Ramadan Series: Judgment Day

Watch "Judgment Day: Deeds that Light the Way", a Ramadan Series produced by Yaqeen Institute.

This Ramadan, join Dr. Omar Suleiman at Yaqeen Institute to glimpse into the eternity you are building. Learn what worldly actions will ease your reckoning and light your way on the path to Paradise.

One day, you will die. It won’t be the end, of course. A blissful breeze under the shade of the Most Merciful may gently welcome you for a charitable hand you extended. Or anxiety and fear may grip your soul for a deed you did not repent from.

Every action you take in this life echoes a reaction in the next. Were you generous or withholding, kind or cruel, faithful or faithless? The Most Merciful multiplies reward, but is ever the Most Just, and every soul will receive what it has sent forth.


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