Parent's House, a Poem by Khalil Gibran

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It's the only house where you can go to dozens of times without an invitation.

The only house where you can put the key in the door and enter directly.

The house that has loving eyes that stare at the door until they see you.

The house which reminds you of your carefree days, stability and your happiness during your childhood.

The house in which your presence and look at your mother’s and father’s faces are for you a bliss and your conversation with them is a reward.

The house that if you do not go, the hearts of its owners will shrink.

The house in which two candles were burnt to light up the world and fill your life with happiness and joy.

The house where the dining table is pure for you and has no hypocrisy.

The house that if the food time arrives and you don't eat, the hearts of its owners will be broken and annoyed.

The house that offers you all the laughs and happiness.

Oh Children, find out the value of these houses before it's too late.

Lucky are those who have their parents' house to go to.

Khalil Gibran


  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Poetry
Views: 17781

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