The legacy of Abraham

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The birth of a Great Prophet 

Abraham was born in a house of idolaters, in the kingdom of Babylon. His father Aazar was a well known idol sculptor that his people worshipped. As a young child, Abraham used to watch his father sculpting these idols from stones or wood. When his father was done with them, Abraham would use them as toys, riding on their backs, and kicking them at times. Then after a while, he would see these same statues in the temple, and people prostrating in front of them! Abraham asked his father: "Why do you take these toys to the temple?" His father said: "They are statues that represent our gods. We worship them, we ask favors from them, and we offer them presents." Abraham could never accept this this idea, and he felt a repulsion towards the idols.

In search for the Truth 

Time went by, and Abraham became a young man. He used to watch the people entering the temple, lowering their heads, silently offering the statues the best of their food, crying and asking forgiveness from them. He could not comprehend why the people were worshipping the statues that could neither benefit nor harm them. They could not be gods, they have no power. God is Greater than what his people were worshipping, Most Powerful, Most Magnificent. One could not find Him sitting on a table in a temple! 

One night, Abraham went up to the mountain, leaned against a rock, and looked up to the sky. He saw a shining star, and said: "Could this be my Lord?" But when it set he said: "I don't like those that set." The star has disappeared, it could not be God. God is always present. Then he saw the moon rising in splendor and said: "Could this be my Lord?" But it also set. At daybreak, he saw the sun rising and said: "Could this be my Lord, this is bigger?" But when the sun set he said: "O my people I am free from all that you join as partners with God! I have turned my face towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I give partners to God." Our Lord is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and everything. He has the power to make the stars rise and set. Abraham then heard God calling him: "O Abraham!" Abraham said trembling: "Here I am O my Lord!" "Submit to Me! Be a Muslim!" Abraham fell on the ground, prostrating and crying, he said: "I submit to the Lord of the universe!" Abraham kept prostrating until night came again. He got up and went back to his home, in t peace, full of conviction that God has guided him to the Truth. 

Abraham invites his father to Islam

A new life started for Abraham. His mission now was to call his people to the Truth. He would start with his father who was the closest person to him, and whom he loved so much. He said to him in the softest and kindest voice: "O father! Why do you worship that which doesn't hear, doesn't see, and cannot avail you in anything? O father, I have got knowledge which you have not, so follow me. I will guide you to a straight path." His father replied angrily: "Do you reject my gods, O Abraham? If you don't stop I will stone you. Get away from me before I punish you." Abraham said: "Peace be on you! I will ask forgiveness of my Lord for you." 

Abraham confronts his people and rejects their idols 

He left his father after he lost hope to convince him of the right path, and directed his efforts towards the people of the town, but they rejected his call and threatened him. By God, he said, I shall plot a plan to destroy their idols. He knew that a big celebration was coming soon, where everybody would leave town for a big feast on the riverbank. After making sure that nobody was left in town, Abraham went towards the temple armed with an ax. Statues of all shapes and sizes were sitting there adorned with decorations. Plates of food were offered to them, but the food was untouched. "Well, why don't you eat? The food is getting cold." He said to the statues, joking; then with his ax he destroyed all the statues except one, the biggest of them. He hung the ax around its neck and left. 

How big was the shock when the people entered the temple! They gathered inside watching in awe their gods broken in pieces. They wondered who might have done this? Then they all remembered that the young Abraham was talking evil of their idols. They brought him to the temple and asked him: "Are you the one who has done this to our gods?" Abraham said: "No, this statue, the biggest of them has done it. Ask them if they can speak." "You know well that these idols don't speak!" They said impatiently. "Then how come you worship things that can neither speak nor see, nor even fend for themselves? Have you lost your minds?" 

They kept silent for a while, for he got a point there. Their minds and their senses were telling them that the Truth is with Abraham, but their pride prevented them to accept it, and reject the idols they were worshipping for generations. This they thought would be total defeat. They started yelling at him and shouting: "Burn him! Burn him! Take revenge for your gods !" 

The Miracle: God saves Abraham from the fire. 

The decision to burn Abraham to death was affirmed by the priests and the king of Babylon, Nimrod. The news spread like a fire in the kingdom, and people were coming from all places to watch the execution. A huge pit was dug up and a large quantity of wood was piled up. Then the biggest fire people ever witnessed was lit. The fire flames were so high up in the sky that the birds could not fly over it for fear of being burned ! Abraham's hands and feet were chained, and he was put in a catapult to throw him into the fire. At that time, Angel Jibreel came to him and said: "O Abraham! Is there anything you wish for?" Abraham could have asked to be saved from the fire, to be taken away, but no, he said: "I only wish that God be pleased with me." The catapult was released, and Abraham was thrown in the heart of the fire. But God would not allow His Prophet to be killed, He ordered the fire: "O fire! Be coolness and safety for Abraham!" And the miracle happened. The fire obeyed and burned only his chains. Abraham came out from it as if he was coming out from a garden, peaceful, his face illuminated, and not a trace of smoke on his clothes. People watched in shock and said: "Amazing ! Abraham' s God has saved him from the fire!" 

Abraham debates the Babylonian king, Nimrod

Abraham's notoriety grew bigger after this event and the king of Babylon felt that his throne was in danger, and that he was loosing power, because he was pretending that he was a god. He sent for Abraham. He wanted to debate with him and show his people that he, the king is indeed the god, and Abraham was a liar. He asked Abraham: What can your god do that I cannot? 

  • My Lord is He Who gives life and death." Abraham said

  • I give life and death. I can bring a person from the street and have him executed, and I can grant my pardon to a person who was sentenced to death and save his life." The king said proudly

  • Well my Lord God makes the sun rise from the East. Can you make it rise from the West?

