As America procalims allegiance to Israel.

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The Damascus Declaration Arab States called for a peace deal based on a total Israeli withdrawal from Syria's Golan Heights.

They also condemned Jewish settlement on Palestinian land.

While they were preparing their final communiqu, Israel was in the process of confiscating more land and expanding its settlement. Plans to change the topography of occupied Jerusalem have already shifted away from the drawing board to the implementing stage.

However, what never fails to amaze me is the Arabs call to Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Arabs should not be naive. Their urges, protests, denouncements and condemnations have failed to move Israel which treats all these "requests" with disdain.

Israel knows that it has a powerful ally in the United States which will leave no stone unturned to see that the Israeli hegemony holds sway over the Middle East. It is in this context and that of its grand designs that the United States and Israel have pushed Arab states into submitting to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty signing.

The United States, using the carrot and stick policy, pushed Egypt into rolling back its nuclear program.

It is quick to raise the specter of a nuclear holocaust (excuse me for using this word!!) in the Middle East. It has now raised the bogey of the Iranian bomb. The Pressler Amendment concerning Pakistan too is an indication that the United States wants only Israel to have the bomb. The United States also is enforcing embargoes of all kinds to push forward its political diktat.

Clinton is now getting ready for another go at the White House. So are his adversaries. All of them are now going to outdo each other in proclaiming their allegiance to the Zionist entity. You will see them wearing their younulkas and praising the heroic struggle of the Israelis. What we see here are pictures of young Arab children being kicked and rifle butted by crazed Zionist soldiers. The so-called liberal American press has blocked out such images. A journalist working in a well known American newspaper (which is now trying to have a supplement on the National Day of an Arab country) told me that the orders they get are to make the Arabs look bad. But how bad can we made to look since we have reached the saturation point.

We all want peace. No Arab woman in the occupied land would want her little ones to be killed by the Israelis using their freely supplied M-1 Assault rifles. Neither would Arab families want their houses to be demolished by U.S. made bulldozers.

They want peace with honor.

If they don't get it then they will extract it with the blood of their occupiers. Time is on their side.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy, Occupation, United States Of America
Views: 1342

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