Genocide in Bosnia - April 1992

When former US President Bill Clinton addressed the nation on November 27, 1995, he confirmed the figure of 250,000 Bosnians dead (90 % of them Muslims) during the Bosnian conflict which lasted more than three years (April 6, 1992 - December 12, 1995), this was indeed an acknowledgment of a total failure of Western Europe, the US and the UN.

The Bosnian war in view of its peculiar composition (Muslim majority population) has proven a difficult ground for collective security as the lack of compelling interests has spurred an ambiguous strategy on the part of the international community and the West especially, for the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina did not affect international economic and political equilibrium which would have justified a more traditional intervention for the simple reason that unlike Kuwait, Bosnia had no oil !

It was crystal clear to everyone including the World Decision-makers at that time, that the true war-initiators were the Serbs who held the upper hand in the former Yugoslavia and bear the full responsibility of all losses during this war. It was the Serbs that were the first to employ hyper nationalistic rhetoric and employed methods that violated the most basic humanitarian principles on which society rests.

Going back to this disastrous conflict of the early nineties where the Bosnian Muslims were surprisingly caught by the Serb offensive as they lacked an army to repel such aggression. As a result of this unbalanced power, Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered by the thousands and Sarajevo the capital was put under siege and thousands of Bosnian's became forced refugees. Secondly, elements of the Croat army and Bosnian Croats attacked central Bosnia in an attempt to win territory for Croatia who had just lost a third of its land during the 1991 war with Serbia.

So the gruesome and gloomy Bosnian landscape after such atrocities was turned in to a terrifying quagmire that left more than 250,000 Bosnian Muslims dead, about 18,000 Missing, more than 50,000 Muslim Women raped, thousands of Male Muslim Prisoners in Auschwitz like concentration camps and an equal number of injured people and more than one million Refugees and an unknown number of Muslim mass graves.

The above mentioned atrocities and crimes against Humanity and the new warfare version of "Ethnic-cleansing" and the deliberate artillery shell that landed in a crowded Sarajevo market place killing more than 70 Civilians in February 1995 made the headlines in the western media. This sad event struck a chord and the Americans who finally decided to act by drawing a NATO bombing campaign against the Serb positions who by that time had completely surrounded Sarajevo and were picking off civilians in the streets.

After two months of negotiations between the three sides (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) sponsored by the United States at the USAF base in Dayton, Ohio "Peace" was finally reached on the 21st of November 1995. As a result of this "Peace Plan" Bosnia-Herzegovina was to become a single state with an international legal personality composed of two distinct entities with equal rights and endowed with large autonomy: the Muslim-Croat federation, in a clear bid to deter any Muslim initiative regarding the future shape of a Muslim state in Bosnia and the Republika of Sprska, links of these two entities with "outside" states Croatia for the federation and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for the Serb republic were allowed short of secession, to the detriment of the orphan Bosnian Muslims who have no sponsor or parent state.

The essence of the "Dayton accords" was the 51% & 49% division agreed upon as the basis for "Peace", so the territorial provisions of the agreement were kept as close as possible to the map on the ground at the end of fighting, Srebrenica and Zepa were to be retained by Bosnian Serbs while Goradze was linked to the bulk of the federation territory by a land corridor.

The great injustice of accepting the results of "ethic-cleansing" by the Serbs in all parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina and especially its eastern region was balanced in view of the "peace" decision makers with the increased stability that the new arrangement would have in terms of the viability of the two entities.

But much to the great dismay of the Bosnian Muslim's, the main war criminals responsible for the whole tragedy in Bosnia were at large for years. Mladic & Karadzic, also known as the butchers of Srebrenica, carried out one of the most atrocious massacres of this genocide. Srebrenica was among the six "so-called" UN safe zones where on 11th of July 1995, more than 8000 Muslim males were hacked to death.

"How can there be such a league, seeing that if they get an advantage over you, they respect not in you the ties either in kinship or of a covenant"  8:6 Quran

Finally, an everlasting Tribute and a Divine supplication to all Muslim Martyrs during this war and especially to the Late Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic the great Muslim Erudite who against all odds steadfastly held the green flag in the heart of Europe until his death on the 19th of October 2003.

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  1. Aynur from Azerbaijan,Baku

    Dear sir/madam,

    I have read much about the tragedy in Bosnia.

    When I was reading the articles & looking the films I was shocked I couldn't belive in it.I was thinking how one human being can hurt another person.But then I have understood.I am from Azerbaijan & my nation also have faced so many tragedies destruction & raping of the muslim womae.Still 20% of Azerbaijani lands under occupation & we still can't forget the Khojaly tragedy genocide 7 mass kilings in Baku in January 1990.We still call 20th of January black January.What can I tell about Bosnians I WILL TELL THAT THEY ARE VERY BRAVE,HONORABLE PEOPLE & TRU MUSLIMS.I really love Bosnia & its people though I have never been to this country.

