Unjustified Accusations against Muslim Americans

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I am proud to be a Muslim American having diligently served my country for over 30 years. Now retired, yet active, I am distressed by a constant barrage of accusations hurled against Americans who are Muslim. These appear regularly in the comments on my articles, and of others posted online, or in the newspapers. They are highly biased and unfounded. Increasingly, we are blamed for terrorism. Undoubtedly, terrorism or killing of non-combatant civilians is a deplorable global phenomenon. It is carried out by certain individuals with a grudge, and states pushing their specific agenda on "others." It is unfortunate that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were carried out by some Muslim criminals. These horrific crimes were forthwith condemned by Muslim leaders and prominent Islamic scholars world-wide, including all Muslim organizations in the United States, although mainstream media did not acknowledge the reports. If it is any consolation, of about 2,900 who died, 358 were Muslim.  Terrorism is a response of the weak against actual or perceived injustices. We witness it daily as we listen to the news. Persons of foresight connected 9/11, to our complicity with Israel in cruelties committed on Palestinians. Others, to a million children and elderly dying as a result of decade long U.S. sanctions imposed on Iraq.  Subsequently, our administration invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, while no Afghani or Iraqi was ever involved in any act of terrorism against us. And what is the result? It is what is expected when wars are waged, and countries are occupied. Thousands of Afghanis killed, and hundreds imprisoned in horrible detentions centers such as Guantanamo and other secret cells within and outside of Afghanistan.  The situation is Iraq is ghastlier. We have unleashed a horror, about 3,000 of our soldiers dead, and thousands maimed and injured; Iraqis about 700,000 dead, many more maimed and injured, and almost non-existing care facilities. The people there lack the normal essential facilities of water and electric, with sewer running in streets. Our presence has generated sectarian violence and a civil war. How could anyone accuse American Muslims for this debacle? The American public gave a resounding response in the last elections, telling the administration to stop this war. Even more flabbergasting are the accusations that the fault lies somewhere with Islam, or the holy Qur'an, which incite Muslims to commit terrorism. In fact these insults are directed towards the 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide, including thousands of Americans who adopted Islam after careful studies. One can render havoc with any document, particularly a sacred book, the Qur'an or Bible, by taking phrases out of text and without understanding their specific context. Thus even more terrible statements occur in the New and Old Testaments.  Muslim Americans are among the highest educated with the lowest crime rate in America. Muslim doctors, specialists, lawyers, teachers, accountants and businessmen are serving all segments of American society, from the inner cities to the high tech reserves. As well as serving in the army, in substantially large numbers. Much more troubling is the fact that we have been unjustly targeted for five long years since 9/11, and despite widespread dragnet with drummed-up publicity, not a single Muslim American has ever been involved in a terrorist act. A fact acknowledged by the FBI.  It is time that all decent Americans voice indignation against such wild accusations about their co-citizen Muslims. And stand shoulder to shoulder with us to remedy this widening gulf created through fabricated lies to further a bigoted and narrow agenda to ostracize Muslim Americans. Siraj Islam Mufti, Ph.D. a freelance journalist active in American Muslim affairs.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Iraq
Views: 5047

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Older Comments:
I've always enjoy reading Romesh Chander's comments. His write-ups speak volumes. He strikes me as an intelligent and insightful person. For one, he speaks from verifiable facts. Sometimes the truth does hurt. Nonetheless his contributions do make for good refection. After all God gives us a mind and wants us to think carefully before we embark on the path we choose to take. Despite His appearing before Adam and Eve and warned them not to partake of the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve made the decision themselves to eat the fruit. God didn't stop them from eating the fruit. Think about it. Isn't creation about personal CHOICE!

Assalamualaikum wbrt and greetings to all.

Where is Romesh's reply ? Why, is he still busy searching for selective events around the globe to potray the worst pictures of Muslims ?

Again I urge my Muslims brothers and sisters to continue to have a strong enduring faith in Islam, a faith now facing the test of time.

American Muslims are also facing difficult period, in which perceptions, biasness, are the prevalent attitude of the populace in the country. By all means, please continue to be law abiding, display your resilience and be the exemplary American in accordance with Islam. I don't see the contradictions between the two. And I have always distinguish between the U.S administration and the American people.

