10 great goals to set for this Ramadan

Eat, drink and be moderate

Almost all of us do it - once Iftar time hits, we just keep plowing food and drink into our mouths till it's hard to move afterwards. And those of us who do it know this is totally contrary to the spirit of Ramadan, through which we're supposed to learn self-control not self-indulgence. Let's try to stick to the Prophetic rule on eating: fill our stomachs with one-third food, one-third water and one-third breathing space, even in Ramadan.

Give a dollar a day in charity...or five or ten

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was always generous but even more so in Ramadan. Let's open our hearts and dig a little deeper in our wallets this year. Even less than a dollar a day adds up. Whatever you can give, it's the intention that counts.

Memorize 4 new Surahs

Memorizing the Quran often seems like a daunting task. But the key is doing it in small bites. Since there are four weeks in Ramadan, try to memorize one new Surah a week. Start off with a short, easy one. Once you've started, you'll build momentum and may even want to memorize a longer one the following week.

Go to Tarawih prayers

Post-Iftar, the first urge is to sleep after an exhausting day. But try your best to head out to the mosque for Tarawih prayers. Praying alone is wonderful, but doing it in congregation is fantastic. The community spirit is part of Ramadan's blessings. Don't miss it this year. If going every day is not possible, try going at least once week.

Attend the Tarawih prayer in which the recitation of the Quran will be finished 

Call the local mosque and find out which day the Imam will be finishing the recitation of the Quran in prayer. Attend to not only hear part of the Quran's recitation in prayer, but also participate in the heart-rending Duas that follow it.

Stop swearing and/or backbiting - with a special box

It's hard not to shoot our mouths off when someone's upset us. Whether we utter those four-letter words or backbite about someone to our family and friends, we know this isn't the God-approved way of letting off steam. In Ramadan, when we want to build our spirituality, we've got to wage Jihad against our bad habits.

Try this: get a box and every time you catch yourself swearing or backbiting put some money in it. It could be a buck or less. The point is to choose an amount that makes it feel like punishment.

At the end of the month send the money to a charity or buy a gift for the person whom you've backbitten the most against.

Call/email your relatives

You'd think that given the easy access to email, competitive long-distance calling rates, phone cards, etc. these days, we'd keep in touch with family and friends more often. But the opposite seems to be the case, as we get caught up in life's "busyness."

Strengthening ties with family members and keeping in touch with friends is part of our way of life and an act Allah is very pleased with. This Ramadan, call family and friends or at least email them a Ramadan card and ask them how their fasting is going.

Go on a technology diet

Even if you work in the IT industry, you can do this. Avoid checking personal email and surfing the web during your fast. After Iftar, instead of plopping yourself in front of the screen, go to Tarawih. The same goes for the television. The point is to try to give our full attention to spiritual elevation this month.

Read 5 minutes of Quran a day...just five, not more, not less

Even if you feel you've got absolutely no time, set a timer or the alarm on your cell phone and find a relatively quiet place. You can read the first page of the Quran you open or follow a sequence. The choice is yours. The point is simply to connect with God through His revelation in the month of the Quran.

Forgive everyone who has hurt you

Still got a festering wound from the fight with your friend last year? Still upset about something your spouse said during a heated argument? Or are you still bitter about the way your parents sometimes treated you as a kid? Let go of the anger and pain this Ramadan and forgive those who have hurt you. Forgiving someone is not only good for the body, but it's also great for the soul. And in Ramadan, ten days of which are devoted to Allah's forgiveness, shouldn't we lesser beings forgive too?

If you find it very difficult to forgive everyone, forgive at least three people.

Happy Ramadan !!!

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  1. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    If we try to achieve some of these goals set or mentioned we can say Alhamdu Lillahi we have achieved our objectives thus making us successful in Duniya and Akhirah by the Grace of Allah. This Month of Ramadan is the Month of Quran so we should be particular about reading the Holy Book if possible we can memorise every ten Days Medium Surah so by the end at least we memorise three the target is four as set. If there is a will there is a way. If we are going to give Sadaqah or Zakah this is the best Month to give charity. Shayateen will be chained so there is no excuse to say we can't pray especially the Tarawih Salah try even the 8 Raka'ah and we should be moderate in everything including eating of course we don't make it our Maqsad at the same time avoid sinning including backbiting and gossiping in this Blessed Month of Ramadan forgiving all the Makhluq.May Allah accept our Fasting.

  2. hamdi from u.s. a

    May allah have mercy on us, make du'aaaa for the moslims in Burma and the rest of world insha allah

  3. khawateen from pakistan

    We want to know the authors of the following articles on the website.

