Is There Anti Semitism in The Quran?

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Anti-Semitism means condemning and hating a people because of their Semitic race. Anti-Semitism is bigotry and racism. Like all racism it is wrong and it has no place in Islam or in Islamic scripture. The Qur'an does not allow hate against any race, nationality or color. God says in the Qur'an: "O people, We have created you from a male and female and made you into races and tribes so that you may know each other. Indeed the noblest of you in the sight of God are those who are the most pious among you. And Allah knows every thing and is aware of every thing." (49:13) Throughout the history of Islam, Muslims have never used passages from the Qur'an to justify acts of anti-Semitism. The ill-effects of racism, including ethnic cleaning, genocide and Holocaust, which has been suffered by Jews and non-Jews alike over the past several centuries, has never been done under the banner of any passages from the Qur'an. Jews were among the earliest converts to Islam (in Medina) and, throughout the Middle Ages, Jews found sanctuary to practice their own religion under Islamic rule. It is truly disappointing and naive to ignore more than 1400 years of history and learned discourse on the Qur'an and argue that the current political situation in the Middle East has its roots in passages from the Qur'an.

As with all scriptures, passages in the Qur'an must be read within the proper context. The Qur'an was not just revealed for Muslims, but for all people, including Jews and Christians. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in the line of previous Prophets of God, including Prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and the Qur'an is in the line of previous scriptures revealed by God. The Qur'an does not condemn the Semitic race and, in fact, accords Jews a special status given their shared prophetic traditions with Islam. The Qur'an instead criticizes those Jews who turned away from God's authentic message and admonishes those who scorned and ridiculed Prophet Muhammad and the message of the Qur'an. Such criticism is similar to the criticism against Jews found in other scriptures, including the Hebrew Bible, and should be taken by all people as a reminder and warning against forsaking and straying from the authentic message of God. Such specific criticism has never been interpreted by learned scholars of the Qur'an to incite hatred against Jewish people and should not be confused with anti-Semitism.

The Qur'an speaks extensively about the Children of Israel (Bani Isra'il) and recognizes that the Jews (al-Yahud) are, according to lineage, descendants of Prophet Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob. They were chosen by God for a mission (44:32) and God raised among them many Prophets and bestowed upon them what He had not bestowed upon many others (5:20). He exalted them over other nations of the earth (2:47, 122) and granted them many favors.

Passages in the Qur'an which criticize the Jews fall primarily into two categories. First, the Qur'an speaks of how some of the Children of Israel turned away from the authentic message revealed to them. They disobeyed God and showed ingratitude for God's favors on them. They lost the original Tawrat and introduced their own words and interpretations in the divine books. They became arrogant and claimed that they were God's children and went about vaunting their position as His most chosen people (4:155; 5:13, 18). They also brazenly committed sins and their rabbis and priests did not stop them from doing so (5:63, 79). God raised His Prophet Jesus among them so that he might show them several miracles and thereby guide them to the right path, but they rejected him, attempted to kill him, and even claimed that they had indeed killed him although they had not been able to do so (4:157, 158). God specifically addresses the Children of Israel in many of these passages. This is important, because it shows that the message of the Qur'an was intended for all people, including the Jews, and the criticism was directed against a specific group of people for their specific actions. This criticism should be distinguished from cursing a people merely because of their race.

The second type of criticism of the Jews is found in passages including those you referenced from Surah al-Ma'idah (5:60-64). These verses criticize the Jews and Christians who ridiculed Prophet Muhammad and his message. They made mockery and sport of his call to prayer, and they rebuked him even though he was calling them to believe in what God revealed to him and to what was revealed before him through their own Prophets. They became spiteful towards him and rejected him since he did not belong to the Children of Israel (2:109; 4:54).

The Qur'an specifically notes that such criticism is not directed against all Jews. Even when the Qur'an criticizes the Jews it always notes that "among them there are some..." who are pious and righteous people, who command what is right and forbid what is wrong and try to excel each other in acts of charity and goodness. The Qur'an says that such people are assured that whatever good they will do will not be denied them and they shall receive their reward with God (3:113-115). It further says, "Of the people of Moses there is a section who guide and do justice in the light of truth." (7:159) "We broke them up into sections on this earth. There are among them some that are the righteous, and some that are the opposite. We have tried them with both prosperity and adversity: in order that they might turn (to Us)... As to those who hold fast by the Book and establish regular Prayer, never shall We suffer the reward of the righteous to perish." (7:168-170)

Taking a few passages from the Qur'an out of proper historical and textual context will not give a proper understanding of the religious scripture.

