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Islamophobia is widely rampant in the West. Individuals and groups with malicious intents are deliberately distorting the image of Islam and Muslims. Its dangerous implications were realized by the former U.N. Secretary General, Kofi Annan, and to confront it, he arranged a seminar in December 2004. A more recent example is the "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" led by the neo-conservative David Horowitz across college campuses in the United States. Because it concerns more than a billion world Muslims, it is crucial to remedy these misrepresentations. 

Much of the criticism is primarily directed at the Qur'an, the holy scripture of Islam, alleging that it teaches terrorism to the Muslims. Therefore, this article will quote the relevant verses under objection, and discuss them in their correct textual and contextual references.

Indeed, the objections are made in complete disregard of Islam and Muslim history initiated by the Qur'an. It is as if Islam came into being yesterday, and these protagonists are awakening the world to its real enemy. Thus obviously there is a political agenda behind this propaganda war. That the superpower America in collaboration with the West should hasten subjugating Muslim populations of the entire world. In essence, it is directed at victimizing the victims of the current war on terrorism. 

The fact is that one could play havoc with any document by narrowly picking its parts to suit one's designs. But to be honest, one must look at what follows and what precedes those specific quotations. As well as examine the totality of message.

We know that the Qur'an was revealed over a period of 23 years, according to the needs and circumstances of a particular situation. Thus there is also a historical and contextual reference to the verses revealed. So, one must know these situations. In fact, there is a whole body of knowledge on asbab nazool - the situational context of Qur'anic revelations.

Anyone who wants to understand the Qur'an, must get rid of any preconceived notions, and read it passage by passage. Such that if it is not clear at one place becomes clear at another place, as one progresses in its study. Thus it is commonly said that the Qur'an is its own best tafsir (exegesis), providing its own best commentary. 

With that said, let us now examine their major objections. A part of the verse 191 from the second chapter Al--Baqarah is quoted: "And slay them wherever you overtake them." And an allegation is made that it commands Muslims to kill disbelievers. 

It is obvious that this verse is a continuation of the verse 190 that precedes it; and then the verse 191 must be read to its conclusion. We thus read: "And fight in the cause of God those who have waged war against you, but do not transgress limits. Indeed, God loves not transgressors (190). And slay them wherever you overtake them and expel them from where they have expelled you, for tumult and oppression are worse than killing; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they first fight you. But if they were to fight you, then do not be reluctant to fight them. Such is the reward of the Kafireen" (191). 

As to the historical background, these verses were revealed after the peace treaty of Hudaybiyah was signed between the idolatrous Quraysh of Mecca and the nascent Muslim community of Medina, six years after Hijra (the time line when Muslims persecuted in Mecca migrated to Medina). A clause of the agreed upon treaty stipulated that Muslims shall be allowed to perform Hajj in the following year. 

Some feared that the Quraysh may not fulfill their obligation to allow Muslims enter Mecca, or attack them while performing the Hajj rituals. It was under these circumstances that the verses were revealed.

Thus, if Quraysh did not abide by their treaty obligations and attacked, then Muslims were commanded to defend themselves. And they were given instructions on how to go about it. Muslims were also commanded to preserve the sanctity of the Sacred Mosque of Kaba (built by Abraham) by not fighting in it, unless they were fought therein.

Please note that in the above verses the subject of the verbs for fight, slay, overtake, and expel is a direct reference to Quraysh, who waged war against Muslims, and had earlier expelled them from Mecca. 

Again, the descriptive word "kafireen" at the end of verse 191 could be applied to the idolatrous Quraysh in general, or the specific group of Quraysh who violated the sanctity of Kaba and incurred violence within its confines: That only those Quraysh who violated the sanctity of Kaba and incurred violence in it, Muslims should not be reluctant to fight them.

It must be emphatically stated that the word Kafir (derived from Kuffur), and its plural kafiroon and kafireen are specifically used for those who are enemies of Islam and Muslims. It is wrong to extend its meaning to any other group, be they Jews, Christians, or people of other faiths or no faith. 

Contrary to what the critics say, in reality these verses show Islam's quest for peace. Thus even when Muslims are commanded to fight in self-defense, they are instructed to practice morality during war. Essentially the verses tell: "Do not start a fight. But fight in the cause of God those who initiate the fight, but do not transgress the limits imposed, thereby extending the circle of war." Most Islamic scholars interpret these verses as limiting the enemy losses to their own: Killing any more is transgression. 

The take home lesson for Muslims is not to start hostilities, and to use techniques to stop war, if already started. Because causing more damage, is inviting more violence. 

