In this video, the speaker discusses a powerful method to heal the body from sickness and disease: dry fasting.

This method is said to repair liver and brain cells, enhance mental clarity, and detoxify the body from poisons commonly found in food. Dry fasting, which involves abstaining from both food and water, is highlighted by Dr. Eric Berg as one of the most effective ways to stimulate autophagy and cleanse cells.

Dr. Berg explains that just one day of dry fasting, from sunrise to sunset, can have significant benefits, equivalent to three days of water fasting. He dispels the myth that humans can only survive three days without water, explaining that during dry fasting, fat cells release water as they are burned. He also mentions that dry fasting can boost the immune system, allow the kidneys and liver to rest, improve mental clarity, and reduce inflammation.

The video further connects dry fasting to Islamic practices, noting that it has been prescribed for Muslims for over 1,400 years. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) fasted twice a week outside of Ramadan, demonstrating the long-standing benefits of this practice. Despite the clear benefits, the video points out that many mainstream doctors and scientists still view fasting negatively, which the speaker attributes to an agenda to keep people reliant on pharmaceutical drugs. This reliance on medication is financially beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry but often harmful to patients.

The video emphasizes that true healing is accessible and cost-free, as God has provided natural remedies through plants. However, the speaker warns that this knowledge is being suppressed by a powerful industry motivated by profit rather than the well-being of individuals.

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