Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Series

The series is about the biography of the fourth imam, Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (the founder of Hanbali Madzab, Hanbali School of Thought). It starts from his early life leading to his quest of collecting hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) until his death. It also shows the rule of the Abbasid state, Islamic conquests, and the emergence of the Mu'tazili. He was born 164 AH/780 CE and died 241AH/855 CE in Baghdad.

The series was directed by Abdel Bari Abul-Khair and composed by a group of Syrian and Arab actors, including the Syrian actor Mehyar Khaddour as the Imam. Salloum Haddadm, Jiana Eid, Moon Khalaf, Qassem Mleh, Muhannad Qutish, Mohammed Khair Jarrah, Ruaa Yassin, and Marah Jabr are also in this series.

The series were produced by Qatar Media Foundation and Al-Buraq Media Production Company which premiered in Ramadan 2017 (1438 AH). The production of the series took more than two years to complete between 2015 and 2017.

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