I had American lecturers during my university days, they were always warm hearted individuals, open, and above all committed to their professions. I like to argue with my American lecturers because that's where the flow of ideas started to come in, and at the end of the day, it was another setting of high standards in academic.

I admire American Muslims who continue to contribute to the well being of the community around them. Be strong and make your presence meaningful. May ALLAH Bless you, always.


Your Brother in Islam,


A.R FROM UK said:
Romesh Chander you have made this site a chat show. I know you were in Indian army and an old man. However, you still dribble if Islam is being stricken, the western world does not spare a chance to degrade Muslims in the media or any other source. There are more books written against Islam, full of obscenity that a non-Muslim civilised person would not like taking it. Nevertheless, today their civilisation is not completed without it. In your homeland India Muslims are facing the filthiest language of your Hindu brothers that is not being used anywhere else in the world. The brutality Muslims are facing time to time in your idol worshipper land is not happening to anyone other than Muslims in the world.
Mr. Chander you have shown enough foolishness of yours with the kind of knowledge you have about Islam. Do not utter a word about Islam of that you have no knowledge. It is not your kind of idol worshipper mythology. You watch the dirt of your undercover idol worshipping where still innocent children are being sacrificed to your goddess and you got no shame for it but attacking Islam. You are trying to make your face not different to the western world. Watch your own face if you dare.


A.R FROM UK said:
Whenever these .. attack the Muslims, they do not think Muslim Americans only, to them Muslims of the whole world are their enemies. It is a shame to the Christian world that even their Pope has spoken the same language that their politicians are talking about Islam. Mr. President said that whatever happened in Abu Garaib prison is not the value of Americans. Believe me if this Mr. President had made Abu Ghraib prison as big as that, every American was a guard in it. Each had done the same thing whatever happened there. They are not worried about peace but only peace of their minds that comes with the killing of Muslims in Afghanistan or American Palestine (Iraq). From Palestine to American Palestine (Iraq) they have taken the war in every Muslim's home individually and their enmity for Muslims is as a whole. It is stupid to say that Palestinians were dancing over the 9/11 disaster or that Muslims did it! People who did not even know what the Twin Towers were and not a single Muslim leader knew about 9/11. Unfortunately, it happened to be Muslims by name those who did it. No matter how much you say to any infidel that it is not Islam - they will never listen to you. Their ill fate cannot take anything from Islam. Their saying is the saying only and they want Muslims to say only what they want to listen. Western democracy has given the freedom to their women the freedom of unlimited nudity, homosexuality and freedom of same sex marriage that they can call civilisation. What can only Muslim Americans but also the Muslims of the world expect of it? We have been told fourteen hundred years ago that they are friends to each other and today a new example is in front of you. The nuke agreements are being made with Idol worshipers of India while Pakistan was the front line for war against terrorism. Home or away Muslims or Muslim Americans are not exempt of their strange satanic thinking.

Romesh wrotes: "Muslims only cry when non-muslims hurt muslims; but rarely ever when non-muslims get hurt by non-muslims or muslims hurt non-muslims."

Now... to follow his so-called rational line of thinking, this is just like saying "Mr. Romesh only cry when his non-family member hurts his family member: but rarely ever when his non-family member get hurt by his non-family member or his family members hurt non-family members."

As i have said, before commenting on further please dont jump to conclusions without doing research and education . It will just shows your 'Idiotarian' mentality further.

Note to Kris:
In your post you wrote "Well, then, let me say here that the IRA had killed more than 20,000 including innocent civilians during their struggle against the British in Ireland. Can I now jump to a bad conclusion by saying that these are what the Roman catholic faith preaches ? No, and of course not.".

Yes, Catholicism is fully responsible for the actions of IRA; the church sanctioned them; at least the church never opposed them. Church sanctioned Inquisition; there was an office of Inquisition at the office of Pope. Church was fully responsible for the 'destruction' of Maya Indians in South America and natives in Phillipines and in Goa.

No, you cannot absolve Catholicism from the actions of its followers. Same way, Islam cannot separate itself from the actions of its followers.

Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, please do not be easily provoked by Romesh and his elementary attitude towards events in the globe.

He can't even spell " wasn't " properly and in one e mail to me he spelled it as " was'nt ". ( see the article The decimal of mathematics ) He's no big deal. You can't find any element of intellectualism in his writings. All you can find is his insatiable rage over Islam.

