of insects. You destroyed the people of Sodom, people who had exceeded all bounds of decency , with your power and might.

    Allah, destroy us hypocrites with the USA and UK. After Iraq send the USA and UK on Saudia, Syria, and Egypt so that our hypocrite leaders and people are elimiated. Let a new generation of pious Muslims take our place. Let the hypocrite generation of Muslims be wiped out by t

  14. Mustafa Ugur from Turkey

    Subhana rabbiya'l aliyyil a'lal wahhaab,

    Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His messenger Muhammad,

    O my Lord, Iraqi mothers, fathers, children and siblings are being killed, maimed and those poor people will cry and cry and cry and cry due to the most grievous of pains, of losing their most beloved ones suddenly. Oh my Lord protect them and all people around the World.

    O my Lord, you are the owner of the Day of Judgement. On that day, you know whom to punish and whom to reward. O my Lord, make us that day among those whom you reward.

    O my Lord, keep us from any national pride and bestow upon us merciful hearts so that we can deserve your mercy.

    O the Lord of the Worlds, you are our sole owner. O our Lord, forgive us for our past arrogance and fury and make us people who have a humble opinion of themselves.

    O my God, I fear the foreign forces who want to come to my country to intimidate my Muslim brothers and sisters including me to be lesser-Muslims with ideologies that they will like.

    O my Lord, if you are to make them "dhaalloon" in any way, protect us and our Iraqi brothers from their crimes. If you are to forgive them and make them real believers, You are oft-forgiving, most Merciful.

    O our Lord, protect us from sins of my self of our selves!


    And all of real praise is to Allah always.

  15. Noor from usa

    Oh Allah please give the muslims victory against the agressors. Oh Allah I pray that you unite all the muslims of the world. oh Allah I beg you to forgive the muslims for being week and helpless. Oh Allah stop the agressors from killing more of your people, on whose lips is Your Name. You are the Master of all the worlds, and to you I beg and pray. Allah defend those that defend the religion of the Prophet Mohammad. Allah forgive us for the mistakes and do not punish us any more. May the last victory be for Islam, Ameen

  16. MOUNIA from morocco

    besmi ellahi arahmani arahim

    I pray for all those who suffer from war, our brothers and sisters in palastine,shishan,afghanistan,iraq,and those victims who are not in charge with anything. that god may bring peace and justice for them,

    May god accept may prayer

    salam 3alaikum

  17. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Oh Allah, Thou are unequaled, without partner, and beyond all comparison. Oh Allah, bless our enemies, bless our friends and protect them all from harm. Oh Allah, bless and bring peace to all of Thy servants, as well as to those dear to them. Oh Allah, forgive us - to at least the extent that we have forgiven others. Oh Allah, guide us to become both willingly and eternally bonded to Thy cause alone. Oh Allah, guide me - that I would forever seek Thy glory, for Thee alone, as my only reward. Ameen.

  18. Azeez from USA

    May Allah(SWT) help muslims and non-muslims who are supporting muslims, and give victory to muslims. May Allah (SWT) punish those enemies of Islam and who are commiting atrocities against Innocent Iraqi civilians.

  19. Warda Shoushan from Belgium

    Ya Rabb, help the Iraqi people in these difficult times. Help the Palestinian people, especially now they're often being forgotten because of the war in Iraq. Ya Rabb, help all Muslims, males and females, black and white, poor and rich,...for each has his/her own difficulties. Only You can relieve our pain and suffering. Allahumma, let the peace of Islam be spread throughout the entire world, let Your Word be recited at all times, at all places, by all people. Ya Rabb, let happen what you know is the best to happen...Aameen.

  20. mohammad from iran







  21. Gerry Lykins from USA

    All-powerful Spirit of Goodness

    please cover man's anger with calm

    please still the guns..the bombs and

    all other horrors

    that tear flesh from love asunder

    Nourish Your Power for Good

    we are certain You have planted

    in each our every heart

    so that it and its flower, beauty,

    may grow above the

    awful rubble of pain

    Let the next glorious dawning of the sun

    bring to every heart the full

    realization of the sacredness of all life

    and the realization of the waste of its abuse

    We raise our hopeful eyes to Your glorious skies

    and pray for Your Power for Good

    to transpose the desperation in man with

    loving Grace.