This is not only true of the Qur'an but also of the Bible. Many passages from the Bible also criticize the Jews. Read the Hebrew Bible, particularly Micah (Chapter 3:1-12) and Hosea (Chapter 8:1-14), in which these prophets condemned the Jews "who abhor justice and pervert all equity" and who "build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with wrong." These prophets cursed Israel as a "useless vessel among nations," and called for the curse of God to "send a fire upon [Judah's] cities" and to make Jerusalem "a heap of ruins." Prophet Ezekiel called Israel, "the house of rebels and a rebellious nation." (Ezek. Chapter 2)  Similarly, in the Book of Deuteronomy (28:16-68), Moses warns the Jews that God "will send upon you curses, confusion, and frustration, in all that you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and perish quickly, on account of the evil of your doings, because you have forsaken me" (28:20). In the Gospel of Matthew (23:13-39), Jesus repeatedly admonishes the Jews for their hypocrisy and injustice, and condemns them for the killing of past prophets. Jesus says, "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" Further he says "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not! Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate."

It would indeed seem strange if, based on these passages, one were to argue that the Bible, the Hebrew Prophets and Jesus were anti-Semitic and called for the destruction of all Jews and present-day Israel. Yet, questioning passages from the Qur'an as anti-Semitic is similarly without merit.

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Older Comments:
If you read 9:98 of the Koran it talks about a lot of wrath against Arab desert dwellers--so it is unfair to say that Jews are considered the enemy of the Koran. The Koran says many critical things against Arabs, Jews, Pagans, Christians (and even Muslims) in its text. What I believe it is doing, in the text, is attacking vice and defending virtue, especially about things that seem unclear to us modern readers. Meaning: we don't have the specifics about what was really being talked about. Every other modern consideration is probably based on a generalization.

Off topic. By the way, the Koran is also a very modern and scientific book. An Imam once pointed out that the 'Big Bang Theory' is mentioned in 21:30. There are two scriptures in the Koran that explain that the Universe is finite in size and in the number of objects it has. At the bottom of my website you can read about my 'ML Paradox' and the two passages in the Koran that I point out.

As far as the word 'beat' that is written in the Koran, it has been misinterpreted by many for centuries. 'Beat' just means 'sexual pleasure' between a husband and his wives if he owns a Harem (meaning he lawfully has two or more wives). The reason is that they are not getting enough sex (because of the Harem) so he must separate them in different bedrooms and give them gentle pleasure with his hand. In fact, the Surah called: 'the Women', should really be translated as: 'the Harem', since there is talk about multiple wives in Chapter 4.

Dr. Reza Aslan says that the world is experiencing an Islamic Reformation right now--which means more liberal and moderate ideas will be presenting themselves, concerning The Koran, in the next years and decades of the 21st century. Perhaps soon even a Reformed Islamic Religious Branch will make its appearance on the world stage.


I am pleased that my colleague at California State University, Fullerton, Muzammil Siddiqi, has clarified Qur'anic teaching on the Jews in such a positive way. I would respectfully urge him and other Mullim scholars to speak out about the anti-Semitic myths that have become much too common in the Arab and Muslim world concerning the blood libel, denial of the Holocaust and the idea that Jews have a plan for world domination. A recent Egyptian television series, "Horesman without a Horse," perpetuates this last canard, and will only increase hatred of Jews in the Arab world.
Benjamin Hubbard, Professor and Chair, Department of Comparative Religion, Calif. State Univ., Fullerton

Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless the author of
this article and those who maintain and
distribute it. amin

Assalamualikum to ALL. One of my friends forwarded this link to me and Alhamdulillah I am glad that I took time to read this EXCELLENT article. Allah is JUST and HE will NEVER do injustice towards people who do good, even people of other faith. In the eyes of Allah the pious is he who is righteous. I think FAITH is the sole concern of Allah and we humans are nobody to judge other people's faith. As Muslims it is our duty to convey the message of Islam and the rest is up to Allah, and between Him and that person. Here is a great website ( were there are Jews who are trying their best to show the difference between Judaism and Zionism. Due to ignorance people tend to make blanket statements and in this process innocent people are hurt. Education is the KEY, that's why in Islam seeking knowledge is MANDATORY on both male and female Muslim. May Allah guide us and help us become better Muslim, ameen. --Aisha:)

I can only wish and pray to Allah that there are more learned and educated people like the author who would be able to bring out the true Islam to the world. There is a lot of Islam bashing going on in the world and it is high time that the world knows what Islam is all about. It is about time that the western media instead of "Taking a few passages from the Qur'an out of proper historical and textual context", understand it and then write anything.

