Indian court rules in favor of mythology

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Babri Masjid, constructed in 1527 by  Babur, the first Mughal emperor of India

First they created a dispute about the origin of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India, then they installed idols of Hindu mythological gods and then they demolished the Mosque and finally they decided to partition the Mosque into three units, with one part offered to Muslims and the other two to Brahmans. In this process that spans over a few centuries, the Brahman politicians, religious leaders, fanatics and law enforcement agencies as well as judges acted within a framework that can easily be seen as prejudiced and biased.

Yet, the verdict on the Babri Masjid given by India's Allahabad High Court has not settled the issue. With the exception of Brahman led fanatic and extremist groups, every group including several prominent Brahman intellectuals and lawyers in India feel that justice was not served on on September 30, 2010 when the Court decided to divide the Mosque into three portions with the main one going to Hindus.

With this judgment, a Judicial court for the first time in Indian history has given legitimacy to a myth that is based on fiction rather than facts.

Rama the mythological king of Ayodhya

Rama is a mythological king of Ayodhya in ancient Hindu religious texts. No respectable Brahman scholar accepts the story as true that was narrated by Valmiki, the poet harbinger in Sanskrit literature. Particularly the story that deals with the killing of a so called untouchable by Rama is widely accepted as mythology. Valmiki writes in the Ramayana that a Brahmin's son died in a young age. In a Vedic (of Hindu religion) ruled country it was believed that everyone had a 100 year life. The Brahman went and complained to Ram about why his son died early. Ram thought that some un-Vedic things must have happened to cause this disruption in life span. He found out that Sambuk, a dalit (untouchable) was chanting Vedas. A person of the untouchable class was considered unclean and had thus defiled the Vedas, the Hindu religious text. So he killed Sambuk and the Brahman child became alive.

The writer of Ramayana, Valmiki according to Brahmin sources was a highway robber, robbing the people after killing them. After chopping their fingers he used to create and wear the Maala (necklace) of fingers of the victims, because of this his name was Angolimaal. Once, the robber tried to rob the divine sage Narada for the benefit of his family. Narada asked him if his family would share the sin he was incurring due to the robbery. The robber replied positively, but Narada told him to confirm this with his family. The robber asked his family, but none agreed to bear the burden of sin. Dejected, the robber finally understood the truth of life and asked for Narada's forgiveness. Narada taught the robber to worship god. The robber meditated for many years, so much so that ant-hills grew around his body. Finally, a divine voice declared his penance successful, bestowing him with the name "Valmiki": "one born out of ant-hills". The Ramayana, originally written by Valmiki, consists of 24,000 verses in six cantos (some say seven i.e. including the Uttara Ramayana). The Valmiki Ramayana is dated variously from 500 BC to 100 BC. As with many traditional epics, it has gone through a long process of interpolations and redactions, making it impossible to date accurately.

It is this version of history that a judicial court has upheld, raising questions about the impartiality of the judiciary in India. Yet, a final verdict on India's judiciary system is yet to be given. The Supreme Court will give the final verdict on the case that Muslims have appealed.

Doubtlessly, India's youth deserve to be applauded for not falling into the propaganda of fanatics and zealots as they responded to the verdict in a civil manner unprecedented in India in similar situations.

The Allahbad High Court Judgment is biased. It is more like a religious and political statement than a judicial verdict. It ignores the rules of justice and defies the facts even the court upheld to be facts.

In 1992 150,000 Hindu extremists descended
on the  Babri Mosque and demolished the
ancient building

While it accepts the fact that no temple was demolished in the 16th century by Muslims to build the mosque, it describes the Babri Mosque a disputed land between two parties Hindus and Muslims. Paradoxically, it divides the mosque land into three parties Hindu, Muslims and Hindu Nirmohi Akhara. 

While the court fails to identify the actual place of the birth of Rama, described as god, it gives the main portion of the Mosque to Hindus on the basis of the claim the Hindus made first in 1949 when they placed the idols of Rama inside the Mosque under the central dome. Ironically, the court acknowledges the conspiracy of placing the idols by a groups of Brahmans inside the Mosque without using the word conspiracy.

