A Forgotten Covenant

People visiting the Saint Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (photo: iStock by Getty Images). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in 628 CE sent a charter of freedom to the monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt. Sinai.

"This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.

No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims' houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God's covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world)."*

Such were the memorable words of Prophet Muhammad in the year 628 CE, when he granted this historic document, also known as the Charter of Privileges, to the monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt. Sinai. It consisted of several clauses covering all aspects of human rights including such topics as the protection of Christians living under Islamic rule, freedom of worship and movement, freedom to appoint their own judges and to own and maintain their property, exemption from military service, and the right to protection in war.

In the spirit of this and numerous other authoritative Islamic texts, one wonders why contemporary policy makers in the West insist on supporting the secular, corrupt, and authoritarian regimes of the predominantly Muslim nations. What is the wisdom of allocating billions of dollars to overthrow, through well-crafted public and covert operations, the popularly and legitimately elected Muslim governments? Have the West's 'experts' on the Middle East, the Orientalists and the national security advisers hijacked Western political institutions as the latter hijacked the legitimate government of, for example, Iran's democratic Mosadeq regime, or the Algerian peaceful election that guaranteed Muslim control, and many more cases? Should the predominantly Christian West fear and fight genuine Islamic regimes or should it change its outlook by trusting those who uphold God's Words and Muhammad's commands above secular and cultural values?

*The English translated text of the Charter of Privileges was extracted from the Book 'Muslim History: 570 - 1950 C.E.' by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq, ZMD Corporation. P.O. Box 8231 - Gaithersburg, MD 20898-8231 - Copyright Akram Zahoor 2000. P. 167.

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  1. Nicole from US

    The Christian west in my opinion holds no grudge against islamic regimes that promote peace, love and prosperity.What we do have is a strong concern and desire to protect the worlds innocent from terror attacks.I believe that there are some who ignorantly believe that all muslims promote terrorism because of what is highlighted in the media, but those of us who know better realize that just isn't true.America has suffered attacks from its own people in the past(i.e. Timothy Mcvey in the oklahoma bombing.As Christians we believe that we are embassadors for Christ.We are winning souls for christ because we know that one day we will see him and this world as we know it will be no more.



    *The English translated text of the Charter of Privileges was extracted from the Book 'Muslim History: 570 - 1950 C.E.' by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq, ZMD Corporation. P.O. Box 8231 - Gaithersburg, MD 20898-8231 - Copyright Akram Zahoor 2000. P. 167.

  3. Sehid Buhari from Nigeria

    In agreement with Imail Ajalal, quoting the source will give more credence to the covenant more so when it touches on people of the other faith.

  4. Walied from R S A

    As-salam-mu-alakum, brothers and sisters in Islam.

    I Agree with one comment posted. We have to know where this has originated from in order for us to know whether its True or false. So please Islamicity please provide some proof as to what is posted.

  5. Abdishakur from Australia


  6. Man_of_the_Book from Philippines

    What you should be asking is 'why muslims do not respect this so called Charter of Privileges'. The answer is obvious - muslims cannot comply with this 'covenant' with Christiandom without violating the Qur'an. Let's be honest here. You all know very well that Christians living in muslim countries are not being treated fairly. They cannot even carry a Bible outside their homes without being harrassed by muslims. They are also required to pay the jizya tax. In Saudi Arabia, non-muslims are being paid less of what their muslim counterparts get for doing the same job. In other countries, like the Philippines, the muslim minority wants the Christian majority to observe islamic holidays & follow the sharia law. And what about islamic terrorism? While majority of muslims are not engaged in terror activites, they do however give either financial or 'moral' support to terrorist groups like al-qaida & jemmah islamiya. So long as Islamists are irrationally hostile to the People of the Book, the West has every right to be wary of these 'genuine' islamic regimes.

  7. ismail ajala from Nigeria

    please, always try to quote the source and the books in which any hadith you are displaying can be found, including this particular hadith that is talking about a convenant.

  8. lukmon olanrewaju ojomu from Nigeria

    I am very much appreciative of the points raised in the article, my interest in it stems from the fact that I have always wanted a situation whereMuslims are allowed to interact to a significant level with people of other faiths paricularly the Christians.

    However, the portion of the prophet's statement which permits Christian women married to Muslims to cntinue to attend Churches is of concern to me. I stend to be corrected but I think it falls short of some verses in the glorious Qur'an which I cannot specifically quote now.


