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WASHINGTON, D.C. - A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today criticized as "tasteless and insensitive" a television commercial promoting professional wrestling that shows "Jesus" gambling with the devil in a sports bar. 

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the ad, currently airing on the TV Guide Channel, shows a blond man dressed in white and illuminated by a shaft of light discussing the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) "Armageddon" pay-per-view event with a devil-like figure. The "devil" says, "We've been hyping this [Armageddon] for two millennia." At the end of the commercial, he asks the "Jesus" figure, "Do you want to go double or nothing on the Saints?" 

"This kind of tasteless and insensitive portrayal of Jesus, peace be upon him, is an insult to the deeply-felt beliefs of Muslim and Christian Americans. We ask that TV Guide Channel and the WWE withdraw the commercial and apologize to viewers," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. Awad added that Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet of God and called on Christian leaders to join in his defense. 

Awad quoted a verse from the Quran, Islam's revealed text, which states: "Behold! The angels said 'O Mary! God giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to God." (Chapter 3, Verse 45)

In another verse, the Quran states: "Say ye: 'We believe in God and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and it is unto Him that we surrender ourselves.'" (Chapter 2, Verse 136)

He also quoted the Prophet Muhammad who said: "Both in this world and in the Hereafter, I am the nearest of all people to Jesus, the son of Mary. The prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one." (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Hadith 652)

There are an estimated seven million Muslims in America and some 1.2 billion worldwide.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Television
Views: 2752

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Older Comments:
Thank you for the information here on your site. I am a practicing Christian, and heartbroken over the war going on - - but, supportive of my President and the troops. As far as the things you mentioned - - football, advertisments, TV, movies, music, and more? Do hope you and others know there are the majority of us who are equally horrified with what is presented as the 'normal American'. You KNOW it is not.
I never saw this commercial - WHY? I very seldom watch TV, and in the last few years, less and less movies.
Isn't it interesting? The VERY actors who present this "picture" of the amercians to the world -- are the ones crying foul now. I believe the hearts of those involved in these movies are convicted / thus needing to 'strike out.'
I do pray this settles quickly and ALL our people live in peace.
None should live under the thumb of evil - anywhere.
Thank you.

No respect for anything now a dayz just to promote and make a quick buck people are willing to do anything. No shame.

I read your comments to Emiliano about the ad portraying Jesus as a gambler. You stated you would prefer to pray for good to happen. There are many that think this way.. and this is good. Please consider that a prominent Christian once said that 'evil spreads when good men do nothing'. God instilled the capacity to quiet the insurrection of evil is every good person that submits his/her will to God. This example is reflected in the life of all prophets and good people, including Jesus and Muhammad. Do not think that people who fight are necessarily violent. Reflect in your history the wars that were fought in the name of Christianity...even through current times. Do not be hypocritical about this. There are evil thinking people in all walks of life...and they use religion as their defense. Do not think that this is an Islamic phenomemon. There are rejecter of God's commandments and God's creation all over this world. One of the biggest mistakes an individual can make is to assume that they are right and others are wrong, or that this religion name is the only religion name, and others are wrong. In all reality, the only true religion is the one where the Worship on the God, the Lords of the Worlds, is truly adhered to. It has been called different names, but if the essence is there, then it is the truthful religion. So, with that, the only possible Saviour can be God, Himself, because He alone is the Creator of all things.

Thanks Abdur Razzaq I am going to add 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to my list. I have always thought that if the Christians put a bit more effort in "fact checking" we would all be better off (ask not to take the nit from your neighbors eye ...). Not that Muslims couldn't use more practice themselves. But without a priesthood the Muslim mistakes tend to be on an individual level not the group level. (With a few notable exceptions. Religious police, dishonor killings, indiscriminate weapons ...)
Remember God is The All Powerful and God can't share even the smallest bit of that power if power corrupts (more power corrupts more). So security concerns rule initially and this existence is the proving grounds. (test and evaluation, separate the wheat from the chaff,...).
One measure of that test is "accuracy of implementation" of The Creators will. It's like workers in a Neapolitan ice-cream factory. If the white guy tries to increase the pressure of the Vanilla to increase the amount in the product the African American may increase the pressure in the chocolate and the Native American will need to increase the pressure in the Strawberry to compensate. If this keeps up the factory may explode. And the Boss won't like that. (OK so it just a parable, Gods Neapolitan has mango and butter pecan as well) (Mmmm ice cream)
Of course the hater of humanity will use the religious and political leaders as leverage points to inject inaccuracy and sow seeds of division. If the Christians would take a red letter bible and dispose of the rest they probably wouldn't have splintered into thousands of denominations and we might have peace in the middle ease.
Take Matthew 21:43. All these Christians that support the Zionists as "God's Chosen" really ought to be asking "If not the Jew then who?". To me it is obvious but since their theological framework is screwed up it is unlikely to guide them to the correct answer. So its "Oh Lord forgive them for they know not what they do."
Takhdim (serv

