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No religion, political movement or social institution emphasizes more on taking care of one's own community than Islam. Activism, as opposed to pacifism and reactionism, is a duty and not an option for all able Muslims.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) states: Everyone of you is a " Guardian and everyone is responsible for his/her) subjects". 

Almost all political, social and religious groups meet weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually in conventions to promote their agendas. As an obligation to the Creator, Islam teaches Muslims to meet five times every day for prayers. And, as an obligation to the society, Muslims are asked to visit the ill, be mindful of the neighbors, gather in large numbers on Eid(s), be generous and share resources with needy, and perform pilgrimage when feasible. This balanced relationship with Allah and the society makes Islamic gatherings unique.

Islam does not separate religion from the state, but rather dynamically integrates them with due balance. This balanced integration enables a Muslim to transform their entire life as an act of worship. Islam condemns isolation from the society for all purposes including worshiping and communicating with God. This concept is based on the Divine concept of Laysa al-Birra An Tuwajjihu... (2:177)

Small gatherings and large conventions take place every day. Muslims do take part in some of them from the largest convention (Hajj) to the smallest meeting of prayers with family at home. Such gatherings would become mere rituals if appropriate concern for the society is not debated actively.

Muslims of North America will gather in tens of thousands in two separate conventions in the city of Chicago. One organized under the auspices of Imam Warith Deen representing the largest group of indigenous Muslims and another organized by ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). It is imperative that such large gatherings must be mindful of their institutional relationship with Allah and their societal obligations.

Muslim societies all over the world are challenged in many different ways. Some are loosing their lives for simply trying to feed themselves honorably or fighting starvation while others are intellectually perished after being fed well.
Let us pray that Muslim conventions in North America be blessed to recognize the sufferings of both, the starved and over fed and be guided by Allah (swt) to allocate their resources appropriately. May their efforts be strengthened by all Muslims in every which way possible, InshaAllah. May all the participants be blessed to remember and pray during the convention for every Muslim who has suffered or suffering in any which way. For that they all shall be rewarded, InshaAllah.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Islam
Views: 1152

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