  9. Alice Cote' from USA

    I am so happy to have this information, I can forward it to my non-Muslim friends to further explain to them that Islam is NOT about killing non-Muslims. (There are many MUSLIMS who are also ignorant of this covenant). Thank you!!!

    Islamicity is such a good place to learn and to help me to reinforce my beliefs in Islam. I reverted only 2 years ago, and it has been very hard for me sometimes to distinguish the truth from rumors, conjecture and pure fiction!!!!!

  10. abu mariam from the gambia. west africa

    as-salaam alaikum,

    I wonder why you named it the forgotten covenant? what did my brothers do?or do you misunderstand them?

    salaa alaikum.

  11. Tina Tomiyama from USA

    This is beautiful reading. The gentleness and

    compassion of the writer of the opening

    paragraphs (the Prophet Muhammad)

    illuminates every word. If only ALL faiths could

    write like this and feel like this and act like this

    about each other. Someday, soon.

  12. Muz from Malaysia


    >"....If a female Christian is married to a >Muslim, it is not to take place without her >approval...."

    this santence make me really unconfident on this article because Al-Quran didn't mention that we as muslim can marry to non-muslim(christian).I hoping that Islamicty can provide us more details on this.

    Accordding to Sura Maidah (5:5)... Its mention that we can married to a women from al-Kitab (in english = people of book) then our editor responsed its mean nowdays Christian and Jewish.

    From my view, we cant take al-Kitab(people of book) same as christian and jewish) WHY?

    1. In Al-Quran, when Allah mention about christian and Jewish, He used Nasorooni and Yehuudi.. not Al Kitab.(Why?... because Almighty want us to think about the differentship between alkitab,christian and jewish)

    2. meaning Al Kitab is more accurate to people who r believed in One God and has been given a book(al kitab) to them before Al Quran.The books are Taurah/Zaboor/Injil and all this books are authentic and not been modified or changed by human. Its not same as what Christian and Jewish believed today.So Alkitab is not Christian/Jewish

    3. From Syaria Law clearly said as Muslim man can't married with any women from non-believer.(Chistian/Jews are non-believer because they not believe on "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger" )

    Maybe the translation style on this article is not so accurate to the original meaning. That why I really hoping that Islamicity can provide us the original of Charter of Privileges in Arabic and the details on it. To ensure we are not misunderstood on which is Haram or Halal.

  13. kemi shodiya from usa

    Salam Aleikum,

    I supported this article strongly because judgement is not for any human being. As it was said, "Semi Allahu liman hamdau". Only God knows who worship him, whether being a Xtian or Muslim.

    Belonging to either of the religion does not make one righteous. We are all from one seed, Adam (Alehi salat wasalam).

  14. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Jazak Allah (Murad Ali) - yes, it would seem possible that the Christians of St. Catherine's were monotheistic - worshipping only God. I think that perhaps the Prophet (pbuh) mentioned in hadith that there were Christians who were "already on the right path" - or maybe it was Allah (swt) in Quran - sorry for not having the reference at this time.

    I think that perhaps all "establishments" of monotheistic Christianity had been basically wiped out, by the Romans, by about the 8th century (CE). As I recall, the sect of Aryan Christianity, which I think had refused to accept the doctrine of Trinity (etc.), were among those wiped out by the Romans.

    It was the first Christian pontiff - the Emperor of Rome was the Pontiff - Constantine I (may Allah forgive him), was the one who declared (among other things) that December 25 was to be a holy day throughout Christendom. Interestedly enough, this same person waited until near his death to become baptized. He was then baptized by an official of the Aryan church - perhaps hoping to get his slate wiped clean - after having overseen the introduction of polytheism (into the official religion of all Romans).

    Please do not be tricked, by polytheism, into refusing to follow the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) - such as, for example, refusing to follow him into Paradise. I sincerely apologize for any offense I have may caused - as well as for errors in my comments.

    Assalamu alaikum.

  15. shirley thomas from usa.

    asalam alekam, id have to say for the most part,im with this article. because it says christians shouldnt try to overthrow islam, but i think having freedom is very important also, and having been a christian and now being a muslim, id say im pretty good judge of how christians feel :i think both need to remember allah in all this and what he wants from us, such as harmonious living with fellow men whenever possible.

    im no expert, but i think islam is the best because it lays aside any idol worship and keeps homosexuals from preaching from the pulpit like america now thinks they must allow with seperation of church and state, if we are living by Allahs rules ,why seperate the two? Allah hafiz

    i respectavily know that my opionion may not be shared by all but i use Quran for my quide, thank you

  16. Murad Ali from Malaysia

    Is it possible that what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    ment about marrying a Christian woman is that he was refering to the Christian of his days or the Christian that belief in one God.

