Why is there no prophet coming after Muhammad?

In this video Jeffery Lang discusses the sealing of prophethood in Islam with the advent of Prophet Muhammad.

He expresses the view that Islam uniquely combines the implications of monotheism, emphasizing the oneness of God and the oneness of humanity. Jeffery argues that sealing prophethood with Prophet Muhammad prevents the potential fragmentation and disintegration that could occur if the door to prophethood remained open.

The discussion touches on the idea that other religions have experienced the emergence of self-proclaimed prophets, leading to fragmentation, while Islam, with the sealing of prophethood, maintains unity and avoids such issues. The speaker emphasizes the significance of Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet in Islam, stating that Muslims explicitly acknowledge this belief in their daily prayers. The sealing of prophethood is presented as a key moment in history, ensuring the preservation of the two essential implications of monotheism in Islam.


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