New Discovery: No Safe Level of Alcohol Consumption

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This presentation Dr. Gasser Hathout focuses on a quiet revolution taking place in medicine over the last couple of years. The picture that the general public has received is that light to moderate daily alcohol intake has significant health benefits, particularly in terms of cardiovascular health, and that the problem with alcohol is heavy drinking and the cost which alcohol abuse imposes on society. However, recent data across a wide variety of medical disciplines are entirely repainting this picture, showing that even light drinking has significant harm. This presentation aims to bring this new data to the viewer and to correlate it with the Quran.


Dr. Gasser Hathout is a physician in Los Angeles and a Professor at the UCLA Medical Center. He did his undergraduate work at Harvard University and obtained his M.D. and his M.S. in Biomedical Physics at UCLA.

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Alcohol, Health
Views: 1492

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