  22. asad khan from india

    please stop this war.i appeal to all the sane human souls please stop this blood bath for humanity sake or else this world will become more violent and very soon what mighty countries are doing the game of lawlessnes the same game will be played by smaller socities and individuals.imagine some body coming to your home and asking you to leave the home or else fight till your death? imagine this will happen to a city of yours when a neighbouring city crowd will come and ask all the inhabitants to leave or fight because that city has some prieviliges and riches like oil or natural gas or water.i feel men have become royal thiefs when i see this example.

  23. sadakathullah from india

    may allah give paradise to all muslims in the fight against kafiroon.aameen

  24. almas from U.S.A.

    O'God Help us and guide us in to the right path. Help us in seeking the truth. and help us so we can live the way U want us to live. help us learn how to love, respect and teach others and learn from others those who are on the right path.

  25. Mohammed S Shakeel from India

    O Allah you are witnessing aggression and invasions against your beleivers by the satanic forces, be it in Palastine or Iraq or Afghanistan or philipines or kashmir or chechnya etc.

    How long you want us to suffer in those hands who are off to change our religion & culture

    O Allah change their mindset to accept Islam & peace OR destroy them. Which you alone is capealbe of.

    We accept our grave mistakes that is leading to this bad to worse situation. Forgive us for our mistakes and help us to do righteousness and courage to fight the evil sprit.

    O Allah the plan of the biggest enemy of Islam and the world is to capture the land of moslems in the name of librating people and to rule by looting the wealth of moslems, to divde the nations, to change to religion & culture of the land which is accepted to theirs evil desgine.

    O Allha destroy their plans we confess we do not have power to match their technology & amuniation.

    Should you ( O Allah) leave us at the hands of these satans we will head no way. so please we request you to kindly accept our prayers..aamin

  26. Brad from The United States of America

    I pray that Saddam leaves and allows his people to do as they please, and have a government that is the united voice of the peace loving people, with or without the U.S. and U.K.

  27. romelia palacios from usa

    may God punish the arrogant or vainglorious for he does not like them and bless the humble and the meak as the bible says.yes God all mighty can save us but in the here and now i think we are not united and we get what we deserve.

  28. zainab from Nigeria

    Allah is always with the truthful ones,he will see iraq thru this war insha Allah.we are praying for peace and war.Allah ya bada sa'a.

  29. UnKnown

    Oh Almighty Creator of The Worlds With All Your Worlds Having No Beginning Or Ending."Almighty Allah" Grant The Beleiving People Of Planet Earth Global Unison To Follow The Path Of Just And Moral

    Living According To Your Great United Conduct And The Sacred Promise Of Our Brotherhood.

  30. Bobby and Shenny from canada

    O Allah please answer our prayers and bring peace to all humankind for indeed you are the only one who can answer all of our prayers.

  31. Ashraf from canada

    Ya allah forgive all muslim around the world and bring them back on your right path. And save all muslim from any kind of suffering and distruction. Ya allah give guidence to the entire humanity.Ya allah we are sinful slave we deserve to get punish but if you forget us you are most merciful. Ya allah united this umma and help them against the people who wants to the distroy this umma. Ya Allah Forgive Us Ya Allah Forgive Us Ya Allah Forgive Us.

  32. Fatima from USA

    May Allah embed in the hearts of the evil doers,

    His fear and His love so they do not harm each other on the bases of their faith,color,creed, language or boundaries.


  33. shahnaz from US

    O ALLAH please accept our prayers for peace&security &unity for your ummah ameen

  34. Lulu Farah from UK

    Oh Allah, our Creator, today we are witnessing the force of evil of mankind. We are all one nation and you are our creator. Unite us in peace and exchange our hatred for each other with peace and love. Mankind is divided today for war in Iraq has divided the international community. We as muslims do not hate anyone for hate in itself is an evil act. Millions of people across the world are united in peace for Iraq. This shows your mercy and your wonderful creation in times when we feel helpless. Oh Allah, strengthen our unity as mankind and show us mercy by reducing sufferings for children and those affected by war in Iraq and the rest of the world. Oh Allah, grant us wisdom and knowledge to reach out to others by exercising our universal knowledge in a way that is loving and peaceful. Unite us with all of mankind so that we care for every humankind on this earth without prejudice and racism.