    Today, there are more than seventy Christian sects with some that are anti Islam.

  17. Akil T. Mawuli from USA

    As Salaam Alaikum!

    Please provide more information concerning the below book...

    The English translated text of the Charter of Privileges was extracted from the Book 'Muslim History: 570 - 1950 C.E.' by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq

    As Salaam Alaikum wa rahmattullah wa barakatu


  18. Razaq Kadri from U.S.A.

    Salam Alaykun, the article primarily inspired by the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammmad (pbuh) is a remarkable one.What I am yet to understand is the part of marriage between a muslim male and a christian female with allowance for the christian female to attend church services.I thought any female from a religion which is not Islam, married to a muslim man should adopt the man's religion.In order that when Allah blesses their union with kids there would not be a reason for the kids to have unislamic influence from the home.Truly Allah knows those that would worship Him and He is all wise but,cosidering the world that we live in today and the inevitable association with all members of the society(muslim and non muslim),this issue is a very delicate one.Of all the elements of the article, sincerely this was what hit me most because it affects many muslims even the ones that don't practice the religion with a focus.Please do enlighten us on this as it wasn't the main purpose of writing the article in the first place. Ma Salam.

  19. ahmad faraz from india

    the most unfortunate part of all this is muslims themselves are not aware of islamic shariah and islamic state as a whole.

    muslims themselves think the shariah provision are not meant for todays world and that islamic khilafah is outdated and western style democracy is more suited today.

    when followers of faith of islam themselves have such prejudice about thier own system of governance, it will be unjust to blame others who might have contempt of islamic state and which is not baseless having seen the examples of taliban or mad mullahs of nigeria issuing death sentence for fornication when it is for adultery.

  20. S. H. from CANADA

    Yes truly the true Covenants: The Old testament has been forgotten by the Jews or rather has been changed .

    We should respect Jews & Christians & all religions as our Prophet (SAW) did & foremost Allah in the Qur'an instructs us to be respectful to all (neighbours).

    If we only knew what the real old testament says we would see the similarities with the Qur'an & what Allah wants all humanity to do throughout time which hasn't changed.

  21. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum ("Peace be upon you"). The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wasn't the first of Allah's prophets to bring to this world the religion of Islam. Islam predates mankind. Human beings, at least at first, worshipped none other than their Creator - even today the Creator remains beyond the need for associates. By definition, this means that (at first) human beings were Muslims. If an individual worships none other the Creator (that is, the Creator of all that there is, was or ever will be) I would say, "That individual is a Muslim." Now if that individual chooses to disagree (hopefully politely) with other Muslims - even concerning the Creator's message - it would at least seem to indicate some lesser degree of error. The greater error would seem to be taking, as a god, whatever was created - since the Creator would logically remain beyond the need for taking partners from the ranks of what was created. Please consider this point of view (and also please praise the Creator).

    The first requirement of Islam would appear to be to regard Allah, the Creator, the One True God, the God who is but one and the one who alone is good as being above all that was created. This would mean that the Creator (who is beyond comparison) is above even the Creator's foremost servants (which would be the point I am trying to make here - as Allah wills). As I recall, no less than one of the Ten Commandments seems to specifically address this very issue. Please note that whoever desires a religion other than the religion of the Creator's prophets (may peace be upon them) shall be among the losers in the hereafter (Quran 3:85).

    Wa'alaikum salam ("And upon you be peace").

  22. acklima from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

    The Quran teaches you the way of life..and no one should and could change that..

  23. folarin saheed from nigeria

    i appreciate ur comment on christian.well i will also send same message to fellow muslim .

  24. Yahya Bergum from USA

    According to Quran 5:5, chaste women from among the people of the Book would appear to be lawful candidates for marriage to Muslim men - if the Muslim men have given (eligible) women their dowries.

    The English translation, by M. H. Shakir, appears - at least to me - to be clearly addressing Muslims. Obviously some verses of the Quran are clearly addressing non-Muslims ("Say not Trinity - desist!").

    The sorts of marriages that are described in Quran 5:5 would appear to require the gifting of dowries - in order to be lawful. If that is correct - and the verse is indeed addressing Muslims - then the verse (in itself) would, therefore, not seem to make any particular case for lawful marriages of Muslim women to "yet to be reverted" men.

    It was previously my understanding that the religion of the mother - and not that of the father - was what determined the religion of the children. That is why I previously assumed so many Muslim men refused to consider possible marriages to "yet to be reverted" women. So then, why would Muslim men refuse to marry Jewish or Christian women - if their children were supposed to be raised as Muslims?

