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A young widow's determination against all odds inspired Islamic Relief USA Communications Specialist Reem El-Khatib. 

Alone, Fairouz had to support her three children as well as her in-laws and parents-without a job or an education in Jenin, Palestine.

Nevertheless, she did not allow the grave responsibility she was left with to paralyze her. She is pursuing her life-long goal of becoming an Islamic Studies teacher by going back to school. To do this and provide for her family, she has started her own business.

"I admire her and people like her, that are able to reach their goals even through very difficult circumstances," El-Khatib said. 

Islamic Relief USA helped Fairouz start her own business. Women in rural areas are given tools and skills to start their own enterprises. More than 110 women like Fairouz and their families are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.

"With a little help, you can accomplish anything, " Reem said. Something small as the sewing machine from Islamic Relief USA donors helped Fairouz stand on her own feet. Fairouz leveraged all the resources she had at her fingertips. She developed relationships with local vendors and negotiated a wholesale system to make her items affordable. 

Through her actions, Fairouz has taught her young daughters that anything is possible. 

"It made me proud to be in her company and to see how someone in her situation is making things happen," El-Khatib said. "Her smile said it all. It described what she went through and her hopes for the future." 

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Source: IslamicReliefUSA - Nabeelah Naeem

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Middle East
  Topics: Media
Views: 3428

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