  35. Abdul Wadoud from USA

    Oh ALLAH you have said and it is true that any good that befalls us is from you and any evil the result of our own misdeeds. Ya ALLAH forgive us for acting like Muslims and not living like Muslims. Forgive us ALLAH for making the Hadith into to bedtime stories for our young devoid of real meaning to us. Forgive us ALLAH for making the Qu'ran an orniment in our homes instead of th center of our lives. Forgive us ALLAH for calling ourselfs Arabs,Africans,Pakistanies,Iraqis,Kuwaitie instead of Muslims which is what we are. Forgive us ALLAH for giving up on the work of Dawa. Forgive us ALLAH for taking the non-believer as friend against the beliver. La illaha illAllah move from our mouths and into our hearts. Lets us by example show the world what Islam is the way the Companions and those who followed did. Grant peace to us ALLAH stop this and all wars. Grant mercy and comfort to the people Palistine. Remove the famine and drought from our brothers in Africa. Help us to remember the day of judgement often and the time when we will be food for the worms, and let us ALLAH add to our storehouse of good deeds before our eyes close on the world to open on the next. Make us true examples of your mercy and grace, bless us with generousity,patience,mercy and above all faith.

    You are the one true God and Muhammad (PBUH) your final prophet. We beg you though unworthy of the name the grant us the blessings of the Muslims of old and the courage to carry the banner of Islam into a new age of truth and justice. Ameen

  36. azam from Bangladesh

    La e la ha illa anta subhanaka inni kutu mina zalae meen

    Verily Allah we have oppressed ourselves by not obeying your commands. We sincerely repent. So Rahman, please forgive us.

    Verily Allah we have sinned by not enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. Verily Allah we did not heed yours warnings in Quran and the warnings by your Nabi. Verily we increased the love of the dunya and forgot about the hereafter. Verily Allah you send us oppressive rulers to rule us and we still did not listen. Verily Allah your nabi's prophecy has come true--the kuffars are oppressing us and feeding upon us as hungry wolves feed even though we are innumerable like the foams in the sea. Verily Allah we have betrayed our nabi by leaving our masajids empty, and enjoying life and forgetting the hereafter. Ya Allah now we realize our mistakes and we repent. Forgive us and save us from the humiliation of the Kuffar. Protect our children from torture and murder. Ya Allah we still are Muslims and still have the iota of Iman within us. Ya Allah you are the only one who can forgive us, increase our Iman, and guide us. Ya Allah if we have to die during this onslaught take our lives in the state of pure, strong Iman. Take our life after you accept our repentance. Ya Allah the torture we are experiencing is nothing compared to the Azab of kabr, the Azab of Day of Judgement and Azab of Jahannam. Allah help us bear our current hardship with patience in lieu of Jannah. Ya Allah we make taubah that we will never again disobey your commandments. Help us run away from the haram--from haram riba to haram wine.

    Ya Allah the prophecy of your prophets have come true--our Ulema are bewildered and have gone mum. Rise among us such people who can take us from this darkness to light. Rise from among such people who will resemble the companions of your prophet.

    Ya Allah those who are attacking and killing us have been misguided by shaitan. Guide them towards truth and towards you

  37. Yahya Bergum from USA

    The ayat say it all. May Iraq become the agent of peace and justice throughout its emminent domain. May Allah shower Iraq with blessings. May Allah bring peace to Iraq.

  38. sha - la from usa

    i support the iraqi people with my heart everyday. i pray that they all enjoy the beautiful reward given to all those who are marytrs for islam....i know that it is a war of government not of the entire american population... in many ways the american people are ignorant of the real reasons for this invasion and it is not soley for oil interest !!!although that is the main is in the hands of THE GOD.i pray for the souls of the americans who are fighting for evil...