The king was confounded. He was beaten at his own game, on his own territory, in front of his own people! Abraham left him there speechless and went back to his important mission, calling people to worship the one and only God, God.

God blesses Abraham with a son to become a prophet 

Only a woman named Sarah and a man named Lot believed in God, and followed Abraham. He realized that nobody else would listen to him, and decided to emigrate for the cause of God, and to spread His Message elsewhere. Before leaving, he tried once again to convince his father to believe in the One God of all the creation, but to no avail. Abraham said to his father and his people: "We are free of you and of whatever you worship besides God. We have rejected you and there has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred forever unless you believe in God and Him alone." 

Abraham, Lot and Sarah started their long travel. They crossed Babylon, went through Syria and Palestine calling people to God, helping the poor and doing good deeds. By that time Abraham married Sarah. Their hope was to have children who would spread the Message of God after their death. As for Lot, he emigrated to the land of Sodom and settled there. 

Time went by and no children were born to Sarah. She realized she was sterile. She accepted her fate and submitted to the will of God. Abraham and Sarah moved to Egypt where the king gave Sarah a woman to be her servant. The woman's name was Hajar. Sarah was seeing Abraham' s hair getting white, and it grieved her to see his chance of having any child slipping away. She offered Hajar her servant as a wife to her husband, and prayed God to bless Hajar and Abraham with a child. And so came Ishmael, a baby boy born to Hajar. How unselfish Sarah was! For her, the need to have an offspring who would carry the Message after Abraham was greater than her pride. Fourteen years later God rewarded Sarah with a son, Ishaq in spite of her old age. 

Young Ishmael and his mother alone in the desert of Makkah 

Abraham woke up one day and asked Hajar to prepare herself and baby Ishmael for a long travel. Abraham and Hajar kept walking, crossed a fertile land followed by barren mountains till they arrived at the Arabian desert. Abraham took Hajar to a high hill called al-Marwa, made her and her baby sit under a tree, placed a bag of dates and some water near her, and set out homeward. Hajar ran after him and said: "Are you going to leave us in this desert where there is no one to keep us company?" She repeated this many times but he would not look back at her. She asked: "Has God ordered you to do so?" He said yes. "Then He will not neglect us." She said. Abraham walked away until he got out of their sight, he raised his hands and prayed God: "O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring dwell in a valley with no cultivation, by Your Sacred House, in order that they may offer prayers. So fill some hearts among men with love towards them, and provide them with fruits, so that they may give thanks."


Hajar went on nursing Ishmael and drinking from the water until it was all used up. She became very desperate as the child was crying of thirst. She left him on the al-Marwa hill and hurried to the nearest hill, as-Safa. She stood there and started searching the valley keenly in the hope that she might see somebody, but she could not see anybody. She descended from as-Safa, crossed the valley running and reached al-Marwa hill to see if she could find someone from there. But could see no one. She kept running between as-Safa and al-Marwa seven times. When she reached al-Marwa the last time, she was exhausted, she sat next to the baby. Then she heard a voice. She stood up and said: "O whoever you might be! Have you got something to help me?' She saw an angel, Angel Jibreel, digging the earth until water flowed ! She built a little basin around it. She scooped water with her hands, drank, filled her water-skin, and nursed her baby. The place from which water flowed was Zamzam. Muslims till this day drink from the holy water of Zamzam, and during Hajj they walk between as-Safa and al-Marwa seven times to commemorate this event. 

Entrance to Zamzam

Some Arabs traveling through Makkah saw birds flying around al-Marwa. "They must be flying around water." They said. When they arrived at the water, they found Hajar and asked her: "Would you allow us to stay with you, and use the water from your well?" She agreed and was pleased by their company. The people sent for their families, settled there and became permanent residents. Gradually the whole valley became alive. Ishmael grew up and later married a woman from amongst the Arabs.

Meanwhile, Abraham who had not seen his son since he was a baby, came back to Makkah to visit him. Upon arriving, he heard that Hajar had died, but Ishmael was still living there. Abraham was yearning to see his son whom he loved and missed a lot. He saw Ishmael under a tree near Zamzam, sharpening his arrows. When he saw his father, Ishmael rose up, hugged him and greeted him. It was the happiest moment for both father and son. But God wanted to put them to test, and it was a tough test indeed. During one night, Abraham had a dream. He came to Ishmael and said: "O my son ! I have seen in a dream that I am offering you as a sacrifice to God, so what do you think?" They both realized that this was an order from God. Ishmael said without hesitation: "Do what you are commanded, you shall find me very patient." They had both submitted to the will of God. Abraham laid his son prostrate, put his forehead on the ground and directed a sharp knife towards his neck. At this very moment, God called him: "O Abraham! You have fulfilled the dream! Thus do We reward the good doers !" A ram was sent down from heaven to be slaughtered instead of Ishmael, which Abraham did, and they both had a big celebration that day. This event is celebrated every year by all Muslims. It is Eid al-Adha where Muslims remember the example of submitting to the will of God that was shown by Prophet Abraham.

Abraham and Ishmael kept on calling people to worship God. At that time there was no place built for the worship of God. Abraham wished there could be such a place where people would be in peace, and concentrate solely for the worship of God. His wish was answered when God ordered him to build the Sacred House, the Ka'bah. Abraham said to Ishmael: "O Ishmael, God has given me an order, will you help me execute it?" "Yes I will." Ishmael said. "God has ordered me to build a house here." He said, pointing to a hillock higher than the land surrounding it. They went towards the place and started building the foundations of the Ka'bah Ishmael brought the stones and Abraham built the walls, and when the walls became high, Ishmael brought a large stone and put it in front of his father who stood over it and carried on building, while Ishmael was handing him the stones. Both of them went on building and going around the Ka'bah, saying: "O our Lord accept this service from us." When they finished the building, Angel Jibreel descended from heaven and showed Abraham the rituals of Hajj. Then Abraham stepped on the stone and called on people: "O people obey your Lord." This large stone which Abraham stepped on is still there to this day near the Ka'bah. It is called Makam Abraham.

