Islam Made Me A Better Citizen

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Islam made me a better citizen and patriot. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings strengthened my belief in freedom and democracy. Independence Day once meant nothing more to me than an excuse to party. Prior to my acceptance of Islam, my personal behavior demonstrated all too well why July 4th ranks as the holiday most associated with alcohol-related deaths. When I first read the Quran, Islam's revealed text, and the traditions (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad I expected to find something totally alien to American ideals. Instead, I found many of the same democratic principles that emerged from the Continental Congress in that summer of 1776. Democracy - The Quran promises rewards for those "who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation." (Quran, 42:38) Political Activism - The Prophet Muhammad said, "The best jihad in the path of God is (to speak) a word of justice to an oppressive ruler." (Sunan of Abu-Dawood) Justice - "O believers! Stand firm for justice and bear true witness for the sake of God, even though it be against yourselves, your parents or your relatives. It does not matter whether the party is rich or poor - God is well wisher of both. So let not your selfish desires swerve you from justice.

If you distort your testimony or decline to give it, then you should remember that God is fully aware of your actions." (Quran, 4:135) The Burden of Political Authority - The Prophet Muhammad said, "He who has been ruler over (even) ten people will be brought shackled on the Day of Resurrection until justice loosens his chains or tyranny brings him to destruction." (Sahih Muslim) Islam's lifestyle of self-restraint, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, respect for the institution of marriage, concern for neighbors regardless of their faith, duty to parents, and respect for the rule of law resulted in my becoming a better person and a better American. Thomas Jefferson once said, "Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism." On July 4th, we celebrate one of history's great acts of dissent: the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The men who put their signature on that document literally put their lives and property on the line to voice their disagreement with British government policies that they believed to be tyrannical. This July 4th offers an opportunity to renew our commitment to the patriotic nature of political dissent. I and many other Americans are deeply disturbed by events in Iraq, by reports of torture and desecration of the Quran in Guantanamo Bay, by Patriot Act abuses, by the rising tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric in our society, and by domestic and international policies that seem to create more problems than they solve.

But my love for America is not diminished because it is sometimes flawed. I love my nation because, despite its flaws, the majority of its people remain committed to tolerance and respect for one another, whatever their faith or viewpoint. After the 9/11 attacks, my neighbors could have turned their anger on me as a Muslim. They did not. They came to me and offered both support and their horror that someone would twist my faith in such an evil manner. But of greatest inspiration to me are the words written in 1998 by a Muslim 10th grader living in California. Following the attack on the USS Cole, he wrote a letter to Osama bin Laden. In that letter he wrote: "If you are keen to murder Americans, kill us before you kill non-Muslim Americans. Bomb our mosques and Islamic Centers. We are Americans as much as others." This July 4th, let us all remember that we love this nation and will heed Jefferson's advice by offering a word of justice to any of our representatives who stray from the ideals set forth in that revolutionary document signed 231 years ago in Philadelphia.

Corey Saylor is an expert on political communications, media relations and anti-Islam prejudice in the United States with over two decades of experience.  The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post have sought his opinions. He has appeared on outlets ranging from Fox News to CNN, the BBC, and Al Jazeera.

This article was originally published on July 3, 2011.

  Category: Americas, Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Independence, Islam, United States Of America  Values: Justice
Views: 17224

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Older Comments:
long live you!
brother Corey Saylor your views are par excellence. spread this idea as much as you could and make a community/ organization to spread the same message through out the world as it the need of the hour. the majority of nonmuslims specially American and European miunderstand Islam and Muslims. rather i should say that they are guided in a wrong mannar by some selfish peoples to gain their political benifits.
May allah help you spread the message

Asalaamu alaikum:
I too agree, that we must identify ourselves as Muslims first and then worry about the nationalistic obligations;
For all its imperfections, America is still a good place to raise a family. As a hijab wearing woman, I know what it is to feel like a second class American because of hostile glares. I also know of the basic goodness of the american people. Some people approach me and are kinder because I identify myself as a muslimah
To Karim:
Yes, many black americans were not freed on independence day. But the black man was freed from tyranny long before the american woman. You got the right to vote before we did, and could own property when we couldn't. We still aren't equal. And the native americans have lost more than anyone. I pray you will learn to put your hatred aside and love your fellow man and follow the advice of our Prophet in his last sermon. That is true freedom!
Islam is freeing!

