Zelensky Out of Office, Netanyahu Out of Options

Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses a provocative speech by Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, ahead of a vote on recognizing Palestine as a UN member state. Napolitano views the speech as a strategic appeal to Israeli extremists rather than a rant, criticizing the US for blocking Palestine's admission. He emphasizes that recognizing Palestine is crucial for the two-state solution and peace. Arab countries are willing to send peacekeepers to Gaza under certain conditions, but the US administration fails to grasp the importance of this step.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs critiques the Israeli Ambassador's speech, accusing it of inflaming tensions and appealing to radical elements. He argues that Israel's strategy of provoking the US into regional conflict, similar to the bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, is unlikely to succeed. Dr. Sachs highlights growing American and international opposition to Israel's actions, warning of the consequences.

Dr. Sachs discusses Israel's reliance on US support, particularly during the Trump administration, as a short-sighted strategy. He warns that Israel's treatment of Palestinians and its actions have led to widespread international opposition. The "axis of resistance" could lead to military resistance if diplomatic solutions are not pursued.

He outlines the economic and diplomatic fallout for Israel due to its military actions in Gaza. Countries are halting trade and breaking diplomatic ties, affecting Israel's economy and international standing. The focus then shifts to Ukraine, where President Zelensky is nearing the end of his term under martial law, with no clear successor. Dr. Sachs highlights the critical situation as Ukrainian forces struggle against Russia, urging Western leaders to avoid escalation.

Dr. Sachs criticizes the US Secretary of State for creating a false sense of security for Zelensky, comparing it to past US interventions. He questions whether the US might stage another coup to end the conflict. The discussion includes Admiral Kirby's remarks on potential threats from Moscow, which Dr. Sachs dismisses as reckless. He calls for Russian troop withdrawal and better US diplomacy to de-escalate tensions.

He expresses concern over the lack of US-Russia diplomacy and escalating arms buildup. He criticizes the US and UK's approach, urging for negotiation and peace. The assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is mentioned, highlighting the dangerous times. Sachs criticizes President Biden's inability to engage world leaders effectively and concludes the interview with a call for better diplomatic efforts.

Dr. Sachs addresses the political situations in Ukraine and Israel. He predicts President Zelensky may leave office due to ongoing conflict and economic challenges, noting the IMF's reluctance to provide financial aid. For Israel, Dr. Sachs suggests Prime Minister Netanyahu is running out of options amidst corruption charges and internal opposition, potentially leading to early elections.

Jeffrey David Sachs is an American economist and public policy analyst, professor at Columbia University, where he was former director of The Earth Institute. He is known for his work on sustainable development, economic development, and the fight to end poverty.


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