Still another Qur'anic verse commands Muslims to seek an end to hostilities, if the enemy desires truce. It tells: "But if the enemy is inclined to peace, then be inclined to it." (Al Anfal 8:61) 

Let us now look at the ninth chapter of Qur'an called Al Bara'ah, meaning the Declaration of Disassociation, which is specifically targeted by these critics. (Another name for this chapter is Al Tawbah or acceptance of repentance). 

The subject of several beginning verses of this chapter is dissolution of treaty obligations, excepting a few, with the idolatrous Quraysh. The Hudaybiyah Treaty obligations were broken when the Quraysh attacked a tribe in confederacy with the Muslims. At this treaty violation, the Prophet Muhammad led an army of ten thousand, but took measures to peacefully enter Mecca without any bloodshed. He declared a general amnesty, and with this most Meccans accepted Islam.

However, there were some Meccans and others around it that still practiced idol-worship. Some would bring their idols to the Sacred Mosque, and some would even go naked during the worship. 

After this conquest, the Prophet did not attend Hajj for two years, to give ample time to other Meccans to evaluate their position, and for peace to prevail.

It was at this time -after two years and during the second Hajj season- that this Qur'anic chapter was revealed. From then on Mecca was to return to its original monotheism initiated by Abraham as the sacred center of orientation for all Muslims. However, this was done in several stages. 

1. The pilgrims led by Abu Bakr, and reinforced by Ali, the Prophet's cousin, announced that God and His Prophet dissociated themselves from the idolaters, who violated the peace agreements. And that there would be no more agreements with them in future.

2. The idolatrous Quraysh who broke the treaty were given a four month grace period. However, peace was maintained with the tribes of Nadheer and Kenanah, who did not violate the treaty terms until its end. 

3. There will be no more idol worship in Mecca and the Sacred Mosque. 

4. A four-month respite was given to those who chose idol-worship to either leave Mecca or embrace Islam.

5. A warning of actual war against idolaters who insisted on staying, and carrying out their idolatrous ways.

With the above explanation in mind, let us now read these verses: "This is a declaration of disassociation from God and His messenger to those you made a treaty with from among the Mushrikeen. So travel safely and freely (O Mushrikeen), throughout the land during four months, but know that you cannot frustrate God (by your falsehood), and that God will cover with shame the Kafireen. And an announcement from God and His messenger to the people on the day of the greater Hajj that God is disassociated from the Mushrikeen, and so is His messenger. So if you repent, that is best for you; But if you turn away, then know that you cannot frustrate God. And proclaim a grievous punishment to those who make Kuffur. But the treaties are not dissolved with those Mushrikeen who have not failed you, nor aided anyone against you. So complete for them until the end of term; for God loves the righteous. And when the sacred months have passed, then fight and kill the Mushrikeen wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. But if they repent, establish prayer, and give regular charity, then open the way for them; for God is often forgiving, most merciful." (Al Tawbah 9: 1-5)

From what has been said above, it is clear that Islam gives permission to fight only when it is unavoidable. It then employs a psychology of threat of war to prevent actual war (just as it employs the threat of severe punishment for preventing societal vices and corruption). It is apparent that this technique worked very well in this case: It averted a war, and all Meccan inhabitants stayed without leaving their homes. 

Obviously in the above verses the word Mushrikeen, those who associate others with God, is used specifically for the idolatrous Quraysh who are the subject matter in these verses, and to whom the subject of disassociation and dissolution of treaty obligations were addressed. Therefore, these verses cannot be interpreted to apply to any other people.

Let us look at another verse under objection from this chapter. It is the verse 29 regarding paying of Jizyah by the People of the Book, an honorable term used for Jews and Christians.

This verse states: "Fight those who believe not in God nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by God and His messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth from among the People of Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission and acknowledge their subjection to the state." (Al Tawbah 9: 29) 

Jizyah, meaning compensation, is a tax that was levied on non-Muslims who were willing to live under Islamic protection. This verse could be understood when one takes into consideration that this tax was levied on Jews and Christians in lieu their serving in the defense of Islamic state. It was a symbolic tax with no fixed amount and with various exemptions, such as the poor, women, children, monks and hermits. And levied only on able-bodied males of military age who were then exempted from military service. 

In most cases this tax was much lower than Zakah (or Zakat), a poor-due charity tax, which Muslims are obliged to pay, and is enforceable by the state. But Zakah is not imposed on the non-Muslims, although they could be paid out of it. Looked into without bias, such a tax would be welcome by a non-Muslim minority nowadays - when as it often happens, the minorities bear the greater burden of fighting for the majority.

Despite this levy, however, Islam accords equal citizenship rights to its non-Muslims subjects just as to the Muslims, in every other way.