    Assalamu alaikum.

    PS. Surely anything is possible if Allah so wills it. Certainly nothing is possible unless Allah wills it so. If I do not offer praise to Allah for the blessings I receive then I would think that I should probably expect those blessings to work on me like curses. May my reward be service to the glory of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala). To that end - if it be Allah's will that I overcome my weaknesses - with what might I eventually be entrusted - so long as it were to benefit someone other than myself?

  25. Arif Faiz from USA


    I agree with brother Masood. The statement "She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray." seems odd as the sharia clearly says that a woman has to accept Islam as her religion before she can marry a muslim and if she has accepted Islam then why would she go to a place which worships a creation (Jesus pbuh) rather then the creator (Allah swt).

    Please review this and clarify.

    Jazak Allah

  26. kamraan.afridi from australia

    Allah is helping the muslims.Alot of people started converting after september 11 th.Brothers & sisters all around the world & the non-muslims

    judgement day is near.I respect the holy bible as

    i respect the holy Quran.We shouhld respect all the religiouns.We are ONE ummah(community).

  27. Nazim Haqqani from US

    Subhanallh, this was a very beautiful and succint article. Considering myself a pretty knowledgeable Muslim, I was surprised to learn this. Good job Islamcity.

  28. Masood Khadaied from Singapore

    Salam and greetings,

    I have concerns on the statement "She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray."

    This implies that the above person is not a Muslim at the time of the marriage. I understand that in Muslim marriages, both bride and bride-groom must be Muslims before the marriage it is valid.

    What is the full text of the covenant? Are we reading just bit and pieces of it?

    Please check your sources again.

    Masood Khadaied


  29. Imran from USA

    To finbarster,

    That means a great mosque in Spain should return to Muslims, that mosque turned into a church. This also apply to other mosques around the world, as well.

  30. shahlaa from australia

    'The tide is turning'.The percentage of converts from christianity to Islam has risen.Remember truth cannot be hidden for long.There is much respect for christianity in Islam.But is the respect Islam deserves being repaid?

    Islam ruled Spain for 800 peaceful years.Then when christians took over.... .The prophets Covenant these days has been forgotton and mistreated.When muslims were in power it was respected and obeyed.Now that the chritians are in power,Is it being implimented?

    In the prophets time the churches weren't burnt down,the christians had complete freedom.

  31. anon from Nigeria

    Actually, we all have a duty to live peacefully with each other. Do you realise that the West would not stand up to fight the so called "elected" Muslim leaders without the active participation of Muslims.

    I guess we have to examine ourselves i.e. the Ummah and decide whether or not to uphold the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

  32. finbarster from USA

    That means Hagia SOphia in TUrkey should be returned to Christian use... it was taken from Christians and turned into a Mosque. That may apply to other mosques inthe world, as well.

  33. MOHD AP from uae

    but the muslim govts do not give the same freedom

    or even lesser situations for non muslims

  34. Muz from Malaysia


    Dear brothers.

    Im really interested in this article but I'm hoping that Islamicity can provide us the original and more details on Charter of Privileges in Arabic. im really doubtful about an aunthencity of this charter.

    PLEASE do deeper research on this because i tried searched in Internet but all articles base on Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq books'. HOPEFULLY we can study more on this matter. Who is Dr. A. Zahoor? What happen after/before this Charter send?

    PLS GIVE MORE DETAILS ON THIS MATTER...... (hopefully ALLAH will guide me/us to the truth)

  35. Ashif Azam from Australia

    I couldn't agree anymore with Shuja Syed's comment. Simply take Prophet Mohammed (SAW) as an example, research and learn his ways/sunnah and implement them into your life, he was and is the perfect example for mankind. Follow his ways as that is the sure fire way to gaurantee you success here and the hereafter.

  36. shadab from US

    yes i definitely agree.. but who will explain non-muslims who are hellbent upon degrading islam and muslims.. but such is the power of islam that more they try the more it comes up.. we taught the people living in uncivilised world how to live as human and now they are trying to teach us how to live as them.. why? if bush and blair administration is democracy then we dont need such democracy.. we need democracy such as was fist established in islamic khilafat.. thats the best form of government.and i urge muslims not to be apologetic.. muslim is always good if he follows islam.. and west and east or south and north have no right to call upon us to improve.. we are far better in respecting others' rights and values still.. ppl of israel, america, europe and india should understand this and try to live and let live.. why these ppl are afraid of us.. anyway evil is always afraid of good..

