How Saudi Arabia Plans to Transform Hajj by 2029

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia released this video showcasing the advanced technological tools that will be launched in the year 2029 to make the Islamic pilgrimage easier and more accessible to everyone.

The video shows every registered pilgrim will receive a package before their trip that will include a badge, an earpiece and an electronic watch, which they must have on them at all times.

The badge allows pilgrims to pass through an e-gate instead of customs at the airport, and board a train that will transport them to where they need to go. The badge is also used to access the hotel rooms, without having to check in at all, where pilgrims will be staying.

The earpiece and e-watch provide pilgrims with all the necessary information in any language. It notifies pilgrims when they complete a tawaaf, and recites prayers to them.

The items are connected to each pilgrim’s phone, and are equipped with tracking devices to ensure that family members can find each other in case they get lost in the crowd.

The earpiece also allows authorities stationed around the area to help guide anyone by translating information directly into their ears.

( Source: Al Arabiya )

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