Stifling free speech as a way of helping Israel

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Our message was simple: "Tell Congress: Spend Our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military." 

We wanted people to understand how their tax dollars are spent. We contracted with CBS Outdoor for a 28-day campaign of 23 billboards. They erected them in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in June, and we thanked them publicly for allowing free speech. 

However, a week later, CBS Outdoor took down all our billboards, telling us laughably that our applauding them for allowing free speech was tantamount to their endorsement of our message. They wanted us to take our money and go away quietly. But we decided otherwise. 

CBS Outdoor likely buckled to pressure from pro-Israeli groups and their paid shills in Congress. Rep. Howard Berman wrote a memo (available on his website) to the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel, the sponsor of the billboard campaign, condemning the billboards and referring to alleged complaints from his San Fernando Valley constituents. 

In response, Berman received praise from pro-Israel groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti-Defamation League, organizations who called the billboards "provocative." 

So what if the billboards contained a message that Berman and these pro-Israel groups found provocative? Who are they to judge what political messages people in Los Angeles should be allowed to see? We believe that provocative discussions make democracy flourish and stifling discussion will kill democracy.

As taxpayers, we care how Congress spends our money. As citizens, we want our country to be generous but not reckless. Berman and vast majority of his Congressional colleagues continually demonstrate recklessness in wasting our treasure serving Israeli interests rather than fulfilling the needs of the American people. 

The money the United States is spending on the Israeli military this year, if used at home, would help tens of thousands of Americans recover from the ongoing recession with affordable housing, college loans, green job training, health care, and other support. 

Berman demands that America must keep aiding Israel although it was recently ranked by the Center for Public Integrity as one of the top 10 human rights abusers in the world receiving U.S. weapons. 

Berman should stop pandering for military aid to Israel and instead start aiding Americans who are homeless and jobless, children and the elderly, libraries and schools, police and fire departments. 

He can start with those right there in his San Fernando Valley district. For example, Los Angeles County's share of the money destined for the Israeli military under a $30 billion, 10-year agreement would provide primary health care to more than 800,000 people. 

CBS Outdoor's slogan is, "Always On." Apparently it is on for some and off for others. Suppressing free speech, especially that which engenders a debate to mend the American economy, is not only un-American but anti-capitalist. 

As Jewish and Muslim Americans who devote our lives to seeking peace among peoples of all faiths, we hold CBS Outdoor and Berman responsible for suppressing an important conversation; the billboards called on our nation to revisit its misplaced spending priorities. 

We believe in a vibrant and provocative discussion through all lawful means, including by erecting billboards. This is an imperative and not an option. 

American leaders say they want to see genuine peace and stability in the Middle East. To achieve that, America must first stop its financial and military aid to Israel and then use whatever integrity it has left to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people. 

As long as America's treasure is bled away to support the tyranny of the Israeli occupation, and as long as corporations and Congress members stifle debate and discussion, our country will continue to suffer. 


Jeff Warner is a Jewish-American and a member of Los Angeles Jews for Peace. Shakeel Syed is a Muslim-American and a board member of American Muslims for Palestine.

Source: Daily News

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  1. Kam from USA

    Israel is the only one country in the middle east that can be called democratic where

    people can live with all the freedoms and rights. It has Alrabs as citizens (25%) of its

    population. All are granted equality. The country is prosperous. This is the main

    cause of such mind boggling jealousy of its neighbors who want to wipe out and

    dump in the sea. It will be a sad day if that happens. Now as far the author of this

    column, one must remember that some of the worst critics of Israel are Israelis and

    Jews themselves.

  2. Dan from U.S.A.

    No! You think? Besides, what's wrong with supporting Israel? They are people of the book!

    For interesting ideas about U.S. and Israel, see: "America's War on Islam, and everything and everyone else, including Americans" by: Poncho Threetrees @

  3. najjar from Morocco

    As the Muslim World is eliminating one by one they tyrants (most of

    them supported by the US and their European lackeys, and as the Muslim

    World start gaining freedom little by little, the American people are

    losing theirs little by little but most of them are over entertained

    and over nourished with money they no longer really own. One day they

    will find themselves living in a looted nation and under a

    totalitarian regime without knowing how it happened (which is already

    in progress). The greatest mistake the US ever made for the last

    decades is to declare war on the Muslim World, BIG MISTAKE.