  37. Abdi from USA

    Excellent article. This is the way Muslims and Christains treat each other.However, the Christains today and the Christains then are not the same. The Christains then had the true message from Jesus (peace be upon him)and the Christains today have completely changed religion and that is one of the maine reason why Christanity is dying in the west and everywhere else for that matter! I call true Christanity the religion that Salman Al-farsi (the great fellower of the prophet)had before prophet Mohamed was available.

    However, although Islam did not change as Christainity did, the muslim people then and Muslim people now are different. I would suggest to join hands together and worship the only true and one god Allah and fellow the commands of prophet Mohamed(ppuh) just like the same way we obeyed the commands of prophet Jesus(ppuh) son of Maryam.

  38. Yahya Bergum from USA

    So if a Muslim ran for U.S. President - as the only candidate squarely against abortion and committed to public praise of God (alone) - would the majority of Christian American conservatives feel any obligation to vote for her (or him)? Christian conservatives are said to be against the murder of unborn innocents - and for public praise of the Almighty - but would they "draw the line" at voting for a Muslim who pledged herself (or himself) to these causes? Where would their loyalties lie, in such a case?

    As for whatever might be their individual dreams of an empire - for God (alone) - they might be in for a surprise - God willing (insha'Allah.) First let our government be reverted to the "only one who is good" - then I suggest we each be grateful to God for what patience we receive - and see what God has planned.

    Peace be upon you (Assalamu alaikum).

  39. Shuja Syed from Toronto, Canada

    When we find Christians in the west is not taking care of their elders, then, instead of criticising them, we should teach them how to take care of the elders and their importance. If we find social problems like homosexuality, prostitution, unmarried couples, children out of wed-lock, then instead of criticising them, we should aleviate the problem through wisdom. When Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born in Makkah, all these social problems were prevelant at that time. He did not criticise them. He did not make mockery of them. He did not ran away from them. He had engaged them and took great pains to correct them. He did not curse them, but participated positively by engaging them in dialouge and personal touch. Thus, he made the greatest contribution to the human kind ever. And that is the reason he was called the greatest achiever by non-Muslims only. If we call or claim to be Muslim then, do copy him. That is the sunnah. By just changing the faces, wearing some special clothes is not sunnah. The spirit of sunnah is to emulate is thinking and action. His desire to the goodness of the world. Muslims, who are living in India, Canada, US or Australia should contribute socially to those societies. No finger pointing please! Glorious Qur'an is asking the humanity to become believers and "DO GOOD WORKS". Unfortunately, Muslims are busy in finger pointing. The time has come for action. The time has come for "DO GOOD WORKS". Shuja Syed

  40. Ms. Renea from USA

    This was an excellent article...

    I believe that we should uphold God's Words and Muhammad's (pbuh) commands.And we should not have fear of one another. I believe that the problem lies in lack of knowledge. But I believe that (Muslims and Christians)can have and understanding of each other it just takes an open heart and mind to come together.

  41. sardar afridi from australia

    I am muslim,educated in a pure convent christian

    chatholic school in Hyderabad,India. I had a different views and visions about Christanity before migrating to Australia.Here the Australian

    Parliment preceeding starts with reading of "The

    Holy Bible" which i respect as i respect my book

    "The Holy Qu,ran.

    "The main Difference I found in this country is

    dumping their old parents in the Aged houses for decaing from the claimed civilised cultured people

    of the world. In India you find people from all

    faiths (poor) living under the sky ,begging for food but"COMPLETE FAMILY UNIT" which i greatly

    missed in so called "CIVILISED NATIONS"

    "I am very thank ful for the producer of this letter to "need of the hour" article.


    I apologise to anybody who feels offended by my views.

    thank you for sharing my openions...

  42. ABDI SHARIF from USA


  43. prince saheed murtala from nigeria

    I need the copies of those books for thorough research.


  44. DAvid Clark from USA

    There is an easy way for Islam to work together with the Christian Right. They can participate together in anti-abortion issues. Enough structure to be successful but not too much.

  45. suhayb from canada

    well yes this is a very good article. the question is what is a true islamic government. Can a self proclaimed islamic republic be considered real...i don't think so.

  46. L. Nemo from USA

    Christianity is dying in the west. I think if Christians were to atleast follow some of their faiths prinicples, they would learn some degree of humility. Maybe they dont believe in the stuff themselves. Cant say I blame them.

