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The Virginia Tech Muslim Student Association released this statement:

The Virginia Tech Muslim Student Association expresses great sorrow for the tragic events that occurred today on the Virginia Tech campus. We would like to convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and offer our help in anyway to the university campus community. We would like everyone to please keep us in their prayers. Jazakumu Allahu Khairan for the concern we received today and we definitely feel the brotherhood and sisterhood that binds all us together.

- The Executive Board of the Muslim Students Association at Virginia Tech

Lots of families - including Muslim ones - here in Northern Virginia have children going to school at Virginia Tech and were worried sick as the news came out. I know someone currently working on his master's there.

I just spoke to my friend, Ahmed Sidky who is a grad student at Virginia Tech. He is very emotional right now and says that the entire community is in a state of shock, but that the entire community - including the Muslims - has come together in this time of tragedy. Everyone was checking up on one another and trying to comfort and help one another heal. He said that the shock was intensified because they had an on campus festival on Sunday (the day before) and had a lot of pictures of the victims smiling and having a good time that added to the emotion of this. An indescribable emotional shift.

He told me that a close friend of his is "missing" and they are expecting the worse. He told me his name, but did not want me to release it until his family is notified back in Egypt. (Update: Ahmed's friend Waleed Shaalan is confirmed dead. He leaves behind a wife and son.) 

The campus set up a meeting point for family and friends where they were until almost 2:30 AM trying to comfort one another. There was a large gathering of Muslims there and he told me that the Virginia Tech administration was very accommodating to them - making a special place for the prayers. He said that it was one of the most emotional prayers for him and that everyone was crying during the prayers.

Reem Samaha

He also told me that everyone met Reema Samaha's (A victim of this tragic shooting) parents and described for me the highly emotional scene in which everyone was trying to comfort her devastated parents. She was just a freshman and a highly energetic young woman who was very active and popular on campus.

In a time of tragedy, one can really see that we are all human beings and people come together to comfort one another. It did not matter the religion of the victims. Everyone was a hurting human being.

What I write here is not 1/10th as emotional as what Ahmed told me and I wish that I could do it justice, but this is what I have for now.

Let us keep all of them in our du'aa

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  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Muslims
Views: 9923

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Older Comments:
I wish to send my deepest condolences and empathy towards the victim's families bereavement. this incident should not have been taken place at all in the first place. May Allah Almighty bless the souls of the victims and givs strenghth to their families and love one.....

Assalaam aleikum warahmatullah. All praises are due to All the most gracious the most merciful, may Allah's blessings decend upon prophot Muhammed P.B.U.H, It was real very unfortunate for the tragedy, but the sixth pillar of iman calls for believe in Qadar, so as believers alhamudulillah let us accept that Allah does as He wishes. however, we pray to Allah to give strengh and iman to the relatives of the victims so that they remain believers. Besides the tragedy, i would like to thank the Muslim Association of virginia tech for such a wonderful job, may Allah reword all of you fi ddunia wal a`khirah.

Innalillahi wa innailleh rojiun.we come from God,surely we shall return in difference way to him.But God we dont want these type of victim,is very shocking.may their soul rest in perfect peace.

may they soul rest in peace amin

may the almighty rest the deceased in eternal peace.
i`ve had of this nasty tragedy that has befallen fellow students in this virginia tech universty,however there was some lack of prffessionalism shown by the security personel at the university campus.plz why allow personal; possetion of guns in public premises.

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakathu
To Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and earth. From Him we came and unto Him we return. Allah wil test us with loss of lives,loss property and hardship. We must keep the faith. I mourn with all those who have lost family members to this senseless killing. I pray Allah (SAW) make it easy for all and the departed ones Jannah. Ameen

100 women widowed, 400 children orphaned in Iraq every day, study shows and how many people were killed there in US at least 30 and the killing as stop in US but yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and today and tomorrow and then the next day more and more Iraqi were killed and will be killed but no one cares do you know why? cause the media never projects it in away that you will care, now what happen in US will be presented to you in away to draw your sympathy, words will be used very carefully to create a feeling of sadness, a pathetic propaganda it is, cause life is a life irrelevant to who's life it is, but this hypocritical mainstream media is so deceiving in its deceptions...

after mourning & griefing, i hope that we should look around us for those friendless, shy and angry loners. try to help them out, let them know that its not their mistakes for being different or less intelligent, everyone shud try to stop picking on & bullying the weaks. help them to have a happier & open mind.

It is incomprehensible that something like this would happen to innocent student at VT, Virginia. I would like to offer my sincer condolence for your loss, your sorrow is felt by my family and by millions of people around the world. I prey to Allah to bless all of us. May Allah blesses us. May Allah blesses them

As-Salamu Alaikum ,
This i did'nt know .
But im glad you guys let us know about the muslim victims that suffered from this brutal attack.
My dad being a Iman would love to help the family of these loved ones if there is any way get back to me about any information about the victim family members.

It is indeed very sad that these inocent people were murdered, may Allah guide and grant all the families of their loved ones who died, tranquility, comfort coupled with his choiest blessings in their time of grief, sorrow and need. On the other hand, what has occured at v-Tech. is a micro-cosm of the Hollywood mentality and sick society/global community that we are living in, especially in the U.S. of America. In short, the ninja, shoot em up cowboy, GI Joe mentality where violence is the order of the day. May Allah guide the USA to his Deen. Ameen.

Dear friends at VT:
Today is indeed a very sad day. May Allah grant strength to those who have been left behind. May Allah grant mercy to those have been lost.

It is times like these when we realize that how fickle life is. Allah gives life and He can easily take it away.

As students of the University of Texas at Austin, our thoughts and prayers are with the familes of those who have been lost.

Allah created everything, to Him will be our return. For the time we are in this world, all we can do is engage in the "small kindness" as mentioned in Al Quran - sura Maun.


My condolences to Mr. Waleed shaalan's family. Dont understand all the pain we are going thru..Pls if Shaalan family reads this, I want you to know that we are all praying for you and yr family. If Islamic viewers are reading this ..lets do something for them.

Dear brother along with I, my family and friends express our
heart felt condolence at the sad demise of some valuable,
precious life. We do pray for the lost and their families may Allah
grant them the courage the this Hugh loss. While sending this
message it was shocking to know that more than 170 people
died in Iraq from bomb explosion. I am sure all of them are
innocent. May I request the American people and US government
in particular to stop this killing through proper initiative and
timely action. Let their be peace and harmony all over the world.

As Muslims,we feel the pain,when other muslims are hurt,as we are one body (Ummah)We pray Allah give those Muslims that died in this tragdey Jannat( heaven)ameen,and may he give their families sabr (Patience) through this tragedy.

To the non-muslims,I pray that God Almighty guide you to have patience and tolerance in this difficult time.

Reem Samaha is a muslim young lady ; but no Islamic dress -- only western dress! (as her picture shows). I don't understand it.