The campaign to corrupt America

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There was an uproar across America against Calvin Klein. The designer shocked the nation with a series of bus and magazine advertisements showing young teens pose in what look like opening scenes from a porn movie.

These are horrible pictures and are like slaps on the faces of all Americans worried about the decadence and sleaze creeping into their society. 

Klein and other advertisers are relentlessly bombarding the American public with tasteless ads. They are focusing on the youth and "people who do only what they want to do".

A socially subversive, pro-impulse, anti rules and anti-restraint message is casually being built into more and more advertising campaigns, often with the help of hired psychologists and focus groups.

The most prominent examples are Nikes "Just do it" (act on impulse, don't analyze or inhibit yourself) and Burger King's "Sometime you just gotta break the rules". These were successful campaigns among the younger generation.

A batch of other ads that swept across America concentrated on changing the rules or the glamour of crossing lines. (Isuzu's campaign making fun of the bald teacher who tells children "stay within the lines. The lines are our friends") Saab cars advertisement campaign urges people to " peel off inhibitions".

People are getting worried that these commercial messages of corporate America are playing a subversive role in society.

The drumbeat of rule-breaking slogans has a devastating effect. The commercial culture and the advertising industry, according to social scientists are not just at war with the traditional values. They are at war too with the possibility that new common values will emerge from the current social chaos. The so called "modernists" by pushing self-obsession, narcissism and contempt for all rules and family values in America are striking at the very root of society. They are financing the social meltdown of America.

They are not alone in their 'plot' to undermine the traditional and noble ideals of society. Their partners are the media and the talk shows on television who are bent on dishing out to millions of Americans a bundle of sleaze.

The talk shows some of which are pure filth by any standard have now become an American way of life. Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Geraldo and others offer sleaze on a daily basis to millions of viewers .It is more unfortunate that these shows are now being transmitted to our living rooms thanks to satellite television. While I am for a free flow of communication, I believe that such type of programs could have a harmful effect on the young and maybe even the old in other cultural groups.

The idea is to shock America. In one show, young and old stripped because they felt they liked it. The shock on the faces of their parents and children did in no way affect them. "If you got it, flaunt it" said a mother of two while her children recoiled in horror. The talk shows solicit people through telephone numbers given during the programs. They pay for their stay and even help them get their act together. In a covert way they encourage promiscuity. Not only that; they strike at the very core of American society and family values.

In America, despite what you see in Hollywood movies, there is still a large number who value the family. There is respect for religion. 

There is deep concern among mothers that too much individualism and freedom is hitting hard at society. Mothers across America have formed organizations like "Mothers against Drunken Driving (MADD)". Women and men have started a campaign against easily available pornography. They are lobbying against the Hollywood culture of free sex, violence and drugs.

President Clinton and Vice President Gore were on a television program recently to express concern at the media's propagation of violence. In fact all of the participants in the program urged Hollywood to tone down. 

In some towns the mayors have enforced a curfew for teen-agers. No young persons allowed on the streets between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. on week days. 

However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is fighting all these campaigns. Many Americans have now realized that this organization in various ways had harmed the American way of life. 

It is good to have individual freedom. We all believe in that. But this freedom should not be allowed to harm society.

And that is what America is now slowly realizing. New York state became the 38th to enforce the death penalty. The rise in crime and murders have tested the limits of patience.

The publics taste for individual freedom is not unlimited. Limitless freedom has already brought America to the brink of social disaster. Enough is enough, say millions of law-abiding Americans.

The corruption of America has to stop.

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