Ramadan - The Way to Attainment

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"Fasting during Ramadan is a unique opportunity to attain both peace of mind and heart," says Imam Gayth Nur Kashif, Director of Washington, DC's inner city Masjid ash-Shura.

Imam Kashif, who came to Islam by way of the Black Muslim movement and was an editor of the movement's Muhammad Speaks newspaper and a contemporary of Malcolm X, explains: "During Ramadan one concentrates on rendering good and abstaining from the wrong. Such a pursuit creates peaceful serenity in the hearts of men and women. Ramadan fasting cannot be complete and in fact, the fast can be invalidated if one fails to control his or her temper. The fasting persons are advised to refrain from argument and to inform the other party that they cannot continue the troublesome dialogue because they are engaged in the sublime obligation of fasting. Without doubt a full month of such restraint is destined to leave its mark upon our bodies and souls."

The fasting during Ramadan that requires certain restraints from dawn to dusk, the hours when the human interaction is the greatest, is designed to mould the lives of its practitioners.

Dr. Molook Roghanizad, a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee of the Fairfax County School Board in Virginia and an educational consultant, says, "Ramadan fasting offers an opportunity for Tazkiyah, - the cleansing of the self - through its disciplinary regimen. And on another level, Ramadan offers a unique opportunity for synthesizing with the less fortunate."

She points out that the tazkiyah aspect is clearly emphasized by Prophet Muhammad who, according to Ka'b ibn Malik, said: "Two hungry wolves sent against a herd of sheep will not do more damage to it than a man's eagerness for wealth and prestige does to his religion." [Cited in Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi and Abu Yahya]

"The Quran," she adds, "started to be revealed during Ramadan and it is recommended that during this month we concentrate on the reading of the Quran. Why? This is because during this month, we are less involved with physical needs and have a better opportunity of understanding the Message - the Quran, that is. Therefore there is a better chance of understanding the truth and reaching that spiritual elevation that we all desire." This state of 'special elevation', she is says comes when we elevate ourselves through understanding the true message. "The moment you have reached the absolute truth is your Lailut ul Qadr, the Night of Power," she stresses.

She says that the real attainment of Qadr for ordinary beings is not a physical act, nothing sort of pulling a spiritual rabbit out of a hat, but in reality that indescribable moment when all things become clear to you and this moment of truth is worth one thousand months, more than a lifetime. The Quran says: "But those will prosper who purify themselves and glorify of their Guardian-Lord and (lift their hearts) in Prayer." (Quran 87:14-15)

Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, the eminent scholar and translator of the Quran into French, in his monograph Why Fast? (Centre Culturale Islamique, Wilkes Barre, PA) discusses the physical aspect of fasting. He likens fasting to the break from the ordinary to sleeping and to the weekend breaks in work and school. He points out that just as sleep renovates the body, the fast rejuvenates and invigorates the body, noting that Prophet Muhammad said, "There is a tax on everything, the tax of the body being the fast."

What fasting does to a Muslim is perhaps best explained by Jim Quraishi, who wrote in an internet religion forum, "I am much more forgiving and accepting of my coworkers. I am more liable to overlook their frailties and petty jealousies. I'm like a man who knows that at the end of the day there is a pot of gold that awaits him."

Islam does not promote withdrawal from society, however during Ramadan a brief withdrawal from society is allowed for those who desire to do so, which is called itikaf. In itikaf a person can confine oneself to a secluded corner of a mosque - women can select a corner at home - during the last ten days of Ramadan to devote their full-time to prayer and remembrance of God. The itikaf experience can be likened to a retreat in a secluded camp. Ibn Umar said, "The Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad] used to seclude himself for the last ten days of the month of Ramadan."

According to the late Dr. Alija Izetbekovic, President of Bosnia, "The Islamic fast which is the union of asceticism and joy - and even pleasure in certain cases - is the most natural and most radical educational measure that has ever been put into practice. It is equally present in the king's palace and the peasant's hut, in a philosopher's home and a worker's home. Its greatest advantage is that it is really practiced."