May Allah continue to strenghten your faith as you spread the light and understandings of Islam to the entire world. Amin

Excellent piece to connect Islamic concept of freedom and justice to the American Charter of Independence. Esp. good for Muslim audience, who suffer from many a prejudice or confusion about Islam and contemporary issues. The 2nd part of the article seems directed to appease 911-hate-mongers. Bin Laden could left out(I don't care who he is or was; only CIA during Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and Bush-II regime seems to be most ardent promoter of this name for their clandestine/covert operations).

Corey Saylor: Allahuakbar ! Welcome back to Islam. May Allah (swt) bless you & your family. May Allah further strenthen the iman of yourself & all the muslims in this world.

Hungry pilgrims came to America from Europe. They were fed & taken care of by the Native Americans. These pilgrims expressed their 'gratefulness' by comitting genocide & eventually snatching away the land of the very people who gave them shelter, pretty much the same thing is being done today by the Zionists to Palestinians. And it is no wonder why the American support goes towards the Zionists. This runs in the American blood.

I agree with Abu Fatima's post's that July 4th is a symbol of wrong that was comitted to the Native Americans.

July 4th - American freedom & democracy has no appeal to me. In the name of freedom & tolerance America has legalised "horrible sins" & encourages its people to remain consumed in it. And democracy ? You will become unpatriot if you question your government. Depending on the situation, American defintion of freedom & democracy varies from time to time & place to place.

We muslims are also partially responsible for the instability in the world today. We have deviated so much from the teaching of the Quran & Sunnah that we ourselves remain ineffective in almost every phase of our life. And because of that we are electing or selecting our leaders from those group of people, who after assuming leadership merrily sits on Wine, Women & Wealth & provides lip service here & there. Until we muslim preach, practice & live with our religion, more & more of our land & wealth will go into the hands of non-muslims.

You are also right & as a muslim you are required to obey the law of the land you live in as long as it does not compromises the laws of Allah. I understand your patriotism & I support it.

But we were supoosed to be one nation & muslim first & not the other way around.

Asalaamu alaikum:
Yes Islam will make you a better citizen Of wherever country you live, anytime!

Asalaamu Caleykum Waraxmatulaahi wabaaragaadu. "May Allah bless him."

State of hypocrisy is such that it can infect mind without knowing, trial and tribulation is through which Allah removes the scum from the pure. Surely many hypocrite think that if they change and appease Americans then they would be accepted. These are the kind of Muslim, who likes of Daniel pipe and Robert Spence, refer to as acceptable. Let me tell you that would not happen, Islam is not like Buddhism or any other 'isms it is diametrically opposed and inherently unsuitable to be mixed with any isms. Now Muslims can live and be good citizen and ought to respect the law of land but as their numbers grow they should demand Islamic system and that is nature and bound to happen. I agree with the native on many points, but we ought not to get carried away in defense of some thing where we transgress the limit set by the Lord of Universe, and we would only harm our selves. Natives are wronged and 4th of july is a symbol of that wrong and transgression.

Corey, may Allah have His mercy on all mankind, and want to thankyou for taking out your time and writing something that makes sense. Your references to the Quranic text shows that you are not just expressing what you feel, you know what you are talking about. May Allah give you all the knowledge and wisdom to make a difference where you go. AMIN.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

An expression of ones viewpoints in a forum such as this, whether agreed with or not is an opportune time to share Alhudulilah. There is value in this for those of us who truly want to learn or those of us who have knowledge or Hikmah. No written/recorded piece is perfect except the Quran.