  4. Roumen Bezergianov from USA

    I would only add "quit smoking." I came up with the term "Ramadan Effect" when I successfully stopped my own tobacco use by employing Ramadan principles in dealing with cravings. I decided I would try to quit by telling myself that "for now" I am fasting from tobacco. Just like with regular fasting, this fast from tobacco would need to be perceived as a form of worship too. I counted the days I did not smoke, which turned into weeks, which turned into months, and eventually I stopped counting. By activating this Ramadan Effect, I cut off all of my previous justifications for relapsing. When the mind is in a fasting frame, it simply does not entertain the cravings and their "propaganda". It interprets them the same way it interprets the hunger and thirst during the fast--"gets used to them like the horse is used to the saddle", to use a Bosnian proverb. With time the cravings gradually subsided and disappeared and it was no longer a struggle. The battle was won. "Of all the cures God has created, patience is the best," says the great Muslim teacher and poet Rumi.

    When people try to overcome a chemical dependence using only their will power, certain cognitive centers in the brain activate and initiate the struggle. Sometimes that is sufficient and sometimes it is not. My speculation is that the schemas associated with the Ramadan Effect are much more complex and powerful and the resources they can summon are more holistic and systemic, tapping also into the emotional and spiritual centers and not solely in the cognitive ones.

    The Ramadan Effect is something that millions of people around the world share. This is only an attempt to show how this common resource can be generalized to specific areas in our life where we face challenges in implementing successful behavioral change. By the same logic the Ramadan Effect can be employed for weight loss and nutritional improvement.

    Roumen Bezergianov, author of "Character Education with Chess", on Amazon.com

  5. Ketso mohammed isah from Nigeria

    Fasting is one of the 5 pillar of islam, may almight allah bless ever muslim.

  6. Toyosi Idris from Nigeria


    May the almighty accept our efforts and forgive us our misdeeds.


  7. Izzah from malaysia

    This is a good article that guide me into the Ramadan fasting month and really is a great help to me

  8. Tina from United States

    Salaam, wonderful article. Thank you for the ideas. They are much appreciated.

    Salaam to all my bros and sisters! Rahmadan Mubarak!

  9. Jansher khan from India

    Quran reading not only 5mints. try 2 complete the Quran with knowing the meaning.Try 2 avoid our needs for GOD.

  10. abubakar abbas from nigeria

    Hmmmm. part of this article talks to me and I am very lucky to have imbibe the ideas and the information it contains. May Allah out of infinite mercies, correct our voluminous inadequacies in this blessed month. Ameeeeen!

  11. Kris from US

    Great article, especially informative for those who are not Muslim but curious about this month.

  12. abdulhakeem inenemo from Nigeria

    Salam alaykum,this my first time visiting this website. Indeed, by ALLAh's grace I benefited from the articles. Alhamdullilah, may ALLAH increase us in strength to worship HIM in this blessed month. amin.

  13. Baseema from USA

    Salaam. Very great article. Will truly use this for this Ramadan and future ones. I am new to Islam and this really helps me out. JazakAllah

  14. usman falilat jumoke from nigeria

    Walilahil - amdu, for making us a muslim and make us to witness yet another ramadan,this article is great and will be of immense benefit to the muslims during Ramadan to enable us all know what to do and what not to do during ramadan. May ALLAH (SWT) accept it as act of ibadah from us all. RAMADAN KAREEM TO ALL MUSLIMS.

  15. norzahari from singapore

    Masyallah very heart warming and eye opener goals. Thanks Islamicity.

  16. najjar from Morocco

    May Allah bless you all, Ramadan karim to everyone.

  17. rafilal from Kuwait

    This is an excellent article. I will try to follow, insha allah. May Allah shower the blessings to the one who contributed this and all who follow this wonderful advice. Ameen.

  18. anis azman from malaysia

    Alhamdulillah tonight, I'vve got some new infos. May Allah bless us all especially in this year of Ramadhan.


  19. Ali Adamu Geidam from Nigeria

    Assalamu Alaikum,Alhamdu Lillahi,Am very happy with this site which comprised of intellectual people.God bless you all.Iam for it,is my opinion

  20. Abubakar G Bukar from Nigeria

    Allahu akbar! May Allah help us abide by this 10 guides. Ameen. Allahs' blessings on the inspiring Muslims umah.

  21. abdulwasiu ajibode from Nigeria

    Mariaba bikum yah Ramadan to the world of islam. I am very glad to read this articles and I thank people behind it, because is a great accomplished, may almighty take as Ibadah.(amen)

  22. zainab khan from U.S.A

    mashallah very nice website . i learned alot from this website. may Allah help those who made the website and contributed to it.


  23. Fajariah Mohamed Zaini from Singapore

    AllahuAkbar! May Allah bless both the party who shared this info and the party who acts on this advise.