He cannot put history and events at a right perspective. In his recent piece he said you can't separate an action of a Muslim and Islam.

Well, then, let me say here that the IRA had killed more than 20,000 including innocent civilians during their struggle against the British in Ireland. Can I now jump to a bad conclusion by saying that these are what the Roman catholic faith preaches ? No, and of course not.

What about the Inquisitions ? What about the acts of the Spanish conquistadors in Latin America when they killed thousands of Incans and mayans tribes ? What about the excursions of colonial powers including the Dutch and British and early Portuguese to the East, where thousands were killed ? India was not spared too !! What about the Ku Klux clan in the USA that killed blacks just because they were born with the " less fairer " ( I'm not using the real term ) skin. All in the name of their faith and religion.

And let's not forget one thing as a fact. The fighter of India's independance, Mahatma Ghandi was killed by a Hindu extremist.

There you have it, so can I apply Romesh test now.....

Note to Taufiq:

You write "I don't understand how this writer so surely mentioned that Muslim did 911?".

Let us see. Does Mohammed Atta sound like a christian or jewish name? No, it is a muslim name. Do parents of Mohammed Atta deny that they are not muslim? They still live in Egypt. Moreover, 15 highjackers were Saudis. Are you saying that Saudis are not muslim? How much investigation you need.

You don't have to be genius to figure this out. Just apply a little bit of common logic.

Note to Angella:

You write "wake up people why are taking the blame for 911 NO islam has nothing to do with it visit www.youtube.com search 911truth".

Can you separate Islam from Muslims? Can anyone separate a religion from its followers? No.

Quite hiding behind the rhetoric "Islam is against this or that, etc". What is islamic? It is what muslims do; it is that simple.

You cannot separate practice from teachings. Obviously, if your practice was wrong, then teaching was wrong unless you are a hypocrite.


Hi John,
Please don't take it otherwise. Your name sounds similar to the name of John Allen Muhammad, are you that John? If not why then only name will make him Muslim? Islam does not support killing innocent people. If Islam supports killing innocent people then there wouldn't be any Hindu left in India and any christian in Middle-East. I still remember that biased media did never said John always said Muhammad to make it sounds like its Islam that is to be blamed.

I don't understand how this writer so surely mentioned that Muslim did 911? If anyone killed one man, to accuse him you need to investigate it and to prove beyond any doubt that he did it. Why then without any investigation you blame Muslim. There are credible doubts that its an inside job. Mr. Ramesh and others are very happy seeing the current condition of Muslim. Mr. Ramesh probably knows that in India terrorizing Muslims/and other minorities are common phenomena. Did Mr. Ramesh wrote a single line against Indian riots or even when some hindus killed Muslim MP (With whole family) in India? No, cause he probably was sleeping that time. Does he approve bombing whole of India for this regular crimes?

Thanx Gary for the link, here's another that i hope would wake the masses from their slumber!



Chris & Sid, here is a bit of news which you may believe or not, but I don't really care what you make of it so here it is. At the time 9-11 occurred I was working for a NY law firm, where I was one of the few non-Jewish employees. In any case when 9-11 occurred, I had just entered my office 10 to 15 minutes before. I did not even know the planes had struck. I heard some secretaries talking excitedly about what was going on and I dismissed it as probably some small incident involving probably one of those small planes. It was not until I entered another attorney's office regarding some work that I observed a bit of a pandemonium going on. There were about 12-13 attorneys, all seemingly excited. At first I thought w had won some bog case or maybe someone won the lotto. However I found out the sad news from an effusively happy lady attorney. I found it pretty odd and strange why they all seemed so happy and even thrilled. It was not just the lack of any seriousness, sadness or concern for what had happened or but what was highly unusual was that they were actually happy indeed "Joyous and they weren't even trying to hide it. In any case though I can't blame you for regurgitating what you have been fed by our "very reliable" media, I do fault you for refusing to give any thought to any alternate explanation or even entertain any doubts about the official government version of 9-11. That's a pity. Do you really want to be a robot, ready and willing to be programmed? I am afraid this is a common malady with many Americans these days. A sentiment especially espoused by red-necks, Evangelists, Zionists, republicans, Muslim-haters who in most cases hate blacks, Jews and Latinos also. If you would like to open your eyes try these sites:


Thanx Gary for the links, here's another that i hope would wake the people up!


