The Bible, The Quran and Science - Maurice Bucaille: Film One

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In the area of medical examination of the Egyptian mummies Bucaille had applied his pioneering techniques to two specific Pharaoh's and in the interim succeeded in scientifically identifying the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Bucaille's study had reached to cover other scientific disciplines of Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Botany, Embryology and Theoretical Physics.

The outcome was considered by many as a major breakthrough and understanding the Scientific signs of one of those Holy Scriptures..

Maurice Bucaille: In 1935, I was 15.. in a Christian College and at that time very important discoveries of necessarily human paintings in caverns in southern Spain were made and the specialist said, 'very likely these paintings date back to about 15,000 years from now'. In my book of Religious teachings, it was written that the first appearance of man on earth dated back to about 40 centuries before Jesus. I said to him 'what is credible?' The father said to me: 'No ... No.. Please! Don't confuse two things; you have the Science(on one hand) and you have Religion(on the other), if there is something which is not in accordance it is the Religion that says the truth'..

I told him it is impossible! its a well established fact that the first appearance of man on earth cannot be evaluated to these times, It is impossible ! We were educated Religion said something and Science said another thing. I said to myself, something is going wrong! 04:16

Bucaille had set out to examine the Holy Scriptures themselves in the light of modern scientific knowledge


For more scientific signs in the Qur'an visit !
For more scientific signs in the Qur'an visit !
For more scientific signs in the Qur'an visit !

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Videos
  Topics: Bible, Egypt, Islam And Science, Pharaoh, Quran  Channel: Documentaries
Views: 7387

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