  47. shalimar from usa

    quran has made it expuisitely clear that its ok to be neighbors and get along as long as t hey do not fight you for your religion. whenever there is the guarantee of safety treat them well.this is just in general. there are many people of the book that dont want to acknowledge the islamic identity cuz they dont want to study and are satisfied with what they have.

  48. Yahya Bergum from USA

    I am glad such a document was not destroyed during the crusades, no matter who kept it. Masha'Allah.

    Can you tell whether it was written in Arabic, Greek or perhaps Latin? Also, had members of one or more of the Christian sects preserved it? I am curious as to whether it had been stored within Catholic, Orthodox and/or Coptic monasteries, the Vatican, et cetera. Jazak Allah khair.

  49. Leisa from Canada

    In cases where Islamic sharia over-rules the principles of civil rights and freedoms (such as those guaranteed by the governments of developed nations), yes the U.S. government should influence the politics of those countries. I am not familiar with these examples of the U.S. funding non-Islamic authoritarian regimes. I am sure it has happened, or is happening. When the islamic law is authoritarian (ie: Afghanistan and Iran..) then it is an abuse of power and a means to subjugate the people. No educated and enlightened person will support that. Civil rights must be upheld in all nations. The right of every citicen to fair trail for example. This business of murdering woman who concieve babies out of wedlock is an example of the barbaric Islamic regimes that stand so resolutely in the face of freedom and human rights which should be guaranteed to all.

  50. Rokhaya Diallo from France

    I am in total agreement with a large part of the article. Our religion - our way of life - is so tolerant, we do respect other believes. The Western World is not that lenient whereas important values are underlined in The Books.

    Nevertheless, we ought to stress the fact that some Muslim Nations are corrupted, whereas they are to lead the way for their Muslim Brothers. Such a situation implies a change of mentalities as well as a change whithin heads of state in both parts of the world.

    In addition, powerful Western countries are aware of the threat from Muslim Nations : when the Oummah will wake up, they will tremble. And I am sure those Western countries know where the Truth lies.

  51. Mustapha Sekanyo from USA

    This is a wonderful article that can help non-muslims understand that some people corrupt the context of Islamic norms for selficsh motives.

    However, I would need to know whether the People of the book talked about in the Islamic literature are christins of today. If not could it be elucidated in the subsequent articles.

    Salaam alaikum.

  52. ihtesham kayani from pakistan

    The subject needs more indepth analasys and research before one reaches any conclusion. Thanks.

  53. Ahmad Rizal Hashim from Malaysia

    I do agree with most of the content of the convenant, accept one part of it which I found that I am quite not understand about is regarding the inter-marriage between a muslim and a christian.

    What I had known is that in order for a male muslim to be married to a christian woman, the christian woman should be converted to a muslim - become a muslimmah and those conversion should takes place after she had been enlightened about islam and she had decided to be a musimah sincerely. So once she became a muslimah, I can not see any reason why she should visit or pray at the church anymore? Unless her faith as a muslimah are not full yet.

    Can you please explain those clauses to me - "If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray."

    I do not mean to takes things out of context it just that I want to be clear about this matter.

  54. Tahseen Kauser from UK


    We well know that these are the golden rules of

    islam and these arte the ways of our beloved prophet(pbuh). But how much of his ways are know to the world or adapted by the present governments of muslim countries. There is so much confusion about islam in modern muslims and non-muslim. We have not been able to present a true pictire in the present times.

  55. Alamari

    Christians today are not grateful for what the Prophet has done for them. And if the shoe was on the other foot, Muslims would have been persecuted, remember what happened to the Puritans.

    Yes, it is true that the CIA removed Mosaddeq from power. He was Iran's only hope for democracy. The CIA replaced him with a brutal dictator. Talk about liberating -- yeah, liberating countries from peace. And all this for oil!!

    We all hear what modern Christians say about the Prophet, using very derogative and hypocritical opinions. They even have the audacity of insinuating that he was a 'terrorist' and a 'pedophile.'

    I think Muslim countries should fear Christian countries, instead of the other way around.

  56. Saleem from Canada

    I agree with your article and wish this were the case. Unfortunately, I can't think of too many muslim countries that have show respect for our Christian brothern. The muslim world can learn much from the west with regards to respecting the beliefs of others. Surely more muslims are killed in Pakistan by muslims then they are in Canada, USA or Britain by non-muslims combined.

  57. John Yezeguielian from USA

    Al salaamu alaikum.

    Brothers and sisters,

    It may be owing to the style of translation, but this

    document doesn't sound at all like something the Prophet

    (pbuh) would have said; the style's all wrong, and even the

    mentality of it seems more like that of a Western/Euro mind

    than that of the Prophet. How is its validity confirmed?