This is the legacy of Abraham, the father of the prophets. From him descended all the great prophets that included Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad . Abraham devoted all his life calling others to the worship of The One Almighty God. Alone he stood against his people, his father, and even the mighty king of Babylon, and never wavered in his commitment to God.

And remember that Abraham was tried by his Lord with certain commands, which he fulfilled: He said: "I will make thee a leader to the Nations." ..[Quran 2:124]

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Older Comments:
Enjoyed reading the article. As a convert I truly enjoy reading more about the lives of the prophets.

Let us carefully reflect at what Allah says in the Quran Surah Ali Imran thus: " O People of the Book (Jews & Christians),why do you argue about Ibrahim (Abraham)when both the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed till after him? Have you no sense? Indeed, you have argued about things of which you have some knowledge. Must you now argue about that of which you know nothing at all. Allah knows but you do not know. Ibrahim was neither Jew nor Christian. He was an upright man,one who had surrendered himself to Allah (literally a Muslim).He was not a polytheist.Surely the men who are nearest to Ibrahim are those who follow him; this Prophet and the true believers. Allah is the Guardian of the Faithful". Masha Allah I challenge anybody to say this is wrong. This is the real legacy of Abraham he never worshiped anything or anybody beside Real God Allah (Subhanahu Wataala) be it human being, Angels, Djinns or any idol making him Independent not afraid of any of His creation.

JoeForex: It is impossible as you say that prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was Jewish. The Taurat (Torah) was revealed well after him - this is a historical fact.

As for him being a Muslim - all prophets taught the essence of Islam. Namely, to believe in One God, who can not die nor begets an offspring and to prepare for Day of Judgment where we will be held accountable for our actions in this world.

Now you want to nitpick that is this Islam or not, but the message is consistent with the essence of Islam. As for Christians and Jews, you have changed your Taurat and Injeel. So how can their be any credibility from you when you claim them as reference

Say (O Muslims) " We believe in Allah and that which has been sent
down to us and that which has been sent down to Abraham (Ibrahim)
Ishmael (Ismail) Ishaq Isaac Yakub Jacob and asbat (the offspring
12 tribes)and that which has been given to Musa Moses and Isa Jesus
and that which has been given to the Prophets from their Lord.We
make no distinction between any of them and to Him we have submitted
(in Islam). So if they believe in the like of that which you believe
then they are rightly guided;but if they turn away then they are
only in opposition. Allah- Akbar.
So Allah will suffice for you;He is the All-Hearer the All-Knower.
Of course this is the true teachings or legacy of our forefather of
the tree Monotheist Religion called Abraham.
O I challenge everyone Do you say Ibrahim (Abraham) Ismail
(Ishmael) Ishaq (Isaac)Yakub (Jacob) the Asbat (12 sons of Jacob)
were Jews or Christians? Do you know better than Allah? This is the
great question posed to everyone especially the followers of the
Monotheist Religion Islam Christianity and Judaism? So do we know
better or Allah knows. Who is more unjust than he who conceals
testimony which is Laila ha illallah the true legacy of Abraham that
we Muslims have inherited if anyone challenges this argument let
him/her come out and tell us something better.

Of a truth Abraham originated from Ur in the present day IRAQ, but his religion was not Islam. When he migrated to HARAN in the present day SYRIA and later to CANAAN what he practiced as religion was JUDAISM and not ISLAM as claimed in the article.

Mohammed was the founder of Islam some thousands of years and about 600 yrs after the existence of Judaism and Christianity respectively. In any case, the fear of JEHOVAH,the Almighty God is the beginning of wisdom.He is the only TRUTH.

Thank you.

And who turns away from the Religion of Abraham but such as debase their souls with folly.Him We chose and rendered pure in this World and He will surely be amongst the Righteous in the Hereafter.(Quran Surah Baqarah Verse130).So Abraham submitted his will to the will of His Lord the Cherisher of the Universe,he also commanded his sons Ishmael and Isaac down to his descendents Jacob to submit to One God the Cherisher of the Universe Allah (S.W.T).So Jacob also passed it on to his sons at the time of death as Allah pointed out in the Quran " Were you there when death approached Jacob and he said to his sons " What will you worship after me? They said We shall worship your God and the God of you fathers Abraham Ishmael and Isaac the One True God to Him do we submit.So Allah finally drew our attention to the fact that " These were the people that passed away.They shall reap the fruit of what they did and you what you do and will not be questioned of what they did.This is exactly the practical teachings of Abraham the monotheist who the followers of the three religions Judaism,Christianity and Islam all claim to follow.Unfortunately even though Judaism taught unity but went after false gods such as the worship of the cow and Christianity invented the Trinity or borrowed it from Paganism.Therefore the call is for all the three followers of the Religions to go back to the pure teachings of Abraham the Pure Monotheist.No one will be questioned for the deeds of others every one will be questioned regarding his own deeds and will not shoulder the crimes or sins of others as some people want us to believe.The teachings of Islam is the pure doctorine of Abraham belief in One True God which is the real legacy of Abraham.So we must find out before death when it will be too late to cry when the head is cut off.May Allah give all of us hidayah (guidance) Amen.

It's funny when I see this It's totally changed from the bible. For those who belive in the Muslim Religion shpuld look at this verse, "John 3:16 For God so loved the Earth that he gave his on and ONLY son for whoever belives in him shall not parish but have everlasting life"(NIV). Now peoples does it ever mention Allah or Muhammad even. May you find Jesus one day.

