Islam Proposes Viable Answer to Society's Disintegration

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It goes without debate that family is the foundational building block of any given society; without the healthy family system the society, as we came to know it, is bound to disintegrate and wither away. Stable and sound family structure, naturally, translate into a healthy and balanced community. On the other hand, the social ills and chaos of a society lay at the doorstep of marriage and family deterioration. The strength and cohesiveness of the building block, or lack of it, leaves a distinctive mark, favorable or unfavorable, on the social and culture structure of a populace. There is a deep-rooted correlation between breakdown in the family system and warped society; family acts as a dynamic force in shaping the quintessential character of a community.

If it is an accepted axiom that families constitute the primary building block of human society and that it is the wholesome family system that gives birth and nurture the harmonious and happy society, then it is imperative that the mores and morality that preserve family system must be guarded. If not, then the human society will face social disorder of freighting magnitude. In societies where mores and morality that protects and nurture healthy family systems are demonized and censured, we witness the epidemic of broken homes and broken families resulting in large number of single and divorced mothers, high abortion rate, sexual promiscuity among young teenagers, out of wedlock birth, juvenile delinquency, and other related social ills - the social fabric of these communities coming apart at the seams.

There are many factors that lead to the weakening and eventual complete loss of bedrock moral principles upon which the healthy family structures are erected. Sexual permissiveness and sexual liberalization are among the most notorious contributors to family crisis; it stands out in bold relief. The Western sexual revolution that followed the 1948 report of Alfred Kinsey, father of the modern Western sexual revolution, set the new generation in the West to explore their sexuality in a free, unfettered, and uninhibited way. It gave way to sexual fulfillment with complete lack of any kind of moral and ethical responsibility. And, thus, the sexual indulgence came on par with any other private extravagance and consumer goods. 

Kinsey's studies on sex and a decade later Masters and Johnson's reports were, at best, myopic and shortsighted in nature. In promoting liberal attitudes toward sexual relations, they effectively removed the taboo against the pre-marital sex and sexual relations outside of marriage - regarded any inhibition on sex as undesirable. The authors either ignored or failed to comprehend the devastating consequences of liberal sexual behavior on the stability of the society and its threat to the family system. The new sexual morality that emerged as a preaching of Kinsey and others, undoubtedly, spelled disaster and aggravated social and family problems in the west.

When sex is free of the pledge of commitment between man and woman tied in a bond of sacred wedlock that establishes their mutual rights and responsibilities then, as a consequence, the human society, eventually, suffers from debilitating social maladies - broken homes; high rate of marriage failures; teenage pregnancies; increased promiscuity; sexually transmitted diseases; pornography; epidemic of sexual and rape assault - triumph of bestiality over humanity - a natural and predicted outcome of the free for all sex culture.

Now we come to the hard part, what is the answer to the wide-encompassing problem that a good part of humanity is suffering with today? Where the solution lies that will put human sexuality in its right place and let man and woman enjoy togetherness and satisfy God created sexual desire without endangering the society? What precautionary steps are needed to protect young people from being led astray?

Actually, it is not hard to find the answer to the evil that has completely corrupted some nations and threatening the others.

We are creation of God. And God knows His creation best. He knows the intricacies, weaknesses, and strength of human beings. He knows what is agreeable and what is disagreeable to humans as individuals and as a community. Therefore, divinely revealed laws are the best course for us to follow to ward off harm from our private and communal affairs; they are the best protocol for living a happy, and most importantly, righteous life. Whenever man enacts a law that does not respect and conform to divine laws in its spirit, forms and expressions, not only that it does not protect right order but tends toward chaos and dissolution. 

Jean Rousseau, a French humanist, considers Divine dimension the imperative prerequisite for legislations that regulate human society. He says in his Social Contract, "In order to discover the rules of society that are best suited to nations, there would need to exist a superior intelligence, who could understand the passions of men without feeling any of them, who had no affinity with our nature but knew it to the full, whose happiness was independent of ours, but who would nevertheless make our happiness his concern; it would take gods to give men laws." Sir William Blackstone was an English jurist in the 18th century, he believed that the fear of the Lord was the beginning of wisdom, and thus stated that God was the source of all laws.

