Alzheimer`s Disease

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"And when I am ill, it is He (Allah) Who cures me" Quran 26:80

A Muslim World Epidemic

A new strain of Alzheimer's disease has recently been discovered in the Muslim world affecting millions of innocent victims, previously believed to be leading normal lives. While common symptoms of the disease, such as loss of memory typically appear among patients in their 40s and 50s and develop later on to complete helplessness in the 60s, this new phenomena is affecting Muslims of all ages.

Interestingly, the political leaders of Muslim countries, who typically get health care services outside their nations in advanced Western hospitals, have shown significantly more severe symptoms of the disease. For instance, not only did they lose their memory, but they had increased feelings of insensitivity towards their populace and showed signs of inferiority and cowardliness to speak up for just treatment when humiliated by leaders of the developed world.

This new development was discovered after a team of still sane medical doctors conducted extensive epidemiological surveys in several parts of the Muslim world. Among more than 500 carefully selected criteria studied, they focused on symptoms related to memory and reaction toward specific events.

For example, when the questionnaire prompted the victims to identify the masterminds behind the Algerian atrocities that took the lives of more than 150,000 people, few of them remembered to blame the Algerian and French governments, although they were familiar with ample credible evidence about the French/Algerian conspiracy in killing Muslims.

Another test focused on the lack of activism toward helping more than half a million Iraqi children who have starved to death, the hundreds of thousands oppressed in Kashmir, Palestine, and the Philippines. Respondents showed an overwhelming sense of weakness, another typical symptom of advanced cases of Alzheimer's disease.

What was unique about this new strain of the disease is that the loss of memory and lack of activism was selective. For example, all respondents recognized with great details the life stories of Michael Jackson and the Demised Diana. They also had plenty of energy to watch the entire Wimbledon game and wait 3 hours in line for a 30-second-ride at Disney Land.

Fortunately, the research team concluded that this strain of the disease is 100% curable and even preventable. A daily dose of 10 minute Quranic reading, fasting, and alms-giving showed significant improvement. When such acts were supplemented with consistent regular prayer performance, taking care of one's neighbors, and sponsoring orphans, not only were the patients cured, but they built a strong immunity to prevent it from ever happening.

May Allah make us among those who never forget their history and may He give us the energy and courage to improve the conditions of all the oppressed people to make this world a better place. Ameen, Ya Rabb.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Alzheimer, Health
Views: 4749

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