  39. nan AL from UK

    Th word "Islam" stands for peace, and peace will reign on this Universe when Allah will help all the oppressed people on this earth and deliver them from the clutches of the oprpressors. Amen.

    The day may not be far away if all the brethren in the world will stand together and pray for Peace to reign on this earth very soon.Amen!

  40. anonymas from u.s

    i just wanted muslims to know true christians do not want a war on Iraq! i am a christian.

  41. Bahrom Bin Sulong from Singapore

    I pray everyday and night to Allah to show to those who have forgotten the signs which have been brought down to their ancestors the truth and end all these miseries and injustice inflicted on the Muslims all around the world.

    Allah the Most Gracious , the Most Merciful... I seek help and protection only from you, please hear the outcry of your people and deliver us out of this bondage and oppress those who have forgotten your signs and gone astray from your guidance.

  42. Peace from Hongkong, China

    I come from Hongkong, city of China. Though I am far away from Middle East, I am in touch when I watch the terrible condition from the TV. I know that many more terrible screen had been filtered in order to avoid international complain

    Don't fight by war for the robbery of oil. All disputes must be solved by peace negotiation. Whether you like ruler of other country or not. Overthrown by force is absolutely unacceptable. Althogh I was born in Hong Kong that had been ruled by United Kingdom for over 200 years, I don't agree with U.K. regarding the unhuman attract towards Iraq.

    I don't have any belief or religion although I was educated under U.K. system. But I know every people must respect to other's beilieve or religion. Difference point of view from different nation is normal. But it is unhuman to fight against other country for the country's own benefit.

    I hope the war Between Iraq & US will be stopped at once & The least victims will be hurt. The US army will be return to their own home. It will be very poor for the little child to see that their father was killed in the war. Continuous revenge by any form of attack cannot solve any problem but more victims will be hurt.

    I don't think there is any dispute between Islamic world & US. There is only a dispute between President Bush (include his top government officer) & President Saddam (include his top government office).

    Bush & Saddam! If you too are brave enough & want to prove you are not coward & you have done for your people only & not for yourself. Just stand up & say in the TV that you too are brave enough to fight on a platform in a netural country. Whether any one is serious injuries or died, all his people from his country cannot take any further revenge. Then all army throw away all weapons & return to their home to comfort their long waiting family.

    Whether one or both of above 2 president injuries or die can help the world for forever peace. Do it n

  43. Enamul Haque from Canada

    May Allah guide us on the right path, the path that he prescribe for us. May Allah unit all muslims with under one umbrella. May Allah send us a leader like Salah Uddin Ayubi that we can fight against all oppression. May Allah help all the human being are in oppression. May Allah forgive our sin & accept our prayer,


  44. Muhammad Zia Ullah from Pakistan

    I pray to my Real Lord, to my Allah, Who is most graicious and merciful!!! May Allah be united all muslim ummah and give them courage to do jehad against unbelievers.

    May Allah eliminate the love for this world and fill our hearts with His own love, with the love of his beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and give us the strength to follow him.

    O, God! Guide us to the Straight Path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those who incurred wrath, nor of the astray.

    ,O Lord, help every muslim who is fighting agaist kufar, especially have mercy on helpless iraqi people.

    May God rise the flag of islam at every inch of the world. Ameen!!!

  45. muneerbinali from srilanka

    stop the war,Ya ALLAH protect our unity

  46. Hussain Khodabacksh from United Kingdom

    Ya Allah ,today we muslim are suffering all around the world.We have stayed from the true path of life.A life dedicated to your obedience and prayer.We are the victim of our own arrogance,and we are paying dearly for disobeying you for far too long.We have forgotten our brothers in poverty,we have become blinded to the lure of lust and greed.We follow the path of the kafir and the suffering we indure is nothing but your curse upon us.Our leaders have sold us to the infidels.We have become worse in our ways than the people of the book.Oh Allah please forgive our sin and enligten our muslim leaders into the right path .The path of salvation .The path of peace.The path of mutual love.The path of humility and dignity.The path of peace and muslim brotherhood.Oh Allah please accept my prayers.

  47. nuzhat from Canada

    May Allah be our wali and help us against the kafireen, Mushrikeen and Zalimeen Ameen.