Assalaamu Alaikum,
I enjoyed this article very much. It is very enlightning and it is very easy to understand.
It really explains that Islam is for all people.
Jaza'k Allah Khair


I have'nt read a better explanation on this topic.It's too good.

To Muhammad Aslam:

Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures:

Try these links:

I hope this is enough.


Indeed that the real truth about Islam.Those critical about Islam must be provided by these citations may it from the Bible much so from Al Quran. Never Allah SWT, told us to be injusticed to our fellow being. May it be the Jews and Christians.
Christians should now be awakened , that the few ungrateful Jews that kill the most messengers of Allah SWT, crucifying Jesus by the Jews ( Salvation to the Christian! What Salvation!)Muhammad SAW never said that , nor did Allah SWT mentioned in Quran.How the Jews been deceived and the Christian be made believed in salvation.
Why the sin of others be burdened on Jesus, in the name of salvation. Is this the kind of justice the Christians is seeking.For we know God glorify fairness,equity and justice of the ultimate supreme.Think !
Anti semi - infact the bible revealed that kind of feeling.Not we the believer of Allah SWT.
What kind of justice they are justifying by those unbelievers to us Muslim.
What we do wrong to them? Holocaust - killing of Jews by the German? What is this got to do with us ,the follower of Muhammad SAW? Why the hate on us? Who are really the anti semite , the christian German , the Christian American - killing hundred of thousand of Japanese.How about ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe , Bosnian,Chechen,Albania,India and the rotten of all the Zionist of Israel - the forsaken race.
So, what so big deal of 3000 souls perish in New York. Yet , this American fella , are indeed fast enough that are the doing of the Muslim.

Allah SWT , non in the Quran instruct us to hate the Jews or the Christian. But what we Muslim are very clear." Allah SWT mentioned that" The Jews and the Christian will never stop to harass you ,until you follow their evil ways,so take care of your "IMAN".


I agree with this article because Islam is not about being racist to jews or any othe group of people. Those who think Islam is a prejudice religion should carefully read the Qur'an and they should ask questions if they have difficulties understanding understanding various places of the Qur'an. Isam is infact the most understandable religion in the world if you study it carefully.
Assalamu Alaykum

Salam, to Dr. Siddiqui for writing this article. It is articulate in its language and never out of context with the subject.
May Allah bless Dr. Siddiqui and everyone of us with such understanding.

MAX FROM U.S.A. said:
Very well said.

Dear Mohammed, Ehab and Omer,
Please let me say at the outset I am greatful to all (Ehab you were not inflamatory you are stating a fact) for taking time to respond. Many thanks. Mohammed I will get a link for you? Granth Sahib mentions and draws from quite significantly from Muslim faith and in fact the concept of "panth"sikh community is quite the same as ummah in Islam. However I must respond to some misconceptions about hinduism. In it core hinduism is founded on the concept of Brahman (cannot be represented, seen or multiplied and is omnipresent that is why Hindu chant of OM - one or unity). All other diety's in Hindu faith are messengers or forms that were deemed neccessary to correct problems in society from time to time. So when hindus worship idols they are worshipping messengers and not god.
Sikhs and Buddhists and jains as you would know believe in one god.
IN principal brothers we are all same. The question is despite superficial differences can we respect each other? Can we be humble enough tp forge friendships and be participants in creating peace?
Because this year the greatest joy for me was when Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh led India to victory in cricket. Two minority's taking there mother country to victory -that unified India (slapped rss on the face). I hope that we can live in peace.

Dear Indian Brother Manjit Singh,
Islam, christian & Jews follow the religion of Abraham, That is there is " Only one God ", After Abraham people again started worshiping " Many gods concept", Then the prophets followed to tell the people to worship only one God.
In Quran there is no word like "Hinduisim" however it tells that U need to follow only one God, and follow the footsteps of prophe's. And also it tells that do not create any idol and start worshiping like the the previous people did.
One question to U Brother, i came to know from different articles that In Sikh Holy book Granth( sorry if i have misspelled), Prophet mohammed Name is mensioned. Is it true if yes, Brother, is there any link, so that i can read.