Furthermore, in the context of the present day state (as it has evolved) where all citizens are equally obligated to defend their country, no Islamic scholar (or anyone else) in the Muslim-majority countries advocates levying any differential taxes on non-Muslims versus Muslims. 

In fact, rather than teaching violence and intolerance, Islam inculcates special regard for the People of the Book - the Jews and Christians. The Qur'an insists over and over again that Islam did not cancel out the teachings of previous messengers of God such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus, but that it is a continuation of that same divine message. 

In addition to respecting faith of the Jews and Christians, Muslims are to share with them their foods, develop relations with them by given permission to marry their women while facilitating their specific religious obligations. As well as obligated to protect churches, and synagogues.

And this is the divine message that Muhammad delivered, exemplified in his conduct, and asked Muslims to practice.

Then, there are more than 1,400 years of Muslim history as a testimony of tolerance and respect for other people. Muslims were a dominant world power for a thousand years, a golden era of history. The cordial relationships with the West are exemplified in over 700 years of domination in Andalusia (present day Spain) at a time when Europe was immersed in dark-age medieval practices. Muslims lived amicably with Jews and Christians, and through their contact led to generate the European renaissance. Muslim rule in India lasted even longer for over 900 years, and gave the local population the highest positions in governing. It was due to their tolerance that for all these years Muslims stayed as a minority in these countries (although expelled along with the Jews from Spain). The country with the largest Muslim population today is Indonesia, yet not a single soldier invaded any of these vast territories. 

Indeed, even today, the everlasting appeal of Islam is in evidence when, attracted by its elegant message along with interplay of faith with reason, thousands worldwide, in preference to any other faith, accept it as their way of life. Just as an example, the reader is asked to visit, a California-based website - which along with providing essential information about Islam also provides a moving reel on one side of its title page giving the names of persons who phone to pronounce their Shahada (simple yet profound Islamic enunciation). Some two people phone in every 50 hours. This is happening, despite the widespread bad publicity, and only at one popular Islamic website. Amazing! Isn't it? 

Muslims must get involved in presenting the true picture of Islam: Because unless we do it, others with a very sinister agenda will do it for us. These others are already engaged full scale in their vicious efforts, trying by all means to sideline Muslims in America, and advocating a perpetual war against Islam and Muslims world-wide. That is a future aspired for no sane person anywhere. And for peace to prevail for the sake of entire humanity, we urge the people of conscience everywhere to work in exposing reality of the current situation, while searching for the truth.

Siraj Islam Mufti, Ph.D., a freelance journalist is involved in interfaith affairs.

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Hi there Clifford ! You know, your statement on claims that Christianity is growing at a faster pace and superior than Islam and in that Christianity has a direct relationship with God, can you prove it even by hind sight ?

What don't you do a simple reasearch at the U.S State Department, you'll find that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S. And similarly in the the U.K, ISLAM is the fastest growing religion.

And in regards to a direct relationship, well, in ISLAM repentance is direct to GOD unlike in Christianity where one needs a priest to take and hear confessions. Is that what you call a direct relationship with GOD ? And even the trinity is confusing enough.

One possible reason why the West hates Islam is because the Quaran has disclosed who Jesus was. Jesus was no son of God and in fact he was one of Islam's prophets

Clifford Ashii, Allah swt knows best the inside-out of you. I only have two answers with regard to your comments:
1. The Quran Response: " Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion" (Al-Kafirun 109:6)
2. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "The time shall come when Jesus pbuh will be decended to the earth to destroy all the crosses/churches and all the pigs" (Sahih Bukhari)
It's just a matter of time and faith to uncover the truth, Clifford Ashii.

To Mr. Romesh Chander who claims that reading scriptures "bores" him.

Mr. Chander then why, pray, do you so "religiously" write anti-Islam and anti-religion responses on Why do you bother?

If you are not interested in something, then a "normal, human" response would be to move on... and indulge yourself in something that interests you.


AC FROM UK said:
Clifford Ishii you keep on repeating your ignorant statements. Three simple easy questions for you:
1). Where did JESUS in the Bible say to his followers call yourselves CHRISTAINS?
I SAID JESUS, and not TOM, DICK and HARRY of which the Bible is full.
2). Jesus say's in the Bible that I (Jesus) have been sent to the lost house of Israel, and not the GENTILES. He (Jesus) also says to his followers go to the Jews, and not the gentiles.
Where do you fit in as a gentile (I am presuming your one)???
3). Jesus in the Bible says he came to fulfill the laws of Mosses to the very dot and not change them or bring new laws. Please point out one new law Jesus brought??
Note: I said JESUS, not Paul or Dick or Bush or Tony or Luke, Mark, Matthew, John, Condi Rice and the other 1001 unknown authors of the Bible!!!
After you answer these, I have 1001 more!
Eagerly awaiting your answers Clifford Ishii!