    I will be glad to recieve mails from you.

    Take care & wish you peace & success


  2. Nasir A from US

    The Serbs got away with murder in this

    free world of ours. Killing thousands of Bosians.

  3. Bayram Yasar from turkey

    That genocide has not only been made to Bosnian Muslims but theoretically to all Muslim World.I believe that the genocides will continue unless the Muslim World become a unique power,and forget the conflicts among The Muslim Nations.So that means that we have a long way to go.But that doesn't mean that we are hopeless.If we return to our self wealthy and powerful identity which is taught in Qur'aan and Hadeeth ,there's nothing to keep us away from helping the whole world's community from genocides.So, in future nobody will dare to make genocides against Muslim population and others as well.As a result we know it very well that those who have been killed with genocides are Shaheed ,and who killed them are monsters who will be together with Pharaoh and Tagud and their followers on the Day of Justice .I pray for those who stand by the Satan to find the true way( isteqameh)and reach to the gardens of Jannah .Therefore I think that we must change our minds to make the world like a paradise, and by comunicating with each other produce a common sense which will result to real emaan( faith) of human beings and lead them to Paradise not Hell.Please feel the full responsibility for peaceful Islam.

    With my Best regards.

  4. Bilal from England

    This event and many like it that happened in the 90's should be a reminder for muslims that 'united we stand divided we fall'. Each and everyone of us will be judged by the all mighty and those who think they could get away with committing such attrocities against innocent people muslim and non muslim will have to answer to Allah.Where were the so called muslim leaders? What really annoys me is that this is the 21st century.

  5. IBRO from BOSNIA





  6. H.A. from Yathrib

    I can't wait the great day when souls will be sorted and their deeds will be made clear to them...

  7. Studer from Switzerland

    As I advised you earlier Hamidah, or what ever your true name is, your statements make no sense and this is neither a Christian or a Jewish hate mongering site. So try your luck elsewhere.

  8. Voja from Canada

    Incomplete and one-sided. What about Naser Oric and

    his genocidal activities against Serb population around Srebrenica?

  9. Hamedah from Nigeria


    "Some of our Northern Muslims brothers just uses religion as an excuse for their evil deed whenever they're bloodthirsty"

    "Some of the Northern muslims leaders are the cause of any genocide against the Nigeria whether they're muslims or christians"

    First of all there are Muslims in all the geographical regions of Nigeria, NORTH OR SOUTH as there are christians and other religions.

    Let me make myself clear," Some of the Northern muslims leaders" meaning not all northern muslims or southern muslims for that matter but some of the Northern elites muslims who claims to represent the interest of Nigerian muslims uses religious sentiments for their political agenda.

  10. studer from Switzerland

    Your comments betray your true feelings and your real identity - naturally a Right Wing Christian Nut- From your words I sense your acute hate and animosity towards Muslims, which is why you regard Nigerian Muslims as "Evil" and insinuate that it is they who perpetrate all the violence "whenever they are bloodthirsty" as if there were certain times of the day or month, when this insatiable thirst for blood arises amongst Nigerian Muslims- amusing but an entirely irrelevant and racist allusion. Once again the hate mongering Christian sites are elsewhere, not here. You may be an African but I can state with great comfort that you are not a Muslim.

  11. Zak from UK

    This was a calculated war to make sure no potential muslim state ever flourished within EU borders. Vance/Owen went into it to drag out the doomed negotiations with no intention of helping the dispossesed Bosnians, finally when many muslims were murdered and their land taken from them the 'Dayton Peace' plan came into effect which rewarded the agressors with keeping the land. Douglas Hurd (the then UK Foreign Minister) was against military action against Serbia and he was rewarded with a plush banking consultancy helping Serbian warlord, Milosovic, when he resigned from the ministry!!

    The irony of this was that most of the Bosnian muslim's were just muslim by name. They drank and lived amongst their serb neigbours and did not even know what the daily salat was, and yet it was their fate.

  12. HamedaH from Nigeria

    Asalam Alaikum


    It's not "uniquely" about religion, it's about power, ethnicity, politics etc. Some of our Northern Muslims brothers just uses religion as an excuse for their evil deed whenever they're bloodthirsty. The so called "clash" has started long before Sharia was introduced to the Nigeria constitution. It just got worst in 2000 and Nigeria is tired of all the violence and they've started calling for jihad against the whole Nigeria again. Some of the Northern muslims leaders are the cause of any genocide against the Nigeria whether they're muslims or christians.