To Manjit Singh,

The Quran does not mention the other religions you spoke of because they are not monotheistic. I am not trying to be inflammatory but do you expect God to respect religions that associate partners with him?! Exalted is He above these things, which are inventions of humans against their Creator. It would be contradictory for Allah to speak of these religions in the Quran when monotheism is the central tenet of Islam. This is why Sr. Susan is correct in her response to you that the Quran briefly mentions the practice [of idolatry] without naming specific religions, and refutes these practices. How can Allah command Abraham and Mohammed (pbut) to smash the idols of their forefathers to smithereens then in the same text acknowledge these faiths? There is no contradiction in the Quran. Open your mind, Mr. Singh, and you will find that the Quran is much more consistent than you think. May the Creator guide all His people to the straight path.

To Mr. Singh
I would just like to say that yes the Quran doesn't explicitly mention the names of the priests and Prophets of the other eastern religions. But there is definately mention about the different beliefs that the pagans, idol worshippers, sun, star worshipping etc. followed. Allah sent down 140,000 prophets to rightly guide the people of all communities (meaning India, far East as well, and the rest of the world). They were sent to guide and warn the people. Mentioning about all these prophets is unnecessary, therefore in the Quran Allah mentions only some handful of them by name, the rest are mentioned in regards to their work. ( i.e. they were sent to guide and warn all communities of the world).
Some of the pre-islamics religions(including Christianty & Judaism), which are still existant in the world today, were infact sent by Allah by means of a Messenger(s) to the respective communities. But unfortnately over time these were corrupted by man, and now they may have become quite opposite to what they must have initially started out with.

Please for more more insight into this, it would be better that you study the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed. It will help you clarify a lot of issues.

You should define semitic first.
It's funny because according The Columbia Encyclopedia ( Arab tribes is also semite. So anti-semite also means anti-arab. And are we anti-semite? No! Anti-Zionist, Yes! There's major difference between the two of them.

I is ridiculous to even hear any claim of this nature, where one in reality never will find in the Qur'an any group thats to be hated or calling upon Muslims to hate on any particular race. It is
known to every Muslim that before Allah, all men are equal like the teeth of a comb and Islamic history with its special practice of tolerance for
non-Muslims as instructed by the Qur'an could never be denied or forgotten.A fact is a fact,
Islam calls to peace and equality of all mankind.
This was an excellent article to, by the way.

Dear Susan,
that I am aware of. The question is about Hindus prophets, Budhhist prophets, Tao Prophets, Jain Prophets etc. or could it be Susan that at the time of writing of Quran people were not aware of great eastern religions? Christianity, Jews are discussed in detail simply because they were next to each other why no detailed discussion of buddhism etc. That is why I doubt finality of any religion be it islam, christianity, hinduism, buddhism etc

to mangit singh
the Quaran does talk about such people
for example it mentions the practices of the hindus, as people who use others or objects as intermediaries in their belief of reaching God. the meccans did the exact same.
there are many other points but this is just a start

Dear Sir and other readers,
it is fascinating that there is no mention of the great religions of the east in Quran? Hinduism - followers 900 million, Buddhist - followers 500 million, Jains - followers - 60 million, sikhs followers - 40 million, Taoism - followers - 600 million (In total eastern religions are half the world population)

Quran being silent on sikhs is understable as sikhism is about 700 year old. The other eastern religions are atleast minimum 2500 years old.

Please discuss or provide some insight?

all religion is anty hate,but middle east has taken a great pain,as israelis has done so much to uproot palestinians. in many hate full acts taken to kill and destroy.
occupied land and all occupied citizens must be protected.

To an interested party,
This is what you have written: Throughout the history of Islam, Muslims have never used passages from the Qur'an to justify acts of anti-Semitism.

And this I have read elsewhere: Mr bin Laden's response to the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden port is reported as follows: "I knelt thanking Allah for this heroic operation that destroyed American arrogance; it is a sign to the Americans that they must leave the Arab region and the Arabian peninsula in particular."

Are you trying to suggest that there are not an equal number of fundamentalist extremests on all sides of this conflict who are skewing the teachings of various prohits to induce less educated and less secure individuals into following them in their various campagns of hate and distruction. I do not disagree with most of what was written but this line in itself suggests there is just one side to this story. One must look at both sides of a problem to see a just answer, no?
Sincerely, JC

Dear Andrew,
May Allah reward you and keep you strong in this endeavor, ameen.