  48. Bob Banks from Britain

    As a British Buddhist, I feel shame at our leaders' immoral and illegal attack on Iraq, which is against the wishes of most British people.

    May the struggles of peace-loving people throughout the world quickly bear fruit.

    May peace soon prevail, in Iraq, and throughout the world.

    May everyone be happy.

    May everyone be free from misery.

    May noone ever be separated from their happiness.

    May everyone have equanimity free from hatred and attachment.

  49. Yazid from usa

    Ya Allah!

    Have mercy on the souls in Iraq,

    Protect and shelter the children,

    Provide for and comfort the mothers and wives,

    Guide the men to decisions that is better for their soul...not their tribe or nationality.

    Help this UMMAH wake up Oh Allah!

    Help us learn to empower ourselves,

    Help us learn to work together,

    Help us learn to respect each other

    Help this Ummah Oh Allah, realize what a precious

    thing you gave it.


  50. Javed from India

    Ya Allah, You helped the muslims at Badr they were only 72 against so many. forgive us for our sins and help us now. islam always wins and we will be victorious only if you help us. Allahu-akbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar

  51. Muhammad Zia Ullah from Pakistan

    In the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful, I pray to my Allah for the forgiveness and have mercy on whole muslim ummah, May Allah be united all muslim countries and give them courage to do jehad against infidals who shelter world peace. As well as also teach the lesson of love for all and hatered for none.

  52. Seydou from Ireland

    Ya Allah, we believe in You alone thus we have grasped a handhold that will never break. May Your Justice prevail, grant us guidance so we may success in this life and the hereafter.

  53. Farida from Azerbaijan

    In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful!

    Ya Allah! I beg YOU to have mercy on us all! Help us, Muslims, never forget what Islam is truly about and what YOU teach us in Holy Gurn! And help us, Muslims, always live the life that our beloved Prophet (SAW) taught us to live. Make us Muslims never forget that it is only YOU, Allah, whom we should fear, not some human being, or country, or loosing of power and money or any other goods of this life. Help us never forget that this life is indeed just a test. O Allah, help us all to pass this test. Help us never forget that Muslim can't be together with kafir against another Muslim brother. Give us the strength to fight sheytan, we can't let him destroy our Ummah. O Allah, help us to live the life YOU want us to live, the life where all Muslims are united, with strong Iman, as one big and powerful family called Islam! Ameen!

  54. Noor Hayatti Ismail. from Malaysia

    Ya Allaah,

    Forgive us, pity us and have mercy on us. Give us eemaan and taqwa and give us victory over the opressors. Unite us under one khalifah and make us strong.

  55. Nahid from usa

    O Allah, You alone de we worship and to You we

    address our prayers and bow down prostrate. You we

    hasten to worship and to serve. Our hope is for Your

    Mercy and our fear is for Your punishment. Surely Your

    punishment for the disbelievers is at hand. O Allah we

    seek Your help and Your Forgiveness, and we praise

    You beneficiently. We deny You not, and believe in

    You. Surrender to You and renounce whoever

    disbelieves in You.

  56. Sr Dabarash from USA

    I work with a Christian lady and today like every day we prayed together.We do a really hard job with handicapped children and we value the merits of praying.She did it under her beliefs and I prayed Allah.But the most important thing was that we were together for the same purpose.May Allah protect all the people that is suffering and will suffer with this despicable act.Asalam Alaikum.

  57. Navith from Singapore

    Oh Allah - Make Arabs learn from this lesson you are indirectly teaching. I cry and beg for the safety of the muslims in Iraq and the whole arab world, will be a definite target of America next.

    Oh Allah - Pls give the arabs good understanding of ISLAM and make them lead their lives according to Quran and Hadith.

    Let them not go astray.......

  58. Joriah Osman from Singapore

    It's a pity i could not participate in any peace demo in my country as we, the so-called 'democratic' nations are not allowed to do so due to national interest of the country. However i wud like to share my outrage and dismay at the violation of the int'l law by the super-powers who claim to prevail justice on earth!!!!

    My grief, sorrow, sympathy & condolence to all our innocent iraqi families who are facing the war!! My prayer goes along with them all times through and May Allah protect them...

