Muslim man defends Jews on NY Subway

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Hassan Askari (right.) came to their rescue of some Jews on a NY subway and got a black eye in the process.

NEW YORK: A Muslim man jumped to the aid of three Jewish subway riders after they were attacked by a group of young people who objected to one of the Jews saying "Happy Hanukkah," a spokeswoman for the three said Wednesday.

The New York Police Department's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating Friday's incident on the Q train.

Friday's altercation on the Q train began when somebody yelled out "Merry Christmas," to which rider Walter Adler responded, "Happy Hanukkah," said Toba Hellerstein.

"Almost immediately, you see the look in this guy's face like I've called his mother something," Adler told CNN affiliate WABC.

Two women who were with a group of 10 rowdy people then began to verbally assault Adler's companions with anti-Semitic language, Hellerstein said.

One member of the group allegedly yelled, "Oh, Hanukkah. That's the day that the Jews killed Jesus," she said.

When Adler tried to intercede, a male member of the group punched him, she said.

Another passenger, Hassan Askari -- a Muslim student from Bangladesh -- came to Adler's aid, and the group began physically and verbally assaulting him, Hellerstein said.

"A Muslim-American saved us when our own people were on the train and didn't do anything," Adler said. Watch Adler describe the altercation

Adler pulled the emergency brake and the train stopped at DeKalb Avenue station, where police came on board.

The 10 suspects, ages 19 to 20, were taken into custody, said Brooklyn district attorney spokesman Sandy Silverstein.

Askari was first handcuffed alongside them, but he was released when Adler told police he was not an attacker, Hellerstein said.

Alder was treated at Long Island College Hospital for injuries that included a fractured nose and a cut lip that required several stitches, while Askari suffered a black eye, Hellerstein said.

The suspects are to appear in Brooklyn District Court on February 7 on charges that include assault, attempted assault, menacing, harassment, unlawful assembly, riot and disorderly conduct, Silverstein said.

The New York Police Department's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident, and will determine whether the suspects will be charged with hate crimes, Officer Philip Hauser told CNN.

Source: CNN

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Jews
Views: 2988

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Older Comments:
I can't help but notice on perculiar trait of Romesh, if cornered or once he can't reply to the other readers post, then he would quickly labelled others as non intellect.

Well, I certainly do not know his level of intellect. Too elementary I suppose.

Congratulations IslamiCity!!! Your title of the news was absolutely right, contrary to what Romesh Chander said in his article of December 15. You will be pleased to know that the Jewish Community of New York has honored Hasan Askari at a ceremony recently. Also, Mayor Bloomberg has given him a special reward and called him 'The Little Hero of New York'. Didn't Romesh Chander suggest that only he understood New York's culture! Are all the Jews of New York stupid and don't understand how people in New York think? It is now well established that Hasan Askari helped the girls very well knowing they were Jews and Jewish people of New York have acknowledged that.

And to Romesh, if you want to know why all comments are level upon you, it's time for self reflection. Your own.

Your earlier post, what other readers perceived you, are correct, your comments are provocative. You refuse to see any good in whatever Muslims do, and quick to condemn them.

I find your para phrase interesting "...Don't expect love from anybody, nobody has to love anybody ( expect their loved ones )...."

This remark from yours, perhaps it shows the inner lost in you, maybe nobody love you after all. So, maybe that's why all these unloving comments stemmed from you.

Sorry Dear Romesh.


There is nothing wrong in helping a Jew, if it is in the path of righteouness. Doing justice to a man when he is in trouble, is an act of righteousness. Humanity in Islam, knows no boundary. Unlike the right supremacist, or the good racist soldier in the U.S., Islamic traditions has always been about humanity, it expounds the relationship between man and his Creator, man between mankind as a whole and man and the environment that he is living in.

Let us not forget one hadith of the Prophet ( s.a.w ) whereby one Muslim stole a coat a Jew, and when it was put on trial, then the verdict was that since evidence was overwhelming on the guilt of that Muslim, then judgment was given in favour of the Jew. That fairness was shown even when at that time, there was war between Muslim and Jews.

Islam recognises that justice is part of righteousness, and I see no wrong in helping a non Muslim in distress.


KAM FROM *** said:
An advise to the "New Convert "!

Reading Iviews is not going to help you relieve you of frustration and depression. A psychologist or a psychiatrist or similar health professionals can help you.

Addiction to religion is not the answer to all life's problems.


All the comments of this forum dealt with one thing -- me. Vow, no comments from any of the contributors regarding the actual story. This simply shows the intellectual level of the contributors of this forum -- they cannot think independently at all. May be all of them went to Madrassahs or like a schools like a Madrassah.

Sorry for being blunt and probably rude; somebody has to say it and wake up the muslim community, if they want to wake up at all. Though, my preference will be that they go into a long and deep slumber.

As usual, people have no idea about the American society, especially in New York, and especially in a highly IMPERSONAL environment like subway and at late hours.

When a stranger said to another stranger "Happy Christmas", and the reply came back "Happy Hannukah", it means that they don't care about any of these greetings and want to be left alone. In US, these greetings to strangers are quite insincere. I use them all the time to make fun of the people and their beliefs and customs.

And anybody could read the English, my post said that the headline was misleading and the rest of the post was dealing with the headline.

Why don't muslims develop some thick skin and take criticism like a man; don't expect love from anybody because nobody has to love anybody (except their own beloved ones). US is a very selfish society (and that is why it is highly capitalistic and materialistic).

Although I agree with everyone's assessment of Romesh's
comments, I think we should really be focused on the humanity of
Askari's actions, rather than the ignorance of one blogger's posts.
Clearly, he wants attention. He merits none. In a world so divided
by religion, it is heartening that Askari was guided by his inner
voice to act instinctively and courageously. It only strenghtens my
faith that light always overcomes darkness.

I am sorry but Islamicity has to take notice of whoever Mr or Ms Romesh Chander is by now. I have been reading this individual comment from long time. This person is by now mean post comments on Islamicity for learning or education but rather to inflict hate or emotional response from others. He/she is an agitator who only posts comments to cause trouble and emotional responses from others.
We have many millions of people on this earth who can see glass always half empty we definitely don't need another one on this web site. I am sure this individual might have agenda to be on this web site that regularly. I am sure Islamicity can understand the concern that is raised here. We will greatly appreciate any actions to prevent people from spreading hate through means of simple questions.

Ramesh Chander must be a pathlogically deranged to criticize anything good that is done by a muslim. When someone says 'Happy Hanukka', everyone immediately knows which faith the person belongs to. Ramesh's arguement that Hassan Askari didn't know the victim of the attack is a Jew is simply ridiculous. I think it's time we started ignoring comments from this Ramesh charecter

THis comment is to Romesh. The article stated that when the young man said "Happy Hanukkah" that is when the others stated to harrass him. So yes, he did know he was a jew. Allah tells us to stand up for what is right and to change the bad with our mouth, hands and our heart. He did a good thing. Give Allah the Glory!

Romesh, I think you need to read the article before you post your comment. The article clearly mentions the conversation between the two groups that preceeded the assault. Even an elementary school student would know that the man being rescued was a jew, leave alone a college student.

Your headline is misleading. Did he know that he was defending Jews or just other human beings who happen to be in trouble (they might just have been christians or even athiests or even other muslims not wearing scarfs or hijabs or veils); after all, those 10 thugs could not tell the religion of the subway riders they were harassing; folks, this is New York.