Webinar (July 19 - 28): Lessons in Leadership from Imam Hussein

This webinar series features two esteemed scholars, Dr. Hasnain Walji and Dr. Aslam Abdullah, who will delve into the life and leadership of Imam Hussein, a revered figure in Islamic history whose influence transcends sectarian boundaries.

Across nine episodes, Dr. Walji and Dr. Abdullah will explore various aspects of Imam Hussein's exemplary leadership, drawing inspiration from his teachings, actions, and his unwavering commitment to justice, righteousness, and compassion. By examining his life through different lenses, the series aims to illuminate the universal lessons and values that Imam Hussein's leadership imparts to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

A new episode will be available on this page every day starting Wednesday, July 19, 2023 6:00 PM Pacific Time USA

Episode 1: The Essence of Leadership

An introduction to Imam Hussein's life and the kind of leadership he embodied. This will focus on his compassion, wisdom, and integrity as a leader.

Episode 2: Justice and Righteousness

Imam Hussein's commitment to justice and righteousness highlighting instances where he stood against oppression and fought for the rights of the less fortunate.

Episode 3: Courage Under Fire

An exploration of Imam Hussein's courage, showing his fearlessness when standing up for his principles and values, even in the face of dire consequences.

Episode 4: The Spirit of Sacrifice

A look at Imam Hussein's life as an embodiment of self-sacrifice. The episode will illustrate his willingness to give up personal comfort and even life for the greater good.

Episode 5: Loyalty and Devotion

Focusing on the loyalty Imam Hussein inspired in his followers, reflecting the trust and respect he commanded. This episode will emphasize the importance of loyalty and mutual respect in building strong relationships.

Episode 6: Advocacy for Equality

This episode will showcase Imam Hussein's belief in equality, illustrating his teachings and actions that underscored the equal worth of all individuals regardless of their social or economic status.

Episode 7: Resilience in Adversity

An exploration of Imam Hussein's remarkable resilience during the trials he faced, emphasizing his mental and emotional strength and how he handled adversity with grace and patience.

Episode 8: Unwavering Faith

The episode will examine Imam Hussein's deep faith and his spiritual connection with God. It will discuss how his unwavering devotion shaped his decisions and guided his actions.

Episode 9: A Legacy of Universal Values

The concluding episode will reflect on Imam Hussein's enduring legacy, discussing how the values he exemplified continue to inspire millions across the globe today. It will discuss the relevance of his principles in the modern world and their universal appeal.

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