John, what on earth are you saying? He was sympathetic to the Muslims in Iraq? Everybody is sympathetic to the Muslims of Iraq except the Bush administration and the Zionist Israel. Does that mean that the rest of the world is all Muslim? I just came from a trip to France, you don't want me to tell you what the French think about the Americans, do you? Besides I had really great hardships to convince them that I was not an American, needing to flash my Canadian passport every now and then to avoid being beaten by enthusiastic youths. Let's face it, there is little difference between a Canadian accent versus American, unfortunatelly.

wake up people why are taking the blame for 911 NO islam has nothing to do with it visit www.youtube.com search 911truth

Mr Mufti can only communicate with muslims and convince them. It is like preaching the (islamic) choir.

However, No non-muslim in US is convinced. Because, in a normal course of affairs, nobody in US asks anybody which religion a person belongs. Unless, you advertise that you are a Muslim, nobody will know that you are a muslim and hence no possibility of any kind of discrimination; literally nobody will ever ask you which religion belong.

US is not a religious society, though lot of people just go to church (and hence they are merely a church-going society and not a religious society). After leaving the church, they just forget about church. Bible is found only in hotels and a good decoration at home, not for any kind of study (I doubt any christian organization is going to issue a fatwa for my head for blaspheming christianity and its followers).

I have a beard and look like a muslim (though I am not) and live on US-Canadian border; drive to Canda frequently and come back to US without any hassles. Nobody has ever asked me about my religion any time.

Please get away from the old Jewish tactic of Self-Victimization.

Chris, Palestinians were NOT dancing in the streets when 911 happened. That was old footage and exposed to be a hoax. Its striking how uninformed and ignorant Americans are. Terrorists Washington and London have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, so why aren't you in the streets? John Allen Muhammed was NOT a Muslim but a member of the "Nation of Islam cult." As I recall he was also a Gulf war vet so don't go blaming Muslim when one of your own mentally sick soldiers is on the loose.
You may be entitled to your opinions, but not your own facts.

Technically, you are wrong. I can recall an enlisted man, a Muslim American, in the US Army that shot and killed several of his fellow soldiers and officers in Kuwait just before the invasion of Iraq. Then there was the Muslim American and a member of the Taliban in Kabul; that was involved in that prison riot killing Americans. I do not know what he did before that. I would classify both of these acts as those of a terrorist, neither being a member of a foreign army, and there were probably more. I do not recall. But I will concede, that the number of Muslim American terrorist do not exceed the number that can be counted on two hands.

Muslim Criminals committed 9/11? NOT TRUE!

Visit ST91.org and learn from the hundreds of American Scientists, Engineers, Pilots, Ex-CIA & FBI personnel, ex-military personnel who absolutely prove rhat muslims did not do 9/11.

After 9/11 the world saw Palestinians dancing in the streets with joy, we didn't see any Muslims spontaneously demonstrating against this massacre in Washington or London or elsewhere. Later utterances appeared to be halfhearted or even unsincere. I am afraid Muslims will be stuck with this as present-day Catholics are with the Inquisition and Germans with the Holocaust...

John Allen Muhammad is a black convert. In his defence, he claimed he was sympathetic towards the Moslems in Iraq. Check it out.

Dear Br. Mufti Siraj Islam, Assala-mu-alaikum:

It may sound bit unconvincing, but there is no reason for any Muslim who live in USA to prove any thing or offer any appology. You should not be spending time showing frustration or being huffy and puffy on this game of accusation. As a Muslim brother in Islam, my suggession to you is that you shuld spent time to see how can you work for the Ummah to help her become powerful, because this is the only way out of the funk that Ummah is in. May Allah rewards you for the time well spent.

Note to Ibrahim Chow

You did not get my point which was very simple. Muslims only cry when non-muslims hurt muslims; but rarely ever when non-muslims get hurt by non-muslims or muslims hurt non-muslims.

No muslim complained when US bombed Serbia (a Christian nation) or Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (Buddhist nations) or genocide in Darfur (even though it is muslim on muslim genocide) or shiite/Sunni killings which are going on in Iraq to-day.

As somebody said regarding the reason for muslims not complaining about Darfur killings -- no Jews are involved in Darfur or regarding Iraqi killings, again no Jews involved.

