A Super New Moon will start Ramadan 2024

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As the spiritual winds of Ramadan begin to sweep across the globe, marking a time of devotion and reflection for millions of Muslims worldwide, IslamiCity stands ready to be your trusted guide through this sacred month.

We have various resources and services tailored to enhance your Ramadan experience. We invite you to embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment and community connection.

When Does Ramadan Begin?

This year, on March 10, 2024, a rare celestial event unfolds with a "super new moon," marking the beginning of the first fast of Ramadan on Monday, March 11, 2024.

As our moon moves away from the alignment point between Earth and the Sun, its limb becomes suddenly illuminated when viewed from Earth. This phenomenon will result in the appearance of a super-slim crescent moon, also known as a "super new moon."

Observing Ramadan with IslamiCity

At IslamiCity, we recognize the profound significance of Ramadan and strive to provide you with a host of valuable resources to enrich your experience and deepen your connection to your faith. Here's what you can expect from our platform:

Taraweeh on Demand: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Holy City of Mecca with our Taraweeh on Demand service, allowing you to listen and watch Taraweeh prayers from the comfort of your home.

Salah Time: Stay on track with your daily prayers using our Salah Time feature, which provides accurate prayer times tailored to your location, ensuring you never miss a moment of devotion.

Short Courses: Expand your knowledge and understanding of Islam with our curated selection of short courses, covering a range of topics designed to inspire and enlighten.

Quran Search Engine: Explore the depths of the Quran with our innovative Quran Search Engine, offering advanced search capabilities for verses, translations, transliterations, and more, empowering you to delve into the teachings of the Holy Quran with ease.

Authentic Hadith Collections: Access our comprehensive collection of authentic Hadiths, meticulously curated and indexed for easy searching, enabling you to find guidance and wisdom on various aspects of faith and life.

New Innovative Ramadan Recipes: Discover a treasure trove of delicious and nutritious recipes inspired by the Prophet's kitchen, providing you with wholesome culinary delights to enjoy during Ramadan and beyond.

Flavorful Recipes for Moms and Playful Recipes for Kids: Engage the whole family in the joys of cooking with our selection of flavorful recipes for moms and playful recipes for kids, complete with stories and graphics to make kitchen adventures fun and educational.

Quran Donation Campaign: Join us in our noble endeavor to spread the truth and authenticity of Islam by supporting our Quran Donation Campaign. Together, we aim to donate 20,000 free Qurans to individuals seeking knowledge and enlightenment during Ramadan.

Ask the Imam: As we embrace the blessed month of Ramadan, our platform offers a unique opportunity to seek guidance, clarity, and spiritual insights from Ask the Imam. Whether you have questions about fasting, prayers, or Islamic principles, our Ask the Imam service is here to provide personalized responses to your inquiries.

Maximize Your Good Deeds

As Ramadan approaches, let us embrace this sacred time with hearts full of gratitude and minds open to the blessings that lie ahead. With IslamiCity as your trusted companion, we invite you to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, community connection, and meaningful action as we strive to attain maximum good deeds and draw closer to the Divine during this blessed month.

Zakat Calculator: Use our Zakat Calculator to determine your Zakat obligation and make a meaningful contribution to those in need, ensuring that your generosity reaches those who need it most.

Donate to Our Cause: We encourage you to support our mission of spreading truth and authenticity by donating to IslamiCity. Your contributions enable us to continue providing valuable resources and services to individuals seeking spiritual enrichment and guidance on their journey of faith.

Join Us for Ramadan 2024

As Ramadan draws near, we extend a warm invitation to you and your loved ones to join us at IslamiCity for an unforgettable Ramadan experience. Together, let us embrace the spirit of unity, compassion, and devotion that defines this sacred month as we strive to draw closer to our Creator and fulfill our highest potential as believers.

May your Ramadan be filled with blessings, peace, and joy. Ramadan Mubarak from the IslamiCity family!


  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Ramadan
Views: 1681

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