The truth of Islam is that which was stated on the tongue of Jesus, namely:
"...The first of all the commandments is, 'Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord." Mark 12:29.
The essence of Islam is captured in one word - Tawheed - which is Unifying the Characteristics, Lordship, and Worship of Allah alone. There are many other verses from YOUR Bible which substantiate Jesus' adherence to this concept, and ironically, many of the verses that Christians use to solidify their faith have been earmarked as being later additions to the Bible. Get a copy of the New Standard Revised Version of the Bible for more "inspired" additions. The point is this, the verbal traditions of the Bible is not reliable and has been changed and corrupted through time by various people for various reasons. You should learn the history of your faith and not "blindly follow" it. after all the Bible says:
"PROVE ALL THINGS, hold fast that which is good." I Thessalonians 5:21.


I do not hate Muslims. I am just commanded by Jesus to be attentive for those who want to take away from his Glory and in your case the usurper is Mohamed. As a Christian, I am also to spread God's Love and Jesus' Message to the world.

The question asked was "Where are the Christians?" the answer is, we are here, but my faith is not threaten by a simple commercial no matter how foul and untactful it is. I rather spend my time in bible study, praying, and helping others. In this way, I do more in promoting God's Word than raging about a commercial. As a Christian, I also cannot join forces with you because although you know of Chris you have not accepted Chris as your Savior. But I will never promote violence against you or any other group.

I am learning about Islam so I can speak the truth when I speak about you, so I will not bear a false witness. My question to you is, how often do you pray for Bush or any other government official so they are guided in the right path (God's Path) no matter what your political ideology is. But I guess, It is difficult for Muslims to divide Politics from Religion due to your religious/political history and culture.

Dear MAP, I have yet to find anything in the Gospels saying "confess our sins" - you might wish to note, as I currently understand it, that the Canonical Gospels of Christ are the first four books of the Holy Bible's New Testament. Briefly: these first four books contain the only quotations of Christ that I - as a Muslim - might (arguably) consider to be among the teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him).

Perhaps you were instead making some reference to the General Epistles of James and John (may God be well pleased with them) wherein they advised their Christ's followers to confess their sins, as I understood it, before an assembly of their fellows. If this is what you meant, are you in fact expecting those who would choose to fear only God to equate the Word of God, as revealed by Christ, with the Epistles of Christ's disciples? Please understand that Muslims generally consider (intentionally) misrepresenting the Word of God to be a serious offense. Now, if you choose to confess your sins, that would not be any concern of mine, unless I was someone who was wronged or somehow heard your confession.

As for your unusual sounding request, for assistance in finding truth in the Quran, please consider the following translation of its very second verse (Quran 1:2). To hopefully help in understanding it, the translated verse (as presented here) uses the name "God" - that name itself appears to have been derived from a Germanic expression for "good" (please refer to Mark 10:18). The translation as just described reads, "All praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds."

If you were to repeat the preceding verse several times and still had trouble grasping any truth that Islam preached (as I believe you phrased it) then you might consider praying for God's guidance yet again, but this time on your own behalf - as your prayers on my behalf seem to have met with a favorable response. All praise be to God. Peace be with you.

I guess I'd been out to sea too long. When I got back and saw the scruffy beard and dirty hands I thought it was a "fallen angel" or something. I thought the fallen angel bit was rather offensive, especially given the thunder clap at the end. The idea that it was Jesus never entered my mind till I saw this web site. I think some wrestlers need to be turned over their mother's knee and given a good spanking. In actuality, the concept probably came from some ad agency and they are the ones that should be boycotted.
By the way the word "Jesus" is the English translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translation of the original Aramaic. With that many steps it gets a bit messed up. For illustration in Spanish speaking countries it is pronounced something like "hay soup" with a final "s" instead of a "p". A "J" being pronounced like an "H" in Spanish. "Isa" is the "standard Romanization" of the Arabic and from that "standard" pronunciation is something like "eesa" with an elongated hard "e". But in Aramaic it should have an initial "y" as in yeesa. I once saw a reference that it is a diminutive form of "Joshua". I think we should try to "standardize" on how Jesus would have said it out of respect. Hopefully, in the future the International Phonetic Alphabet and Unicode can reduce the misunderstandings between people due to the Tower of Babel incident but we still have the "token of time" problem to deal with to get everybody back on board. (At least those that care.) Cleaning up these small problems might "clear the path" to the international efforts that will be necessary for future peace.
Learn from the past but look to the future, folks. That's where our children will live. It is up to us to chart the course to taking up the trust. Till we come together to take up the trust we fail the test.