Do some self-analysis fellows.

Very good article. It need to be printed where mainstream America can see and read it.
"It is time that all decent Americans voice indignation against such wild accusations about their co-citizen Muslims. And stand shoulder to shoulder with us to remedy this widening gulf created through fabricated lies to further a bigoted and narrow agenda to ostracize Muslim Americans" Where do we start?

Since when politically motivated terrorism equates common crime? John Allen Muhammad was a common criminal. His actions were not represaentative of any ideology, religion included, but the uncontrolled frustration of a black-American marginalized by the same society who used him and disposed of him leaving him in the dark broodings of his sick imagination. No Islam here, buddy, just another Anglo-Arab name. Like you are John. What does your name tell me? Absolutely nothing. I met people that were named John and they were, Christian, Jews, Muslims, Hari Krishna, Buddhists, atheists, killers, thieves, pedophiles, rapists and spies. Therefore, my friend, when you see a name do not judge the person after it, but rather judge the name after the person.

John, the guy that you had mentioned is not a terrorist. He is a criminal. Just like any other criminal out there. I remembered this conversation that took place on Sept 11th, 2006. After a minute of silence in the classroom, a student spoke up.
He said, "Man, I wish there is a Muslim right infront of me. Be it Arab, Indians or anyone. I would have punch his face for causing 9/11."
The teacher overheard this and said to him, "Junior, you are a Latino right?"
The boy replied, "Yeah".
The teacher then said, "So you are telling me that for all the rapes, killings and other criminal activities committed by the Latinos in the US, I should come up to you and punch your face instead?"
The boy replied, "Errr...no, because I didn't commit those crimes"
The teacher said, "Well, it's the same for the Arabs, Indians and all Muslim. Those responsible for causing 9/11 should get punished. You cannot hold others responsible for what these men had done!"


Ramesh Chander I somewhat agree with you but I doubt if you were alive during WWI or WWII. With regards to Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, yes Muslims all over the world did protest but you only got to see the coverage the American or UK media wanted you to see. Its probably not very wise to use your Hindu biases to accuse Muslims of inaction. Yes we Muslims continue to protest also in India when Hindus blood thirsty mobs, with a wink and a nod from the Indian government, occassionally massacre Muslim men , women and children. Now you never saw any coverage of such Muslim protests against state sanctioned slaughter by the Indian news media do you?

John, like John Allen Muhammad, there are numerous Americans and Europeans, both white and black and oriental, who have Muslim names because some family member who happened to be a Muslim in their Christian family, one of the parents decided to add a "Muslim" name to the Christian name. As ridiculous as it sounds, by your logic, both Christianity and Islam should be held accountable for this misdirected souls actions, because he has both a Christian and a Muslim name. Do you now want to debate to what extent did his Christian name influence him and to what degree did the Muslim name affect him? Maybe we can get even more silly and I can claim that since his Christian name came first, it was the corruption caused by his Christian name that did him in. Worse, since he shares the same name as you, John, maybe you too have latent terrorist tendencies? See where we are going with this nonsense John? It would incredibly fantastic if ignorant and racist and obviously unlettered people with views like yourself, put their Bible on their heads, looked at themselves in the mirror and swore on their souls to henceforth tell the truth. But that is not happening is it John ? Your president lies, your media lies, you Americans lie, your Judeo-Christian "Crusading" passions bear witness to your centuries old blood lust which has left a mark all over the globe in blood and gore, and which in the past 200 years of American history caused you "Loving Christians" to massacre and slaughter innocent men, women and children from every race, including Red Indian, South American Indian, Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners, no matter where you look your Christian love and compassion has left its mark of destruction, misery, disease and death. Jesus was one of God's prophets, and if Christians were to dare try and lay claim to righteousness through his piety and holiness today, he would take his stick and beat you clowns soundly with it to every inch of your miserable pompous lives.

Although I agree with the facts laid out Dr. Mufti, it appears he has ignored a "certain" fiber in American ideology. As a Muslim of African American heritage (Al humdulillah I reverted to Islam in 2001), my perspective on American ideology is somewhat different from that of my brother.

America's "bigotry" is not a surprise to me; America loves to loathe. In general this country has rallied its' citizens by having someone to hate. If not Black Americans, it was Communism, or Nazis or the Japanese or those who stood for peace during the Vietnam debacle or more recently demonizing of the word liberal.

