Simple Advice in Numbers

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Following advice and wisdom is from various Islamic sources documented by Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr.

Two things you should never forget

Remembrance of Allah , and end of this life.

Two other things you should forget

Doing favors to others, and holding grudges against people who have wronged you.

Whoever is inspired by three things, he will not be denied from the other three

1. Whoever is inspired by Du'aa (supplication) will not be denied with the answer.

2. Whoever is inspired with Istighfar (Asking Allah's Forgiveness), will not be denied Maghfirah (Forgiveness)

3. Whoever is inspired to be grateful will not be denied abundance.

Never mix the following three combinations

1 Poverty with Laziness

2. Enmity with Jealousy

3. Sickness with Senility

Three things you can discover through difficulties

1. The patient person will be known during anger.

2. The courageous person will be known during battle.

3. The real brother will be known during times of need.

Three things that atone mistakes 1

1. When a person performs proper ablution even if the water is very cold.

2. When a person waits for the next prayer even after he had completed the previous one; and

3. When a person joins the congregation of Muslims.

The three actions for which Allah elevates the ranks of people 1

1. Feeding the poor

2. Spreading peace

3. Praying at night when people are sleeping.

Three things that protect people from abyss 1

1. Acting with justice even when one is in a state of anger

2. Moderation in poverty and richness

3. Being conscious of Allah  in privacy and publicly

Three things that lead to ruin 1

1. Stinginess

2. Following your lust

3. Being arrogant

Five things to find

1. Logic is found in the Qur'an

2. Nobility is found in Contentment

3. Disgrace is found in Disobedience

4. Respect is found in performing Night-Prayers

5. Richness is found in Minimalism

Note: 1 Anas رضي الله عنه narrated that the Prophet said: There are three things that atone mistakes; three things that elevate a person; three things that save a person from abys; and three things that lead to ruin.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights  Values: Wisdom
Views: 2581

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