The fasting during Ramadan has been ordained for Muslims as fasting had been ordained for people that preceded them. Prophet Muhammad, addressing his companions on the last day of Shaban, the preceding month, said: "O people! A great month has come over you; a blessed month; a month in which is a night better than a thousand months; month in which Allah has made it compulsory upon you to fast by day, and voluntary to pray by night. Whoever draws nearer (to Allah) by performing any of the (optional) good deeds in (this month) shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time, and whoever discharges an obligatory deed in (this month) shall receive the reward of performing seventy obligations at any other time. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Heaven. It is the month of charity, and a month in which a believer's sustenance is increased. Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward as the fasting person, without his reward being diminished at all." [Narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah]

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Fasting (Sawm), Ramadan
Views: 32372

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TO: stu, Ref#40955/40956. Thanks for clarifying. Friend, what needs to be understood is the language from which the term "christ" originated or belongs to. The word "christ" is a Greek interpretation or translation of the Hebrew word "Messiah" which means to "rub" to "massage" to "anoint". The language Jesus(pbuh) spoke was not Greek, but now a defunct language, called Aramaic and the term "Christ" is a Greek word and not Aramaic. So, there`s no way, Jesus (pbuh) would know the word "christ", because he never heard of it in his life time. My friend, the bible(s) is/are replete with so many stark contradictions and a whole book can be written about these contradictions. Before I give you some examples of these contradictions, let me quote a verse from the bible in Jeremiah, from the RSV(Revised Standard Version) in which Jeremiah tells in the clearest language possible, that the bible(s) is/are corrupted by people and have/has been "made it into alie". Here is the verse, " How can you say, "we are wise, and the Law of the Lord is with us?" But behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it (the bible) into a lie." (JEREMIAH. RSV.8:8). Here`re some examples of the bibles` absolute contradictions. (Genesis, Chapter, 32; 30) " For I (Jacob)have seen God face to face and my life is preserved and I didn`t die." (Exodus,Ch,33:20) " No man can see Me (God) and live". Here, Genesis unceremoniously contradicts Exodus. and Let us see what John says about this. (John,Ch,1:18) " No one has seen God at any time". Also Jesus is made to contradict himself in the bible, let us see. (John,Ch,18:9) " Of those whom You (God)gave me(Jesus), I have lost none.". (John,Ch,17:12) "Those whom You (God)gave me (jesus) I have kept; I have lost none EXCEPT the son of Perdition.". (Luke, 3:31) says Jesus descended from Nathan. While (Mathew 1:6) says Jesus descended from Solomon. (Mathew,1:11)Says Jesus wouldnot inherit David`s Throne. (Luke,1:32) says he(jesus) would inherit.

the bible verse I used was (The Holy Injil--Matthew 6:16-18)

Dear mac
The bible does have many verses that describe hyprocrites. He is talking about in that verse, those that are appear religious on the outside, obvious to other men, however they are not clean on the inside. A good example of thoese appeared righteious on the outside but not clean on the inside in Jesus day was the pharassees or teachers of the Law (ancient Rabbis) Yes in the bible Jesus calls himself the christ. Christ is the official title of our Lord, occurring 1,514 in the New Testament. However Jesus never said it was compulsary to fast. A christian is a follower of Jesus. Thats where the term comes from. The bible i used was new living translation and I have read other versions of the bible but they do not contradict each other, however there are some different words used but the meaning is still the same.

To: STU, Ref # 40927. I have Four questions for you with regard to the "verse" you have quoted. (1) What is it that you were trying to explain? and who are those "hypocrites" "Jesus" was describing? (2) Since you are a christian according to your claim and you believe that Jesus(pbuh) did fast; do you, as a follower of "Christ" , fast ? (Though, Jesus never heard of the word Christ or Christianity in his life time and nor do the bibles say that this was the religion "he" preached.). (3) What version of the bibles did you quote from the verse?. Because there are many versions of the bibles that contradict one another. You have not stated the Chapter and Verse number. And the (4th)Last question I have for you is, Where did you get the word Christianity from? Is it in any of the bibles? Do the bibles say that the Religion preached by Jesus (pbuh) was christianity?. If you are someone who is honest, I am sure your answer will be NO. The term "christianity" is not to be found in any version of the bibles and nor do the bibles say that the religion preached by Jesus was christianity. The Religion jesus preached was not christianity. Anyone who says to the contrary and that the religion preached by Jesus was christianity is not only making an outright falsehood against Jesus, but he or she is also making lies againt the bibles and contradicting them. If one reads the New Testament, the very first time, the word "christianity" was used was an Antioch, when the "enemies" of the followers of Jesus disparagingly pointed to them(i.e. the followers of jesus), saying these are "christians"; meaning, they are the worshippers of "Christ". But Jesus never heard of the word(s) "christian", " christianity" or even" christ" in his life time, because these`re Greek words and the language spoke by jesus was not Greek. The term "christ" came from the Greek word "Christos". They lopped the "os" off and left you with the term "christ" from the greek root word "christos"