The court fails to record the fact that one of the parties was in contempt of the country by demolishing the Mosque and pitching its tent there while the case was being discussed in the country.

Based on a verbal narration of events in 1848 when parts of the premises were used by a section of Hindus as a place for Ram Alkhara and Sita Rasoi, the court allocates one third of the inside Mosque premises to Nirmohi Akhara while acknowledging the fact that the mosque was present since 16th century denies the mosque the actual location to rebuild itself. In fact, it echoes the Vishwa Hindu Parishad position that the mosque should be build in the adjoining land.

The Court verdict is not a unanimous verdict. Thus it is understood that honorable judges did not agree unanimously on the verdict. The minority of judges had doubts and questions about the validity and authenticity of the premises on which the verdict was based.

Obviously, justice has not been served in the case. The court by and large upheld the position of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bhartiya Janta Party and many other Brahman led organizations ignoring the historical facts that were established centuries ago. The court verdict sets a dangerous precedence because based on it, every historical Muslim monument and Mosque in India can be challenged and divided between parties who dispute their ownership.

The court decision is a set back to Indian judiciary and an alarming sign for minorities.

Under the circumstance, the Muslim community should defer the matter to the Supreme Court and if the judgment is upheld there, it should respect the decision believing the that ultimate justice will be served by the Judge of all judges. There is no need to defy the law and order and violate the sanctity of human life as was done by those who demolished the Mosque in 1992.

What is at stake in India is not a piece of land but the whole concept of justice. The court, unfortunately upheld historical fabrications, distortion and lies as the basis of its verdict and ignored the facts while acknowledging their existence.

The judgment is a sad precedence in the history of Indian judiciary. Perhaps Indian Muslims will learn a lesson from this by empowering themselves through education and economic self sufficiency.

Dr Aslam Abdullah is director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, Vice president of the Muslim Council of America (MCA) and the President elect of the Nevada Interfaith Council. He has authored several books and published more than 400 papers on issues related with Islam and contemporary issues. He has taught at colleges in India as well as in the US. 

  Category: Asia
  Topics: Hinduism, India, Interfaith, Islam
Views: 7281

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Older Comments:
Dear Sir,

I strongly suggest you to quote the sources for each fact you post, rather than using the very word 'sources'. such highly biased and communal articles are sure to spread violence and enimity. THE STORY REGARDING SRI RAM KILLING A DALIT IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE AND YOUR CREATION. kindly dont try to spread unrest among the people.

Regarding the babri masjid case, you probably dont read news papers.
There are many evidences to show that the site was basically a temple. I dont want to argue about it.

Sir, place of worship is not a temple or a mosque, it is one's heart where he can find peace.kindly change your attitude of spreading disharmony, and let the humanity cherish.

Remember sir, be it a hindu or a muslim, every human comes with the
same blood and same body.


THANK YOU.. Allah is great, and Sri Ram is our Allah

Who are judges? Human beings. Can a human being act impartially? or can he dis please the one who is caring for his salary?After all what does no happen in India.In a country,where people are selling their own children for food,what can you expect from them?Since the beginning of that big joke,that is taking the Babri Musjid Case to the indian court,it was already known what the judgement would be.But one thing the judges in that case have forgotten.There is a bigger judge above them and with Him there will be no bribery nor wrong judgement.They will have to answer and his punishments will be eternal.They will have to bear their consequences.
It was a clear cut case for the BJP and the Viswa Hindu Parishad.They had their hands fully in the pulling down of the Babri Musjid and Advani cannot deny this fact.Those who believe that the monkey god can carry a mountain,what can you expect from such kind of beliefs? Kaafirs will remain Kaafirs and The Almighty has already decided what to do with them.As it is mentioned in the article,that why to fight for a piece of land, but they are distorting history. Sometimes,just think that what ever happens,it is the will of Allah(SWA).It is said that with out his permission,a dead leaf cannot fall from a tree.What has happen is a sign from Him.He knows better how to handle the case.He will definitely take His revenge on the false judges and they will ahve to pay for waht they have done.We have faith in Him and He is Just.He knows waht justice is and will settle the matter with them.Why has he said that"if you make friend with my enemy,I will consider you as my enemy"Either you believe in him or the monkey god.
Personally,I think that what has happened is simply His wish.He has done just to call the Muslims to unite themselves and talk with one mouth and act as one force.We are against violence and we have left the matter to Him,the Almighty.He knows better and He will take his revenge definiotely.Those judges will have to answer