In the community of religions in the world, Islam is the only religion that remains safe and true as divinely revealed, both, in word and spirit. It remains the only depository and vault of divine wisdom and divine laws and codes. Islam provides a comprehensive blueprint for society, and creates a social order in which reliable defenses against the corrupting influence are built in. 

We must turn to Islam for guidance and solution to the problem of promiscuity, premarital and adulterous relations that are tearing apart the social and family fabric and spelling disaster in society. The prescription prescribed in Islam, by the virtue of being transcendental and truly absolute in nature, is the only hope and remedy. 

All religions frown upon fornication and adultery, but it is only the religion of Islam that stipulates essential rules and principles to eliminate all sources and causes of temptation between the sexes. Islam takes a proactive and diligent approach and utilizes preventive measures to thwart the problem before it is a day late. As a preventive measure, all paths, central or ancillary, that lead towards illicit sex are blocked. The Holy Quran says: "Do not even approach fornication for it is an outrageous act, and an evil way." (17:32)

Sayyid Maududi in his exegesis of Quran explains the edict, "Do not even approach fornication", in these words: "This commandment is meant both for individuals and society as a whole. It warns each individual not only to guard against adultery or fornication itself but against all those things that lead to or stimulate it. As regards society as a whole the commandment enjoins it to make such arrangements as prevent adultery and eradicate the means and stimulants that lead to adultery. Therefore, the society should employ all those legal and educative means that help develop such an environment as prevents and eradicates indecency."

Maududi further elaborates the verse, "Finally, this article formed the basis of laws and regulations of the Islamic system of life. In order to fulfill its implications adultery and false accusation of adultery were made criminal offenses: regulations about 'Purdah' were promulgated: the publication of indecent things was banned and drinking of intoxicants was made unlawful: restrictions on music, dancing and pictures which are conducive to adultery were imposed. Then such laws were enacted as made marriage easy, and cut at the root of adultery."

There are other verses in the Quran on the same subject and there are many authentic hadith of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam that supplement the theme. For example, in one hadith the Holy Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam mentioned, "The zina of the eyes is in lustful glances and zina of the ears is by listening (to evil) and zina of the tongue speaking (about evil) and zina of the hands is in touching (forbidden) and zina of feet is in walking (towards evil) and the heart desires and hopes (in evil) and thereafter the private parts accepts that (acts upon it) or rejects it." 

Bible attributes a similar saying to Jesus (PBUH), in Gospel of Matthew we read: "You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart." However, it is a mere abstract and scholastic teaching of moral propriety without providing the adherents with means requisite to protect the society from the ever-present danger of human weaknesses.

In contrast to Christianity, Islam not only enjoins the ideal to protect the integrity of family, but at the same time it also chalks out means and strategy to curb the potential undesirables that may lead to the violation of the ideal. Islam does not leave the believers unguided on crucial aspects that with small disruption could bring monstrous consequences on the stability of the entire society.

The sexual urge is a natural urge and desire of humans. Islam being a religion of fitrah recognizes the innate and natural desire and disposition of humans. However, human desires and urges cannot be allowed to run wild without any control. Without some form of control and limit, the desires and urges could prove very detrimental to society, as we are seeing in the modern western societies. Islam, through teaching and training, raises a society's ability to restrict and regulate indecent things that are susceptible to temptation and conducive to illicit behavior.

It is only Islam that presents a practical and viable solution to the ills of the modern day society. Only Islam offers the ray of hope and process that can once again reinforce the family that was central to the nurture and development of healthy community and save the society from disintegration and decline.


 Abdul-Majid Jaffry is a retired aerospace engineer and a freelance columnist. He resides in Washington, USA.

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Mr./Mrs. Erian, We, Muslims are 'Muslims', not 'Moslems' as you repeatedly wrote. Saudi Arabia has sent tons of loads of Dates and other essentials to Flood hit Pakistan, reported unbiased TV channels and newspapers. Turkey, is another Muslim country actively engaged in helping Flood Hit Pakistan. Many other Muslim countries are also helping flood hit Pakistan. Ignoring The Truth will not change The Truth.