People like MAP are Christian Evangelists who
generally push forth a sober and kid-like attitude to show that they are the ones who hold the true love of God and try to turn Muslims against their own faith. What people like MAP don't know is that they just make their naivety more evident by their pathetic actions and words. But, we all know what to expect of such people.
Hence, it is only prudent, but to ignore such ignorant people.

First of all, for my Christians commentors, I am glad that you are being open minded and are learning about other faiths and practices. Therefore for any interested I have a nice treatise about some of the "discrepancies" in Christianity, just email [email protected].
Second, I believe the commercial should be barred because it is disgraceful. Would anyone allow a commercial to slander your mother, or show your father as an alcoholic gambler, when such things are not true? I highly doubt it. We as Muslims are commanded to love and revere the Prophets MORE than our parents. So we should lobby to have the advertisement removed.

Map I can always say the same thing to you about the 'joy of God's loving grace' or in our typical phrase 'the sweetness of iman' I believe most of us 'have been there and done that' thru Islam.
I pray for God's light to shine for you for the understanding of Islam. Quran is a book of God not merely written by men, so my advice is for you to be humble enough in learning it. To know the names of the quran or what it represent is a good start I believe. Sorry they are not in my head for the time being.

Anything for a buck...As for those Christians claiming that they're to busy battling the gay lobby...seems they're doing a pretty bad job in that department.
You can never find Pat, Franklin and Jerry aka the 3 evangellical stooges/conmen for a noble cause. Guess they're too busy scamming their loyal "sheep" while their "lord and savior" is insulted and blasphemed against.
Regardless, shame on the WWE and the Christians who turn the other cheek to such mockery.

The first amendment, freedom of speech. The Qu'ran 2:256, no compulsion in religion because truth stands out clear from error. I cite these sources because they are the reasons why I so strongly beleive in freedom of expression and thought, no matter how offensive it may be. The WWE can make any kind of add they want. I for one beleive the add was stupid. I think the WWE wasn't very funny at all in this promotion of theirs. But as long as I can fast, pray, and freely declare Allah is one and far above what anyone tries to accociate with him, then I'm happy. This add did not do any harm to my faith. Truth stands out free from error. I very much know Jesus was a pious Muslim of Allah, and I know Jesus would never have dealings with Satan the rejected one. This add means nothing but stupidity and silliness.

Mr. Hashim, I've been hovering over this site off and on. I have yet to learn what the truth is that Islam preaches. I've even done some reading of the Qur'an provided on this website and can not grasp this truth. Please fill me in on what this is.
Mary does have a special place in our hearts because she said "yes" to God for His plan of Salvation for all people of all races throughout all time. She was in fact the first Christian. But the Bible is not about her but that of God's Word and His plan for each of us.
I'm glad to hear that many Muslims love and respect Jesus. Unfortunately that is not enough according to scripture. We must accept Him into our lives, live according to His message in the gospels. Confess our sins and ask God to forgive us. Jesus, made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross and shed His Blood for our sins. Thru His Life, Death and Resurrection we are redeemed.
Please know that I as a Christian do not hate Muslims but only pray to God so that you may experience the joy of God's loving grace. Once you experience this Love it'll change your life forever. It has for me and millions of other people. May God guide you on your way.

Interesting and thought provoking, keep it up... Please check out this new project in Cornwall called it is very interesting also.


I myself am an advocate of free speech. I do not believe in forcing them to take the commercial off the air or making it illegal for advertisements to poke fun at religion. That being said, I agree with that we should use our right to free speech ourselves to denounce religiously insensitive commercials such as this one. Maybe through a boycott of their program/channel, or loud viewer protest, they will decide to apologize.

As a Christian and a fellow worshipper of God, I commend you Muslims for daring to speak out. In a book "Ecumenical Jihad" by Peter Kreeft, a philosophy professor at BC, he discusses Christians and Muslims working together, and even times when Muslims have outdone Christians. For instance, at a monumental point in history at the United Nations 1994 Cairo conference on population control, "The plans of the powerful secular establishment, supported by the U.S. and the U.N., vastly superior funding, and a totalitarian programmatic organization, were defeated by - a coalition of Vatican and Islamic countries!" When the BBC ran a skit ridiculing Christ awhile back, Muslims demanded and got an apology, while Christians remained mostly silent. Kreeft goes on to give a personal example: " took a Muslim student in my class at Boston College to berate the Catholics for taking down their crucifixes. 'We don't have images of that man, as you do,' he said, 'but if we did, we would never take them down, even if someone tried to force us to. We revere that man, and we would die for his honor. But you are so ashamed of him that you take him down from your walls. You are more afraid of what his enemies might think if you kept your crucifixes up than of what he might think if you took them down. So I think we are better Christians than you are."