AC FROM UK said:
Grandpa Moon-lighting Rommesh Chandler say, "Reading scriptures bores me to death."

This is what happens when your ignorance, arrogance and xenophobic hatred takes over your whole being and life.

Further, Grandpa Moon-lighting says, "So, looks like I will never be able to get rid of my IslamoPhobia, Hinduphobia, Jewphobia, Catholicphobia, Buddishtphobia, Methodistphobia,..."

So what are you doing at this site Grandpa Moon-lighting Rommesh Chandler?? Go visit pagan sites ... Or is your life so shallow and incomplete that you have to visit an Islamic site to make disparaging ignorant and arrogant remarks and comments on subject matter you yourself admit you have no knowledge about/on since you admit you don't read about it?

How True!

Reading scriptures bores me to death. So, looks like I will never be able to get rid of my IslamoPhobia, Hinduphobia, Jewphobia, Catholicphobia, Buddishtphobia, Methodistphobia, etc.

I might try to read about pre-islamic religion called Paganism; and might become one. Can anybody recommend an easy introduction to paganism or "Paganism for Dummies"?

The Quaran is in Arabic. That's the problem because the universal language today is English. So if you want to read the Quaran in English, I suggest that you read the one translated by Muhamad Asad. I have bought several Quraan in English and so far Muhamad Asad'd translation is the best.

I have a feeling that some non Muslims especially the Christians and the Jews are in fact afraid to read the Quaraan because it exposed some of the fallacy in their holy books.
I come to this conclusion because I read the Quaraan together with the bible

Why are we preaching to the West?Let us look at our own Ummah's opinions of these verses.They are endorsing what the West has derived from it.

Why is it that this message is not understood by millions of muslims yet?Why did the Taliban behead a missionary priest this year?Why does the Saudi govt pay less than 1/2 the riyals as blood money when a non-muslim is killed compared to a muslim?
As a converted muslim myself,I loath my umma for its ever-victimised feelings when it has treated minorities in the worst possible ways in all 57 islamic countries
We need to desperately do a clean house before attacking the west for its islamic phobia.We need to set an example of treating the minorities well
before criticising the rest of the world

FOR - "Do unto others what you expect from others".

Khudah Hafiz

The exact opposite and anwer to Islam is Biblical Christianity which is growing around the world at a faster pace then Islam. It is also a way of life,but far superior to Islam because it is also a relationship with God NOT a religion.

Many of the People of the Book long to make you disbelievers after your belief,through envy of their own account,after the truth has become manifest unto them.So forgive and be indulgent (towards them) until Allah gives command.Lo Allah
is Able to do all things.So exactly this is the teachings of Islam,is the promise of Allah He will protect His True Message despite effort embarked by the enemies of Deen to destroy the Glorious Light emanating from the Teachings of the Quran.He said: He It is who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth that He may make it to triumph over all other religions however much the Mushrikin (those who Associate Partner in Worship with God) may be averse.So therefore this is not the first time we see the forces who are against Islam uniting and working together to destroy Islam but Allah has already promised that He will never allow them to succeed because this is His True Deen despite effort undertaken to distort the real teachings of Islam.May Allah give the whole humanity guidance to accept the truth as truth and reject falsehood as false.

Islamophobics are definitely NOT trying to distort Islam, but instead, to point out that what the Muslim fundamentalist; such as, the Wahhabis, bin Laden, etc., are 100% correct in what they say, as far as it is supported by the Koran, the Sunna, the Hadith and the Sira. They want to educate (confront) the Muslim community and the kafir on the ideological bases of Islamic terrorism and Jihad. It is hoped that some Muslims will start speaking up and criticize that support!

Assalaamu Alaikum.

Fine article by Br. Siraaj Islaam. His name means light of Islaam & he has done justice to it.

Muslims, world Muslims, are unfortunately in a situation where we can declare, only to our own selves, that Islam does not encourage violence without reason & without justification and never out of proportions. Muslims already know that.

Problem here is how this message can be delivered to rest of the world !! There comes the role of world media that costs money to buy out before our words or pleas could be heard loud and clear.

Where are those millionaire ??? Clinging to their money with the hope to take the lot to the hereafter !!

We need more channels like Islamicity through which people like Siraaj Islaam and many others of his calibre could be heard by the world. Actually we need to acquire our fair share in the existing world media. Anybody listening ??

May Allah show us light.