Why Emir-Stein?

The Emir-Stein Center is an initiative committed to the promotion of empathy and understanding through cultural and religious literacy. Ignorance breeds hate, and hate breeds violence. Our objective is to dispel ignorance through educational productions and publications that rekindle the spirit of our shared humanity. It is our sincere hope that this endeavor will strengthen the bonds of the Abrahamic family of faiths in our mutual pursuit of peace and the common good.

Mission Our mission has three core objectives:

1. Refute extremism (in all its forms).

2. Confute the misinformation on Islam and Muslims.

3. Dispel ignorance through education.


Anti-Muslim sentiment has risen to an all-time high. In America and across the world, Muslims are demonized, discriminated against, and even killed because the media often magnifies the criminal acts of a tiny minority of Muslims. 

If pro-active steps are not taken to address the crisis in an informed, enlightened, and positive approach, the horrors of the past may well revisit us.

Enter the Emir-Stein Center. The name of the Center itself sends a message of urgency and hope. “Emir” draws from the great scholar and noble Algerian warrior Emir Abdelkader Al- Jazairy, who saved thousands of Christians in Syria from mob violence during the Druze riots of 1860. “Stein” comes from the brilliant German philosopher Edith Stein, who foresaw how dangerous the Nazis would become, warning the Pope about the consequences of not denouncing such bigotry at the outset. The powers that be didn’t act quickly enough, and she paid the ultimate price: she was killed in Auschwitz in 1942.

The Emir-Stein Center’s mission is to refute extremism (in all its forms), confute the misinformation on Islam and Muslims, and dispel ignorance through education. The Center also aims to build broad-based coalitions of clergy, intellectuals, academics, and other influencers who recognize the seriousness of this crisis and the importance of addressing it effectively and immediately.

The ultimate goal of the Center is to promote empathy and understanding through religious and cultural literacy. 

To that end, the Emir-Stein Center is producing short yet informative videos that not only counter common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims but also rekindle the spirit of our shared humanity. These videos are available on our YouTube channel, where they have been viewed by millions of people.

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