Viewpoints are just that: points of view, when others bring into focus another "view" particularly bearing facts to consider, ponder and seek further knowledge that is to be appreciated! Allah (swt) created all mankind. The ability do have this exchange comes from Allah (swt); how we engage in this dialogue is up to us. We are to steer clear of Allah's admonitions, acceptance of them on the basis that those carrying out the acts are non-muslims is not acceptable. May Allah guide us.

MIJ FROM U.S.A said:
All i can say is iam hundred percent with you
and agree with what you say

I am with you native. Not focusing on the history of the native America is an insult not only to the natives but to the humanity in general. But again, what can you expect from the descendents of people like Pizarro? The Spanish records go like this:
"Francisco Pizarro was a man fond of his hound dogs. In his campaign through the lands of the Inca his resources went out. Game was scarce or too difficult to spot through the thick lush. Pizarro was especially concern of his dogs, far more than his own motley troops made up mainly of pirates and unassigned sailors. He order that the native captives that he had them in chains to be baptized. The bishop that was accompanying him on behalf of the Catholic church of Spain happily performed the ceremonials. After having them baptized, Pizarro ordered his men to slash their naked bodies, so that they shouild bleed vigorously but not to kill them. Then he released his hound dogs on the wounded natives and all were watching in a sort of euphoric trance as the beasts tore apart the poor natives. Only the bishop approached Pizarro and asked out of sheer curiosity:'Why did you baptize them first?' Pizarro looked at the bishop in disbelief:'Well, padre, did you expect me to feed my precious dogs pagan meat? Besides, I gave them the chance to go in front of our lord Jesus as Christians. In fact, I did them the greatest favour."
I believe that no comment would describe better the state of the natives and their plight more than this piece of history.
Salam to you native and keep up the awareness of your peoples' plight. If you cease talking, who is there to talk for you my brother?

> Dare I note that this is all part of Allah's (swt) plan. Native Americans have a deeply rooted history in spirituality; this is not inclusive of monotheism, or belief in one God, Allah.
Umm Iman is a typical apologist for the "United States" --- yeah OK the slaughter of Native people's are all plan of Allah's plan --- OK sure, and forget about what happened. And maybe you need to look into Native spiritual heritage a bit deeper - instead of making nonsensical statements that are not true. Monothiesm is part of Native spirituality - so don't talk nonsense. Or are you one of the Muslim equivelents of Christian missionaries out to "save" the Natives -No thank you - keep your crap to yourself - we are doing perfectly OK without your missionary zeal - we've had enough of that putting us in boarding schools to brainwash us (maybe you are one of those kinds).

Native people want to keep our heritage - and not all of us want to become nice sweet Apples like yourself - who are more interested in becoming American as Apple Pie.

"Dare I also make mention that Native Americans are keeping casinos"

And so why not? Why don't you, instead of harping on Native Peoples - advocate prohibition? Are you doing that for the United States? And how about cutting off the hands of the corporate criminals? You are not going to do any of that - 'cause you are nothing more than an apologist for American crimes. Native peoples have a right to earn a living legally - it is not part of non-Muslim Natives to not run casinos. Yeah, maybe we should all die off - the few of us that are still here... Maybe then your kind will be happy to not be confronted with the real truth.


Thank you Correy. We are 100% with you.
I urge majority of progressive muslim to speak out aginst minute fanatic muslim.We can not be silent any more. They very small in numbers but very loud in voice.They want to hijacked the true meaning of Islam(Peace) to Violence,hatred, racism, intolerance.
It's time to speak up against our own. To achieve justice we must have speak the truth about ourselve.