I am in the process of learning more about Islam, and I hope that Muslims and Christians and all those who believe in the one God can practice islam together, surrendering to God's will.

Cesar, you're an embarassment. I dont believe you evangellicals are Christians by any stretch of the imagination. Your responce was not only poor, but also evasive. How ironic that the prophet you worship as a diety is being defended and loved by the people against whom you bear as false witness, you should really be ashamed of yourself.
Why has the oldest church in the world, the Palestinian one condemned you all as heretics ? Because you're narrow minded extremists who fund and support terrorism in the holy land with your selective interpretation of the bible. You're leaders are all crooks and bigots. You bear false witness against other faiths, and how dare you talk of diluting God's word given you're history. With "Christians" like you evangellicals, the anti-Christ has his work cut out for him.

As a moslem I oppose to any portrayal of the prophet "Jesus", Peace be Upon Him ((PBUH), or any of the prophets (PBU them all) and their immediat companionsin TV ads or movies. No one on this earth from our generation and many generations yet to come will have the purity of the prophets (PBU them all). We as the people of the Books (Islam, Christianity, and Judiasim) should unify against these acts.

I am shocked to know that TV stations in US are stooping so low for material gain that they are insulting a Great Prophet like Jesus (ISA) may the peace and blessings of God be upon him. I condemn such abnoxious behavior.

I agree whole heartedly with your stance.Regardless of religious beliefs, this kind of add only insults anyone of any belief-period. I am personally offended by the WWE and most of what it stands for and how it sells itself to the brainless of the southern USA. It only helps to breed the worst in society and suck the juice out of the brains of those that support this joke of an entertainment source. GREAT ARTICLE! Keep up the fight for justice for ALL PEOPLE!

To Cesar:

After hovering over this site you are, sadly, still ignorant -not uncommon among Christians when it comes to Islam. That's because you're not genuinely interested in finding the truth; your not seeking it. You come to a site like this full of hateful warped ideas that you wish to apply to what you read here. Else you would find in the Qur'an the following (please seek and educate yourself):

1. That the blessed Mary is revered and mentioned by name numerous times (3: 35-37; 3:42-51; 19:16-21; 4:156; 21:91; 66:12.) in fact, there is a whole chapter, No. 19, in the Qur'an named after Mary (something you won't find in all the 66 books of the OT or the NT.) It's ironic that you'll not find the names of our Prophet's daughters or wives whom he loved dearly; instead, the name of a Jewess! (Yeah, I know: the devil.)

2. Jesus is mentioned as the word of God, Ch.3: vs.45. In fact, Jesus is mentioned 25 times while Muhammad only 15. Why is that Cesar? Are we pretending to love Jesus? No, we love him as much as we love the rest of the prophets. And that's all they are prophets and messengers from God. We are Muslims, we worship one God, and we believe in all his messengers. And thanks to the very devil you mentioned, this concept was corrupted to the trinity in the heads of your bygone leaders who, in turn, passed it to you. Why do the Jews still believe in the one true God and not in Jesus who was sent to them as do Muslims?

3. That all Muslims, like or not, believe that Jesus, not Muhammad, is the Messiah. Gee, why would we give this honor to Jesus? We didn't. It is God who gave it.

In the end I feel that our position is best described in the Qur'an by Chapter 109.

We love Jesus (PBUH) and his blessed mother, and if that makes you hate us then feed yourselves on hate; it will not change our position until the day of Judgment.

The Devil comes in many forms but with one purpose to discredit God's purpose and to dilute Gods Word. Yes, I, as a Christian, am distressed by the distasteful portrayals of Jesus in TV hence I do not watch those TV programs nor do I support the products that advertise in them. But what would make you (Muslims) think that you are a lesser threat to Gods purpose and Jesus' Message. Jesus is not a prophet. He is the Word. You will try anything to validate your position and to dilute Gods Word. No, true Christian will not join your sideshow act but we are keeping an eye on you and these websites to truly understand you, educate our selves and understand your angle of attack.

And if you think, that we as American Christians are only worry about money and material possession you could not be more wrong. I must let you know that the U.S. has more Evangelist spreading the Word of God (Jesus' Message) than any other country in the World.

