U.S. action on Bosnia too little, too late

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The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Fahd Ben Abdul Aziz said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces its total agreement with the recommendations of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) Contract Group on Bosnia.

The call to ignore Bosnia embargo by the OIC states although months late is welcome.

The U.S. Senate also made a similar announcement. However, this has irked the British who claim that an influx of arms will lead to more bloodshed. We say to them: let the sheep (Bosnians) give some semblance of a fight before being led to slaughter.

The United States' vow to protect all safe areas in Bosnia is a case of too little and too late.

The West is procrastinating and appeasing the Serbs.

It is reported that a high ranking British military officer is to deliver a face-to-face warning to Ratko Mladic, the butcher of Bosnia. However, these reports have not deterred the Serbs, now openly supported by Russia and Greece to inflict more misery on the poor Bosnians.

The Serbs are contemptuously ignoring allied warnings to desist from attacking and committing genocide or face the consequence. For they see through the Western facade of hand-wringing and the shedding of crocodile tears. They know for a fact that despite the saber-rattling, Nato air power will not be used against them.

The advancing Serbs supported militarily by the Russians, politically by the Greeks and other states, know very well that every enclave can definitely be taken. The West wants them to fall one by one. They do not want to anger the Serbs and at the same time they would like to save Nato from committing extra troops and equipment to the enclaves.

Let us be frank and call a spade a spade. The U.N. has failed in Bosnia. It has failed because it wanted to fail. Arguments that it does not have a mandate to wage war or fight a battle or strike at Serbian airports are hogwash.

When it comes to the Gulf, Haiti and other places, the U.N. acts in unison. There is no disarray. There are no conflicts of interests. The victims are those of other races and colors. The five powers who control the United Nations can enforce any mandate. However, it is not political inertia that has prevented them from doing so but a cold and calculated move. The Western powers who dominate the Council know very well why they are not acting. Those who can commit half a million troops in a few weeks can easily send their missiles at military targets. But they will not do it. By God, and I repeat, by God, if there was one Jewish life in jeopardy (and we don't want that to happen) the West would have unleashed with ferocity their military might. You would have all types of brigades pouring in. The Desert Rats would have been joined by the Coldstream Guards and the Mountain Brigade and what not? Malcom Rifkind would himself have led the charge, John Wayne style. That, my brothers, is the real truth.

It is not that I am against the West. For as the old Bard said: "The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings."

We cannot blame the West for everything. A large number of Western individuals have done more in humanitarian assistance to the Bosnians than many people I know. One remarkable individual is Sally Becker, a British woman who had to fight Boutros Ghali's bureaucratic and deceitful U.N. forces. She was responsible for the evacuation of hundreds of seriously wounded Muslims from various enclaves supposedly protected by British and Dutch troops. There are the London Cockney drivers who brave Serbian gunfire to voluntarily drive food trucks donated by ordinary British folks.

On the other side of the Atlantic too there are men and women who have made Bosnia a cause. There is the lady from Louisville, Kentucky who goes around collecting paper and pencil and shipping them to Bosnia and doing so personally at times. She does not want a generation to grow without having the chance to read and write. I could go on and on. But it is not the average Westerner I am focusing on.

It is on major and minor players of the Western political scene who see in Islam and Muslims a menace and that should, whenever the opportunity arises, be eradicated. I have always expounded tolerance and am a firm believer that we, as human beings, either swim or sink together. I respect those who in this very page gave vent to their feelings. Many expressed their views on the tragic situation in Bosnia.

Why blame me for joining the growing number of people who believe in the "conspiracy theory."

Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa said: Despite repeated Serb attacks on Muslim enclaves the Security Council had failed to take a "clear stance."

"Security Council resolutions are applied on Libya and Iraq while such resolutions are not issued against the Serbs" - he added.

If this is not a case of double standards then what is it? The hypocrisy of the Western powers has now become too public for them to hide. The lies that West are telling us about Bosnia are too obvious even for the naive amongst us, not to realize. 

There are numerous individuals we should be careful of. Malcom Rifkind, the cunning British Foreign Secretary, who tried to stop the much publicized French plan to bomb the Serbs as they advanced on Srebrenica has many cohorts. They also include David Owen who always wanted to please the Serbs and had secret dealings with them. 

There is the Swedish Thorvald Stoltenberg, who indulged in ignorance and scandal mongering. And there is the Japanese, Yasushi Akashi, also openly supporting the Serbs and justifying their genocide.

And of course the greatest liar of them all Boutros Ghali and his orchestra - the U.N. Security Council. These incorrigible liars who pledge action but in their hearts know fully well that they have no intentions of implementing them will go down in history as having aided war crimes.

I wish the day will come when we in our capitals shall try them as they did the Germans at Nuremberg.

Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdullah Bin Humaid, the Imam and Khateeb of the Holy Harm echoed the sentiments of his Muslim brothers and sisters and that of all justice-loving people of the world when he said the Bosnian Serbs are the "sincere allies of the West" and they are carrying out the dirty Western mission of exterminating Muslims from Europe.

His congregation agreed that the West is out to get Muslims. Sheikh Saleh also pointed out that the self-appointed protectors of human rights, international laws and those who supposedly uphold international agreements and principles are silent.

The conspiracy, he added, goes beyond Bosnia to Palestine, Chechnya and several other parts of the world. As we hear this, it reinforces our belief that these people will not rest until we succumb to them. 

Let us go down fighting. We should prepare future generations to be wary and strong. At the moment we are a weak and disorganized lot. However, I cannot believe that in this mass of people that we have from the Magreb to Indonesia there are not men and women who with vision and sheer grit and determination can put those who conspire against us in their place.

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  Topics: Bosnia And Herzegovina
Views: 4086

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