Thanks to Corey Saylor for such a timely reminder to American Muslim. Islam is much closer to American Ideal than any other religion. America is undoutedly an outstanding nation on earth today.
I am trully puzzled with sanity of people like "Native", with their lame argument of "Indian suffering", or inner city's racial descrimination. No body is claiming America is a perfect country, my question is show me a better country on the earth today? There is old saying when you point a finger to other, three finger pointed toward you.
Unfortunately certain immigrant muslim still intoxicated with old glory and holicinating the present reality. Let's get real. We have the best religion. But we muslim are not the best example today. Let use the advise of Dr. Murad Hoffman, " Not just perform Islam,START LIVING.
God bless all of us, Guide us in the right path.

Peace be with you all.

Manzur chowdhury

Whether the author of this article knows it or not, she is part of an agenda to make Islam palatable to muslims and non-muslims alike in America, especially after September 11, 2001. The muslims who push this agenda hope to become accepted by non-muslims in this country. What these people forget is that Allah says in the Quran: "and you shall never have acceptance or approval from the jews and the christians until you follow their ways and beliefs." Congatulations cowardly muslims for working to change Islam to be accepted by people whom Allah refers to in surat ul-fatiha as those who have gone astray (christians) and those who have earned Allah's anger (jews). You are all following your personal desires instead of obeying Allah and His Prophet (SAAWS).

Allah says: "to the hypocrits give the glad tidings that for them is a grevious punishment. Those who take friends and protectors disbelievers rather than believers; is it honor they seek among them? All honor is with Allah." (4:138-139)

dear brother native. i greet you in peace and offer you my respect from far away land of peace bahrain. long ago when youngsters used to praise john wayne i had a poster of a native american on my wall and took pide in it as a youth. that was the sixties. today, i still feel for your people and believe in every word you have said here. let us not kid ourselves that it is Allah's will that man does such injustices to another. that is indeed a cop out. man is given free-will and he will have to answer for his actions when he is dead for sure, if not sooner. it is naive to say that he will stand in front of God on judgement day and say: "i did this injustice because it was your will". the more we are given knowledge, the heavier the burden of responsibility and thus the heavier punishment if we misuse our fee-will to create mischief on earth. so, let us call a spade by its true name and not gloss over injustices. Try : alamru bil maroof wa nahiu analmunkar. enjoin that which is good and denounce that which is evil. the two are clear as daylight. karma is how God works. you do insamuch as an atom of good, you shall see good and visa versa, as Quran teaches us.


Bismillah ar Rahman Ir Rahim

In pondering my last statement, i realized that the last paragraph might feel harsh upon reading...specifically the reference I make to there being an alcoholism problem amongst many Native-Americans. For the sake of Allah, I must clarify: Whatever the reason for the use of that which is prohibited, InshaAllah there is hope, hope of ridding this illness from the Native-American communities as we need Heroin removed. I would hope that there are AA and Al-Anon groups available for both the users of Alcohol and their families and there should be since these groups run nationwide programs. And yes, I stand corrected, people are still suffering..and will until the end of this life. Each and everyone of us has hardship, for do we not think Allah (SWT) will bring us hardship to bear, InshaAllah it will cleanse our souls and our sins and make us stronger. During the hardship though we experience suffering and InshaAllah we turn to Allah. "For those who reject Tagut and turn to Allah, those have taken the most trustworthy handhold". "With every hardship comes relief, with every hardship comes relief". Have you heard about Bill Cosby, though imperfect, he's going into African American communities stating, pick yourselves up! If you haven't heard about it, check it out on the web. Allah (SWT) has stated in the Quran, "Have I not made the Earth vast that you may travel upon it". There are times many of us in this nation, esp those who have travelled overseas have thought of relocating, leaving what at times is a God
forsaken land; for some who have left, it works for them...Someone once said to me, you don't see people risking their lives on rafts (by choice) to go to any other country. But as Khan pointed out, since when has nationalism become a part of Islam. He's right, it's not/ it shouldn't be, however we live here & what goes on here is important, even those who want to be apathetic can't. May Allah SWT gui

Native people do not want to drive out the current inhabitants of this land - what we do want is justice, meaning that our rights are respected, including our sacred lands. And we want this land's history to begin not with the blumbering Europeans (or Chinese, or whatever Muslim/Arab) "discovery" -The history of this land is the history of Native peoples - our stories, and our ways is the "beginning."