    Ma salaam,





  59. Asif from Canada

    You can find a lot of verses even, that deal with how Muslims should respect Christians or "The People of the Book" and their rights towards them. It is a nice article.

  60. Sardar Ahmed Shah Jan from Pakistan

    None of our diehard Islamicists, here in Pakistan have ever come up with this 'Charter of Privileges',which to me appears so very important in curbing the type of hatred and venom that gives birth to acts of terror. Look what happened in Quetta where 47 Shiaites were killed by a group of suicide killers, because those killed, practiced a form of Islam that was different from theirs. I feel the basic cause of all this is that in the Muslim World people have started preaching Islam to a majority of illiterate muslims from a slanted angle, deliberately suppressing the truth in order to advance their agenda of hatred and manslaughter.

    This 'Charter of Privileges' so poignantly brings out God's command of freedom of worship. For why did God give man the freedom to choose between right and wrong, for the simple reason that on judgment day it is He Who will decide whether the choices we made were right or wrong. That is why he has commanded us to take His message to all mankind and then leave them to decide which path they wish to follow. It is clearly stated in the Quran that there is " No coercion or compulsion in faith". At another place it is said in the Quran to the Prophet that there is no compulsion in faith so do not feel sad if they do not obey or follow you.

    My final analysis is that good proper education to the muslim masses is the panacea for all our ills.

  61. Naseem Shahnawaz from USA

    Thanks for bringing this issue, lets this topic should be explore more and there are some hidden words which have not been express; Believing,

    or faith of one God (Laillaha Illalah),Jesus as a messenger, believing "Muhammad" PUH last messenger of Allah. Being Christen wife (not spouse word; means not a Christen husband), she got to believe it and goes to church and her offspring (children) will stay as Muslim can't be converted to Judaism or Christen. Quran is the Final Devine book for the religion.Does any one have objection,Please acknowledge.

  62. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  63. Delwar Mian from USA

    It's great! It's wonderful. Such is the beauty of Islam and that's why it overwhelms its adversaries. It's so magnaimous. It's heart touching. InshaAllah Islam will overwhelm again and we've to respect the covenant.

  64. Mohamed Said from Tanzania

    I am not sure of its aunthenticity. Can you please provide further comment from the ulamaa as to its authenticity.

    Mohamed Said

  65. Hasnaa from France

    Essalam Alaikoum!

    I appreciate very much your article on this interesting subject. I discovered through your article the "Charter of Privileges" that I never heard of before. I always respected Christians though I have not read this charter. Unfortunately the vast majority of muslim do not follow them. The last part of your article assumes muslims do respect Christians and their faith But it is only in the books. Most muslims think they do not have to. I would very much like to see more emphasis in teaching muslims to put the right things INTO PRACTICE, not only read them and say them.

    Thank you!

  66. Muhammad Suleiman from Nigeria

    Assalamu alaikum.

    Alhamdulillah.This is a very timely reminder to all muslims on their duty to other non-muslims and an assuarance to our christian brothers.

    jaza kumullah.

  67. Dr. Navidul Haq Khan from United Kingdom

    The wisdom of the Holy Prophet Muhammd (salAllahoalaihe wa sallam) is the source of light for all times to come. The light which was sent in the form of the Holy Quran, when it descended upon the Light (Noor) iherent in the person of the Holy Prophet the brilliance of the resulting (Noor) or Light illuminated the whole of the Araibian Penninsula and beyond. The Holy Quran mentions this phenomenon in the Chapter aptly Named Al-Noor or The Light. In verse 35God Almighty has revealed: "Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a (lustrous)nich, wherein there is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a glittering star. It is lit from a blessed tree- an olive- neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would well-nigh glow forth even though fire touched it not. Light upon light! Allah guides to His light whomsoever He will. And Allah sets forth parables to men, and Allah knows all things full well"

    The phrase Light upon light may indicate the rvelation of the light of the Holy Quran, upon the ady illuminated Heart of the Prophet (salAllaho alaihe wa sallam.

    It is ironic and sad that Muslims have thrown behind their backs and neglect the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. The Churches and missionary Hospitals being bombed and torched in Pakistan and the recent murder of a Christian Priest in his house. The fact that Christians and Jews are not allowed to carry out their acts of worship in Saudi Arabia and some other Middle-Eastern countries and the most appalling attrocities committed by so-called Muslims against other Muslims in Pakistan, Algeria and other countires, all in the Name of the Prophet of Peace and in the name of Islam.

