Bayan Series: Islam & West Africa

Islam & West Africa by Dr. Bilal Ware. This series features lectures from various scholars held by Bayan Islamic Graduate School.

Dr. Bilal Ware (Rudolph T. Ware III) is an historian of West Africa, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He formerly taught at the University of Michigan and before then at Northwestern University. His work aims to confront and dispel Western misconceptions about Islam

He earned his Ph.D. in 2004 at the University of Pennsylvania where he trained in African History, African-American History, and Islamic Intellectual History. His research spans the last thousand years, centering on West Africa, while reaching into the Mediterranean lands of Islam and the Atlantic worlds of the African Diaspora.

Bayan Islamic Graduate School is an accredited Islamic Seminary in North America aimed at providing world-class graduate education to produce dynamic and ethical leaders and scholars grounded in the Islamic tradition.

( Source: Bayan Islamic Graduate School )

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