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How can we make a positive change in the societies we live in? It is unfortunate that we as Muslims do not take our personal responsibilities seriously. Each one of us can make a difference by practicing what we preach. We have to be sincere in implementing and practicing Allah (SWTA's) commandments in our daily lives. If we do this, for sure we will see a positive change. Our religion is like a light, if we attain this light we will glow like a candle and this candle will emit the light to shine the faces around us. 

We may choose to sit back, relax, and do nothing and see our generations go from bad to worse every passing day. Or we have a choice to stand up, gain knowledge, wisdom and do something to make a positive change around us.

I have a short story to share with my readers. I used to own two businesses in one of the Malls here in Colorado, one of which I was attending. The other business which would cater mostly to ladies was run by my wife. Over the years I had developed a good relationship with the clientele of different faiths around the area. While attending to our customers, both my wife and I would do a little Dawa too. One day one of my customers (husband and wife) went to my wife's store and purchased some stuff from her and they came back to my store and asked me why your wife covers from head to toe it looks like you guys are suppressing your women and forcing them to cover their bodies. Let them enjoy and be free is what the couple said to me. I was taken by surprise, but this was a good opportunity for me to do Dawa and open their eyes. I knew what religion they belonged to, but still wanted to make sure I asked them to what faith they belonged to. They replied that they are Catholic Christians. My second question to them was so you believe in the teachings of Jesus (PBUH) and also believe in His mother Virgin Mary. They said yes we do believe in this school of thought. My third question to them was since you folks carry the pictures of Jesus and his Mother, how do you see the mother of Jesus dress in the pictures? Also how about the nuns in the churches? They replied their bodies are fully covered. I asked did any one force them to cover their bodies or do they choose to obey the commandments of God Almighty. They said you are absolutely right. We have become so ignorant, we thank you for opening our eyes.

In a very pleasant and smiling way I told them I think my wife loves and follows Mary's dress code more precisely than you think. If you look at yourself and compare, you have the answer. A personal question I asked the husband was whenever you are going around places do men look at you wife? He replied yes, but I really want to take their eyes out and I feel jealous. I took it a step further by asking his wife if when you see some men looking at you how you feel. She said that it makes me feel uncomfortable and I want to hide my body. Now if you follow the dress code of Virgin Mary then both of you do not have to go through this dilemma and you will be at peace. 

Do you believe me Mr. Shah when I say "I feel like I am naked at present, but next time when you see me I will be dressed modestly". To my surprise after some days she came to my store wearing a full sleeved shirt and a long skirt and asked me how do I look now? I said to her that you have done a good job, but there is some more room for improvement. She smiled and replied one step at a time Mr. Shah. I told her be strong I am really proud of you.

Unfortunately, television has had and continues to have a big impact on our daily lives. Very subtlety, it is changing our thoughts, behavior, and life styles. It sets the trends for society and like a wave and we tend to flow along with it. The question that lies to improving our society is how many people can resist this change? If we are strong and hold tight to the rope of Allah we can assume the responsibility of educating and opening the minds of the people within our society. First we have to start with ourselves and our immediate families. Let us be sincere ambassadors of our deen and become the catalysts that spread this positive change in all aspects of life by spreading the word of Allah and His Beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) around us.


  Category: Life & Society, Nature & Science  Values: Integrity
Views: 6397

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Older Comments:

I disagree with your entire view. Why should the negative actions of others dictate how you live your life? Why not be polite and communicate with those people and educated them as to what is right and what is wrong. Tell them that what they are doing is rude, and negative, they are the ones who are letting jealousy and desire rule their lives, and will cause them suffering in the end. Why should you promote this view by changing yourself?

People need only Love and understand, and compassion for our society to be a positive one, not hiding or limiting yourself.


Seriously, an article about the positive change that can be brought to non-Muslims via the words and deeds of Muslims, and the example is about some poor woman's dressing habits? Don't you guys have something more to offer? Granted I'm of the opinion that the all good found in Islam can be found in almost every other religion and/or culture and with less attendant nonsense, but certainly you guys don't really think women's dress is among the greatest lessons you can teach, do you? Perhaps you do...

The couple in question semed pretty passive-minded and eager to please. Here's some of the responses I might have made (leaving out the Christian-based Q's, as I'm agnostic and wouldn't care).

"Do men look at your wife?" Sometimes. I don't particularly care so long as they don't look at me challengingly when I catch them. One of the few times thats happened the guy in question had already lost her to me, so I was mostly just amused. I don't feel threatened because I'm extremely confident of my wife's loyalty. Furthermore overwhelming majority of western men know they're behaving badly when they leer, and respond with shame when caught out. This is because they don't think its a woman's responsibility to control men's urges.

"Do you (the wife) feel uncomfortable when men look at you?" My wife would say only on those rare occaisions when the men continue to look after she has caught them. Then she's wanted to scratch their eyes out. She knows its them behaving badly, not her.