    May Allah grant that the Muslims of today could embrace original teachings of the Holy Quran as mentioned in verses 39 and 40 of Hajj and as given by the Holy Prophet (salAllaho alaihe wa sallam) in the form of this charter and the Mesaqe Madina. Ammen.

  68. waly sene from us

    assalaamou alaykoum May ALLAh reward you for the job u doing and i also want to know where i could find this hadiss in its original version

    in arabic i mean

    thanks again and i apologize for my poor contribution assalaamou alaykoum

  69. Kamruz Hosein

    Fantastic. Alhamdulillah, This is something I was looking for and dod not know it. I will like to reprint and distribute to intertested parties.


    I am acting president of JAM (Jews, Muslims, christians and All). An organization woking towards the peacefull and harmonious coexistence of All Believers.

  70. Muslimn from Singapore

    Western nations constently fear the moderate and True form of Islamic govt. for example The Americans has supported the Taliban during the Russia - Taliban war by giving the weapons to them,now it has conquered Afghanistan and blames it support for terrorist groups,many people even see the radical Taliban as the sole problem but now will all know that the USA is to blame not the Taliban.If we see in the perspective of this author TRUE islamic rulers and govt who uphold the human rights of other religious groups such as Christians and Jews should be supported not the secular authoritarian form of governments such as the LATE Baath party which is secular and has done much damage then the Taliban and Osama put together.One may say and not understand certain muslim laws such as murder,when the family forgives the murderer, the murderer is free to go unless he pays the blood money,for adultery stoning till death well there is little details that one may forget for example adultery need four witneses before the stoning could be carried out,four witneses witnessing the adultery taking place.I have read a comment typed by hammer in the article "don't seperate mosque and state"He outlines the problems of following an islamic ruled government however he stated half truths and leave little details such as the one i mentioned above.He stated that if a muslim women marries young then her education is disrupted,well i sit back and wonder how much has this person learned about Islamic history Aishah has excelled in education and has been known throughout the muslim world as a "proffesor"in the subject of Fiqeh(ps:those who do not know what this is please search throughout this website).And so on so forth this tiny details need to be seen and taught to every muslim in the muslim world so that non-muslims such as hammer over here can't tell us all the half truths and all lies of the supposedly problems of a True Islamic state.


  71. Sarah Ahmad from USA

    This is a great piece of information that I myself did not know. I plan to show this to my Christian friends who insist that Islamic rulers persecuted Christians during the spread of Islam.Many people are under the impression that Islam was spread by force; Chritians converted to avoid persecution. There should be more articles like these because I even know a few Muslims who are under the same impression.

  72. Ed from usa

    Please If You Can Post This Article In All News Paper In The USA& Europe. To Gaive A True Picture About Islam And What A True Muslim Should Stand For. I Think It is Our Obligation To Let The Hole World To Know That Islam Teaches Peace & Kindness & love one another...Thank You Again....

  73. Nafees Ahmad from USA


    I am not sure what purpose you would like served by your various articles. The recurring theme is a peeve against West. This does not help at all at all. Praising the Quran or the prophet or other Islamic things is only making us arrogant that we have a good thing and we ar becoming very complacent about it. Where is the practice? It is better to not to go into too many details but practice the simplest of concepts.

    It is not West or whomever else we choose to blame, we must realize that it is us and us only who are responsible for our problems. Every individual is responsible for himself herself. We have lost the sensitivity towards other human beings. Do not tell me that people who perform haj, pray five times a day and pay their Zakat dues are OK. There is more to it. First and foremost thing is Justice, justice above all. Look at all Islamic countries and its populace and there are perhaps less than 5% who may care for their people. They go marrily to pray or perform haj, while destitute people are being cared for by Christian missionaries. No Western power is stopping us uniting to do good and care for our people. I do not think you believe in Allah. If you did you would not blame others. It is Allah's punishment for what we do as Munafiq supreme that this indignity is brought upon us.

    Let us open our eyes and put our shoulder to the yoke. Only constant hard work and belief in Allah will bring us dignity, power and respect. What is this crying all the time like a little baby at some one else's altar? Have faith in yourself and faith in Allah and see what happens. Jaul Haqa wa zahaqul batila, innal batila kan a zahooqa. For the batil to go away Haq must first come. Where is the Haq in your society? If it does not reside in our bosom where will it come from. Let us strengthen the forces of good. Let us help and respect each other and others. We have nothing to fear from Christians, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists. We have to fear our own weaknes