Let’s Explore Arabic Numbers

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Today I’m going to start the process of learning Arabic. Rather than attempt to learn the language outright, I’m going to concentrate my efforts towards learning the characters, pronunciation and writing style of the Arabic Numerals first. I’m going to use the new iBook from IslamiCity.org called: 

Let’s Explore Arabic Numbers

Getting started

This iBook was specifically created for beginners who need a complete introduction to the language of Arabic. Arabic is a completely foreign language to which I have had no exposure whatsoever. I will be starting with trying to recognize the characters, draw them, memorize them and attempt to learn how to pronounce them. 

What’s included

The iBook is very comprehensive in its instructions and techniques for learning. The iBook integrates, video explaining the basic structure, sound files with proper pronunciation, notes and tooltips providing tips for how to proceed with practice, and plenty of examples to show you how the characters are structured and integrated to form complex numbers. There are sections that allow you to practice writing the characters using either a stylus or your finger. At the end of each section, there are short quizzes that test your ability to recognize each character and numeral.

My progress so far

Thus far as I have used it, I have found that I am already recognizing the basic characters and can place several numbers. I’ve only been using it for about 30 minutes and I feel comfortable recognizing the numbers from 1 to 10. My pronunciation still need a lot of work. As a non-native Arabic speaker, I’m finding that I have a hard time hearing some of the syllables in the word and even more difficult time trying to get my mouth to construct the sounds. I’m sure it is just a matter of practice. Luckily the iBook has sound files included that repeat and rehearse the sounds of the characters as many times as I need to hear them. You can repeat the words as you listen and it’s very helpful especially for words like the number “zero”. This word is proving the most difficult for me to both hear and repeat. 

I recommend this iBook

I would recommend this iBook as a perfect way to start learning both the Arabic language and the numerals. There are less numerals to start with compared to the alphabet and comparatively, it provides a slightly easier transition into the language. I don’t feel so overwhelmed with information and using numbers gives me a foundation using a commonality between both English and Arabic as a frame of reference. The iBook is very easy to use and requires no additional resources to use other than an iPad or an iPhone. The cost is negligible compared to the cost of a tutor or classroom training. Best of all, you can learn at your own pace and retrace your steps if you feel you need to go back over information that requires more practice.  You can download the book here.

Once you are finished or need some new material, you can check out the companion iBook to explore additional lessons and to delve further into learning the Arabic language, starting with the alphabet. 

 Let’s Explore Arabic Alphabet

  Category: Children, Featured, Life & Society, Youth
  Topics: App Review, Islamicity Apps  Values: Education
Views: 1624

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