Salam,I just want to say tht there shouldn't be any anti-semitism at all because nomatter what religion u belong to it doesn't really matter,as long as we are united we shouldn't worry about it.Khuda Hafiz


The Qur'aan definitely does not permit Muslims to direct hate speech or any untoward action against members of other faiths.However,one needs to examine what is actually meant by "anti-semiticism".It has been my observation that practically any speech is viewed as "anti-semitic" nowadays by some elements.

You know I challenge a similiarily strong article voicing support for the Koran and Followers of Islam to be posted on an Edcation and Information web -site with Jewish intersts and religious information.

C'mon it's like the once downtrodden US Afro-American bleating for the rights of their oppressor. The strong don't need the weak voicing concern for them. But great job getting assimiliated to the gripe of the right wing majorety. (sic)

yes these are some of the passages in the Quran.
but there are different ways of interperating Quran
yes some people may think this is forbbiden while some may think this is excepted
the true meaning of islam is peace
as is Christianity
and Jewdism
the thing is all three of these relligions (muslims, christians, and jewish) have not been acting or practicing like there true peaceful religions.
so how the jewish or the christians and the muslims are not really to be blamed of how we think of each other because all of us are arrogant and stubborn as to take the time to read the Tora or the Bible as to also reading and understanding the Quran

Let us not forget, that prophet Muhammad (PBUH), always stood up in respect,whenever the funeral procession of a jewish person was passing by.

Assalamu alaikum.After reading this informative article I cannot go without making a comment.I always believe Islam has no place for hatred and it's we human beings who practise this against Allah's command.Allahu Akbar.Allah help us have understanding for each other.

those passeges were great evidence to jews people, and they need to understanding greatly

I recently took a cab ride with a driver who was a muslim from pakistan. In the cab ride, he informed me of the following things:
1) There were no Jews at the World Trade Center on sept 11th and that Isreal was behind the attack. (this is just nor true)

2) All Jews are evil people and want to see the world in disarray. (my fiance is jewish... I take offense to that and consider it VERY anti-semitic)

3) Muslims believe in Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, there would be no Muhammad.

-- I then explained that Jesus Christ himself was Jewish.

4) I was informed that Jesus was Not jewish. That the jews killed jesus and for that they should not be trusted.

-- I explained again that Jesus was jewish.

5) I was told that that must be something that the Jews made up to make themselves look good.

What REALLY bothers me is that is seems like most Muslims that have such a big issue with how terrible the US governement is and about how the whole world hates islam are
a) very uneducated
b) paranoid
c) dilusional
d) victims of extremist propaganda.

What the hell is wrong with these people? I was raised catholic. I love all people. I have been told my muslims that Muhammad says to love all people...

THEN WHY BE SUCH ANTISEMITIC AND IGNORANT about your views of the world.

Wake up and realize that Americans don't hate islam! WHo cares what religion you are? Most americans don't! Just be yourself and STOP being such paranoid freaks about your religion.

If you want the conflict to stop and you want to "halt the crusaders" open a book or two and educate yourself about the reality of the world and not just the Quran.

Seriously. WAKE UP.

To whom this may concern this article was one of the best I have read yet explaining the disposotion of the muslims & jews . Please inshallah send more info concerning this matter for tabliqh purposes. Shuqran

My Salaams.

M. Yaqub.

Reply to Chaim Zvi's Comment... that pig and ape thing... in quran it says that a group on bani israel, becasue they did not respect the sabath day... and broke the law... was transformed into apes and pigs... so you must ve heard that... its not like jews are pigs and apes to muslims... see islamic history and you will read that jews who lived under islamic govs in the past were not treated like this... now you say that phalastenians brought it on them selves...u gave a website.. now please you too see this webiste...

Please make dua for Father Andrew O'Mally for the strength required to take Shahada! Subhanallah! Allah ma'ak (Allah be with you), Brother Andrew.

Also, Alhamdulillah - for this excellent article!

I think this is an excellent article and it should be available to more non-muslims.lots of non-muslims try to attack islam saying its anti semetic but if they should read this article it would be clear to them that islam don't have scope of racism.


Dear brother i agree with 100 percent
The problem is that evel lurks in mankinds hearts
thats why the world is unjust
Really .. Arnt we all made the same..?
Superiority is measured by faith in GOD i.e peity..

How can the Qur'an be anti-semitic when the language chosen as the vehicle of its message belongs to a semitic people?