Ya Imam Al Haque Maulanal Hussain

If they know about you and your projency what will they comment ? :-)

after seeing the movie named inside mecca...i think we need to print that story of everything that happened to ibrahim during that experience. i heard people relate that ibrahim was stopped by the satan some times to tell him things but ibrahim ignored him and went on to carry out the command of allah ta ala.

Salaams to Peter. History has its suprises. I have not heard about Khidr. I did a search and found interesting stories which I am yet to read. I will pass the following interesting titles to read in Harun Yahya's website the - THE SIGNS OF JESUS' (pbuh)SECOND COMING - as well as the - THE END TIMES AND THE MAHDI - the urls are below.

I found the stories of prophet Dul Qarnayn peace be on him in the above website it also talks about Gog and Magog. A striking story. Surely, a lot is happening but we should always seek guidance and protection from God.

Good luck with your journey and May God increase peace in your heart and ours as well for none of us can know anything without God's help.

Salaams to Yahya Bergum. I must admit that I've just recently read about few hours ago a small book entitled 'Prophets in the Quran' which I've got the first two volumes of it. I read about prophet Lut peace be on him and the book says that he decended from Sham, the son of Noah - was a nephew of prophet Ibrahim, peace be on them. The book also says that after King Nimrud had unsuccessfully tried to burn prophet Ibrahim to death, the two prophets both travelled to Babylon to the Holy Land.(see (21:71).

The people to whom prophet Lut was sent - commonly known as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah who lived near what is now known as the Dead Sea and in Arabic it is known as Albahr Lut Bahr meaning sea and Al meaning The. The whole word meaning 'The Sea of Lut'. It says in the book that who ever travells there is still struck by the scenes of utter desolation that meet the eyes. although not everyone realises what actually happened there though the quran mentions in verse(15.76-77)

Does anyone know why some people living near the Dead Sea refer to it as Bahr Lut (the Sea of Lot)?

[Quran 11:82]
YUSUFALI: When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down...
PICKTHAL: So when Our commandment came to pass We overthrew (that township)...
SHAKIR: So when Our decree came to pass, We turned them upside down...

[Deuteronomy 29:23]
The whole land will be a burning waste of salt and sulfur-nothing planted, nothing sprouting, no vegetation growing on it. It will be like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, which the LORD overthrew in fierce anger.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting:


Amen, Brother Ahmed. Our religions are brothers to each other, we should thank God for His Creation, for All that is in It is of Him. I truly believe that God directed me here to learn, may the Blessing of the Lord be upon you all. Let there be peace between the nations. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord. The Power and the Glory are His, Forever, Amen.

Dear Brother Peter and Sister Lisa

Our beloved Prophet pbuh said: "Love all human beings, for if they are not brothers unto you in Islam, they are brothers unto you in humanity."

Christians like you are mentioned in the Quran with reverence. God loves all those who love HIM sincerely.

Personally, my body is Jewish, my heart is Christian and my soul/mind is a Muslim. The 3 are united in peace in The One God, Allah swt. The Creator of ALL universe, to whom we shall return.

The beauty of Islam is that it truly and lovingly acknowledges all the prophets that were sent down to Jews and the one who tried to bring them love, Christ The Messiah, and culminating with Mohammad peace be upon them all, Islam unifies all religions under the banner of ONE GOD, thus humanity should have no animosity and become brothers unto each other.

Just as Allah tells us in the Quran: He created us in various tribes and nations so that we can learn from each other and enjoy the diversity HE has given each of us - The garden is made more beautiful with the variety of flowers, their colours and scents. Praise be to HIM. HE is the ultimate Artist and we are HIS diverse pallet.

Like yourselves, I love reading all my brthers' postings Akbar, Yahya and Hudd- when he is not agitated! forgiveness brother Hudd - you do remind me of my own brother - He goes wild at the site of any injustice, especially to helpless people.

Bless all of you and this site for bringing peace to us and making me a better person thro peaceful dialaogue.

Salam, Ahmed, Bahrain.

Salaam to you, as well, Lisa. By time, mankind is at loss - except for those who believe and do good and advise each other to truth and advise each other to patience (al-Qur'an, Surah 103).

Salaam Akbar, Ahmed. Thank you for the kind words. Ahmed, I agree with you entirely. And you know, Jesus never said there wouldn't be a prophet after him (in fact, he said he'd send a comforter, the paraclete). Personally, I see nothng wrong with acknowldeging Mohammed as a prophet of God, especially in light of all that followed. I read and post and have better and more meaningful dialogue here than I ever had at any Christian site.
Akbar, it is good to hear from you. I read your post (thanks for directing me back to the article.) I did not know about Zul-Qurn'ain and his relationship with Gog and Magog. I had a dream about Khidr, and now that I know a little, I must admit I am confused about what to do. I think I will get a copy of the Quran and I am thinking about going to a local mosque. This may sound dramatic of me to say, but in all seriousness, I feel that I am on the verge of something very large in my spiritual life...I thank God for this place where I have been able to have discourse with Muslims.


Assalaamu'Alaiykum Wa Rahmatullah,

Peter! It's great to see you! I did respond to your questions about Al-Khidr in a previous article entitled, "Influence of the Christian Right"...I know you remember that'll find it Insha'Allah, just search the articles before this one! Jazak-Allah (may God reward you) for your gracious words for me, I am humbled, because there are many more knowledgable people posting messages here other than I. God bless.

Wassalaamu'Alaiykum Wa Rahmatullah.

Brother Peter

Thank you for your informative words. One of the books I recommend to those who want more on this is written by Karen Armstrong called "History of God". Armstrong was a English nun posted to Jerusalem. This book was written after spending a few years in this post. Anyone with an interest in our 3 religions would enjoy reading it.

