Names and Appellations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

To commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we focus on his names and appellations, which are:

Muhammad (Highly Praised), Ahmad (More Laudable), Hamid (Praiser), Mahmud (Praised), Ahid (Unique), Wahid (Matchless), Mahi (Effacer), Hashir (Convener), 'Aqib (Successor), Taha, Ya Sin, 'Tahir (Pure), Mutahhar (Purified), Tayyib (Good), Sayyid (Lord), Rasul (Apostle), Nabi (Prophet), Rasul al-Rahma (Apostle of Mercy), Qayyim (Precious), Jami' (Gatherer),

Mushtafi (Avenger), Mushfa (Healed), Rasul al­-Malahim (Apostle of Battles), Rasul al-Ra'ha (Apostle of Rest), Kamil (Perfect), lklil (Crown), Mudabbir (Disposer), Mudammil (Healer), 'Abd Allah (Servant of God), Habib Allah (Beloved of God), Safi Allah (Sincere Friend of God), Naji Allah (Confidant of God), Kalim Allah (Spokesman of God), Khatam al-Anbiya (Seal of the Prophets), Khatam al-Rusul (Seal of the Apostles), Muhyi (Reviver), Munajji (Deliverer), Mudhakkir (Reminder), Nasir (Victorious), Mansur (Rendered Victorious),

Nabi al-Rahma (Prophet of Mercy), Nabi al-Tawba (Prophet of Repentance), Haris 'Alaykum (Zealous for You), Ma'lum (Known), Shahir (Famous), Shahid (Witness), Shahid (Martyr), Mashhud (Witnessed), Bashir (Messenger), Mubashshir (Proclaimer of Good News), Nadhir (Warner), Mundhir (Cautioner), Nur (Light), Siraj (Lamp), Misbah (Luminary), Huda (Guidance), Muhdi (Guide), Munir (Illuminator), Da'i (Summoner), Mad'uww (Summoned),

Mujib (Answerer), Mujab (Answered), Haafiyy (Wel­comer), 'Afuww (Forgiving), Wali (Friend), Haqq (Truth), Qawiyy (Strong), Amin (Trustworthy), Ma'mun (Reliable), Karim (Generous), Mukarram (Honored), Makin (Strong), Matin (Firm), Mubin (clear), Mu'ammal Wusul (Hoped-for Consummation), Dhu Quwwa (Possessor of Strength), Dhu Hurma (Possessor of Sanctity), Dhu Makana (Possessor of Status), Dhu 'Izz (Possessor of Might), Dhu Rafa (Possessor of Mercy),

Dhu Fadl (Possessor of Merit), Muta' (Obeyed), Mu'ti (Obeying), Qadam Sidq (Foot of Truth), Rahma (Mercy), Bushra (Good News), Ghawth (Aid), Ghayth (Help), Ghiyath (Succor), Ni'mat Allah (Grace of God), Hadiyyat Allah (Gift of God), 'Urwa Wuthqa (Trusty Knot), Sirat Allah (Path of God), Sirat Mustaqim (Straight Path), Dkikr Allah (Mention of God), Sayf Allah (Sword of God), Hizb Allah (Band of God), Al-Najm al-Thaqib (The Brilliant Star), Mustafa (Chosen), Mujtaba (Elect),

Muntaqa (Select), Ummi Mukhtar (The Chosen Illiterate One), Ajir (Hired), Jabbar (Mighty), Mujir (Protector), Abu 'l-Qasim, Abu 'l-Tahir, Abu 'l-'Tayyib, Abu Ibrahim, Mushaffa' (Appointed Intercessor), Shafi' (Intercessor), Salih (Good), Muslih(Reformer), Muhaymin (Guardian), Sadiq (Veracious), Musad-daq (Trustworthy), Sidq (Truth), Sayyid al-Mursalin (Lord of the Apostles), Imam al-Muttaqin (Leader of the Pious), Qa'id al-Ghurr al-Muhajjalin (Leader of the Radiant),