The earth, the sun and the moon, what gift from our lord,

I liked this artical, it is the night of Power written artical it was so blesst, just a opnion, don't respect my opnion now, it is matching the brothers words, thank you for your information,

please let us control our souls, I thank the comment editer for his hard work,

Thank you lord, Allah hamdu lilah , all praise and thanks are due to the lord!

Remembered to prais all those who commented before me, please continue your good deeds, be your best! salamu aleykum

I am not a muslim, but christain, and what Jesus said about fasting is as follows: When you fast, stop looking sad like hypocrites. They put on sad faces to make it obvious that they're fasting. I can guarantee this truth: That will be their only reward. When you fast, wash your face and comb your hair. Then your fasting won't be obvious. Instead, it will be obvious to your Father who is with you in private. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you.

This is indeed a very good site, for both believers and non-believers.

Believers get to strengthen their faith, whilst non belivers get to broaden their knowledge on Islam.


ISMA'IL said:
I am in the Military, and want to know if I must still fast? I know there are exceptions, but am not sure exactly what they are, and am not able to get somewhere to ask someone right now.

i m leaving with a boy freind
can i fast?

i havebeen studing the muslen faith. i am very instered in it . i want to become a muslen. i now understand a lot that i didnt befor i came to this site.

Assalum Aleikum Aracelli.
Por favor Visite este website, usted puede encontrar la informacin sobre el horario de Ramadan en Per http://moonsighting.com/ramadan.html

I'm not a Muslim, but I'm glad to've found your site- it's
informative and I think that the knowledge you provide is
very valuable and will help us all to understand one another
in these difficult times.


Tom De Jesu

Thank you for putting in such a complete article..MashAllah.

Por favor quisiramos que nos enven una relacin en la que nos indiquen los horarios de oracin aqu en Tacna con respecto al Tiempo geogrfico

Very good article - thank you. As a convert to Islam, I am often asked about Ramadan. Many of my non-muslim friends are shocked that we abstain completely from food or drink in daylight hours. After participating in Ramadan for the 4th time, I'm always reminded that the physical fasts are comparitavely easy - It is by far more difficult to remain pure of mind and thought throughout the blessed month. Ramadan truly takes you to a higher level of understanding and appreciation. Thank you for the reminders of what it truly means to fast.
Ramadan Mubarek!

Once upon a time I came across a wonderful Journal by the name Istiqamah, posted on the internet from the United Kingdom, on the internet. However I can no longer locate it.
Someone directed me to the muslim voice (University of Toronto Internet site), however I could not find a link to it from there.


Ramazan Mubarak! To all of us(muslims)
I want to take this opportunity and request all brothers and sisters in islam to pray for our ummah and pray to ALLAH to bring unity and tolerance in all of us.

May ALLAH give us all Toufeeq to stay on the right path. and may ALLAH bless us with his choicest blessing from his infanite bounty.

Ramazan Mubarak!!

Jazak Allah


I want to thank you for helping me to become a better muslim. Your stories help my family and I when we find ourselves far from our family and imams to teach us. It makes it easy for us as muslims to be able to continually learn when we have a great tool like this website.

I want to comment on your effort on this website.
Infact this site is very fascinating,interesting very educative and informative.
Because of the beauty of the site i have been recommending the site to my friends.
I pray to Allah to bless your effort and to reward you abbundantly(Amin)
Ma asalam,
Engr Imran Adetunji

Asalamu alaikum
I will first of all say 'Thank you' for the good work you are doing but I was very surprised today to listen to one of your video selection documentaries backed by music. Very often, I hear Islamic scholars say that music is something not welcomed/encourage in Islam, some even say haram. If music in Islam is otherwise different from what I heard I would appreciate if you enlighten our muslim brothers and sisters about this issue; maybe an article in your bulletin.
Ramadan Mubarak.