As a Muslim, when I read the Torah and the Enjil (New Testament), I categorise it into 3 sections: 1) That which is clearly the word of man, a narrator, as in 'Peter said that he saw Jesus say this and that or do this and that. Logically this can not be attributed to God. It is from a third person. 2) That which is doubtful to be word of God and which logic can not accept. 3) That which is clearly good words and most probably is the word of God. The problem is when all above is mixed together, then the lay person is confused - like all religions, with the passing of centuries and various rules/politics of the day, many God's true doctorines get twisted for personal gain and we have all been warned of that in our books.

Take the Scoffield version which Bush and his evengelicals use. This is politically motivated by Scoffield from King James which the British use. More on this can be found at

You are indeed right, in that there is much that binds us together and if we took a close look at 2) and 3) we are highly likely to see its comparable verse in Quran. Thus confirming that at least those 3 religions come from the same source. I would venture to say that ALL religions come from the same source so long as its foundation is unity of God and its rules are based on social justice and true piety.

I would never dare to judge another person beliefs except to use my own logic. Only God will judge us in this life and the next. HE is ALL-Knowing, ALL-Encampassing and the Forever-Present. There is none like unto HIM.

Peace be upon us all and pray that we are all guided to please none other tha

Salaam to all. You guys are all so interesting with all of your responses. I want to let you all know that I appreciate your gentle way of talking to me, even if your opinions are different than mine.
Ibrahim, I believe I will do as you suggest and pick up a copy of the Qur'an myself, or start reading it on line.
And Peter, I, too, am inspired by the dedication and utter commitment of muslims. I must say if the vast majority of those who claimed Chritianity as their "religion", then I believe the world would be a different place.
I appreciate the words of Yahya Bergum whose concern is that we not hate without a cause. I have to say I believe what I believe... and the beliefs do differ, if I am to be completely honest. However, I am a lover of people. I enjoy people. I love talking to people and being with people. I love people who are different than me and I love to talk about everything. I don't like disagreeing, but I am big enough girl to agree to disagree and still have peace. I love it that you are versed in more than one area. I am trying to learn as well, so please all of you, be patient with me. I have so many questions! :o)
You all are wonderful and I appreciate the time you all have taken with me. May the peace of Almighty God rule and reign in your lives.
You guys are cool. :o)

The tradition of God giving the skins of animals to Adam and Eve is, in fact, very ancient. There are old Hebrew stories that Nimrod the Hunter was able to communicate with animals because he possessed the attire of Adam adn Eve (non-canonical, these are legends, I do not submit this as dogma). The Bible specifically says that God gave Adam and Eve the skins of animals to wear.
However, this is not necessarily meant to be taken literally. In mystical Christian and Jewish thought the words are taken symbolically, that is, they infer that the 'skins of animals' mean physical form, and indicate the disjunction of the spiriutal and physical worlds as a consequence of the Fall.
Paralleling this to Christ's sacrifice is unusual (although interesting, I grant you). In the Bible it is written: "that which hangs from a cross is accursed". Also, the Jews had a ritual wherein the sins of the community were heaped upon a goat (the scapegoat) named Azazel, which was then released into the desert to die.
The Cross is also said to be the Mark of Cain, and the Hebrew letter Tav (which means cross). In the Kabbalah, this letter connotes the Path that connects Malkuth, Kingdom or physical universe with Yesod, foundation, the first heaven and residence of the archangel Gabriel.
So, you see, Christ's sacrifice indicates God's work to redeem the created universe, he is crucified 'upon the cross of matter'. Incidentally, Jesus' role as Redemptor is not indicated when he says he is the Messiah, but when he says he is "The Son of Man", and idiom that is lost on many today.
I understand that God becoming human seems heretical. But please remember that Christians believe that the Trinity ultimately resolves into Unity. And if you worship the One God, the Father the Almighty, then surely there is no harm in that, and we should all know that we have more in common than we lack. Indeed, I would say that the piety and devotion of the Muslims inspires me greatly.


I appreciate the thanks and wish to thank u for reading the bit I wrote.

Abraham's father, according to the noble Quran, died without accepting the truth vis Islam. But 'm sure u know this will not have any effect on Abraham cos Allah says in the Quran amongst other things, that " bearer of burdens can bear the burdens of another..." Quran sura 17 verse 15, confirming the saying in Ezekiel 18:20 that '.. the son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.'

u know what Lisa? Why not pick up a translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran (preferably By Yusuf Ali or any of the genuine translations) and read and try to find all these FACTS by yourself. You may start by reading the chapter of Yusuf(Joseph)[AS], it is a compelete narration about Joseph exceptionally told in such detail 'm sure u never heard before and all within a chapter of just 111 verses. That is Allah for you the Master Historian, the Knower of everything and everyone, Master of the day of judgement, You alone we worship, and You alone we implore for help, guide us unto the straight path, Oh Allah.


Admittedly, mebrocky, Christians who publicly and repeatedly assert that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was, to the best of their awareness, the last of God's messengers would still seem to be something of a rarity. Speaking only for myself, I would be quite comfortable having that sort of Christian as a friend.

Since you have stuck out your neck so many times in the past, I am willing to give the rest of them the benefit of the doubt, God willing. Of course, I can extend such an offer only on my own behalf. If they somehow manage to refrain from slandering Islam, it would seemingly make it that much easy for me to honor my offer.

In the meantime, I am wondering how anyone who believes their salvation is "in the bag" feels after reading verses such as Matthew 5:21, 5:26 and 6:12? Sure - they might insist they know Jesus (peace be upon him) - but will Jesus insist he knows them?

5:21 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgement... but whosover shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

5:26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.