It is pathethic how people practice Islam in this country - you immigrate here, and then completely ignore the Native peoples - as if 1421 or whatever was the "discovery" of America --- what a big fat lie! Remember that this land is deeply sacred - baitul muqaddus! And until you learn to respect the sacred, respect the Native Americans, recognize the horrendous holocaust that the Euro-White-Anglos comitted on this land - you are going to just be a pawn in the hands of the Anglos who are out to conquer the planet - and will not rest until you become one of them.

Read the Qur'an, it teaches you to learn from history - the history of this land is soaked in the blood of Native peoples (and Black people also - who were forced to do the building of Anglos, and are now act as cannon fodders).

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

To Brother Khan, your point regarding land is well taken, All of the Earth/Allah's creation are in his dominion. There is a reality though, and that is that man has divided up the land and has done so with Allah's permission as nothing happens without his permission. If I am mis-understanding this ayat, please inform me.
How can the people of the earth not recognize borders. Do you mean spiritually? Anyone who travels is forced to view borders as reality. Am I over simplifying your point when you say you don't recognize borders?
To brother or sister NATIVE may Allah forgive any ignorant comments. I grew up in New York City so crime and poverty in the US are not unfamiliar to me. The plight of poor people of color is not unfamiliar to me by any means including the dumping of drugs in our neighborhoods to destroy "minority" communities.
With respect to Native-American communities I am very ignorant, my exposure to the Native American
plight comes through my listening to Pacifica and NPR radio and PBS specials but you are correct, I've never been to a reservation.
My mother's ancestory includes Cherokee Indian and African American. They integrated into mainstream society. While I do not wish to diminish in anyway the suffering of Native Americans, I do not believe it would be a mis-statement to say they are not relegated to the reservations, they have the chose to enter American society. I understand that may not seem like a good choice at all to many Native Americans. Dare I note that this is all part of Allah's (swt) plan. Native Americans have a deeply rooted history in spirituality; this is not inclusive of monotheism, or belief in one God, Allah. Dare I also make mention that Native Americans are keeping casinos and do not have to pay taxes on the revenues raised. Dare I say that there is a problem with Alcoholism on many reservations. Should I be expressing untruths or half truths, May Allah (SWT) forgive me.

In Islam if you kill one innocent human is like killing all humans.
Human worth is quite high.

Therefore Justice for everyone.
Is a must. For any Nation.

Bads deeds gives bad fruits.
Now you want your fruit to be sweet.
I dont see how.

Maybe giving all the stolen land back to the Natives and asking for their forgivenss, just a thought...

Umm Iman --- talks about this "suffering" in the past tense - as if there is no more suffering goin' on! Maybe you need to go and visit a reservation where native peoples have been hearded like goats - and given some of the worst lands. And where the land is rich in natural resources (such as Navajo) those have been stolen (again, surprise surprise) by the big US corporations. Read any of the books by Ward Churchill to get a grip on reality.

Maybe Umm Iman might wanna visit any of the big cities and go into the poorest areas - and see the incredible level of poverty here. And then read a few books about how the United States pushed drugs into South Central Los Angeles --- go read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb and get some education instead of pointificating about the ridiculous notion of "greatness" of this "nation."

Dissnet? You are allowed little or no dissent in this country - a Muslim who speaks the truth is liable to be watched very closely - check out what the FBI did in Lodi, California - arrested an Imam 'cause he spoke out against the American nation's war on the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you wanna follow the path of submission to Allah, Inshallah - you need to leave your Uncle/Auntie Tomism at the door!