    "ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! Strive for Jihad!"

  59. Naeema khan from us.

    Oh Allah have mercy on us and grant us peace and unite us into one big family loving and respecting each others rights and protect us from the evils of the war.[ameen]

  60. Ameer A Guerrero from Unite State of America






  61. Farida from USA

    Ya Allah I this is the only thing I can do is make dua for the helpless and the needy and innocent please accept this dua and dua of all your servants.

    O Allah you are the most merciful have mercy on the innocent victims of Iraq.

    O Allah have mercy on those who are oppressed.

    O Allah put mercy in the hearts of those who oppress.

    O Allah you are the most forgiving. Please forgive the sins of the Ummah.

    O Allah you are the only one who can do ultimate justice let your justice prevail.

    O Allah test us not in a way that we cannot bear.

    O Allah let us die in your remembrance.

  62. Khan from USA

    I pray and cry for this evil war to be over. It has no sense in being and should be stopped. Oh God Help all the innocent people in IRAQ and the innocent Soldiers who are drafted into this war in the name of FREEDOM!!

  63. Omar Ibrahim from Iraq

    O Allah lord of the world , show the muslims the straight path because they have gone astray . Instill in us the Faith like the times of our beloved Prophect (STWS).Let the muslims understand the bonds of brotherhood once again. Make us fear only you and no one else and help our brothers in the fight against the kuffars and give us victory . O Allah the one whom you help no one can do any harm so have mercy on us . Increase us in your faith and bless us to die only as Muslims.


  64. mohamednur mohamud from somalia

    o'God, the lord of all things. we pray you a peace

    for those who fighting with your enemy anywhere in

    the world. you are the one who has a power to control the peace and the war.

  65. umanas from USA

    I pray to Allah's for paece and bless with those innocent ummah.. And i hope for cease to this war..

    Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

  66. Salua Mahmoud from Egypt

    The world at the current moment is going through a very difficult time. People have swayed away from God and have fallen victim to greed, fear, and the fact that they can completely control their lives. It is during such a time period that I believe all muslims should unite in order to encourage the purifying of one another's faith. The power of God and the power of faith never shall falter. It is time that rather than point fingers at one another, Muslims and Arabs alike must, in order to be respected, actually make a concious effort to promote this bestowed religion in a truly inspirational and truthful way. Though it is ultimately up to people to formulate conclusions, we as Muslims, must clarify the misconceptions that others have against us. We are a privileged and blessed society. Adversity faces different sects of people all the time. Now, probably more so than ever, it is time for the Arabs to stand up against the west... this time, not through violence but rather through knowledge. The West must be informed of the Islamic and Arab way of life, and the only way for them to be able to do this is if we, as a people are willing to explicate it to them ourselves. However, right now, the main focus should be prayer. The only force capable of saving any of us right now is Allah. So, I urge every single person out there to pray, and keep praying that this war shall be over soon so that innocent lives do not get killed in the promise. Inshallah, God will protect all of our families and our friends currently residing in the Middle East. Faith is the only answer....fear will only sway us the other way and due to this possibility, it is essential that everyone unites in prayer and belief. God Bless all of you.... and remember to plz keep the faith strong in all of your hearts. It is the only way...

  67. Dennis Fitzgeorge Hall from Canada ( Toronto )

    In the name of Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

    " Our LORD condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our LORD! Lay not on us a burden like that which Thou Didst lay on those before us; Our LORD! lay not on us A burden greater than we Have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, And grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. Thou art our protector; Help us against those Who stand against Faith."

  68. MaEbou Secka from Canada



  69. Naser Ameen from USA

    This was the prayer of the Noble Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) when he was oppressed by the people of Taif when he took to those people the message of Islam. It is vey indicative of the current situation of the Arabs, and it is very eloquent prayer:

    "0, my Allah! To Thee I complain of the feeble-ness of my strength, of my lack of resources and my being unimportant in the eyes of people. 0, Most Merciful of all those capable of showing mercy! Thou art the Lord of the weak, and Thou art my own Lord. To whom art Thou to entrust me; to an unsympathetic foe who would sullenly frown at me, or to an alien to whom Thou hast given control over my affairs? Not in the least do I care for anything except that I may have Thy protection for myself. I seek shelter in Your light-the light which illuminates the Heavens and dispels all sorts of darkness, and which controls all affairs in this world as well as in the Hereafter. May it never be that I should incur Thy wrath, or that Thou should be displeased with me. I must remove the cause of Thy displeasure till Thou art pleased. There is no strength nor power but through Thee."

