Eat the Best Kinds of Food

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Luqman lived during the period of Prophet Dawud عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ and spent his life in learning. Allah bestowed him with great wisdom. 31:12

The advice he gave his son, as mentioned in the Quran (31:13-19), is often used as lessons by parents and children. 

Following are some more words of counsel by Luqman that have been recorded in other books:

"My dear son, when eating, always try to eat the best kinds of food; when sleeping, sleep in the best bed; as long as you live, take part in the best pleasures that life offers. Wherever you go, build a house and pass your time in happiness with friends."

 "Dear father," said his son, what you say is not possible for me. The best food, the best bed, and pleasures belong to the rich, who can provide everything for themselves and build houses where they want. But I may not have wealth."

 "That is the point," said Luqman. "People mostly think that the good things of life are bought with money, but they do not understand that money cannot buy everything. Wealth carries with it challenges if it is not accompanied by wisdom. Often, the rich spend their life adding more to their wealth, thinking they can enjoy it even more! But there is no pleasure in money. Rather, pleasure is in the wisdom of life, and happiness is in a peaceful mind and contentment.

 "I'm not telling you to buy the most expensive foodstuffs or the softest bedding or to build a house with bricks of crystal, gold, or silver.

 I'm saying try to live better and happier and to understand the meaning of life. It is enough to wait to eat until you are really hungry. Then the simple food that you eat will be like the finest delicacy. 

It is enough to work a little harder and to sleep less to enjoy a good, refreshing rest. It will be as though you were sleeping in the most luxurious of beds. 

It is enough not to accustom yourself to continuous pleasure but to work hard and diligently and think about others to make the pleasures of your life sweeter and more enjoyable and to love life more. 

It is enough to be beloved by people for goodness, kindness, and charity. Then, every place will be your home, and the house of friendship may be built anywhere.

Adapted from Rumi Stories for Young Adults from the Mathnawi

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Luqman, Story  Values: Wisdom
Views: 3149

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