Clinton's Last Crime in Office

At no other time has President Bill Clinton's hypocrisy been more evident than on his last day of office. But just as they did for most of his presidency, his sex scandals overshadowed his foreign policy gaffes. Indeed, while the nation and the world were focused on the deal being made between Clinton and the Independent Counsel over his lies under oath regarding his relationship with a White House intern, new US led sanctions were imposed on Afghanistan and old sanctions against Yugoslavia were lifted.

The Clinton administration has always maintained that sanctions against Afghanistan were a necessary tool in forcing the Taleban to turn over their "guest", suspected terrorist Osama Bin Laden to face trial for allegedly masterminding twin US embassy bombings in East Africa in 1998. But if this outgoing president believed his own rhetoric, then he has failed miserably in explaining why sanctions on Yugoslavia had to be lifted.

Who could forget that Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica is harboring the world's worst criminal of the last 75 years. Slobodan Milosevic, the stage manager of Serbian ultra-nationalism and the instigator of the worst case of ethnic cleansing on European soil since World War II, still remains a free man.

Indeed, while this indicted war criminal continues to elude the UN war crimes tribunal, the new Yugoslav president has treated him as no less than a respected former leader and political foe. In fact it hasn't even been a week since Kostunica met with Milosevic in a rendezvous the former described as "useful".

And Kostunica seems hardly a willing participant in assisting the international community with bringing this monster to justice. Until Thursday, he had refused to meet with the tribunal's chief prosecutor over Milosevic and other wanted suspects they believe are living in his country.

Meanwhile, in her final days as Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright was busy patting herself on the back for a job well done in the Balkans. To say that it should suffice to punish Milosevic by freezing his assets and removing him from power should be a crime itself.

And now thanks to Clinton and his cronies, Milosevic may forever stroll the streets of Europe while his crimes against humanity go unpunished

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