Muslim conspiracy

Muslim conspiracy to rule world just nonsense

We had Wahhabism. We had the madrassas. We had the houris of Heaven. Now we have the caliphate. 

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld et al have been raising the spectre of a worldwide Islamic rule by a caliph, as envisaged by Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab Zarqawi and other terrorists.

The chances of a caliphate coming are zero. But raising its spectre helps keep Americans scared. Never mind that, just as the reasons given for the Iraq war proved false, the explanations offered for terrorism have not met the test of time either.

When 15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 turned out to have been Saudis, Washington and its apologists blamed Wahhabism, the essentialist Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. The problem with that theory was that the Saudi ruling family, the guardians of Wahhabism, was and remains the staunchest ally of the U.S. and guarantor of its energy needs.

We were also told that terrorists were hatched primarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in religious schools. But we know now that most of those who bombed Bali, Jakarta, Istanbul, Amman, etc. were not graduates of those schools. Nor were those responsible for the train bombings in Madrid and London. They were Muslims born or raised in Europe.

So were the two Britons who went to Israel in 2003 to be suicide bombers. So was the man who murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004. So have been some of those turning up in Iraq to join the insurgency. 

The third theory was that suicide bombers were inspired by Islam's promise of a Paradise full of virgins. That may have motivated the religiously inclined but not others, certainly not women bombers, who had no such sexual favors to look forward to in Heaven. 

Now comes the caliphate - from the Arabic word, khil'afah, rule by a khaleefah, successor to the Prophet Muhammad, who died in 632 A.D. 

A caliphate is an ideal Islamic polity governed by God's law. But a debate has raged for 1,400 years over whether it's a religious requirement or just a tool to regulate social order and public welfare. Is it local or worldwide? There's no consensus.

The first caliphate lasted until 661 A.D. Others followed, the last one being the Ottoman Empire that ended in 1924.

Since then, debate has turned to how best to combine religion and state. There's no agreement. States labeling themselves Islamic have offered varying models - Afghanistan of the Taliban, Iran of the mullahs, the semi-dictatorships of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and the moderate Malaysia. Iraq now calls itself an Islamic democracy, la Israel's Jewish democracy.

The dream of a caliphate is confined to the marginalized: a rallying cry by the bin Laden-Zarqawi crowd, and, among others, by a Central Asian group battling the dictatorships there.

Uzbek President Islam Karimov invokes the caliphate to justify his brutality. Who would have thought he would be echoed by Washington?

Gen. John Abizaid, U.S. commander in the Middle East, says Islamists "will try to re-establish a caliphate throughout the entire Muslim world." Rumsfeld magnifies the danger, saying "Iraq would serve as the base of a new Islamic caliphate to extend throughout the Middle East and which would threaten legitimate governments in Europe, Africa and Asia."

George W. Bush talks about "a totalitarian Islamic empire that reaches from Indonesia to Spain."

Exaggerating the power of the enemy is a standard war tactic (used against Saddam Hussein by both George H.W. Bush in the 1991 Gulf War and by George W. Bush in 2003). But this caliphate business takes the cake. One can laugh it off but for its possible long-term consequences.

One of the biggest mistakes of the war on terrorism was the misreading of bin Laden's initial popularity among Muslims. 

He always had two constituencies; the few who joined his terrorist campaigns and the many who identified only with his articulation of Muslim grievances, albeit in religious terms. 

America analyzed his theology and ignored his political message, while Muslim masses tuned out his religious claptrap but identified with his political message. He has since lost even that lure but America remains hobbled by its fixation with his religious pronouncements.

In being so, the Bush administration makes him and other terrorists sound more important than they are, thereby playing into their hands. 

They no doubt love their own caliphate talk getting such worldwide amplification from Washington.

Haroon Siddiqui is the Toronto Star's editorial page editor emeritus. [email protected]

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Older Comments:
Bruce, like always, you have a point. Unfortunately, you stubbornly maintain a preconceived state of mind from which you wouldn't dodge, even though the truth would be screaming in your face. USA is fighting against Islam, my friend, this administration voiced it. I don't remember the precise words but something like:"we are fighting the militant Islamists or Islamis." You see Bruce, if USA wouldn't have planted Israel in the heart of the Muslim World and try to control the Arabs from their and now even invading a sovereign country, Iraq, you wouldn't have Islamis and Jihadis after all. 9/11 is still a mystery to be solved, since no unexperienced pilot could have pulled that stunt. If you ever flied a plane you would know. For the sake of a friendly conversation let's suppose that 9 Arabs did the 9/11. Still is because American politics in the ME and especially because of the support of an apartheit state like Israel that is a sumbling block to the reagion's prosperity and individual development. No country is allowed to trade, unless it has the seal of the beast, just to paraphrase the Bible. Therefore, it's safe to say that USA is fighting all progressive Islamic forces that would promote the thought of an independent ME and Islamic World in which the country of Israel would have well determined borders and would play a minor role in the region and would not pose a threat to its neighbours. But the USA perceives Israel as a model America for the ME.Obviously, nobody would follow Israel's religion or form of governance.How would you know what would be worse for Muslims?Isn't it bad as it is? It cannot be badder(sic,worse). It is like saying that the worse thing to happen to the 13 colonies is to unite under one democracy! 13 colonies had 13 views.A Caliphate would be beyond a democracy's abilities to deal with Islamic issues, for obvious reasons.Besides, I can't reiterate it enough, the religious aspect, even Islamism, is the by product of a political fiasco.