6:12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

(If I have offended anyone, I hope they would accept my apology.) If anyone cares to respond to my comments, by all means, feel free to share a verse or two of the good word with me - especially if the text appears in red.

Peace be with you. And may God bless us, everyone.

Lisa said:

"In order for God to make the clothing, blood had to be shed; an animal sacrificed for its skin."

If Adam and Eve used a fig to cover themselves, then surely God is cleverer than that. There is no need to kill any animal to cover oneself. Many a tribe even to this day use plant material not only to cover themselves but also to build shelters! Such reasoning is man-made and does not do justice to God's intelligence.

Lisa also denfended her Trinity belief by saying:

"If I believe it and am wrong on judgemnet day, I will have lost nothing. But if I reject Jesus as the only way and I am wrong on judgement day, I have lost everything."

Well, as a Mulim - same goes for Jews - we believe in One God and assoicating anyone with HIM is the biggest sin. I could apply the same reasoning that Lisa has applied, with the added knowledge that the Trinity doctorine was coined some 200 years after Christ's era, who himself never professed this doctrine - beside as a Muslim, I at least believe in the revelations that was sent down to Christ and that he was the Messiah, of immaculate birth. The Bible is full of quotes affirming that God is One and that even Christ himself praying to God for miracles and help. Even when supposedly on the cross, Christ is reported to have said : "Lord, why have you forsaken me." This is from a man who is supposed to have an immense faith, who has admonished his followers for doubting to walk on water by telling them; "Oh ye of little faith."

As a Muslim, I do not believe that Christ would have uttered these words. A reverrred spirit of Allah, who spoke in his cot, would be welcoming his death, since that is the ultimate path to our re-union with our Creator and if our deeds are good then we have no fear, but those who have lived in defiance of God, they surely fear death.

Dear Lisa, pls do not take this as an insult. just like yourself, I also reason and that is our biggest God-given wealth. The mind. Peace.

Salaam Alaykum (sp) to my friend Ibrahim. Thank you for your reply to me. You are very kind to take time with me and I like hearing from you.
I'm really familiar with Abraham's lineage through Isaac, actually. Having not read the Quran yet, I wanted to see if the parallels were equivalent.
As far as Abraham's building the Ka'ba, I was just curious about the time line. It wasn't a trick question. :)
Regarding Terah, the Bible gives no further account of him and I wondered if the Quran expounded. There are many stories that talk about people who are not the main focus, and I always wonder what happened to them. I thought maybe there was something that mentions if Abraham ever reconciled with his father, or if his father ever accepted the truth.
Yes, I am also familiar with Lot and Sodom and Gommorah. I am certain Lot was thankful to have such a good uncle as Abraham.
Thanks again for taking time to talk to me and answer my questions. :o)

Peace be with you, Lisa. According to Genesis 25:9-10 Ishmael and Isaac buried Abraham next to Sarah in Hebron. There are "oral traditions" describing Ishmael's relationship with his father, such as indicated by unscheduled visits during his adult life, but basically the verses from Genesis (referenced above) and one "oral tradition" in particular seem to suggest that Abraham spent the majority of his time in proximity to Sarah and Isaac. In research for a response to some of your questions I came across a couple of nice (non-inflammatory) Christian pages at and with Bible verses on Ishmael.

I am not sure why you might seem to think this article by IslamiCity would bring into question the lineage of the Great Prophets.

[Quran 11:71 - as translated by Shakir] "And his wife was standing (by), so she laughed, then We gave her the good news of Ishaq and after Ishaq of (a son's son) Yaqoub."

[Quran 12:6 - in respect to Joseph - as translated by Yusuf Ali] "Thus will thy Lord choose thee and teach thee the interpretation of stories (and events) and perfect His favour to thee and to the posterity of Jacob - even as He perfected it to thy fathers Abraham and Isaac aforetime! for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom."

According to the Qur'an, Lot survived the destruction of Sodom along with his family - except for an old woman. That appears to be similar to the Bible's description of the event. The Bible seems to describe the old woman's demise in greater detail than is found in the Qur'an. The Qur'an however provides more of the sort of information that interests me personally, such as regarding societal and geological issues.

[Quran 15:74 - as translated by Saheeh International] "And we made the highest part (of the city) its lowest and rained upon them stones of hard clay."

I hope that is helpful. Again, peace be with you.

If according to the Christians the story in the Bible about Abraham is correct, can you'll tell me whats the criteria you'll have used to identify its authenticity,you believe it because the story comes from Bible? or you have come to a conclusion after careful analysis of the story contained in Bible? According to Bible it was Issac who was to be sacrificed by Abraham,but at the same time Bible confirms that God commanded to Abraham that "You may sacrifice your ONLY son" and Bible confirms that Ishmael was the elder son who was 12yrs older the Issac.What does the word ONLY SON mean.The question is,if Abraham already had both the son at that time then it would be inappropriate for God to use the word "only son".I have heard Christian scholars try to defend this by saying that since Ishmael was the illegitimate son of Abraham,thats why he is not considered as a son,and thats the reason God said "ONLY SON" as he was referring to Abrahams legitimate son who is ISSAC.
I have a suggestion, please read the story of Abraham contained in your bible and analyze properly the sequence of events, and you will see the Bible has serious flaws.Just dont believe Bible because your church said its a word of God,believe in your book because it is flawless and we know GOD cannot make mistakes.

Sorry Lisa, lest I forget, prophet Lut(Lot)[AS] came to live with Abraham in Canan after the destruction of his people the Sodom and Gomorrah, 'm sure you have an idea of their story from the Bible? They lived, continue to preached the words of Allah till their death.

Yes the source of what you read so far has been the Quran and the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) know as the Hadith, a second principal source of Islamic teachings and greater explanation of the Quran.

AS means Alaihis-salam(on whom be peace).

