Was there a Christian terrorism link in the Virginia Tech tragedy?

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Of course there was no connection of this incident with Christianity. But there is a point to be made about 'Terrorism, the media, and Virginia Tech'.

"Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people."

These are the words uttered by the name now known across America-and much of the world; the name plastered on every newspaper headline, internet magazine, radio and TV station. 

But very few networks or newspapers chose to emphasize this statement, or even publish it. It was relegated to the end of the text in almost every article I read on the incident.

Why then is there no media frenzy to uncover and parse to death every possible "Christian fundamentalist" connection that Cho might have had, even seemingly benign ones ("you belonged to the Christian fellowship you say? You attended a local church? The church once hosted a controversial right-wing leader? Your highschool roommate's estranged cousin attended anti-east rallies?). You get my drift.

There is no question that Tuesday's attack was horrific, and very sad. 

What I am interested in though is-as is often the case-how the media is covering it?

The coverage initially started out by mentioning- between the lines- that this "did not seem to be an act of terrorism". Ok I might be picking at straws here but if this isn't terrorism, what is? Not politically motivated you say? Is that the standard common definition of terrorism anyway these days? 

The attacker, as in the Baruch Goldstein case, is being described as a mentally unstable wacko, one screw loose too many and the attack as an unfortunate case where a gun that found its way to the wrong hands; an exception to the rule; this despite the fact that a special justice found his insight and judgment to be normal. 

The methodical nature of his killing rampage and his pre-rampage preparations seems to add credence to this.

The question I'd like to pose is, given his statement above which was extracted from his so-called "manifesto" and aired on NBC: couldn't this, too, be classified as an act of religious terrorism (by the same standards employed by this media in categorizing "islamic terrorism" or "jihadism" or whatever)? 

Or more precisely, to make a fair analogy, couldn't one say that Cho derived "his inspiration" from Christian doctrine or the "Christian culture of martyrdom"? 

I dread to think how the mass media would even begin to speculate and evaluate this if those same words were uttered by an attacker who happened to be of Muslim descent (exchanging Jesus Christ with some other Muslim figure.) 

Of course Cho, who was the son of South Korean immigrants that worked at a dry cleaners, goes on to deride the upper-class elite and all of their material pleasures and "hedonistic needs", including their Mercedes, gold necklaces, and drinking.

The point is this: in this modern day post-nationalism and globalization, one can seldom make sweeping generalizations about the ideologies driving any killer, whatever the circumstance, whatever the background; 

Muslim, Christian, brown, pink, or purple, there is usually more than meets the eye; politics are often the driving force, religion a mere cloak. 

That, and of course, the fact that the western media and its members needs to wake up and realize they are not as professional and objective as they like to believe: even the best can slip certain routines and begin to utilize prejudicial, unhelpful, and sensationalist labels, taking more liberty to do so with certain groups than others.

Laila El-Haddad is a Palestinian journalist who divides her time between Gaza and the United States.

She maintains a blog at ..

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Christians, Media
Views: 7421

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Older Comments:
The article is brilliant, millions around the world will appreciate
the facts that you have highlighted. I am sure people of all other
religion will raise this question in their mind at least once. The
sensible people will wonder about the false propaganda by the
Western influential media against Islam. I condemn this heinous
act and pray for the innocent victims. I am sure people of all
faith do believe that this can happen and can be done by any
insane person from any religion. So stop blaming Muslim for
god sake, Islam is peace loving religion and dont buy into
influential anti Islamic propaganda.
Many thanks for the article, this is how we should stand behind
the truth. May God Bless you.

Without a doubt, the Virginia Tech massacre is another dark chapter in American history. I must admit that when I heard of the shooting, I prayed that the shooter wasn't a Muslim. Why? Simply because of the media's over zealous, bias reporting. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing?? The media said, "This resembles Middle Eastern terrorism..." Even then the media was connecting terrorism, The Middle East, Islam, and Muslims together.

After seeing the Cho video, and watching his tirade, this did not appear to be a man with a mental condition; this appeared to be a man in an old-fashioned, full-blown, in your face, say-good-bye-to-your-blood pressure RAGE. And not just any rage, but a rage akin to "Black Rage" -- a term coined after the mass murder committed by Long Island railroad gunman, Colin Ferguson. I didn't see someone mentally unbalanced: He prepared for this months in advance: enrolling in a gun school, learning to shoot, studiously practicing, etc. A mentally unbalanced person would not have meticulously prepared.