It is quite easy to know how much aid has been sent by which country - forwarding firms have records. And I do remember that some years ago, SA king sent only a few dates to Pakistan when there was an another disaster... and one cannot say that they are pooor country.
I think moslems should decide - if they will take help from non-muslims, they should be grateful for it - because that is natural. But, taking into acount that they have artificial islamic super ego, they want to take and not to be grateful. But, if they will wait for help from moslem Arab countries, the aid will never arrive - wealthy Arabs wants to buy cheap agricultural land, so why to care about owners? if owners would die from hunger... better for them. so they can solve their unemployment problem by settling them on abandoned land (in Pakistan or somewhere else. Yemen is running out of water - Yemenis would soon need new land to settle.... so because of that those camel jockeys are so comfortable... as for aid and camera - we are well aware that Palestinians are highly skilled and talented actors in war and hunger scenes - Hamas is quite apt in script making.. therefore Pallywood film focument industry is thriving..

all true, but it doesn't mean that those who need it most will adopt it.

and Seeker, it is because non-muslim aid agencies make sure they give aid in front of a news camera. oftentimes as a priority even over the actual giving of the aid itself. our charities are often the first responders to disasters, especially in the local region, and in UN responders build on our initial presence, plus are often among the last to leave, but we are rarely cited in international news. by contrast a neighbour of ours, a non-muslim country, often gets a mention, despite a lower level of involvement and aid. because they will unload aid while there is a news camera around. and then leave when there is no further news coverage.

Aid officials have also noted the absence of substantial commitments from the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, which responded generously to past emergencies in Pakistan, most recently when millions fled their homes to escape a government offensive in the Swat valley last year. In the Kashmir earthquake, the Gulf states gave $200m in five to six days.

"A declaration of a national emergency would help," said Mohammed Quasilbash, country director of Save the Children, "and we're hoping that it will happen ... we are providing water purification tablets and jerry cans but we just don't have enough money to buy on the scale we need."

An Oxfam aid worker back from Swat in the hard-hit north-west said aid was beginning to get out, "but we need to do much more. It is a massive emergency and it needs a huge effort".

British donors have so far given £10.5m to help flood victims, according to the Disasters Emergency Committee, which said the money had helped provide more than 500,000 survivors with emergency care, clean water, food or shelter....

so, Gulf and SA people needs money for more important things - iftar banquets are great opportunity to get another wife, or to buy a winner of the camel beauty contest, or new racing car, or to participate at camel races.

so much for fellow muslims rushing to help of other moslems. moreover, Pakistanis are not Arabs, indeed. but they are welcome as camel jockeys, domestic slaves etc...

Bible attributes a similar saying to Jesus (PBUH), in Gospel of Matthew we read: You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart." However, it is a mere abstract and scholastic teaching of moral propriety without providing the adherents with means requisite to protect the society from the ever-present danger of human weaknesses.

In contrast to Christianity, Islam not only enjoins the ideal to protect the integrity of family, but at the same time it also chalks out means and strategy to curb the potential undesirables that may lead to the violation of the ideal. Islam does not leave the believers unguided on crucial aspects that with small disruption could bring monstrous consequences on the stability of the entire society."

and what is the solution? STONING. really viable solution for modern age.
Look on SA, look on Iran... plus the obsolete and biased institution of four witnesses instead of DNA (yes, DNA is not accepted as the proof on a shariat court)
so, if all solutions offered by islam are so weak, no wonder that nnobody opts for them.

It seems Mr.Seeker is ignorant of simple facts.Many Muslim countries are in the forefront of helping flood victims of Pakistan. I dont want to name any. Muslims of Europe and US are also with helping hands.Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi sallam said: "Upper hand is better than Lower Hand". ie Giving hand is better than receiving hand. Anybody having basic knowledge of Islam know that Islam encourages charity. Muslims are obliged to help any creations of The God Almighty, hoping reward only from The God, not from the one-sided propaganda machinery of men.

I am not sure where you are getting news, granted you are getting any at all, but do make some efforts to find out.

How come Muslims are not helping in Pakistan at all? All help is coming from Hindus, christians and jews?

What does Koran, hadith, Sira say about the helping fellow muslims?

Thank you Mr. Abdul Majid Jaffry for writing this extremely beautiful article. May Allah Reward You.Aameen.

May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'la bless the writer for the excellent article. The saddest thing is that even the traditional Muslim societies in the Muslim lands are moving ever closer to the Western blunders and vices.