Spreading Islamophobia with US Tax Dollars

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A few weeks ago, a former Palestinian Muslim, who is now an ultra conservative Christian equated Islam with terrorism describing the two inseparable. There is nothing new in what the so called former PLO terrorist said or says on a regular basis. In the last 10 years, several individuals claiming to speak on behalf of Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism have spoken openly against Islam and Muslim Americans in particular. Expressing one's opinion is everyone's right and that right must be preserved even if it is based on misconception or lies.

What is problematic is that the Homeland Security invited the so called terrorist-turned Christian to an official event attended by more than 300 law enforcement officials in South Dakota. This is a violation of our constitution that clearly indicates that people's tax dollars would not be spent in either promoting or targeting a particular religion. The so called expert was paid $ 5,000 plus other expenses. In other words, our tax dollars were spent on supporting someone whose anti-Islam agenda is well known. If the Homeland Security had invited a Muslim American to counter his argument, one could have argued that the purpose of the event was to have a balanced perspective. However, by giving money and podium to an avid anti-Islam fanatic, the Homeland Security has revealed its hatred of Islam, a crime which is in breach of the constitution and which deserves to be thoroughly investigated.

Ten years after the September 11 attack, Muslim Americans are still deemed unfit by many law enforcement agencies or agents to be partners in the country's fight against terrorism. This policy or attitude is hurting the country and wasting its tax dollars money. Seemingly, the Homeland Security and other federal and state agencies have wasted millions of dollars in rewarding anti-Muslim and anti-Islam experts on terrorism by giving them legitimacy and authenticity through invitation to officially organized events for state and federal agents.

Most of the so called experts on Islam belong to several religious groups whose anti-Islam position is well known. They use the tax payers money and resources to promote their religious agenda and to make money for themselves. The country does not benefit from their expertise. 

One is entitled to his or her opinion on Islam or any other faith but when that opinion is given legitimacy by agencies that are meant to uphold the constitution and the citizens, then it deserves the attention of all those who are serious about the sanctity and supremacy of the constitution. As far as opinions against Islam are concerned, we Muslims must be aware of the task that we have at hand, i.e. challenging the misconception and informing the country and the world that there is another side of the explanation that can be offered only by those who practice this faith and who understands its in and out better than those so called experts who have found a new opportunity to mint money from the new venture that we can term as "Islamic Threat to the West."


Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the weekly Muslim Observer and director of the Islamic Society of Nevada.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Islamophobia, Money  Channel: Opinion
Views: 3877

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Alhamdu lillah, Allah has spoken the truth. No matter what you do the unbeleivers will never ljke you and behold!... the more the unbeleivers attack Islam, the more their wards get to know and accept Islam! "WAMAKARU WAMAKARALLAH, WALLAHU KHAIRUL MAKIRIN"

Every soul is responsible for what they utter and will be subject to infinite justice.

So, be careful of what you utter. And guard against a day when your own tongue will testify against you.

So, mankind must pay heed and never speak evil of the messengers of God and their religions.

They hurt no one but their own souls...only if they knew.

Do not let the temporary wealth, fame and happiness make you arrogant and violent on Earth.

God tests human beings by various means.

Remember!!! Your journey did not start in palestine and it DOES NOT end in America.

You will be spinning on Earth for a while and soon will be journeying toward the Lord of the worlds... all under perfect control and order of your creator. So, be careful oh sons of Adams!