Execellent write-up Aslam saheb, every word in your article is a factual statement. Please correct the name of Valmiki when he was a dacoit, his name was Daku Ratnakar. The story of Unglimaar Daku is the one who met Gautam Budha. You got the story mixed up. Please pray that Brahmins this time do not succeed in their strategy of Saam, Daam, Dund and Bhead in dividing the Muslim Organisations, Individual Muslim leaders and Urdu Media. GOI has already pumped Billions among Babri Masjid Players. To name a few Shahi Imam Jama Masjid Delhi, Asaduddin Owaisi [M.P], Shahid Siddiqui[ex-M.P], All India Imam Organization, Jamiat Ulema's Madni's, FEW AIMPLB MEMBERS, Shia leader Kalbey Sadiq, Wali Rehmani, Hashim Ansari and the most Important Advocate Zafaryaab Jilani.

Hindus or muslim is all same........

Watch out. Zeus supporters are getting ready.

Very well written article based on facts, not emotions. I like the last paragraph most in which Dr. Aslam argues in favor of upholding and respecting the law after the Supreme Court verdict if that too is like the one rendered by the high court.

Dr. Aslam's article lacks intellectual rigour. While most Indian Muslims are disappointed with the verdict; it is disingenous to call it a Brahman conspiracy. One of the judges (who ruled in favour of the tripartite division) was a fellow Muslim. Also, the judgement on land ownership has no relation to the criminal case against the demolition of Babri Masjid. Let us also not deny that Muslim rulers did indeed demoslish temples and build mosques (more to demonstrate political conquest than religious reasons).The judgement pavres the way for moderate Muslims and Hindus to reach a settlement.

To Mr.Romesh Chander, we are in serious crises. No amount of analogy will work here. What are we defending here. Is there anything to defend? We have shamefully and arrogantly isolated millions of minorities for what? We have created a situaton of pre-partioned period. How easy for you to use the words ignorance on the pevious gentelemen. Are you now sure still that Lord Rama is a mythological figure? Are you not sure that the hooligans and vandals are let loose. Are you still struggling that millions of minorities are watching helplessly the freedom of those criminals who have demolished a religious site. Are you still contemplating that not only the religious site was demolished, thousands of minorities were masaccred in the open fields? I am so surprised by your total ignorance on the subject. What are you defending my friend. If you are trying to prove your 'utter stubborness' an obligation to defend India, then you have done a great disservice to your nation. The religious site was not demolished for any beliefs, it was demolished to remind the minorities that how you dare you have ruled us for 1000 years. A cheap way of revenge. Our biased and customised history is the greatest problem. When my Brahmin teacher announced that Taj Mahal was originally a hindu temple, then I bet you sir, the destruction of the mosque was imminent. What is the fuss? Are you not accepting that Bharat was divided into 200 kingdoms before Muslims arrived and titled us "Hindus", called our cluttered country a united "Hind". What is next? China is eyeing on 100 trillion dollars of Muslim-controlled nautral resources while we are digging Muslim religious sites. Get over my friend. Sometimes I feel, we hate Muslims more than we love Hinduism. Unfortunaely, Brahmin controlled India happened to be on the wrong side of many issues internationally. They do not represent us. Simple. My Ram is an idea, not a land grabber. Stop this nonsense.

It seems to me that the justice has not been served, but I am not surprised at this verdict. When criminals who killed thousands of innocent minorities, including Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, at several occasions, roam free for dozens of years without any fear or repercussion, India's secular and democratic credentials are at stake.

Instead of being punished, these very criminals now occupy high positions of authority. That makes the country a lawless state where only power rules and justice is denied to the deserving.