  70. Jamilah Fraser-Rahim from USA

    May the Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you.

    I plan, you plan, America and Iraq plan but Allah is the best of planners.

  71. Aishatou from USA

    Oh, Allah. Guide us in this time of great confusion and injustice. Be the light for the people living in darkness, put mercy into the hearts of the people who oppress, put in their hearts fear fo You and tha last day. Help the helpless in this country and all over the world. We turn to you because you are the ruler of this universe, only You know the secrets of the Heavens and the Earth. Ipray to you o' Lord of Makind and Ruler of Mankind that you bring Peace to all Muslims in this World and give us victory amongst our Enemy. Only you can grant us Victory. Help us to come together as one Ummah and one People, Allah. Put Islam in our hearts and help us not to deviate from it once you bless us with it. Help us to never forget about You and know that to you will be our final return.


  72. sadia Khalid from canada

    May Allah help the muslim ummah to be united and become a strong nation of Allah the Almighty one.O Allah help us in the time of war and peace and keep us among those upon whom You favoured not among those upon whom you sent your wrath(Ameen)

  73. Ahmad Gwadabe from Germany

    Bismillahi Rahmani,Rahim!!!

    Ya Rabb,ya Rahim,Ya Malik, help us to be better Muslims and forgive us our sins,because you are Al-Ghafar.

  74. Zuhal Khwaja from USA

    When the whole world has gone astray I find my peace within Islam

  75. sabina from U.K

    O Allah....The Sustainer...The Mighty...The All-Peacful...The Most Compassionate ..The Most Merciful.....We put our Trust in you...O Allah the All Knowing bestow Peace upon our innocent brothers and Sisters...Bestow Peace and Mercy like you do the Rain upon the Earth..Let the Iman of the Muslim Ummah keep growing through these testing times...Let us all be in the ranks of the righteous..O' Allah make the presence and the Might of your Grace known to the Unbelievers who commit this gross injustice....O Allah The All-Hearing the All-Seeing please hear our prayers..and grant peace...we beleive and trust in You....You are our Salvation...You are our Hope and You are our Truth...Ameen

  76. David-Iman Adler from USA

    O Thou, Who art the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,

    The Lord of heaven and earth,

    Open our hearts, that we may hear Thy Voice, which

    constantly cometh from within. Disclose to us Thy Divine Light, which is hidden in our souls,

    that we may know and understand life better. Most Merciful and Compassionate God, give us Thy great

    Goodness; Teach us Thy loving Forgiveness;

    Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide

    men; Send us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit, And unite us all in Thy Perfect Being.


    this prayer is from Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan.

  77. Aslam from India

    O Allah , the creator you are the ultimate one with whom we seek refuge, today is the day where my brothers and sisters are in trouble and I seek thy lord you lead the just and save the humanity from grave consequences.

    you give the power to whom you like and you take away the same if you dislike , O creator save this world from the evil and fill with your love and happiness.......Ameen.

  78. Bashir Abdi Dahir from Finland

    Assalamu Alaykum,


  79. Bassam from UAE

    May Allah give our leaders the guidance to bring peace and justice to our world.

  80. Huma from India

    This is a crime against humanity. O may Lord help all those who are innocent.

  81. Alex from US

    I pray for the courage to learn from the past. I pray that may God give wisdom to know that to send US troops to fight a war that isn't just and will result in the loss of even one Iraqi or one US soldier is wrong.

  82. Ahmed from UK

    I pray that may Allah have mercy on all the innocent victims of this war.

  83. Thomas Merton from USA

    When I pray for peace, I pray not only that the enemies of my own country may cease to want war, but above all that my own country will cease to do the things that make war inevitable.