Justice is not a fashionable term!

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O Allah, Show us righteousness clearly and make us follow it, and show us falsehood clearly and make us avoid it.

Justice has always been the very essence of all Divinely Guided Religions, mission of all the Prophets and Message of all the Scriptures. Justice is an integral part of the faith. Upholding the principle of justice is not confined to the courtroom but commands a high priority in the order of Islamic moral and spiritual values.

The recognition of God's authority over people and governments and the whole of creation is what Islam is all about.  Islam is an affirmation of His Majesty, Sovereignty, Power and His absolute Oneness. Islamic political thought guided by Tawhid, cultivates the noble attributes of humility, love & compassion for people and a strong commitment to justice.

No doubt, this is well demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).  He offered a leadership model that was without precedent and is without parallel in the entire human history.  In the course of his life he performed a variety of formal and informal leadership roles--he was a herdsman and a trader, a missionary and an orator, an organizer and a mobilizer, an administrator and a politician, a judge and a military commander, and of course both a prophet and Head of State-- apart from being a good husband and a good father. This explains why in almost every field of human activity, the Prophet comes across to the Ummah as a model of exemplary conduct.

There is enough evidence today to show that Muslim Rulers and the (supposedly) elected Heads of States are just opposite of what the Noble Prophet demonstrated in his life and taught us to follow. They are unashamedly transgressing the basic tenets of the Quran and Sunnah. These Muslim ruling elites wallow in vulgar opulence.  There is not an iota of justice in these monarchies which are almost always dependent upon external military and political support for their survival.

Conditioned by the Muslim conquest of Europe and Western subjugation of Muslim lands, the politics of oil and imperialism, Western prejudice is deeply embedded in the Western psyche. It continues to manifest itself through a variety of political and non-political events in contemporary society. "Islamic militancy, terrorism and fundamentalism" are but the latest attempts to derogate and denigrate the global Muslim community. The present Western-led global system is so palpably unjust that any human being with an atom of commitment to social justice would want to change it for the good of human beings everywhere.

One may justifiably ask then, "what is the alternative"? As it always happens, alternatives only develop by default. Present condition of Ummah is an evidence of that. Although there seems to be an awakening, reinvigorating the leadership temporarily but it is half asleep.  The responsibility for what happens next is a collective one and there is no escape from it.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured  Values: Integrity, Justice
Views: 2180

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