  24. Alhaji Seidu Abdulai from Ghana

    i am really enthused by the thought provoking and inspirational advise. i call them the ten cardinal guiding factors.

  25. Mariam Khan from USA

    Masha'Allah, what a wonderful and uplifting article. I easpecially like the idea of the "Backbiting" box! :O)

  26. Mohamed Abdi from Kenya

    Lets thanks to Allah for Neema by being Muslim,then Allah will increase our Imaan,and lets not hesitate to respond for our religion then make use of the Holly month.

  27. Habiba Isah from Nigeria

    This is just tooooo wonderful' a good reminder for all.JAZAKUMULLAH KHAIRAN.

  28. Kabir Muhamad Kani from Nigeria

    Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    I have very litle words to express my apprecition on this article and much more I've been receiving from you.

    It's very rich and educative. I game me and my friends alot to practice Insha Allah.

    May Allah reward you abundantly.,

  29. Zarinah Raza from USA

    This article is very helpful to break bad habits by starting in this holy month of Ramadhan. May Allah SWT help us to forgive each other. Amin sum Amin.

    Please do not show my name. Jazak Allah Khair

  30. ALH. HUSSAINI YUSUF R. from Rwanda

    Is very interesting and remainding us what the muslim forget. because of there daily activities and the work of shaitan. pls continue to educate our muslims brothers. pls what effort can you do to send some islamic preacher in east african country to teach and assist the poor muslim brothers of this area. because they really need assistant in term of teahing and so on.

  31. Kifaah from Canada

    I do not mind forgiving others. living here in Canada,ther people who hurt you can be non-muslims that are not strangers who openly descriminate you or say hurtful things to you. please someone help me ways to rationalise this and continue normal realationship with them.

  32. Jamilah Aminah from United States

    Just one comment regarding the reading of the Quran for five minutes. I've always understood that we are required to read a juz (1/30th) of the Quran during this blessed month. The goal following Ramadan, would be reading the Quran for at least five minutes daily.

    May Allah (swt) be pleased with us.

  33. Zahid from USA

    Very simple tasks that are "doable" yet we often forget to do them! When you ask someone - "What does practice make?" 9 times out of 10 they will say the well known phrase - "Practice makes perfect". BUT this is not true - as a teacher and a soccer coach, I always say that "Practice makes PERMANENT". It's yet another of the numerous blessings of Allah (swt) that during this holy month of Ramadan, he has chained up the shaytan so that we can practice all these good acts so that they will become PERMANENT in our lives even after this blessed month has parted company with us. INSHA ALLAH. I ask you all to please remember me and my family in your doas and don't forget that "Practice makes PERMANENT"!

  34. Fatimah Muhammad from Canada

    Salam Alaikum,

    This is a good article. I think we all have something to work on, and during the holy month of Ramadan, we should be serious about working on our shortcomings. I really did enjoy reading this article. I could relate to 100% of the things that was written. Please make dua for me and for my family.

    I hope that each and everyone of my Muslim brothers and sisters have a blessed Ramadan.

    Fatimah Muhammad

  35. marahman from India

    easy earning of favour from the Almighy Allah and at the same time shining you personality before the fellow

  36. Khalid from USA

    Thank you so much for writing these simple and attainable goals. May Allah bless you in the month of Ramadan and ever after.

  37. Hamidah from Uganda

    Thank you so much for this. Cannot wait for Ramadhan to start and i practise and hopefully even when its done i will continue. I am making copies so i can distribute to all my friends.

  38. imam affan badru from uganda

    thanks for your educative articles and please continue to send such articles to muslim ummah.

    May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly.


  39. Moazzam from New Zealand

    Excellent suggestions. Though a few of them hard to implement. But I will try my best, insha'Allah!

    Thank you for this article. Some of these points have been a real eye opener.

  40. Uncle Logic from UK

    Great ideas, just one question...

    When the guy says avoid the computer, would that include this sight?!?#* or any dvds on the Koran??? Nahhhhh probbably just stuff like action movies and video games, sorry teens.

    'appy Ramadam

  41. Wissem from USA

    Salem, This article made me think what Im going to do On Ramadan. THis article make me want to learn more on Ramadan

  42. Jean El-Ghussein from USA

    I thought this a very good article but laughed when one suggestion said call or email people to strengthen relationships then the next said don't check your email during Ramadan! Maybe it would be better to say strive not to waste time in vain pursuits during Ramadan.

  43. Farzeen from USA

    Salaam, I was having a relatively lonely day, and this article really

    lifted my spirits, and got me excited for my most beloved month of

    the year!

    Wa Salaaaaam!

  44. Amr Abdullah from MEXICO

    Nice article, Those easy things can really make a BIG difference this comming Ramadan. I always have goals for Ramadan and these on the article are pretty interesting. Ramadan Mubarak