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Beyond the Canvas

Muslims deeply honor all prophets, with a special love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It's essential to note that Islamic tradition, while emphasizing his character and teachings, does not focus on his physical attributes. Yet, some authentic Hadiths offer insights into his appearance:

Moderate Stature: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had an average height. He wasn't exceptionally tall or short but had a medium build.

Radiant Countenance: His face was naturally handsome, radiating a pleasant aura. His balanced features and warm, illuminating smile captivated those who saw him.

Dark, Wavy Hair: His hair was typically dark, often described as black or dark brown. It wasn't entirely straight or curly but had a slight wave.

Full, Dark Beard: He maintained a full, dark beard. Encouraging good grooming, he advised Muslims to keep their beards and trim their mustaches.

Graying Hair: As he aged, narrations mention that his beard and hair started turning white, especially around his temples. This was seen as a sign of wisdom and respect.

Expressive Dark Eyes: The Prophet had large, expressive, and dark eyes. Those who gazed into them were moved by the compassion and gentleness they held.

Broad Shoulders: He had broad shoulders and maintained physical fitness despite his humble and simple lifestyle.

Fragrance: He often applied fragrance and encouraged good personal hygiene. His presence left a lingering scent of purity wherever he went.

It's important to recognize that while his physical appearance is of interest, it's a small aspect of the essence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  We remember him by striving to emulate his character and follow his example in our daily lives. The beauty of his actions and words serves as a guiding light for all of humanity.

As Allah reminds us: We did not send you (Muhammad) except as a mercy to humankind. Quran 21:107

May we all emulate the character of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in being a mercy to our families, communities and the world.


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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured
  Topics: Prophet Muhammad (S)
Views: 1400

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