Since when has nationalism become a part of islam?
As a muslim i do not recognise borders or that one people or nation is better than the other as all land belongs to Allah and muslims need not lick anyones boots.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Alhumdulilah for brother Corey's article, may Allah reward you for sharing both your viewpoint and your time during which you work with CAIR. Let's all remember that CAIR is an organization that works to bring justice through the guidance of Allah, InshaAllah,to Muslims in America who face injustice. Brother Corey like many of us in America who've been given the blessings from Allah of sight, hearing and speech have an understanding that this country was indeed built upon a wicked foundation of theft of the worse kind: theft of humans and theft of land but, Allah , SWT, knows best, nothing happens without Allah's permission. We've come along way since Pilgrims set foot on this land. I agree with brother Corey that the USA does allow for political dissent where one finds injustice. Try dissenting in the mid-east or the horn of Africa and see where the dissident ends up. Let's look at brothers in our deen who were killed in Egypt who died fighting for the cause of Islam; I'm not talking about people who bombed buildings but rather writers. We know that African-Americans suffered, no doubt, we know that native Americans suffered, no doubt, but let's not lose sight of the fact that we are here today, through Allah's infinite mercy and will, with the ability to speak truth, to seek justice and are able to do so within the existing framework of the US Constitution. Jefferson himself was a victim of his time, he sought justice yet was unjust most of all to himself, just look at the woman he spent time with, a slave; true, we don't know the context of his relationship because he lived a lie. However, the founders of this country (by the will of Allah)opened the door to a place where (though not inclusive of all people at the time of it's inception) voices could be heard, and justice and freedom, mainly religious freedom could be sought. One can emigrate. Actually, this forum is a reminder to keep Native/ African Americans in our prayers

we should give the writer credit for her honest feeling. as for islam it is a religion of submission to the will of ONE GOD. nothing is supreme under HIS domain. ALL must bow down to HIS glory and justice, whether they like it (thro willful submission) or dislike it (thro certainty of death). Yet it is the only religion that dictates upon us "Al-amru bil maroof wa nahiu an al-munkar". That is to side with truth thro our thought, speach and action and denounce the wrong thro our thought, speach and action. such a belief removes personal favour and restores justice whilst upholding kindness to ALL His creation as its foundation. in such an atmosphere love flourishes in the heart of the believer. Glory be to the One and Only God. all praise belong to HIM and to none other. Peace.

I believe that Demon in latin is Daemon. I think the word democracy comes from a greek philosopher whose name was Democritus. Just want to make sure sources are accurate when we are trying to back up our points. All prais to Allah.

For those who are indigenous, or Native American, the theft of this land and the imposition of the "United States" was a catastrophy. Excuse me, but if that is what you are saying Islam is all about - leave me out!

BUT I do know better, while Uncle and Auntie Tomsias are running around licking peoples boots - we are educating ourselves, many people are becoming educated about Islam. Not this sanitized/Americanized Uncle Sam bootlicking version you got in your article.

Inshallah, we shall overcome slavery, and a day will come when the Native peoples of this land will be rightfully recognized.

Iam a 16 yr. old Muslim, and I am an american born citizen. I love my religon with all my heart and nothing hurts me more than people who disrespect it. I use to feel the same way about my country, don't get me wrong I still love my country. This article puts in writting what I felt all along. Wheather we are muslims or americans, were people who have the same belifs and thoughts. Instead of pointing fingers at each other we should, we should take time an listen to each other and embrace our differences instead of ignor them. Our differences are what make us so special. If we only took the time to listen and understand each other we wouldn't have to go to war, have millions of people dying everyday. Its only our own ignorance that got us to this piont.