America loves to loathe and most hatred and bigotry is born out of ignorance and fear (trumpeted by the TV evangelist and other neo-cons).

There are certain elements of American society which propagate this bigotry; these individuals (TV evangelists, Media personalities, and politicians) take advantage of the low self-esteem (which is why a large segment of bigots tend to be less educated and economically deprived, thus easier to manipulate) of their audience to bolster their positions to increase their financial gains and power.

We have seen this type of manipulation with J. Edgar Hoover, Hitler, George Wallace, Sen. Joe McCarthy, Bill O'Reilly, Rep. Virgil Goode (VA) and the list continues.

I guess my experiences and knowledge of the "American psyche" does not allow me to be "surprised or disappointed" in America' attempt to demonize Islam & Muslims. When they do not understand, they hate. It is much easier for them and takes a lot less effort. Of course this is just my opinion, based on my experiences as an American who has lived here for over 30 years.

Can it change? Insha'Allah.

Mr Mufti writes "Mr Mufti writes "our administration invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, while no Afghani or Iraqi was ever involved in any act of terrorism against us.".".

Well, 15 of the 19 hihjackers were Saudis. Is Mr Mufti suggesting that US should have invaded Saudi Arabia, which might have led to destruction of Holy Cities there?!!

Mohammed Atta was Egyptian. Is Mr Mufti suggesting that US should have invaded Egypt leading to destruction of Al-Azhar and other Holy places?!!

i am a muslim, and i never even think of killing someone or harming someone anyways...then still you would consider me as one of the terrorist?? Very funny....

Dear Ramesh:
One can ask you same question..why India is lagging behind in science? You blame islam and its teaching for muslim countires not advancing in science. But what about india? they do not have any such teachings, if you think that is the reason for muslim countires poor contribution in science. Actually, its the corrupt politicians and bad infrastructure which will have to blame for that. Adherence to islamic teachings would help one to excel in his field, whatever it may be, science or spirituality. If you look at the literacy rates in muslim countries it is very poor, which is one reason, people are not aware about proper islam and its teachings. God wills, someday that will change.
while it comes to bragging old traditions, as an indian i think, hindus are on the foremost in that path. For example, you worship idols, and follow some rituals, which are just traditional things which your ancestors used to do. Can you deny that? I do not know how long have you been outside india or you have forgotten about hindus and hindu culture, but i would say, hindus are foremost when it comes bragging something from the past. As far as, foreign rules are concerned, i think and history suggest that indian hindus have been greatly benefited from such invasion or ruling, otherwise we would still see widows are burning with their dead husbands, which happens even these days here and there in india, thanks to the past glory of their ancestors and old tradition!

not a single Muslim American has ever been involved in a terrorist act. What about John Allen Muhammad? In 2002, he shot ten people to death and critically wounded three others in the States.

Mr Mufti writes "our administration invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, while no Afghani or Iraqi was ever involved in any act of terrorism against us.".

During WWI, Germany did not invade US; but US did invade Germany anyhow.

During WW2, Italy and Germany did not invade US; but US did bomb Italy and Germany to almost oblivision.

During WWI, Germans were suspect. During WW2, Germans and Italians were suspect. Japanese ended up in 'concentration camps'.

I din't find any muslims objecting to US bombing of Italians and Germans (both christian countries). Why not?

During 1960's & 1970's, US invaded Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (all mostly Buddhist nations). I did not find any muslim object to those invasions. Why not?

US bombed Serbia. No muslim objected. Why not?

US would have invaded Afghanistan if AlqUida was christian and Afghanistan was non-muslim. US would have invaded Iraq even if Iraq were christian, as long as there was oil in Iraq.

We are making it a religious issue which it is not. It is an issue of insane policies of nation-states (like US). If siituation arises tomorrow, US will be very happy to invade UK (remember, US was founded by Englishmen).

Dr Mufti writes: " our administration invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, while no Afghani or Iraqi was ever involved in any act of terrorism against us.".

Well, the involvement of Pakistan in 'helping' AlQuida (and Taliban who gave sanctuary to AlQuida for several years prior to 9/11/2001) is well documented. You are not suggesting that instead of invading Afghanistan, US rather should have invaded Pakistan?