Labor Day ! How about Employer`s Day ?

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It is not uncommon to meet workers, Muslims and non-Muslims criticizing their employers for not providing them, adequate health insurance, attractive retirement plans, or overworking them. It is equally not uncommon to notice that when a paycheck is occasionally delayed, many Muslims do not hesitate to come hard on employers by quoting Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) order to compensate a laborer so speedily before sweat even dries off our body. Indeed, nobody should argue against this humane and Prophetic tradition that protects the rights of the laborers and reduces the potential of abuse and exploitation.

But Islam is not a one-sided way of life, caring for the poor and neglecting the wealthy. When a person has a right, Islam gives it to him/her, irrelevant of the person's social, financial, or even religious status. 

That's why the divine teachings could not be but balanced and comprehensive. It is not about revenging and revolting against those who "have", but it is about being fair and just towards every member of the society.

As much as Muslim labor should be aware of their right for speedy compensation and kind treatment, they must be aware of their duties towards their workplace. For that, regardless what company they work for or who the owner is, they are not allowed to abuse it, nor waste work time, nor find creative excuses to be absent, nor use-up resources for unrelated purposes (taking stationary home, making free copies, walk-in late, walk-out early, stealing ideas) without taking permission from the employer.

In fact, not only is this understanding a duty on each employee, but also it is every Muslim's responsibility to remind his/her brother and sister that neglecting the ethical guidelines of a workplace shall be accounted for in the Hereafter. There is in fact, ample evidence supporting this argument whereby we are obligated to perfect any work we perform, to respect our employers who are just with us, to strive for quality performance, and to ultimately realize that while cheating our employer is always a possibility, cheating Allah, the Knower of our intentions and actions, is simply impossible. That's why, it was the honest and sincere behavior of prophets and companions that qualified them to be entrusted with the highest public and private positions of their times.

May Allah make us honest employees and just employers and may Allah make our sustenance Halal.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Business
Views: 1494

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