I hope that I see a Caliphate in my time and have the privilage of living under real Islamic rule. That is the answer to real world peace and those who are against it are the culprits behind all the chaos and violance in the world today. The American government which claims to want to save the world from tyranny is ironocally the most tyrannical regime today, responsible for terrorism victimizing millions of innocent people all over the world. Bush has become like the puppet kings of Saudi Arabia who only want power and run corrupt regimes. There has been so much corruption in the U.S governemnt ever since he took office. Examples include the newest problem in Congress involving a lobbyist named Abramoff who confessed to bribing members of Congress and giving them awards for complying with his demands. And what about the appointment of a horse trainer as the FEMA director just because he happens to be a friend of Bush. Disaster uncovered that major plaw in politics. Sounds like something from corrupt Arab countries. Why does the U.S. and the enemies of Allah and adherents of Satan, the liars cheaters, manipulators, have the right to rule the world and the friends of Allah, the haters of Satan, the good, rightous, honest, dignified, believers, Muslims of the world who want to be leaders of their own state, not have that right?What kind of world was there when Muslims ruled? and what kind of world was there when the Caliphate was gone? It was a brutal world with two world wars and more wars to come from America where the true definition of terrorism was fulfilled. Terrorism: : the unlawful use or threat of violence esp. against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion.( America did just that act of terrorism numerous times in places like Vietnam where thousands of its own people were killed for a cause that was pointless because they lost in the end. How dare a terrorist nation say that a peaceful Caliphate not be

From the sounds of the comments, maybe Cheney knows as much as Mr. Siddiqui about how the varied Muslim populations feel. Saying, as I have seen many times on this website, that the United States is fighting against Islam is just as ludicrous as saying all Muslims are working toward a worldwide caliphate. First, the US doesn't care what religion the people of the Middle East espouse as long as they aren't threatening us. Second, the worst thing the Muslim world could do would be to try to unite under one caliphate. I doubt that they would be any better at agreeing on which flavor of Islam to dictate than the Christians of 16th-18th century Europe were. If everyone in the world would work as hard at following whatever religion they hold as true and less time trying to tell someone else what to believe this world would be a better place.

The questions to ask: Do Muslim troops roam Western cities or American/Western troops roam Muslim cities? How many military bases Muslim countries have in other countries and how many American military bases there are in other countries? Note this predates 911. It does not require brains to work that one out.

The Arab world is paying the Piper for their tribalism and racism.They are Arabs first and muslims second and they have been practicing this for centuries.That's why it's so easy for foreign powers to dominate them so easily.

long-term consequences on earth(Think Bush):

King WBush&corp adding Irak to his Fasad kingdom

Bush Imams would change diapers for the new idols

Bush Murtazaqa will have hawaii cafes

Bush sheeps will be more but handicapes

Boy , we love waiTing.

cilaphat has always been an obligation throughout islamic history. It's ordained by Allah and His prophet peace be upon him. He who does't know this fact has to doubt that he's a muslim. The article is by no means reflecting the authenticity of an honest writer.


The author makes a number of good points in regards to the U.S.'s reasons for perpetuating neo-colonialism and its empire on Muslims but fails to realize 2 things:

1. Islam's ideological component which places Allah (swt) and not corrupt 'congressmen', MPs, dictators, kings, and presidents to rule over men.
That is Human will is subjugated to divine will and the job of a caliph, emir, or Imam is simply to IMPLEMENT it. Contrast that with the U.S. where Bush is proclaiming under the unitary executive theory that the executive branch is "above the law" during wartime for his reasons for illegally spying on Americans, imprisoning people in Guantanimo, or torturing them in CIA dungeons.

2. this comment here:

>The dream of a caliphate is confined to the >marginalized: a rallying cry by the bin >Laden-Zarqawi crowd, and, among others, by a >Central Asian group battling the dictatorships >there.

is blatantly false and shows a poor understanding of islam or Islamic texts. For whatever the injustices and crimes of jihadis and BinLadenists, the issue of khilafah is *above them* and seperate from them. Muslims the world over understand this Some evidence is here:

as well as by numerous Islamic evidences of which here are just two:

a. "Those who rule by other than what Allah has revealed are kaffirs" Surah Maida v. 44
(repeated in next two verses for emphasis)

b. "One who dies without having bound himself by an oath of allegiance (to an Amir) will die the death of one belonging to the days of Jahiliyyah (before Islam)." (Muslim)

It is just amazing that how George Bush & company invents conspiracy theories one after another. As a matter of fact, GW Bush is not done yet ... he will continue to cause more bloodshed and expand his attrocities in Syria, Iran, Palestine. One by one he will attempt to destroy the muslim countries. That is why they will need to come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories to justify their genocides.

There is a simple solution to the problems of the muslim ummah. The solution lies in Prophet's(sal-lal-lahu alayhee wa sal-lam) final sermon. Until & unless we believe & follow it from the very depth of our heart, we as an ummah will continue to suffer.