To Lisa, I like you being an avid scholar. and you know what? Take it from me ..Not all truth are really the whole truth but u can bet, that the facts always turn out to be true. So continue to seek out and gather the facts so that you build the true picture of events.

Sarah and Ishaq(Isacc) lived and die as muslims bowing to Allah's will and worshipping and serving non but Him only. Ishaq begot Jacob and Jacob(Israel) begot twelve children from thence we got the tribes of Israel. And out of this progeny we had great prophets also, like Yusuf(Joseph)[AS], Musa(Moses)[AS], Zakariyya(Zachariah)[AS], Yahya(John the baptist)[AS], Isa(Jesus, son of Mary and the Christ)[AS].

Ibrahim(Abraham)[AS] did returned to Sarah and Ishaq and they all lived and died as muslims in the land of Canan(the present day Palestine).

How long did it take Abraham to build the Ka'ba? Lets see, if I tell you 1 day, 1 year, 1 year two months, two days and 1 hr? Can you tell me with due respect Lisa, of what importance this information will be to you? The fact of the matter is I don't know, may be somebody may help, you never know after all our dear Prophet Muhammad says knowledge is like ocean you swim in it and came out of it with out decreasing it a bit.

No, not all the great prophets the article refers to came from Ishmael(see above) the fact of the matter is that the only great Prophet mentioned by the Quran to have come from Ishmael besides himself was the last of all the prophets and final messenger to humanity, prophet Muhammad(SAW).

What happened to the idolatorous people of Abraham and his father? Well they lived their lives just like we shall lived ours. We all shall die, meet Allah and they shall be ask about what they reaped and we also shall be ask. And you know what? Of what they did non of it would go to Abraham nor to those of us that follows his footstep till the last day.

Hope I try to answer you, From Allah we came and unto Him shall be our retur

Yahya, If I may, I would like to answer something for you that was said by Nancy. Salaam to you. You aksed about God "needing" to do something. I believe the reference was to God sending Jesus, whom we as Christians believe is more than a prophet, but the very Son of God Himself... to die on the cross for the remission of our sins. Since Adam and Eve failed to obey God in the garden, way back in the beginning of time as we know it, there has been a NEED to cover sin. It is OUR need to be covered, but only a HOLY Creator could cover us. Adam and Eve attempted to use fig leaves to cover their nakedness, but God made clothing to cover their shame.
In order for God to make the clothing, blood had to be shed; an animal sacrificed for its skin. Hence, the symbolism of animals sacrificed to God through the centuries. A holy God required a cover to be on the people He loved and created. Shedding blood was the only way to achieve this covering. Sacrifice then became the only hope for atonement after that time.
There was still a gap to bridge, however. And God gave a part of Himself, Jesus, to make the ultimate sacrifice. He died on a cruel cross to be the covering for my sin... for the whole world. We no longer have to search for a spotless lamb to sacrifice and then hope for all the world that it's acceptable. Jesus was the acceptable offering... the only real hope for atonement.
It wasn't so much for God's need to be fulfilled, but for ours. And yes, we do believe, according to the Bible we study that Jesus IS the only way to achieve that atonement.
It isn't about persuading anyone to come to Christianity. It's about accepting the gift He offers. God, not man, says there is no other way. If I believe it and am wrong on judgemnet day, I will have lost nothing. But if I reject Jesus as the only way and I am wrong on judgement day, I have lost everything.
I hope I have helped to answer your questions. Salaam, my friend. :o)

I am an avid student of the Bible. And as such, I see differences in what I believe to be true and what you are stating as fact. More than for, against, or indifferent, I am curious. What happened to Sara and Ishaq (Isaac) according to what you've studied? And do all your facts come from the Quran alone? What happened to Lot? Did Abraham ever return to Sara and Ishaq or did he die in Makkah? How long did it take him to build the "house" which now serves as the Ka'bah? Explain for me the lineage you mention when you refer to the great prophets who descended from Abraham. Do you suggest they all come from Ishmael?
I found your article very interesting. I wonder what ever became of Abraham's father and the idolatrous people of Ur. I'm sure I should have learned it in world history, but that was a long time ago for me. :o)

Yahya Bergum - please re-think the idea that Muslims don't need or want Christian friends. Now is exactly the time we need to be friends. All the people who follow the three religions founded by Abraham have far more in common that we have differences. Granted that our ways of practicing our religions are different, but I think it is wrong for any of us(and this is directed more at my fellow Christians), to try to "convert" people whose love of God is expressed differently than our own. God revealed himself to humankind through Prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad - and I am sure others, in religions I have yet to study. They were not sent to compete, and neither should we.

excellent transliteration.i shall hope we follow in the
footseps of islam,but we can only be judged buy Allah
on the last day

I have another question, Nancy Said. If God had breathed something of His spirit into flesh then why should those who fear God not be concerned about washing - before asking Him for something in prayer? With all due respect, you seem a bit hypocritical in your assertion that Islam is a religion of the flesh. After all, you seemed to have been saying that God was required (??) to send some flesh - in order to save mankind. I hope that I have not unfairly misquoted you. (Peace.)

Salaam, Nancy Said. I would have to admit you have provided Muslims with an excellent example of why they should avoid having Christians as friends.

So what did you mean when you said, "God had to [do a thing]" - did you imagine that for yourself - or did a person tell you it was so? Does God really NEED to do a particular thing - as if there was no other way? I am not suggesting that people must speak with perfect accuracy - but do you think it wise to speak falsely of God?

And how would a statement that Christians ought to use the Gospel as their guide be a falsehood - did you really mean what you said (that there is no truth in such a statement)? If enough people believed such statements were false could the statements become false? Also, what might you suppose the following verse means?

[Mark 9:41] "For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ, will by no means lose his reward."