    FYI: I'm a Nigerian Muslim

  13. Studer from Switzerland

    Hamedah, that is woefully untrue. In Nigeria the clash is uniquely bewteen Christian Nigerians and Muslim Nigerians and the issue is Shariah law governing Christian actions in Muslim regions such as Zamfara where Shariah is the law. Hamedah or whatever your real name is, nice try. The link to the right wing nutter sites can be found on Bush's web site. Try again under a different Muslim name.

  14. Bosnian Canadian Relief Ass. from Toronto-Canada

    Assalamu alaykum,

    It is always better to give than to receive.

    Every helping hand that we lend is like a drop in the ocean. Enough drops can cause tidal waves. Indeed, if we do nothing, our drops will be missing eternally.

    It is also a chance to appreciate what we have and to think about those who are in need, such as orphans. It is our affirmation of our responsibility to the community in which we are living.

    Board of BCRA.

     Please don't forget our orphans and the other needy people in Bosnia.

    Please sponsor a child - Call 416-236-9411

    You can make a difference.

  15. Hamedah from Nigeria

    To comment on Ref: 30989

    Just for the record, the genocide in Nigeria are committed by NORTHERN MUSLIMS against the southern muslims, southern christians and northern christians

  16. Studer from Switzerland

    It is interesting to note that the world tends to gloss over the genocide of Muslims, which in just the last century alone, between the horrors in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Soviet Union, Malaysia, Borneo, India, Philippines, Bulgaria, Nigeria and Kenya to name a few, has seen the massacre of more than 11 million Muslims, and that is not even counting the innocent civilians the US and its 'brave' allies kill and continue killing in Afghanistan and Iraq. As horrendous as any genocide of any people is, we hear ad nauseam of the genocide of Jews and all the reparations that countries must make which participated directly or indirectly in the Nazi blood lust to the tune of billions of dollars. The US government even threatens economic boycott of any country or company that does not comply. But in the face of stark and outright murder, torture, rape and displacement of millions of Muslim men, women and children on an unimaginable scale, and that to in this decade of 'European Civilization', the world and its 'impartial' media maintains a vulgar silence. What is the reason for this utter hypocrisy? Any wonder why there is a worldwide out cry and violent reaction from Muslims who are tired of our double-faced policies, our greed and our Christian/Jewish centric sensibilities to the exclusion of Muslims?

  17. zigzag from viet nam

    - Amin.

    Long live the Muslims in Bosnia and those who struggle for humanity and justice around the world.

  18. Omer from United States

    We must never forget this day which was ths start of the genocide against Muslims in Bosnia. We must help find out what happened to our missing brothers and sisters and help those who were traumatized by this evil agression. And we must do something immediately in our prayers and our actions to help stop the genocide that is currently taking place against the mostly non-Arab Muslims in Darfur by the Sudanese government supported Janjaweed. Over 300,000 have perished so far (due to direct killing and lack of food and water) according to a British parliamentary report and according to objective nonpartisan nonprofit organizations.

  19. thomas from america

    i ask you a single question....when my dad use to beat me because of something i did...was it me that "made" him beat me?

    was it me who put his hand in the air and slap it across my face?

    was it me that grabbed his two hands around my small shoulders in order to throw me across the room?

    was it me that blew in his wind pipes that made him yell at me with the top of his lungs?

    or was it alllllllllll his doing?

    of course it was him.

    and to the topic at hand....

    did the us or un "force" the genocide?

    did the us or un "tell" the genocidial maniacs to do what they did to those people (regardless of their faith)??


    and you may say...."but they had a say in the matter"

    i answer .... so did the whole of the ummah and the dar al islam. so did the arab did all the arab countries bound by one thing...islam....

    i am very unimpressed with this blame game....the last person that was blamed in this article was the actualy people who DID the killing....

    but here this article is...blaming the if the us was doing the killing...

    this article and the one who decided on placing it on this site needs to think harder with an unbiased mind that was not the us's fault that this happened simply because the blood is not on the us's hand...but it is on the hands of those who actually did the physical killing....

    is this a common occurance that others are blamed for other's actual doing...

    and even so...if the us somehow [did] turn a blind the act of turning a 'blind eye' the exact same thing as doing the [actual/physical] killing? no!

    do i blame my brother for not stopping my enraged father who was bent on evil? NO!

    so the blame where blame is due...[to the people who did the killing]

    stop playing the infedel/west/"islam-hater" vs. the ummah game

    it only polarizes within your own ranks...and your tenets against those who do not beli