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"I am so delighted to find out about the new IslamiCity Mobile App! Ma’ShaAllah. It is very organized, user friendly and resourceful. As a parent who is raising young adults, I find this mobile app has a lot to offer to help me teach my children about Islam. We know children these days learn more from technology-oriented resources, and this mobile app seems to have put emphasis on that point, when it was developed. I look forward to learning a great deal about various aspects of our religion, by using this app frequently and also keep my children engaged to discover the beauty of Islam."

"My name is Taheem. I am 11 years old. My father recently introduced me to IslamiCity mobile app. I was really excited and amazed to see so many features it offers! I want to share a few of them here: I like how 99 names of Allah comes with English meaning. I think it will help new Muslims a lot to understand and appreciate Allah. In Quran category I love the option how I can listen to individual ayahs and I can also use the memorize button. I love using this mobile app!"

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