This is a wake up call for Indians of conscience to take their country back from these anti-state elements.

I agree with the article. As expected justice is not served as the criminals are let loose even after 20 years of time span and the historical evidence is ignored.

I will agree with the article. The sad part of the verdit is, there is not even a tap in the wrist for the criminals who demolished a worship place.
But most importantly I'm worried if this issue will ever settle. Now that it has been registered as a site where Hindus ( eventhough it was a handful extremist elements ) torned down a Muslim worship place, it gives Muslims a good reason to tear down the structure that may be built there, may be after centuries. And there is no winner here.

What I feel is the compromise should have came from the Muslim side. The court should have ruled against the criminal elements who demolished a worship place without even considering a justice system even exists and should have given land to Muslims. On that point Muslims should have given by good will a good portion or where the Hindu sentiments lies to the Hindus where they can build their temple. That way, this disgusting shame on the face of the democratic India, would have turned in to a proud symbol of peace and tolerance. And that would have been a blow to the saffron terrorists.

Doesn't Islam teach life of a single believer is more worthful than holy Kaaba?

If people are allowed to place idols anywhere and claim that thier gods arose from this spot and take that land, and the court accepts this ridiculous notion and fails to acknowlegde factual evidence of the mosque existing prior to that with no Hindu intervention, then Muslims should be able to use a similar argument. To Allah belongs the heavens and the earth. Although I oppose the courts descision (which is biased!) Im surprised it even gave that much of the mosque to Muslims.

To Ratan Gupta and Vijay Kumar:

Yes, there were holligans who did the destruction of the mosque. However, that matter was not before this court. The courts cannot go outside the boundaries of what the plaintiffs bring matters before them and argue about it.

As usual, you people are showing your total ignorance of how the system works and what the court was deciding.

While the verdict on Babri Masjid seems to have disappointed most Muslims, our Hon'ble intellectuals, mostly Hindus, sympathising with Muslims, once again came out with a noble suggestion, "Move On". Is the task of "Moving On" left only with the minorities of this country who, for the last sixty years, have always been at the receiving end after suffering from the menace of the majority community?

Be it Muslims, Sikhs or Christian. Genocides, carnages, humiliation, discrimination and bias attitudes seem to have become their everyday fate. Why the Hindus didn't move on after the killing of Indira Gandhi? Did she belong to Hindus alone? Why the Majoritarians didn't move on after the killing of a Priest in Khandmal, allegedly by a Maoist and went on rampaging and killing hapless Christians? Why didn't they move on after 56 kar sevaks, whose identity to this day is a mystery were burnt inside the compartment, went on killing, burning, and raping three thousand innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.

And did Hindus move on after Babar, allegedly, destroyed the temple and built a mosque in Ayodhya six hundred years ago? NO! NO!! NO!!! Hindus, being the majority and eternal patriots of this country ought to have an eternal right to retaliate with total brutality even after six centuries. But minorities, being vulnerable and "lesser" patriots, despite being wounded, in order to prove their patriotism, needed to keep on moving because India is moving. No matter, however brutal atrocities they may have had to suffer from the "Indigenous", crooked, biased, corrupt and hate mongering bosses of this country. Ask historians, and they would prefer even on their death, an "enslaved" India, either by the British or the "Invader Mughals" over the horribly "patriotic" and terrifyingly independent India. Shame on such an insane majority.


I agree with Ratan Gupta. Well said. Basically, the courts have sent several messages to the minorities. 1) you are first a christian or a Sikh or a Muslim, then you are an Indian 2) how dare youu have ruled upon us for 1000 years 3) India is totally and comprehensively divided into pieces except and otherwise a shallow and hallow and customized democracy 4) The matter is not about the religious beliefs, the matter is who are those hooligans, like Ratan has said correctly, who planted those idols in 1949 and subsequently demolished the mosque in the supervision of authorities.

The atmosphere in India is sombre and public is stunned. No intellectual and sensible person can accept that verdict. Time has come that all the religious groups should join together and prosecute those criminals and hooligans who have hijacked India, otherwise, we are very much in pre-partitioned period.