Admittedly, I am more concerned about Jesus knowing me than with assuring everybody else that I know Jesus. Note that the Qur'an reports Jesus worked miracles. (Surely, he has the blessing of his Lord.)

By the way - I love you, too. May God increase you in understanding, according to God's will, if that is what you ask of your Lord.

Ms Said you have been programmed to think that way. I know I was christian and that bible has been changed so many times it doesn't reflect the word of GOD at all. Muhammad was in the real torah but the church tried to cover that up. All this son of god talk is paganism, added to GOD's word by Paul to attract the greeks and romans. You need to study more we must worship with knowledge.

Pardon me Ms. Said, where you wrote the Truth is written in the Bible..which Bible were you referring to? There are many do I pick an interpretation?
The Quran was sent to us to correct some of the mistakes made from earlier times. As I learned as a younster.."Jesus died for my sins?" How can anyone know that? Have any of us seen death? That is very comforting but is it realistic, how can any of us truly know?
Moslems believe that Jesus was a prophet. Not the 'son' of God. The Quran was sent to the Prohpent Mohammed (PBUH) to help guide people who have been misguided. It completely recognizes the earlier messages from the Torah, etc.
When you question different aspect of Christianity (and i was raised Christian) you are taught to'just believe'. Islam encourages one to question and use one's intellect.
You wrote:
"Islam is a religion of flesh, you have to wash before you pray, what happen if someone is on a top of a mountain and there is no water around."
Islam is not about the flesh, its about intentions of one's heart. If I were on top of a mountain I would do my prayers to the best of my ability. Allah knows all and most forgiving..
Islam is about worshiping a Allah.. not a person. Allah is beyond us. All the Phophets (Peace Be upon Them) were human. I can relate to them because they were human. They are role models for all people. What is beautiful is that Islam recognizes great prohpets from all over the world that were sent to different lands.
You also wrote:
"In christianity there is nor condition on prayers, when to pray, how to pray and why. You can reach to God at any time."
Islam has specific prayers to build community. They also is there for OUR benefit. By asking us to pray 5 times a day, God is helping us to remember to live our lives on a truly spiritual level all throughout the day. Not once a week or no requirements at all. That does not in any way, limit my own personal prayers or anyone else to pray in their

I am amazed at how the Quran has every single story changed from what the Turah and the Bible testify to. The Turah testified and had many proof of the coming of Christ and support all the events in the new testament. Why does the Quran want to do just the opposit and change events, truth and God's word. Don't you see what Mohammad was trying to do. He was creating his own religion. And I am sory I do not want you to tell me more lies because the Bible says anyone who ad or remove a word from the bible condimed to hell. I have read the Quran and found no truth in it. I love Muslim people, I have many Muslim friends but I like them to accept Jesus as their savior and The son of God. Yes the son of God, Islam does not understand the meaning of the Son of God. What that mean is, He is from the spirit of God who else to be more qualified that God will send to save the sins of the world except his son. Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the resurection he who comes to me will comes to God. God had to send someone that humman can relate to in flesh and in spirit. The son of God does not mean that God was married and had a son, it mean God send of his spirit coming in a flesh. I pray that God will direct every Muslim in the path of the truth so they can have a perfect life and a loving God. Not everyone who call himself a Christian is Christian unless He has a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior and he who experience that will never want to be anything but a follower of Christ. The reason that most Muslim do not understant Christianity because it is a spiritual experience not a worldly one. Islam is a religion of flesh, you have to wash before you pray, what happen if someone is on a top of a mountain and there is no water around. In christianity there is nor condition on prayers, when to pray, how to pray and why. You can reach to God at any time. .. Thanks

Salam Alaikum,

There three stories that not a month pass by without me thinking about the marvellousness in the subjects of their narrationts and the hikmah(wisdom) behind the stories. These are, the stories of Muhammad(SAW), Joseph(Yusuf)[AS] and this one on Ibrahim(Abraham)[AS]. The excellence in these narrations knows no bounds, in that you can not just get enough, I mean any story I read twice bores me, but these three are just not enough to even think of getting bored. Allah's guidance is truely the only guidance. May He continue to make us follow the footsteps of these three great personalities and all those not mention that follows Allah's guidance till the last day, Ameen.


Bless you. the story of Abraham always moves me. What a man as he was "Friend of God". I love those passages of the Quran referring to Ibrahim:

2:136 Say ye: "We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we bow to Allah (in Islam)."

The above is offcourse addressed to Prophet Mohammad pbuh. Thus declaring the universality of Islam, a religion which is intended to unite the Christians and the Jews under the banner of Islam, "Submission to the Only God". A religion of INCLUSION not EXCLUSION. The message is lost on many, including some Muslims.

3:65 Ye People of the Book! Why dispute ye about Abraham, when the Law and the Gospel Were not revealed Till after him? Have ye no understanding?

Allah admonishes those who argue about origin of Abraham. Funny how Jews, Chrisitan and some Muslims claim him but do not follow his creed.

3:67 Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed his will to Allah's (Which is Islam), and he joined not gods with Allah.

This aya truly rests the case for Abraham for he was neither a Jew nor a Christian but a true Muslim i.e one who submits to the will of God and associates no partners with HIM. The word Muslim has the conotation that this submission is done in peace, as if to declare that the inner struggle is over and lay down your weapon of disobedience. Thus being a Muslim means no more struggling for the truth. One has reached the ultimate truth by 'submitting to the will of Allah." from then onward HE handles all our affairs if we only can have faith in HIM AND DO GOOD in HIS path.

Glory be to God of all mankind. the God of Universe. Abraham indeed showed us the true path, the only path to the ONE Creator.

Thank you and peace be upon us all.

It is such a wonderful story! Insha'Allah this article will help me share the story with others.