Khalil al-Rahman (Friend of the Merciful), Barr (Pious), Mubarr (Rendered Innocent), Waji (Eminent), Nasih, (Sincere), Nasih, (Sincere Adviser), Nasir, Wakil (Deputy), Mutawakkil (Responsible), Kafil (Sponsor), Shafiq (Solic­itous), Muqim al-Sunna (Establisher of the Bunna), Muqaddas (Sanctified), Ruh, al-Qudus (Spirit of Sanctity), Ruh, al-Haqq (Spirit of Truth), Ruh al-Qist (Spirit of Justice), Kafi (Sufficient), Muktafi (Contented), Baligh (Profound), Muballigh (Messenger), Shafi,(Healer), Wasil (Uniter), Mawsul (United), Sa'biq (Preceder), Sa'iq (Pastor),

Hadi (Guide), Mahdi (Guided), Muqaddam (Placed in Front), Aziz (Mighty), Fadil (Excellent), Mufaddal {Preferred), Fatih (Conqueror), Miftah, al-Rahma (Key of Mercy), Miftah, al-Janna (Key of Paradise), 'Alam al-Imam (Token of Faith), 'Alam al-Yaqin (Token of Certainty), Dalil al-Khairat (Guide to Good Things), Musahhih Al-Hasanat {Certifier of Good Deeds), Muqil al-'Atharat (Remover of Obstacles), Safuh 'ani 'l-Dhallat (Forgiver of Depravities), Shahib al-Shafa'a (Having Power of Intercession), Shahib al-Maqam (Possessor of Rank),

Sahib al-Qidam (Possessed of Infinite Pre-existence), Makhsus bi'l' Izz (Singled Out for Power), Makhsus bi'l-Majd (Singled Out for Glory), Makhsus bi'l-Sharaf (Singled Out for Honor), Sahib al-Wasila (Pos­sessed of Resource), Sahib al-Sayf (Master of the Sword), Sahib al-Faqila {Possessed of Virtue), Sahib al-Izar (Possessed of Support), Shahib al-Qujja {Possessed of the Proof), Shahib al-Sultan (Possessed of Authority), Sahib al-Rida' (Master of the Robe), Shahib al-Daraja al-Rafi'a (Possessed of Exalted Status),

Shahib al-Taj (Possessor of the Crown), Shahib al-Mighfar (Master of the Helmet), Shahib al-Liwa' (Possessor of the Banner), Shahib al-Mi'raj (The One Who Made the Heavenly Journey), Shahib al-Qadib (Master of the Rod), Shahi al­-Buraq (Rider on the Buraq), Shahib al-Khatam (Master of the Seal), Shahib al-'Alama (Master of the Sign), Shahib al-Burhan (Possessor of the Proof), Shahib al-Bayan (Possessed of the Declaration), Fasih al-Lisan (Eloquent of Tongue), Mutahhar al-Janan (Purified of Soul), Ra'uf (Compassionate),

Rahim (Merciful), Udhn Khayr (Ear of Good­ness), Shahih al-Islam (The True One of Islam), Sayyid al-Kawnayn (Lord of the Two Existences), 'Ayn al-Na'im (Source of Felicity), 'Ayn al-'Izz {Source of Might), Sa'd Allah (Felicity of God), Sa'd al-Khalq (Felicity of the Creation), Khatib al-Umam (Preacher to the Nations), 'Alam al-Huda (Token of Guidance), Kashif al-Kurab (Revealer of Anxieties), Rafi' al-Rutab (Raiser of Ranks), 'Izz al-'Arab (Might of the Arabs), Shahib al-Faraj (Master of Joy), Karim al-Makhraj (Noble of Ending).


Note: Such a list is rare in Islamic literature, perhaps of a fear that it would form a collection of names inviting comparison with ninety-nine names of Allah (al-asma al-husna).

(Source: Written by Zayn al-Din Rafi 'Afif al-Din, translated and transliterated by R.Y. Ebied and M.J.L. Young at University of Leed, Wiley Online Library)

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