I will pray for all of you so you may feel the love of Jesus Christ and understand his true message, that there is no other path to God then that of Jesus.

I hope CAIR will not waste their time on a matter like this in the future!!

The prophet that was born to Mariam was Isa (AS). NOT JESUS CHRIST. I sugggest unless somebody says something derogaritory by mentioning ISA specifically or any other prophet by their proper name, CAIR should concentrate on more important things!! Instead of defending fairytale names, made up by men in their fantasies!!


James, that little athiest spin on religion shows how much you have in common with Christian extremists in using half-baked polemics to promote a crude thesis. Your "enlightenment" was the result of Muslim advancement of the sciences and arts......strange how that doesnt fit your worldview does it.
Blame religion for all your problems and what of the so-called secular establisment which carried out the project of colonialism and its modern day name sake? Faith gives people hope...something which conquerors could never destroy. Athiests may like reassure themselves with their cheap rhetoric and carry themselves as intellectuals...but the fact remain that they have carried some of the worst atrocities on the planet in persuit of material wealth.

This is for all the criticism made about where are all the christians in defense of Jesus being portrayed in a disgusting manner by WWE. Thanks to CAIR for bring it to our attention. My only guess that why you haven't heard from christians thus far is maybe we are busy defending pro-life, family, marriage laws, rights for children to pray in schools, fighting gay marriages or their gay agendas to corrupt our childrens minds,etc. However, I do remember several years ago when there was a movie that made portrayed Jesus out to be a gay man with his gay disciples. There was a big outcry from christians and the movie bombed. Thank God.
We'll let God to take care of those who blaspheme against His name.

From a happy Christian


CARI does something that makes

Unfortunately, it will only be viewed as a ploy by them to win American Christian support instead of believers defending one of ALLAH's messengers.

Of course you'll have millions who think it's a good thing all the way around.

Assalamu Alaykum,

Cair has always been a champion in defending Islam in the US. It's time for many Christians worldwide to stand up & defend Mary & Jesus.
Millions need to understand that Muslims love & respect Jesus Christ as well, we know him through the Holy Quran & prophet Mohammed peace be upon them as the spirit of God, the miracle of God, the word of God and the Messiah.
-How can we possibly be anti-Christ if we love Jesus and respect him more than many Christians?



Enlightened men have spent centuries trying to put religion behind us, replacing superstition with a more realistic vision of the human condition. When at last it seemed that their efforts had started to bear fruit, a wave of ideas and beliefs adapted to a long distance past approachs, threatening to submerge us in a new period of strife. How many victims will this new era of religious revival and confrontation claim in the name of their God?

Since Mr. Falwell & Co. are too busy calling our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a "terrorist" than being concerned about their own religion; I guess its rightfully up to Muslims to defend Jesus (pbuh) instead.

Good luck.

DAISY said:
Why get upset, you know that Jesus cannot be a blonde man

Its always good to see true believers defend one of the greatest prophets to walk the earth.

Where are the Christians???
Where are the Catholics,Protestants,Methodists,
Lutherians,Calvinists,Jehovah's Witnesses,Copts,
Where are the Pope,Cardinals,Ministers,Priests,
all the Vatican,...???
Where are : Pat Robertson, Frank Graham, Jerry Farewell,...???
Oh!,they are busy,they are materialists,they worship money.
But you can find them only when you ask them about islam, they are ready for answers :)))
Muslims worship their God,repect and defend all their prophets, but Christians worship money and attack their God (jesus) and all the prophets.
I think I must learn about Islam but from Muslims sources not Christians,I want to know why
they defend jesus.
From a sad Christian.


Count on Muslims to do what many so-called Christians wont. So where exactly are our Christian leaders again ? I guess those who claim to worship Jesus (pbuh) are too busy swindling their followers of material wealth....not to mention creating hell on earth by backing war and terror in the land of Jesus' birth.

Why is there an ugly link to the website of armegadon on the bodem of this beautiful article.

I find this commercial or whatever you want to call it, very distasteful. I for one am ashamed of the people who would take this so lightly and not stand up for what is right. Alot of people enjoy watching the wrestling shows but this is really going to far. I would like for the people at WWE to stand up and admit they were wrong and apologize for taking these images and making fun about them. Wrestling has nothing to do with religion, nor does it have anything to do with the Prophets (pbuh) that Allah has sent before us. It is a sad day when we as Muslims and Christians alike have to deal with these blasphemic images.

Interesting strategy by CAIR to garner more Christian support for Muslims in America. Although I am a firm supporter of free speech in all its forms, I applaud CAIR for reaching out to Christians by showing them that part of being a Muslim is respecting the Biblical prophets as well.