A timely article, and something that Muslims too should read, so that we do not, in ignorance, resort to the vile anti-Jewish rhetoric of the Europeans of the recent past.


As-Salaamu-Alaikum......Thank you for clarifying a much hotly debated subject. For once, someone took the time to point out examples of things said about "some" Jews in other Holy Books. No one accuses the pastors, and priests, and Christians of being against Jewish people. However, since Muslims and Islam have been in the forefront of almost every issue nowadays, it's easy to finger-point about issues in the Qu'ran when they are taken out of context. Let these other faiths go to their Holy Books and actually READ what is in them, insteaad of being so quick to find fault with a people or peoples who choose a different faith path.

I am really impressed by the article esp. its fair and balanced view of all divine scriptures. I wish you could send a copy of this article to Mr. Bill O'Reilly of FOX channel and challenge his ignorance and arrogance by asking him to post this article on his website where he misleads and misguides a lot of people by his false claim of being fair and balanced. Or else you could have CAIR put this above challenge to him if you think that to be more appropriate.
Also, if possible please have excerpts from non- muslim authors like karen Armstrong, Dr.Bill Baker, Fmr.Senator Paul Findley etc. on your website which is frequented by non-muslims interested in knowing the truth about Islam.

Thank you Brother please quinch us all ( Muslims,
Jews & Christans) from your knowledge.
Your reasoning is soo powerful,thus hopefuly will
enlightened those who see things with open eyes.

SALIM said:
An excellent article indeed. I would read the quotes from Bible to my Christian friends and ask them why Bible is so anti-Semite.
Jazak Allah

Thank you for your essay and the quotes from the Quran. I admit to trying to read it once but found the going difficult in the English translation. I have never thought the Quran "antisemitic" but rather that many observant Moslems appear to exhibit this behavior. Perhaps our Palestinian cousins, who are under great stress now, mostly of their own making, cannot be held to the same standards of countries not directly involved in conflict with Israel. Still you can imagine that I accept remarks comparing Jews to monkeys and dogs as antiSemitic (that is, anti-Jewish). One has only to read the press of Egypt, a country supposedly at peace with Israel, to see antiSemitism in full blossom. Even if one is unable to read Arabic well, the cartoons and depictions are easily recognized as being no better than found in the worst antiSemitic publication of the twentieth Century.
One can disagree with Jewish people. One can disagree with the policies of the State of Israel. But to descend to uncivilized language and antiSemitic imagery (see for examples without end) is not worthy of a great and ancient civilization.
Chaim Zvi

I am a Catholic Priest, and I find the Quran the most peacful of all religious texts. In reality, the greatest persecutors of Jews have always been Christians, so it amazes me to see that some people blame Muslims.

The source of all religious hatred is not the Quran, it is the Bible, which is a bloody and violent book. The Quran is a book of peace and hope.

Throughout the centuries, the only people who persecuted the Jews were Chrisitans. The entire NT is designed to destroy the Jews, while the Quran is a book of peace for all humanity. Jesus routinely calls the Jews "satanic". You do not find this in the Quran. Anyone who read the Bible will discover its simple purpose is to kill off the Jews. If you read Quran, you will see its purpose is to love all of humanity.

I am very interested in Isalm right now. Inshallah I take shahadah very soon. My eyes have been opened to what the Bible really is about. I encourage all people to read the Quran with an open mind. In it, you will find a faith that has no hatred and is pure love for all creatures.


Father Andrew O'Mally

Do you know what is next prophecy in Jewish bible after state of israel...A masiah will come... then that masiah will rule over the world! and jews will be the ruling race...please dont lable me as antisemetic...go and read!!! Good luck to those who are not jews and help israel in world domination!!!


This is a fanatstic acrticle, and it was needed by a scholar like Dr. Siddiqui. I think the people that must understand this most is Muslims themselves. Over the past few weeks I have come across thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters who blame the plight of Muslims on Jews rather than themselves. We must learn from this article and from the Qu'ran.

I think this is a very good article. Of late, islam bashing has become a fashion, particularly in the media. It doesn't bother me as it has always been done throughout the history. What bothers me very much is the lack of credible answers to these arrogant, ignorant and self styled bigoted 'godmen'. Knowledge is one of the essences of islam and now we need people of knowledge to come forward and dispel the misconceptions that are so rampant now-a-days.I am sure Allah's help will be with them. We really don't need any apologetic authors who are in reality exposing their great ignorance of islam.