Very nice & eyeopening article for humankind (not only for minorities worldwide).

Justice cannot be on myth it should be on fact. Anyway Hinduism itself is based on a mythological belief, how one can expect non mythological judgment.

The only beleif & truth religion is Peace(In Arabic is Islam) which today science has proven to be 80% right. Remaining 20 % is also right but science is not so much advanced to prove it.

To Mr Romesh please see the fact & u will surely revert back to original faith of one & only one God.( Read more vedas ) Check it out on more for comparitive religion & why only Peace is a religion of God.

Mr.Romesh Chander wrote nonsense such as "science and religion are always in conflict". Only a person who is ignorant of both science and religion can comment like that.Islam is in perfect agreement with all proven scientific facts.

The Court says to divide the place where Babri Masjid stood into three parts. That is injustice. Read books of (Late)B.N. Pande, an eminent Indian Historian. Most of the Indian Hindu Historians wrote big lies about Mughal Rulers. B.N. Pande wrote differently. Mughal rulers helped in building temples for Hindus. They were not communal.

There were wars among themseleves and others. That was not communal in nature. Muslims ruled India for 800 years. If they were active in destroying Temples and converting others into Islam, as the Hindu fanatics allege, how the majority of people in Indian subcontinent still remain non-Muslim.


It was absolutely a political statement written by Hindu radical organizations and delivered by juduciary. There is lot of doubt in minds of people whether judges had a nexus with BJP or were bribed or intimidated. Buying verdict in your gfavour by bribe is not uncommon in India. Here incentive was more as judges could be convinced that they were protecting their mythological king Rama. Muslims must understand that they will get justice from God Almighty and not these corrupt and communal judges and courts. They should pray to God for getting all to the right path.


Definately this should be a "wakeup" call for Indian Muslims and minorities throughout the world to empower themselves through education and economic self sufficiency.

With Global warming and within a few decades the waters in the Hamilayes, Indus, Ganges, and other major rivers running dry.... things will becomae a lot more nastier before they become better.




Reading comments of Romesh Chander, I see he is getting fantical and anti-Muslim and anti-Islam day by day. He has lost his balance and his ability to reason. I am wondering what he is smoking.

The case is not about mandir masjid. The case is who are those criminals and vandals and hooligans who have demolished a religious structure? After 20 years of demolition, they are still loose and free. The verdict of the court is nothing but to legalize the crime of 1992 and 1949, nothing else. Yes, Lord Ram is not a factual figure, but it is a good governance, it is an idea, it is a concept it is dream imagination. My father is Ram for me. My elder brother could be Ram for me. Gandhi is Ram for me. There is no historical evidence is avaibale to the imagination of Ram.

Rather than upholding the supremacy of justice, Romesh Chander chose expediency. Rather than relying on facts, Chander quoted fictions. The verdict is available online and it clearly states that the Mulsims did not demolish the temple, In fact, the verdict was unable to accept the claim that a temple ever existed on the actual site of the mosque. All it says that somewhere in the large area was the place treated or believed to be the birthplace of mythological Rama, a position not supported by the historical facts.
It would have been better for the two parties to enter a negotiated settlement.
Rather than adopting a civil approach, the BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad led terrorists demolished the mosque in front of the whole world and the India's law enforcement agencies could do anything. In fact, no one has been brought to justice for this horrible crime.
The issue as I stated is not legal. It is moral, social and political. Justice can not be compromised for myths. This is what the Allahabad court has done.
Muslims must be lauded for their peaceful response to the verdict. Chander should learn the lesson of tolerance from this generation of Muslim Indians.
What happens in the rest of the world including the Muslim world is not the subject of the article. However, every act of injustice committed by anyone regardless of their religious background must be challenged. If Muslims are involved in acts of injustices, they must be held accountable for that.