However, returning to our premise, where was the rush to judgment, connecting him to Christian terrorism?? Like many of you, I, too, have no answers; only more questions: Where are the zealous reporters linking Cho with some kind of Christian terrorism?? Where are the zealous reporters who would boldly bellow terrorism, and not hide it at the end of their stories like a whispered after thought?? Where are the zealous reporters who would try to connect invisible dots to some world wide conspiracy leading back to the Vatican, or some historically unknown Christian cabal secretly prepping for some outlandish world domination plot?? Where are these reporters linking Cho to some left-wing, right-wing Christian group that probably never heard of him??? I tend to believe were Cho a Middle Eastern looking Muslim, he would have been link to 911, Al Qaeda (find anything about Al Qaeda before 911, humm??), Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Certainly,there is no christian terrorism link or even a Korean terrorism link in the Virginia Tech tragedy. We muslims know what faith really is,we should not allow ourselves to think about other religion and nationality,the way non-muslims ignorantly think about Islam.

If this kid were a muslim , we would have heard about another muslim terrorist. Wouldnt we? Why is it that no religion was mentioned??? Think about it...

All US downtown area is extremely dangerous after sunset. And many many southern sates are simply lawless.

Gun culture is not to be blamed but I think more integrated computerized back ground could solve many problems.

But gang related violence will not just go away with strict background check but will certainly lower the casulties. This is a must, otherwise if you allow maniacs get hold of fire arms it is a disaster wherever he might be.

But the social disorder aka as the trash culture is creeping inside middle class and upper middle class of usa. Which is very unhealthy alonf with gun culture and certainly an antisocial element which will not go away with just counciling. and social workshops.

with unrestricted continous, violent movies /songs/ and games giving fuel to this disorder.

with the trash philospy of cheat and steal as much as you can without gettin caught. along with no religion or distorted religion. combined with atheists. with soap opera airing "One life to live" is a big loss everyone in the community.

Islam says There are 4 kinds of people:

1) One who have knowledge, can distinguish between right from wrong. And are strong and have will power to apply it and drive it in and around their lifes and in their community.

2) Then there are those who are opposite of category 1. They are weak and have no knowledge to distinguish betwen right (haq) from wrong (batil).
3) People who have the knowledge, can distinguish between right from wrong. but are weak and donot have the will power or resources to apply it within themselves and in and around whom they live with.
4)The most dangerous of 'em all are the one who are strong and have the resources but possess no knowledge or very less or distorted knowledge to bring themselves to distinguish between right from wrong. they are as if drinking from a cup with poison.

The writer deserves highest compliments for seeing through the western media's finest "cover up" of the century!
A student of a prestigious American Tech. institution , has methodically made pre-rampagepreparations and carried out the rampage in two instalments and targetted Indian victims!
The western media has not given all the details regarding the killer.
And their failure to let the world know his last words makes one suspect their stand.
"Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to
inspire generationsof the weak and the
defenceless people!"
A 21st century christian martyr out to pave the way of the weak and the poor to have their kingdom on earth, as declred by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount.
Thus, the neochristian terrorist has done the pioneering act, including the sacrifice of two Asiatic heathens!


Asalamu Alikum Brothers and Sisters Islam.
1. First of All i want to make the Point clear when Muslims talk about Nabi Isa(Jesus Christ) ibnu Maryam Peace be upon them. The Deceased killer Cho said "Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people". Its very clear for Muslims according the Noble Qur'an Nabi Isa(Jesus Christ) ibnu Maryam Peace be upon them did not die, so its a big Lie.
2. Secondly the teaching Nabi Isa(Jesus Christ) ibnu Maryam Peace be upon them is according to the true Ingil(Bible-new) and Torah(Bible-old), so there is no 'Terrorism link to the teaching of Nabi Isa(Jesus Christ) ibnu Maryam Peace be upon them.
3. But there is a point to be made about 'Terrorism, the media, and Virginia Tech' according to the teaching of Paul the founder of the Christianity which is not based upon Ingil and the Torah.

Think and seek guidence from the Almight Allah Az-zawjal.

If he announced Christianity when he killed these people, then sure. People use religion when conducting evil acts. Associating themsleeves to an organization then the media and govt uses to expolite the religion as did back in 9-11.
With this killing it is form of terrorism but
people are not using this term. When Christians and Zionist killing they are mental case.

Well what is there to add?

The thinking of the "christians" and the Jews( or sorry zionists) of the 20th and the 21st century...these include most of the media outlets of course..is nothing but to see to the demise of Islam. So why should this incident be reported the way "Islamic terrorism" is? Especially when the leaders of these media outlets believe in this philosophy wholeheartdely!

Our prayers is that may Allah make the new generation of muslims (most of them yet unborn) have the tenacity and willpower to face the challenges squarely and fight (if need be)so as to institutionalised Islam over all ideologies as He decreed. The way it is now, ours (this generation) seems to be over! Especially when our intellectuals since after 9/11 could not see the evil machinations of the antagonists but rather are hell bent in asking us to bend the rules (RULES DECREED BY ALLAH) just to fit in the new found democrazy. How pathetic...