Mapping or Mopping off Muslims

The Los Angeles Police Department seemingly has now taken up the task of cleaning bad Muslims off the streets of Los Angeles.

Their vague plan to map Muslim communities to identify potential hotbeds of terrorism is a severe infringement upon civil liberties.

The LAPD mapping plan makes a lot of assumptions about Muslims without any concrete evidence and promotes apprehensions about a people whose record as peaceful citizens of Los Angeles is transparent. With the lowest incidents of crimes in its ranks, the Muslim community is likely to become the number one suspect in the eyes of law enforcement agencies and through police actions in the eyes of the public once the plan comes into affect. Muslims will be religiously profiled. Those who already harbor ill feelings towards Islam and Muslims will use every possible opportunity to play with the sentiments of the people by spreading hatred and rumors and those among officials who want 15 minutes of fame on the media will exploit the situation to create panic and fear in the general public. Obviously, the LAPD plan makes lots of assumptions without spelling them out.

It assumes that Muslim communities harbor ill will towards the United States of America. It assumes that Muslims are anti-Americans. It assumes that Muslims are anti-national. It assumes that Islam promotes violence and extremism. It assumes that Muslims are a threat to the city and its residents. Seemingly, the plan, as it is, views the Muslim community as a hostile and enemy community. It views them with suspicion and considers them dangerous. The explanation as given by the LAPD police chief that the plan will help improve relations with the Muslim community is a total white wash. Obviously, as suggested by some experts on security issues, the plan must have been drawn by someone who has little to do with law enforcement procedures.

Most probably, as suggested by one expert, someone with deep hatred of Muslims and Islam must have authored it. There is no hard data that suggest that Muslim Americans or Muslims in Southern California were involved in any activity that can be termed as anti-national. Law enforcement agencies exist to protect citizens rather than harass or discriminate against them. If the LAPD had come up with a plan to map antisocial elements, criminals, drug addicts or gangsters, regardless of the communities they come from, it would have received the endorsement of Muslims and other communities.

The way Southern California communities have responded to the proposal clearly indicates that the LAPD has been over stepping its boundaries. We are not living in a police state. In democracies, measures like these fall in the preview of legislative bodies. As citizens, Muslim Americans have every right to question the validity of this measure from a national security perspective. This plan has the potential to damage the reputation of a dignified American community. It has the potential to sow the seeds of a greater conflict between the law enforcement agencies and Muslims. Moreover, it is a waste of precious national resources that could be used to providing much needed health care to our veterans, 20,000 of whom sleep on streets every day.

The police chief must not only withdraw this plan but apologize to the Muslim community for questioning their patriotism. Muslims and their organizations must prepare themselves for a long civil rights movement if this plan goes into effect. The Muslim leadership must come out with a citizen based campaign to protect the constitution, the national interest and the dignity of the community and do so fearlessly.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and recently appointed director of programs at the Lahore based International Iqbal Institute of Research, Education and Dialogue. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Listen Brian, If your spread to Biblical Christianity is the answer to Islam, then tell me why are there so many empty churches in the U.S and even in U.K ? Why are there churches even for sale in e-bay, just look at those web sites, you'll find so many ?

And why the conflict, ever in your biblical Christianity, on homosexual species, the so called progressive would want to admit them to their priesthood while the so-perceived ultra conservative wants to keep them out. And this admission and acceptance of a gay priest in the west recently, do you know that it is driving the consevative African churches, a distance, from the more powerful churches establishment in the west. And it's driving more Africans to Islam.

What is the Christian moral barometer actually ? Be honest and ernest about these Brian, you have the answers.

AC FROM UK said:
Brian Campbell repeats the mantra "Biblical Christianity, it's embrace and spread is the answer to Islam." Just like spammers do. May be he can't help it because his education/mind only allows him this spam- i.e limited intellect!
Your Pal and fellow Christian Clifford Ishii failed to answer any of my three simple questions. May be you can do better and answer even one Brian Campbell! The three simple easy questions for you are: 1). Where did JESUS in the Bible say to his followers call yourselves CHRISTAINS?
I SAID JESUS, not TOM, DICK, HARRY, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy-Hilly Graeme and his equally ignorant and arrogant son Franklin etc.. of which the Bible is full.
2). Jesus say's in the Bible that I (Jesus) have been sent to the lost house of Israel, and not the GENTILES. He (Jesus) also says to his followers go to the Jews, and not the gentiles. Where do you fit in as a gentile (I am presuming your one)???
3). Jesus in the Bible says he came to fulfill the laws of Moses to the very dot and not change them or bring new laws. Please point out one new law Jesus brought??
Note: I said JESUS, not Paul or Dick or Bush or Tony or Luke, Mark, Matthew, John, Condi Rice and the other 1001 unknown authors of the Bible!!!
After you answer these, I have 1001 more simple questions regarding the Bible and your "Christain" beliefs!
Clifford Ishii failed to reply to my simple questions, may be you can or is ignorance and arrogance something you learn at Bible college!
P.S. Jesus came to fulfill the Laws of Moses to the very dot; -one of them is thou shall not eat PIG! Brian Campbell DO YOU EAT PIG?? Now be honest Brian Campbell!

This a a blunt way of saying that Muslims are a threat and need to be kept under surveillance. As Dr. Abdullah said, it makes lots of assumptions about the Muslim community. Although the plan has been scrapped, the LAPD had very wrong intentions.

I have every reason to sympathise with my Muslim bretheren. These kind of test and trials are expected when living in an environment which might be hostile to Muslims.

But take heart Brothers. Continue to be law abiding citizens. Live your lives in the best normal way. Understand your neighbourhood. The Americans are generally good people, most have good hearts ( except the rightists of course ), perhaps they misunderstood Islam too much.

Let me say here that Muslims too must play their part, in displaying a true Islamic behaviour, one of kind and compassion. Not one of violence. But having said that, let us not forget that it is the policies of the U.S administration on world affairs that the rest of the world look upon in dismay. And the actions of the U.S government abroad that encourages aggressive response.

But in America, as long as you are Muslim Americans, be adherence to the laws as long as they are not contrary to your faith. Again I say this, show the real compassionate and loving side of Islam, to your heighbours and community.

I am with you, my Brothers and Sisters.

Muslims should NOT move out USA; NOT AN INCH left or right of the current position/coordinates in the USA.

They should move out ONLY when people (i.e-Ramesh Chander) in the USA are civilized, taught the diffence b/w decency and indency, and learn to live in the way of God, NOT in the way of ANIMALS.

Many are learning and soon others will follow and embrace Islam since they are finding out that HAPPY HOURS at NUDY bars is NOT making them happy.

IT TAKES TIME FOR PEOPLE (i.e-Ramesh Chander and his offsprings) to grow up and be civilized. You just have to be patient.


They know what they are doing. This is a prelude to attacking Iran, thus wanting to know the possible retaliation from within. Profiling is one form of such warfare.

After all the same people locked up all Japanese around the time of Pearl Harbour in anticipation of retaliation. Problem is how would they lock up millions of Iranians and Muslims? if they do attack Iran? And if they do, then every single American of Iranian ethnicity would a terrorist suspect.

This is indeed a case of "Father, forgive them for they know no what they are doing."

Biblical Christianity,it's embrace and spread is the answer to Islam.

Don't worry. It won't stop muslims from moving to US and even to LA, legally or illegally. And it won't induce any muslim to leave LA/US for any muslim country, either.