As a Muslim I am ashamed of such a piece. Lest we forget "one man's myth is another man's truth" As Muslims we are not obliged to believe as others do but we must respect their beliefs and bring them to our way of thinking through good conduct. Now the fact is that there was a temple there before the Masjid was built on the site whether or not we believe Rama to be real or not someone worshiped him and we must respect that, just as Umar respected the site in Jerusalam and built the Masjid instead on what was then a garbage dump. In Turkey the former church was not destroyed but converted into a Masjid. Allah alone knows the truth of all things our job is to make the best of what we consider to be a bad decision and move on. If we would have respect we must give respect.

mr romwesh chander your comments havwe no logic, in them at all you are supporting the courts decisioon based on mythology about an idol who is treated as god , hinuds have 100's of idols youmean all those idols so called gods are born in the 3000 so list of masjids in India who the bjP AND YOUR Fanatic witchcraft practicing hindu ignorant parties like to destroy,so who was taking care of the world when the idols was born in the area of the mosque you have in historyu no evidence of existence whatsover of any of those deities stone idols who you call as gods. it is the height of ignorance and people whose concept of the lamighty creator itself is distorted they would resort to not fearing him or his punishment for hurting others and when you dont fear him then you do wretched acts against humanity as you can see from the latest series of arrest that happened and the Cbi reports of hindus being behind the suicde bombings in India including the mumbai terror attacks goa nd examine the bodies of the dead terorist who the muslims imams have laready done they wer all uncircumcised shamelessly proving that they wer hindus to the core. shame on you this is decree by the court based on mythological opbservations of bhanumati practicing people is totally biased and what it means is the hindu rule in India will inhsllah soon come to an end . you can see that from history ,hindus did not even have an identity of their own before islam came it is the muslim rulers who even coined the phrase hindu hind is an arabic word the popehts aunt name was hind and it is still commonly used as name in muslim in arab lands . it is themuslim who made india into one country the hindu rulers were divided and had their own town and villages they ruled and thier owmen us eto go without any cove opver their bare breasts in the streets it is the muslim rulers who made them arap the saree around to cover them the word saree itslef in arabic means noble go to indian history and find out contineu

Continuing the discussion:

Mr Abdullah writes " What is at stake in India is not a piece of land but the whole concept of justice". Sorry, Justice in complex cases is always relative. Look at the Islamic history of 1400 years. Do you expect anything better from others now?

Mr Abdullah writes "The court decision is a set back to Indian judiciary and an alarming sign for minorities". Compared to which countries? Sorry, India is not God's Kingdom; it is a land run by human beings. Indian Justice is not perfect, but still far better than some other countries, AND especially far better than muslim countries (especially Pakistan). If some minorities don't like it, well LIFE IS NOT WINE AND ROSES; IT IS A SERIES OF COMPROMISES.

So, compromise. I am sure, muslims (and everybody in US) compromise in US and other places, because that is life; you cannot win everywhere; I am sure there will be no mosque in Ground Zero area in NY. Or move elsewhere (preferably to God's Kingdom, if you can find one).

Mr Abdullah writes that ".. they decided to partition the Mosque into three units", and he mentions it twice. Nonsense. Nobody divided the mosque; mosque does not exist anymore.

Please read the Court verdict, and I have a copy of that. Justice Khan, a muslim, on this Bench wrote in the verdict "Mosque was constructed over the ruins of temples which were lying in utter ruins since a very long time ... and some material thereof was used in construction of the mosque". Now who created ruins of Hindu temples? Previous muslim ruler of the area? It will be incredible that Hindus demolished their own temples and left them in a ruinous state. So, obviously, muslims built the mosque on 'demolished' temples.

Again to quote Justice Khan "That for a very long time till the construction of the mosque it was treated / believed byHindus that somewhere in a very large area of which premises in dispute is a very small part birth place of Lord Ram was situated".

But then what is religion if not BELIEFS? Religion is not facts. Christianity has its beliefs. Judaism has its beliefs. And Islam has its beliefs. If they were facts, then Religion will be science; and science / religion are always in conflict. And according to muslim justice Khan, Hindus believe the place to be birthplace of Rama.

Mr Abdullah writes " What is at stake in India is not a piece of land but the whole concept of justice". Sorry, Justice in complex cases is always relative. Look at the Islamic history of 1400 years. Do you expect anything better from others now?