Salaam alaikum:July 4th celebrates America`s White independence from Great Britain and France.Therefore,it has no significance for Black Americans,who were slaves at the time.Democracy,in Latin,means,the Demon Rules,and as we can plainly see,in every country with Democracy,graft,corruption,murder,homosexuals,lesbians,child-molesters,etc;proliferate.Did not St. John the Divine,warn the world,that Satan residence(Revelations)was in the Adriatic sea,close to Greece,where Democracy started? No sir,we American Muslims(Black)are not going to celebrate July 4th.We are not---patriotic.Salaam

Very well put Corey. This is my adopted country I can also say that America has made me a better Muslim.

Peace be with you...I am pround to be a Muslim and to be an American; I'm not happy about some government polcies, but American Muslims are making a place for Islam in society...especially with so many Americans reverting to Islam. American Muslims will be avery positive force in this country for a return to the founding principles of equality, justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. American Muslims find it hard to accept some aspects of cultural
islam, but these is not the same as the universal principles of the Faith. It will be exciting to see a truly american Islam emerge that is true to the teaching of Islam, if not to the cultural traditions of the middle-east.

It is interesting to connect Islam to the founding of the US as we know it.Many Americans (I speak only about the US as I am from here) do not deal well with the dark side of US history. The fact that we stole the land from the people who lived here and enslaved them along with importing people to be slaves is actually very hard for many people to deal with. 200 years ago this country was founded on the freedom for white men. (Never mind the women...especially those like Ann Hutchinson who was banned from the colony for speking up against oppression by the government)

I recently visited Washington's estate in Mt. Vernon, VA. It mentioned that he really was 'oppposed to slavery'. Where was his convictions when he increased the number of slaves he owned from 10 to nearly 300? Or could only manage 1 pair of shoes for his slaves for a year instead of 2? If these 'moral convictions' were so strong to fight for the freedom of some (themselves)where was it for others? There was actually a number of people opposed to slavery who stood against it, even risking their lives. Most of the 'founding fathers' did not.

One area in which people have gone wrong is to love the nation-state more then Allah. This creats false boundaries between peoples'. An 'us vs. 'them' mentality. When I tell people I have visited places like Pakistan that sort of gasp..and I tell them people like there are generally like us.. most people are decent trying to take care of their families, find a job and survive. No better or worse. Just a product of our environment.

Excellent article. Islam teaches us to respect others, love our neighbours, and honour and obey our parents. Islam teaches us moderation, implying meaning that all Muslims should be 'Moderate' (Something the Western Media should take heed of when they rant on about the demise of the 'moderate muslim'). Also, one of the Hadith's of our beloved Prophet stated that, one of the signs of Judgement Day was when people respect an individual due to their fear of what he may do, and not due to his good nature. This implies that the masses should rise against a cruel dictator and not fear him. Muslims should respect a leader only if he has goodness, piety, and honour. Unfortunately, individuals such as these are few and far between, especially in the political circle. May Allah swt grant the Muslim Ummah with a true leader, and may he guide all Mankind to be Honest, Pious, and Just.

Dear Corey,
Alhamdulillah on your conversion. I think in Iraq and Afghanistan, the problems are not their people, It is their leaders. But why must the Americans came and kill the innocents so freely and twist the facts in the news that they are killing militants and want to make us believe. They may fool some people some time, but they cannot fool all the people all the time. We know very well how the Americans supports the Israels to rob the Palestinians land and still blinds it. Osama is merely retaliating what the Americans did to the Palestinians. And here we are, being fooled by the American(Bush) to feel so much sympathetic to the Sept 11 victims. (which I did for your info.) But what happen to the daily killings of the Muslims in Iraq and Palestine by the Americans..does people like you and the rest in America talks about it and lobby the whole world to stop it??!! No, they only talk about 9/11..But person like Osama at least have the guts to retaliate on behalf of these oppressed people. Just like the Americans said, accidental deaths ...oooopppss collateral damage! their favorite statement. Oh yes, one more thing, tell the American leaders to also stop supporting the Arab dictators i.e Hosni Mubarak, Libya if they are sincere in changing the democratic process, Not only when it suits them!