Bosnia: West will pay a very heavy price

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France and Britain have warned the Bosnian Serbs they must release UN hostages unconditionally, but reassured them that the hastily- formed reaction force would not be used against them. In the meantime the European Union chose former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt as their mediator between the warring parties. The term "warring parties" is itself incorrect. In the case of the Bosnian conflict, it is war from one side. The Serbs are unleashing death and destruction on a defenseless people.

The West may disagree on many issues but as far as Muslims and Islam is concerned there is no difference of opinion - there should be a policy of containment of anything that "smacks" of Islam.

Chirac of France and Britain's Major are worried about their soldiers being humiliated. They are also worried that the conflict may ignite the whole of the Balkans.

I think that their worry may lead to peptic ulcers. However, the Bosnians cannot get this type of ailment for they are dying in hundred thanks to the murderous Serbs.

"The West is getting tough": screams a headline in a British paper. How tough can they get? - Asks a Serbian foot soldier. "With their hostages in our hands what can their political masters do?" He adds with contempt.

The prime villain in this genocide of Muslims in a country, only a few hours drive from Vienna and Rome, is Britain. On May1, 1993 Britain vetoed American moves to arm Bosnian Muslims. 

The British had an agenda of their own. Lord Owen whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent civilians dragged his feet and procrastinated. This appeased the Serbs who went on from one rampage to another Lord Owen who now has eye on the BBC Chairman's post never blinked an eye on being confronted with accusations of being biased. Only history will judge his dubious role.

The other party to this conflict, the UN has been behaving strangely and like a man in a drunken stupor heaving left and right.

The Security Council does not know how and when to act. They cannot know how to exercise their mandate which allows the UN Protection Force to use "all necessary means" to fulfill its mission - the delivery of humanitarian aid and the protection of the six Bosnian-held "safe areas" of Gorazde, Srebrenica, Zepa, Tuzla, Bihaee and Sarajevo.

The Bosnians wait and watch as European politicians vacillate. They do it for the media's sake. The Western media unlike Western politicians have been forthright in their dealing with the Bosnian tragedy.

While politicians grovel in mortification and express anxiety over the fate of their soldiers, the Bosnian days are all torpor and tenter- hooks. They wait for the final solution. A solution that will oversee the stamping out of whatever Muslims or Islamic (however remotely it might be connected) in Europe.

Yet there are some voices that have been questioning Europe's and especially Britain's posturing.

Ian Duncan-Smith, Conservative MP says: "We should now left the arms embargo to give Bosnian Muslims the opportunity to defend themselves." Peter Hain , Labor MP says: "It is a simple question - do we appease fascist aggression?"

Even John Major, the British Prime Minister has described the Bosnian killings as "there has been nothing like it since the Second World War."

Paddy Ashdown, leader of the Liberal Democratics is against withdrawal. He believes it would send a signal to the Muslim World which would be very damaging for peace.

What Muslims World? Ask many Muslims.

A Muslim World that has yet to send a message to the West. A Muslim World cowed down and terrified by a bunch of thugs like the Serbs and brigands like Milosevic. We are more concerned at appeasing the West and donning the "good boys" clothes than the West even thinks of our sentiments.

However, Muslims are seething. They see the blood of their brothers being shed and all types of justifications are put forward by the same West which speaks of democracy and human rights.

Crimes worse than those committed by Pol Pot and Saddam are openly observed by the West. Yet no one has the gall to do anything.

Passing the buck will not do. The failure to lay the blame at the door of those responsible has added to the Serb's desire for more blood. Had the West acted earlier, the thousands of deaths, the destruction of towns and millions of homes could have been avoided. This is not to speak of the thousands of Bosnian females who were brutally raped and mutilated.

The British government led Europe in its policy of appeasement and bias towards the Serb aggressors. The Bosnian government was refused arms to defend itself. To appease their own conscience, the West sent lightly armed so-called "peace keepers" to help distribute supplies (when allowed by the Serbs) to the Bosnians.

Britain has also convinced the United States not to take firm action against the Serbs who, with overwhelming firepower supplied by Serbia, Russia, the Ukraine and supplies from sympathizers in Greece, Cyprus and other adjoining countries, are killing civilians indiscriminately. It is no use recriminating, Europe should stop appeasing and John Major should stop behaving like Neville Chamberlain. The European Union, the UN and the United States should get their act together.

NATO Airforce should be used to force the Serb criminals to capitulate. The West was very gungho during the Gulf crisis. It can be the same now. It should know that it is responsible for the failure to act four years ago.

It should act now before the final elimination of the Bosnian people. If it will not, then another conflict which will be more deadly and dangerous will begin.

The West will then pay a very heavy price.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Bosnia And Herzegovina
Views: 1992

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