I would like to thank Brother Grythe. About two years ago I came to him for spiritual guidance. He pointed me in the right direction. I have found the peace that I have been looking for in the Quaran.

May the almighty ALLAH bless you on all your endervours Amin. Wassalaam.

I really do appreciate you sending me this bulletin. It reminds you of why we are fasting and what we have to keep in mind while fasting. It's a good reminder and helpful source of information. I really do appreciate you writing out this article. Thank You & May you have a Blessed Ramadan!

asalaam a lakum
I learned something yesterday that was very interesting. It was that all the muslims who fasts during the month of ramadan have three stages.Those who seek Allah Ta ala's mercy belong to the third stage, the lower stage. I really don't remember the 2nd stage so the first stage, the highst level stage people, their fast is the fast of their minds. They even when its not ramadan stay away from little sins and are always thinking of making Allah happy for every good deeds.I mean that they are always thinking about Allah Ta'ala. May Allah Ta'ala put all the ummah in this level, ameen
sister quratulaine

your magazine is highly resouseful.I would like to know how a women can perform "ITIKAF" in one corner of the house.What are the do's and dont's of "ITIKAF".kindly try to include in your next release.
yours affectionately,

Hamid To Allahu Taala for given us the opportunity of witnessing the blessed month of Ramadan.It is surely the month of attainment for the faithful believer in the unseen Creator of the entire universe.The holy prophet Muhammad(pbuh)has been directed by Allah to guide mankind unto the path of truth,that path remains unequal in its matching with all the technological and scientific expositions of our time.
Allah Has promised that He would reward the fasting muslim if he knew and believed that he is been watched, by this all act that are forbidden he will not move towards it nor urge other to practice it.
The messanger of Allah said 'He who did not give up forged speeches and witnesses Allah is not in need of his having leave off food and drnk'.
The word of Allah"O, you who believe|Observing As-saum is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you,that you may become AL-Muttaqun(the piou)(2:183).
Thus, the way to attainment has been coded for us by Allah in that verse.
May Allah continued to guide us all unto the path of truth.

this is very nice to see and i am truly pleased. however, certain aspects of common sense/logic/islam go un-detained; meaning they are noticed but not recognised to their full potential. if they were they would be APPLIED. AS a young muslim unsure yet directed i would be most appreciative if you could send me more info on all the above. At the end of the day i need to apply these things because knowing the truth and then denying it is surely a sin. send me all relevant details on namaz, special duas, etc etc.
thank you and inshallah i will be a little more...

your cartoon can never be on the side of muslims,
they are against muslimsfor sure,please check your ideas and drowing,

Salams. I wish to say that the recent bulletin article is really good. And ppast bulletin articles are no less good as well. I hope to continue getting the articles and henceforth staying in your mailing list, May Allah help us all to ahve steadfastness in the deen. AAmeen.

Salamu llahi Alayhikum,

I was much more delighted to read about you people on web and I thank Almighty Allah for given me the grace to be a member of this great people. I pray God Almighty to continues bless you people with knowledge so as to enlighten others. May Allah Subhanahu Watahalah reward you people here on earth and there after. Once again am much greatiful for hounouring my membership.

Wishing you happy Ramadan while looking forward to read from you again soonest.

Maa Salam.

Bro. Abdullatif YUSUFF.

salam brothers and sisters
thank you very much for your information. it is truly appreciated and valued.
ramadan mubarak

Salaam brothers and sisters everywhere,

The bulletin was absolutely brilliant and very easy to understand and simple to read, Jazak-Allah! Thank you so much (and thank Allah) for the existance of those who live to teach others! You are doing a great deed, keep it up Insha-Allah!


Your sister forever,

I wish to learn more about Ramadan and about Isalm but is very hard to translate in Romanian language.From where i can buy some books in romanian language.
Thanks for help
Best wishes
Catalina Han

The term "black muslim" is one that is neither respectable nor one that creates unity in the muslim umma. It was a term used by non-muslims to label members of the nation of Islam. Clearly, this was due to their ignorance, believing that African-American muslims were exclusively members of the nation. Using this term only continues that former ignorant misconcept. Further, a muslim is not nor should be recognized by the color of his skin, and it is irrelevant to an Islamic dialogue.
Thank you wa salam.